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Files Date: 2016-04-19

EMC ViPR SRM Cross Site Request Forgery
Posted Apr 19, 2016
Site emc.com

EMC ViPR SRM versions prior to 3.7 suffer from multiple cross site request forgery vulnerabilities.

tags | advisory, vulnerability, csrf
advisories | CVE-2016-0891
MD5 | 83214d4c7342aef60c71602746f2bc9b
Oliver 1.3.0 / 1.3.1 Cross Site Scripting
Posted Apr 19, 2016
Authored by Christian Catalano, Rv3Lab, Massimo Piccinno

Oliver versions 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 suffer from reflective cross site scripting vulnerabilities.

tags | exploit, vulnerability, xss
advisories | CVE-2014-2710
MD5 | 0dbdd494eca252d5011eac4182c6c34f
SAP HANA 102.02 Denial Of Service
Posted Apr 19, 2016
Authored by Mathieu Geli

SAP HANA version 102.02 suffers from a denial of service vulnerability.

tags | advisory, denial of service
MD5 | 41cd3ac2f3fc6d39ce44971850b74f10
SAP NetWeaver J2EE Engine 7.40 Cross Site Scripting
Posted Apr 19, 2016
Authored by Vahagn Vardanyan

SAP NetWeaver J2EE Engine version 7.40 suffers from a cross site scripting vulnerability.

tags | advisory, xss
MD5 | 857fe493b9899d0179a8c6913343b0c6
Red Hat Security Advisory 2016-0561-02
Posted Apr 19, 2016
Authored by Red Hat | Site access.redhat.com

Red Hat Security Advisory 2016-0561-02 - In accordance with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Errata Support Policy, support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 will be retired on March 31, 2017, at the end of Production Phase 3. Until that date, customers will continue to receive Critical impact security patches and selected urgent priority bug fixes for RHEL 5.11. On that date, active support included with your RHEL Premium or Standard subscription will conclude. This means that customers will continue to have access to all previously released content.

tags | advisory
systems | linux, redhat
MD5 | 79669f680048d5da944d170cb8d83ae0
HP Security Bulletin HPSBST03576 2
Posted Apr 19, 2016
Authored by HP | Site hp.com

HP Security Bulletin HPSBST03576 2 - A vulnerability in Apache Commons Collections (ACC) for handling Java object deserialization was addressed by HP P9000 and HP XP7 Command View Advanced Edition (CVAE) Suite including Device Manager and Tiered Storage Manager. The vulnerability could be exploited remotely to allow remote code execution. Revision 2 of this advisory.

tags | advisory, java, remote, code execution
advisories | CVE-2016-2003
MD5 | 3c71eafe72af1d090e7aba5bc9ff37a3
HP Security Bulletin HPSBGN03555 1
Posted Apr 19, 2016
Authored by HP | Site hp.com

HP Security Bulletin HPSBGN03555 1 - Potential security vulnerabilities have been identified with HPE Vertica Analytics Management Console. The vulnerabilities could be remotely exploited resulting in disclosure of sensitive information or execution of arbitrary code with root privileges. Revision 1 of this advisory.

tags | advisory, arbitrary, root, vulnerability
advisories | CVE-2016-2002
MD5 | 97c22fe4049e8a1cc03f3b262727f501
Ubuntu Security Notice USN-2917-3
Posted Apr 19, 2016
Authored by Ubuntu | Site security.ubuntu.com

Ubuntu Security Notice 2917-3 - USN-2917-1 fixed vulnerabilities in Firefox. This update caused several web compatibility regressions. This update fixes the problem. Various other issues were also addressed.

tags | advisory, web, vulnerability
systems | linux, ubuntu
advisories | CVE-2016-1950, CVE-2016-1953, CVE-2016-1954, CVE-2016-1955, CVE-2016-1956, CVE-2016-1957, CVE-2016-1958, CVE-2016-1959, CVE-2016-1960, CVE-2016-1961, CVE-2016-1962, CVE-2016-1963, CVE-2016-1964, CVE-2016-1965, CVE-2016-1966, CVE-2016-1967, CVE-2016-1968, CVE-2016-1973, CVE-2016-1974, CVE-2016-2793, CVE-2016-2794, CVE-2016-2795, CVE-2016-2796, CVE-2016-2797, CVE-2016-2798, CVE-2016-2799, CVE-2016-2800, CVE-2016-2801
MD5 | 9c8591403a3c3f1cd1fc6f6f398f9da5
HP Security Bulletin HPSBMU03575 1
Posted Apr 19, 2016
Authored by HP | Site hp.com

HP Security Bulletin HPSBMU03575 1 - HP Smart Update Manager (SUM) has addressed the following vulnerabilities: The Cross-protocol Attack on TLS using SSLv2 also known as "DROWN", which could be exploited remotely resulting in disclosure of information. Multiple OpenSSL vulnerabilities which could be remotely exploited resulting in Denial of Service (DoS) or other impacts. Revision 1 of this advisory.

tags | advisory, denial of service, vulnerability, protocol
advisories | CVE-2016-0705, CVE-2016-0799, CVE-2016-0800, CVE-2016-2842
MD5 | 6db74316d2c16e81c46fb268b9e4e9e5
Avast! Sandbox Escape
Posted Apr 19, 2016
Authored by Kyriakos Economou

A design flaw in Avast Sandbox allows a potentially harmful program to escape the sandbox and infect the host by dropping its files out of it and/or by modifying existing legitimate files of any type. Affected products include Avast Internet Security v11.x.x, Avast Pro Antivirus v11.x.x, Avast Premier v11.x.x, Avast Free Antivirus v11.x.x, Avast Business Security v11.x.x, Avast Endpoint Protection v8.x.x, Avast Endpoint Protection Plus v8.x.x, Avast Endpoint Protection Suite v8.x.x, Avast Endpoint Protection Suite Plus v8.x.x, Avast File Server Security v8.x.x, and Avast Email Server Security v8.x.x.

tags | advisory
advisories | CVE-2016-4025
MD5 | 664e59e8c6c87a191067114b0acfae1c
Samhain File Integrity Checker 4.1.3
Posted Apr 19, 2016
Authored by Rainer Wichmann | Site samhain.sourceforge.net

Samhain is a file system integrity checker that can be used as a client/server application for centralized monitoring of networked hosts. Databases and configuration files can be stored on the server. Databases, logs, and config files can be signed for tamper resistance. In addition to forwarding reports to the log server via authenticated TCP/IP connections, several other logging facilities (e-mail, console, and syslog) are available. Tested on Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Unixware, Sun and Solaris.

Changes: Various updates.
tags | tool, tcp, intrusion detection
systems | linux, unix, solaris, aix, hpux, unixware
MD5 | b87ae2ffb925cd1497ede1ce00b8145f
Windows Kernel DrawMenuBarTemp Wild Write
Posted Apr 19, 2016
Authored by Google Security Research, hawkes

The attached testcases crashes Windows 7 64-bit while attempting to write to an unmapped memory region. On 32-bit Windows 7 it triggers a null pointer read.

tags | exploit
systems | linux, windows, 7
advisories | CVE-2016-0143
MD5 | a57566654e391784b1ed361e0eef9e66
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