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Ekoparty Security Conference And Training 6th Edition

Ekoparty Security Conference And Training 6th Edition
Posted Aug 30, 2010
Site ekoparty.com.ar

Formal announcement regarding the agenda and training related to the Ekoparty Security Conference and Training - 6th Edition. It is being held from September 13th through the 15th, 2010, in Buenos Aires City, Argentina.

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Ekoparty Security Conference And Training 6th Edition

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[ * ]  ekoparty Security Conference and Trainings - 6th edition [ * ]

Trainings: September 13-15 / Conference: September 16-17, 2010
Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

[*] WHAT?

ekoparty is a one-of-a-kind event in South America; an annual security
conference held in Buenos Aires where security specialists from all over
Latin America (and beyond) have the chance to get involved with
state-of-art techniques, vulnerabilities and tools in a relaxed environment
which has not been seen before.

The sixth edition of ekoparty is expected to bring together over 700
security specialists from around the world in the most deep-knowledge
technical conference of Latin America.

This is not just a completely technical conference, it also has a lot of
awesome activities like Lock picking village organized by TOOOL, Wardriving BA
CTF wargame, WiFi antenna build workshop, after hours and even a kick ass
after conference party!.

Like always this year we are going to offer simultaneous translation
of all the lectures, that way
you are not going to miss anything.

[*] Lectures

And the selection for ekoparty 2010 is:
(drum roll)

Chema Alonso - Pentesting Driven by FOCA
Cedric Blancher - Hacking, an activity of Public interest?
Nicolas Bareli - Sandboxing based on SECCOM for Linux kernel
Cesar Cerrudo - Token Kidnapping\'s Revenge
Cesar Cerrudo History 0days, Disclosing y otras yerbas
Claudio Criscione - Virtually Pwned: Pentesting VMware
Giovanni Cruz - Atacking VoIP…a paradise!
Nicolas Economou - 2x1 Microsoft Bugs: 'Virtual PC hyper-hole-visor' +
'Windows Creation Vulnerability (MS10-048)'
Gary Golomb - Network-based detection of PE structural anomalies and
linker characteristics
Michael Hudson - Wrong Way, the true story of a Black Hat
Barnaby Jack - Jackpotting Automated Teller Machines
Leando Meiners & Diego Sor - WPA Migration Mode: WEP is back to haunt you...
Eric Monti - iPhone Rootkit? There's an App for That!
Mariano Nuñez Di Croce - SAP Backdoors: A ghost at the heart of your business
Hernan Ochoa - Understanding the Win SMB NTLM Weak Nonce Vulnerability
Hernan Ochoa -Transferring files on isolated remote desktop environments
Deviant Ollam - Distinguishing Lockpicks: Raking vs Lifting vs Jiggling and More
Alfredo Ortega & Oren Isacson - Exploiting Digital Cameras
Andres Riancho - Lucas Apa Web Application Security Payloads
Juliano Rizzo & Thai Duong - Padding Oracles Everywhere
Pablo Sole - Hanging on a ROPe
Roelf Temmingh Your life online: No more secrets Marty
Chris Valasek - Understanding the Low Fragmentation Heap: From
Allocation to Exploitation

We want to thank all the submitters and the submission reviewers who
helped and gave us their feedback, this group
was formed by the following people:

* Cesar Cerrudo (Argeniss)
* Sebastian "topo" Muñiz (Independent Security Researcher)
* Gera Richarte (CORE)
* Juliano Rizzo (Netifera)
* Nicolas Waisman (Immunity)


The most advanced trainings in Latin America:

Opensource Intelligence Gathering For Pentesting - Chema Alonso (Infomatica64)
Using Network Forensics for Incident Response and Malware Analysis -
Gabe Martinez & Ray Carney (Netwitness)
Python for hackers, by Sebastián Fernandez y Matías Soler (Immunity)
Breaking Windows, by Agustín Gianni y Franco Riccobaldi (Immunity)
Lock picking & Physical Security - from novice to master in two days,
by Deviant Ollam (TOOOL)
SAP Security In-Depth, by Mariano Nuñez di Croce (Onapsis)
Web Testing & Exploiting Workshop, by Andrés Riancho & Nahuel Grisolía (Bonsai)
Cracking WIFI for real by Cedric Blancher (EADS)
Hacking y Seguridad en VOIP by Giovanni Cruz Forero (BASE4)
Modern Malware Reverse Engineering by Joan Calvet (ESET)
Introduction to Cracking y Anti-Cracking by Ariel Coronel, Ricardo
Narvaja & Nahuel Riva (CORE)

For more detailed information: http://www.ekoparty.org/eng/trainings.php

[*] Register Now!

You can sign up for the 6th edition of ekoparty at
Remember that early registered assistants have a BIG discount on the price!

If you are coming from outside Buenos Aires we can assist you in all we can
for making your travel easier (i.e. find a hotel).
Don't hesitate in contacting us at organizacion [ AT ] ekoparty.org
We hope to see you in this year edition :)

[*] WHEN?

September 8 End of Early Bird Ticket Price
September 13-15 - ekoparty Trainings
September 16-17 - ekoparty Conference


Website http://www.ekoparty.org
Blog http://blog.ekoparty.org
Twitter http://twitter.com/ekoparty

Best regards,
ekoparty security conference staff
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