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iOS Swift Anti-Jailbreak Bypass With Frida
Posted Sep 23, 2020
Authored by Raffaele Sabato

Whitepaper called iOS Swift Anti-Jailbreak Bypass with Frida.

tags | paper
systems | ios
MD5 | 3faa4e36a848fdfbb9d0d8405de46e69
Rigorous Specifications Of The SSH Transport Layer
Posted Sep 8, 2020
Authored by Erik Poll, Aleksy Schubert

This document presents semi-formal specifications of the security protocol SSH, more specifically the transport layer protocol, and describes a source code review of OpenSSH, the leading implementation of SSH, using these specifications.

tags | paper, protocol
MD5 | 4502a821c4246645b42cedf6191e3bf8
Nos-Santos-Izquierdo Field
Posted Sep 1, 2020
Authored by Pedro el Banquero, Francisco Blas Izquierdo, Enrique S, Vicent Nos Ripolles

This paper explains how the Nos-Santos-Izquierdo Field (NSIF) works, focusing in the similarities between the RSA problem, factorization, and the calculation decimal expansions.

tags | paper
MD5 | d79eed2672631e469adcfb58d853b01e
Abusing COM And DCOM Objects
Posted Aug 26, 2020
Authored by Haboob Team

Whitepaper called Abusing COM and DCOM Objects.

tags | paper
MD5 | 042053ba0081dd7b678508670edd4d6a
Exploiting DLLs: A Guide To DLL Hijacking
Posted Aug 24, 2020
Authored by Grishma Sinha

Whitepaper called Exploiting DLLs: A Guide to DLL Hijacking.

tags | paper
MD5 | 4b2e982015f5d387d0ec801594d6eea4
Cross Site Scripting Exploitation
Posted Aug 23, 2020
Authored by Chiragh Arora | Site hackingarticles.in

A complete guide to cross site scripting and methodologies relating to exploitation. Covers everything from basic to advanced concepts.

tags | paper, xss
MD5 | 0657359049b89f8afe623023b7334906
SMB Enumeration / Exploitation / Hardening
Posted Aug 21, 2020
Authored by Anil Bas

Whitepaper called SMB Enumeration and Exploitation and Hardening.

tags | paper
MD5 | cc8718ed7411491ef187c07d94471f4a
Bypassing Certificate Pinning In Modern Android Application Via Custom Root CA
Posted Aug 20, 2020
Authored by Nghia Van Le

This document is intended to provide detailed instructions for bypassing certificate pinning via a custom Root CA. It covers all the required topics for understanding this method.

tags | paper, root
MD5 | a7b082989a758162279f6f9571e01594
Encrypted Linux x86-64 Loadable Kernel Modules (ELKM)
Posted Aug 18, 2020
Authored by cenobyte | Site github.com

In this paper, the author presents ELKM, a Linux tool that provides a mechanism to securely transport and load encrypted Loadable Kernel Modules (LKM). The aim is to protect kernel-based rootkits and implants against observation by Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) software and to neutralize the effects of recovery by disk forensics tooling. The tool as well as the whitepaper is provided in this archive.

tags | tool, paper, kernel
systems | linux, unix
MD5 | eb8470252a6b4d9620877f82a1676c7e
BugCON 2020 Call For Papers
Posted Aug 11, 2020
Authored by BugCON | Site bugcon.org

The BugCON 2020 call for papers has been announced. BugCON will take place from November 26th through the 28th, 2020 online.

tags | paper, conference
MD5 | 7b2dfbbe378beac5ee2866a3b37a7250
Google Chrome V8 Type Confusion
Posted Jul 27, 2020
Authored by Nayan Das

Whitepaper that discusses CVE-2020-6418 which encapsulates a type confusion vulnerability in V8 in Google Chrome versions prior to 80.0.3987.122.

tags | paper
MD5 | 5288e8aae7d73e86be39b7fc12c1b359
I Got My Eye On You - Security Vulnerabilities In D-Link's Baby Monitor
Posted Jul 14, 2020
Authored by Naor Kalbo

Whitepaper called I Got My Eye On You - Security Vulnerabilities In D-Link's Baby Monitor.

tags | paper, vulnerability
MD5 | 0304f25cce0455f304b37b0f4bff220a
APK Testing Report
Posted Jul 14, 2020
Authored by Rahul Jangra

This is a whitepaper called APK Testing Report. It goes through various tooling used to analyze devices.

tags | paper
MD5 | ad4a14ea86d0891260f406cc0fedd7db
Assembly "Wrapping": A Technique For Anti-Disassembly
Posted Jul 6, 2020
Authored by Andre Lima

Whitepaper called Assembly "Wrapping": A Technique for Anti-Disassembly.

tags | paper
MD5 | 47e084698e68187ea5222a31c0d9a875
WhatsApp Remote Code Execution
Posted Jul 5, 2020
Authored by Ashu Jaiswal

Whitepaper discussing how to leverage the WhatsApp remote code execution vulnerability that takes advantage of a double free vulnerability in the DDGifSlurp function in decoding.c in the android-gif-drawable library.

tags | paper, remote, code execution
advisories | CVE-2019-11932
MD5 | 9970cc4e34af7ebf4899a50eaf2a2bc7
Exploit Command Injection Router Via Reverse Firmware Technique
Posted Jun 25, 2020
Authored by SunCSR

Whitepaper called Exploit Command Injection Router via reverse firmware technique.

tags | paper
MD5 | d656257a28af7647491580460f2f0396
Active Directory Exploitation Cheat Sheet
Posted Jun 23, 2020
Authored by Integration-IT | Site github.com

This is a cheat sheet that contains common enumeration and attack methods for Windows Active Directory.

tags | paper
systems | windows
MD5 | 6e15df9671853952db238e2127101563
Writing A Quick Packet Sniffer With Python And Scapy
Posted Jun 19, 2020
Authored by Roshan Poudel

Whitepaper called Writing a Quick Packet Sniffer with Python and Scapy.

tags | paper, python
MD5 | 5e9b453d4ce882236ab65c3b0f834bed
Cloud As An Attack Platform
Posted Jun 17, 2020
Authored by Akbar Siami Namin, Faranak Abri, Keith S. Jones, Prerit Datta, Moitrayee Chatterjee

This is a whitepaper that presents an exploratory study of responses from 75 security professionals and ethical hackers in order to understand how they abuse cloud platforms for attack purposes. The participants were recruited at the Black Hat and DEF CON conferences. The researchers presented the participants with various attack scenarios and asked them to explain the steps they would have carried out for launching the attack in each scenario. Participants' responses were studied to understand attackers' mental models, which would improve their understanding of necessary security controls and recommendations regarding precautionary actions to circumvent the exploitation of clouds for malicious activities. They observed that in 93.78% of the responses, participants are abusing cloud services to establish their attack environment and launch attacks.

tags | paper
MD5 | 0f272b6b407ab987e5b3d5577fe511bc
Reverse Engineering Android Application
Posted Jun 16, 2020
Authored by Isha Gupta

Whitepaper called Reverse Engineering Android Application.

tags | paper
MD5 | aefd3e87dbec9ce62088ebd91c3a7cb6
Detect SQL Injection WordPress Plugin Using RegEx
Posted Jun 16, 2020
Authored by SunCSR

Whitepaper called Detect SQL Injection WordPress Plugin using RegEx.

tags | paper, sql injection
MD5 | 2f1d697338aa6cf05465453dbe6e9a2a
Abusing Windows Data Protection API
Posted Jun 16, 2020
Authored by Haboob Team

Whitepaper called Abusing Windows Data Protection API.

tags | paper
systems | windows
MD5 | eee4d970a48308caa8af0670aeea2989
IOT Firmware Analysis
Posted Jun 9, 2020
Authored by Isha Gupta

Whitepaper called IOT Firmware Analysis that walks through extraction and analysis.

tags | paper
MD5 | 8c3ce69d6e5de0e141fc6ab5c75b639b
Exploiting Unrestricted File Upload Via Plugin Uploader In WordPress
Posted Jun 9, 2020
Authored by Isha Gupta

Whitepaper called Exploiting Unrestricted File Upload via Plugin Uploader in WordPress.

tags | paper, file upload
MD5 | 82ef663315bfdc3aa371270f39bd15b1
Buffer Overflow Quick Guide
Posted Jun 8, 2020
Authored by Poseidon-ng

This is a brief whitepaper that discusses buffer overflows and analysis with the Immunity Debugger.

tags | paper, overflow
MD5 | 8f7fc3fa0d5d5b5b815394c941ee52df
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