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Files Date: 2005-03-17

Posted Mar 17, 2005
Authored by Kevin Walsh

Limewire versions prior to 4.8.0 suffer from various flaws including arbitrary file access and directory traversal attacks.

tags | exploit, arbitrary
SHA-256 | cf618d50152470e5049b2ba8b0695b380dadbe6e6d82fb18e342c764068a5cbf
iDEFENSE Security Advisory 2005-03-14.t
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Authored by iDefense Labs | Site idefense.com

iDEFENSE Security Advisory 03.14.05 - A number of remotely exploitable input validation errors have been found to exist in MySQL MaxDB and SAP DB Web Agent products. The vulnerabilities specifically exist due to insufficient validation of user input data. Confirmed in MySQL MaxDB 7.5.00.

tags | advisory, web, vulnerability
advisories | CVE-2005-0083
SHA-256 | bb012a58556104491c7684151daf10e9ed06a657dbabacf52e44b7b4462e07d4
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Authored by Kevin Finisterre | Site digitalmunition.com

LuxMan 0.41-19.1 local root exploit that makes use of a buffer overflow.

tags | exploit, overflow, local, root
advisories | CVE-2005-0385
SHA-256 | 7b01e49311df22b1e782ddfdbb2ef21a26bd6b3b31f09ee7f544b869544f4e19
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Authored by Kevin Finisterre | Site digitalmunition.com

LuxMan 0.41-19.1 is susceptible to local root compromise via a buffer overflow.

tags | advisory, overflow, local, root
advisories | CVE-2005-0385
SHA-256 | 4ac2d3648cc96facc8f7e2051679d05fbc68b8bf148e46c72e5beaa33cdf2030
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Site debian.org

Debian Security Advisory 693-1 - Kevin Finisterre discovered a buffer overflow in luxman, an SVGA based PacMan clone, that could lead to the execution of arbitrary commands as root.

tags | advisory, overflow, arbitrary, root
systems | linux, debian
advisories | CVE-2005-0385
SHA-256 | cf883efba0f7ce5dd4d559289660cf7cfdbbe52103ead10496dc4b14c3b50095
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Site suse.com

SUSE Security Announcement - The SUSE Security Team reviewed critical parts of the OpenSLP package, an open source implementation of the Service Location Protocol (SLP). SLP is used by Desktops to locate certain services such as printers and by servers to announce their services. During the audit, various buffer overflows and out of bounds memory access have been fixed which can be triggered by remote attackers by sending malformed SLP packets.

tags | advisory, remote, overflow, protocol
systems | linux, suse
SHA-256 | a946410e1d3014c46969700611e178a356dca9dae49b4377af3be0b68429768e
Debian Linux Security Advisory 662-2
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Authored by Debian | Site debian.org

Debian Security Advisory 662-2 - Andrew Archibald discovered that the last update to squirrelmail which was intended to fix several problems caused a regression which got exposed when the user hits a session timeout.

tags | advisory
systems | linux, debian
advisories | CVE-2005-0104, CVE-2005-0152
SHA-256 | 30570cad6d9a79ce284b36f9cf85e7b18ef089817e6634baac61546c0fb4cb6e
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Authored by Giovanni Delvecchio | Site zone-h.org

Wine versions 2005021 and below are susceptible to an insecure /tmp file creation flaw.

tags | exploit
SHA-256 | 86742930b5f70ab2a1840474db279a3dfdac3bd9bc514d58f39b9d20445df058
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Authored by Diego Giagio

Ethereal 0.10.9 and below proof of concept remote root exploit that makes use of the CDMA2000 A11 protocol dissector stack overflow vulnerability.

tags | exploit, remote, overflow, root, protocol, proof of concept
SHA-256 | 1ceecb4270201dc750be03c55e86e81cd63d1db6a414c779fa45a09c5e791dd8
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Authored by Exoduks

Platinum FTP versions 1.0.18 and below remote denial of service exploit.

tags | exploit, remote, denial of service
SHA-256 | 662527f8a0a1c0feddfba34eac142cc791713fc7163d5cbb2f16e79dfa3f12d3
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Authored by doctor raid

SilentDoor is a connectionless, PCAP-based backdoor for linux that uses packet sniffing to bypass netfilter. It sniffs for UDP packets on port 53, runs each packet against a decryption scheme, if the packet validates than it runs a command. Can be masked to look like any other process. Remote command utility included.

tags | tool, remote, udp, rootkit
systems | linux, unix
SHA-256 | 5665922f8fe8b1dcf7030bfcdecfbb8c13d27e49c02f353d0579071ed562011c
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Authored by ++Karak0rsan++

Denial of service exploit for the Active Webcam webserver version 5.5.

tags | exploit, denial of service
SHA-256 | 43af06f6b9989857961ddbede2f22668b1db4d7847fed577caa4911531fb3b13
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Authored by Rift

PaBox version 2.0 is susceptible to cross site scripting attacks via a variable that gets user defined and later used in an IMG tag.

tags | exploit, xss
SHA-256 | bb99e378a5bd7a4d9b7e12872dc2af16556ed81e670f86e6f4b5716d85941f76
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Authored by pureone

phpBB versions 2.0.12 and below have a flaw that allows for access to the admin control panel without authorization.

tags | exploit
SHA-256 | b8a59235613e9e76d6729f2ba7f08567a2ed061dc3fc891e1d0c03668520b2fd
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Site honeynet.org

KYE: Tracking Bots. A whitepaper produced by the German Honeynet Project that looks at the individuals and organization that run botnets.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | f118a200a641251f36a10be4332c0247a00981a9e41115b7deec042bb0badb38
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Authored by Liu Die Yu | Site umbrella.name

Winblox is a User-mode WINAPI-level and open-source tool for controlling the behavior of applications running on Windows workstations.

systems | windows
SHA-256 | b850313d2dbfbb30337ae7d5d686ca25b1e9fd33f445771d7cf1c56d3e2e0793
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Authored by visus

SimpGB from Boesch IT-Consulting is susceptible to a SQL injection attack.

tags | exploit, sql injection
SHA-256 | 6672398fc735ecec82ebea1c82d475162575c55186e262dba184eaabd0692406
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Authored by class101 | Site hat-squad.com

Sentinel License Manager version exploit that makes use of stack overflow in the License service on UDP 5093.

tags | exploit, overflow, udp
SHA-256 | a4cfd3100347273b6ad016300dc53e6a5746d8d8ed1b576320b69ea69a4c4f3d
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Authored by Alireza Hassani

YaBB rc1 is susceptible to a cross site scripting flaw.

tags | exploit, xss
SHA-256 | f933d516fdbbe1de8a2df8fba1ed5406fb6babe8894960bc9bd9e3bee0395763
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Authored by Jon Oberheide

Phorum versions 5.0.14 and below are susceptible to multiple cross site scripting bugs.

tags | advisory, xss
SHA-256 | 27877b750246ca31ff8d8fb14fd92cf6f6b17f67dd2d3a26b69a7ccc5040b9cc
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Authored by Rebyte

hotforum.nl is susceptible to a cross site scripting attack.

tags | advisory, xss
SHA-256 | 2442cd6926c9e545b352426135cbfac899b678fad112e3f07428cdacddeae470
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Authored by Virginity Security

holaCMS version 1.4.9 is susceptible to a file inclusion vulnerability.

tags | exploit, file inclusion
SHA-256 | 9fb8ad67a428efc80f61d1375b1b9a3a5058c9783a098af4c2070f1d1862b10e
Gentoo Linux Security Advisory 200503-17
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Authored by Gentoo | Site security.gentoo.org

Gentoo Linux Security Advisory GLSA 200503-17 - libexif contains a buffer overflow vulnerability in the EXIF tag validation code. When opening an image with a specially crafted EXIF tag, the lack of validation can cause applications linked to libexif to crash. Versions less than 0.5.12-r1 are affected.

tags | advisory, overflow
systems | linux, gentoo
advisories | CVE-2005-0664
SHA-256 | 691df561580146828ac178df14ef29fbc3fe6f08fcfc5e036bd29671e9b16a2b
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Authored by sp3x | Site securityreason.com

paFileDB versions 3.1 and below are susceptible cross site scripting and SQL injection attacks.

tags | exploit, xss, sql injection
SHA-256 | 9130b1811dc48ef25d6c8560d41c38e072c0e6bba4bafdf7f68cd85c9000ac5f
Posted Mar 17, 2005
Site summercon.org

Summercon XVII Annual Conference on Computer Security call for papers. Summercon will be June 3-5, 2005 in Austin, Texas.

tags | paper, conference
SHA-256 | 30e0f12b90ac1f67e00fdfc532ecc32d9a239880a40e09777e97a6dd38e98801
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