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Since 1998, Packet Storm has been a cornerstone on the Internet. For the security-savvy, we have offered the latest information on new security vulnerabilities and advisories that have enabled developers, engineers, and system administrators to mitigate vulnerabilities before it affects their bottom line.

Packet Storm was born out of extensive community support. However, the help does not stop there. Packet Storm also offers an array of consulting services to help ensure that your product design, your service offering, and your plan to go live is done in a way that is secure for your customer base. We live in a time when compromises of a million credit card numbers can happen in seconds if caution is thrown to the wind. Our consultants are passionate about ensuring best practices are followed and our pool of talent includes some of the best researchers in the industry.

Our team consists of security experts who have worked with Fortune 50 companies on everything from incident response to red team penetration testing. Our methodology in approaching an assessment varies a bit from the larger firms and the various boutique consultancies. Based on our position in the community, if a job requires specialized talent that falls outside of our capabilities, we already have relationships established with experts in the industry that assist in our engagements. Our focus is getting you the right help and the right answers. In essence, Packet Storm is the last site you will ever need to go to for security consulting services.

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