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The strrchr function in PHP 5.2 before 5.2.14 allows context-dependent attackers to obtain sensitive information (memory contents) or trigger memory corruption by causing a userspace interruption of an internal function or handler.

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HP Security Bulletin HPSBOV02763 SSRT100826
Posted Apr 17, 2012
Authored by HP | Site hp.com

HP Security Bulletin HPSBOV02763 SSRT100826 - Potential vulnerabilities have been identified with HP Secure Web Server (SWS) for OpenVMS running PHP. The vulnerabilities could be remotely exploited to create a Denial of Service (DoS), unauthorized access, privilege escalation, unauthorized disclosure of information, or unauthorized modifications. Revision 1 of this advisory.

tags | advisory, web, denial of service, php, vulnerability
advisories | CVE-2006-7243, CVE-2010-1860, CVE-2010-1862, CVE-2010-1864, CVE-2010-2097, CVE-2010-2100, CVE-2010-2101, CVE-2010-2190, CVE-2010-2191, CVE-2010-2225, CVE-2010-2484, CVE-2010-2531, CVE-2010-3709, CVE-2010-3710, CVE-2010-3870, CVE-2010-4150, CVE-2010-4645, CVE-2010-4697, CVE-2010-4698, CVE-2011-0421, CVE-2011-0708, CVE-2011-0752, CVE-2011-1092, CVE-2011-1148, CVE-2011-1464, CVE-2011-1938, CVE-2011-2202, CVE-2011-4885
MD5 | e0ac9fde45049212bb699d5b5c61d6b3
Ubuntu Security Notice USN-1231-1
Posted Oct 18, 2011
Authored by Ubuntu | Site security.ubuntu.com

Ubuntu Security Notice 1231-1 - Mateusz Kocielski, Marek Kroemeke and Filip Palian discovered that a stack-based buffer overflow existed in the socket_connect function's handling of long pathnames for AF_UNIX sockets. A remote attacker might be able to exploit this to execute arbitrary code; however, the default compiler options for affected releases should reduce the vulnerability to a denial of service. This issue affected Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, Ubuntu 10.10 and Ubuntu 11.04. Krzysztof Kotowicz discovered that the PHP post handler function does not properly restrict filenames in multipart/form-data POST requests. This may allow remote attackers to conduct absolute path traversal attacks and possibly create or overwrite arbitrary files. This issue affected Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, Ubuntu 10.10 and Ubuntu 11.04. Various other issues were also addressed.

tags | advisory, remote, denial of service, overflow, arbitrary, php
systems | linux, ubuntu
advisories | CVE-2010-1914, CVE-2010-2484, CVE-2011-1657, CVE-2011-1938, CVE-2011-2202, CVE-2011-2483, CVE-2011-3182, CVE-2011-3267
MD5 | 5abf0399f4bdb280ef482df2defc103e
Mandriva Linux Security Advisory 2010-139
Posted Jul 27, 2010
Authored by Mandriva | Site mandriva.com

Mandriva Linux Security Advisory 2010-139 - This is a maintenance and security update that upgrades php to 5.2.14 for CS4/MES5/2008.0/2009.0/2009.1. Rewrote var_export() to use smart_str rather than output buffering, prevents data disclosure if a fatal error occurs. Fixed a possible interruption array leak in strrchr(). Fixed a possible interruption array leak in strchr(), strstr(), substr(), chunk_split(), strtok(), addcslashes(), str_repeat(), trim(). Fixed a possible memory corruption in substr_replace(). Fixed SplObjectStorage unserialization problems. Fixed a possible stack exhaustion inside fnmatch(). Fixed a NULL pointer dereference when processing invalid XML-RPC requests. Fixed handling of session variable serialization on certain prefix characters. Fixed a possible arbitrary memory access inside sqlite extension. Reported by Mateusz Kocielski. Additionally some of the third party extensions has been upgraded and/or rebuilt for the new php version.

tags | advisory, arbitrary, php
systems | linux, mandriva
advisories | CVE-2010-2484, CVE-2010-2225, CVE-2010-0397, CVE-2010-2531
MD5 | 2b75ea5f7908e8b6b979d2ee7f9b6e02
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