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TOORCAMP 2009 Call For Participation

TOORCAMP 2009 Call For Participation
Posted Mar 12, 2009
Site toorcamp.org

ToorCamp 2009 Call For Participation - ToorCamp is the United State's first ever full-scale hacker camp. Modelled after the camps in Holland and Germany, ToorCamp will focus on all of the technology topics that ToorCon has become famous for but will expand out into other areas of society. It will be held at the Titan-1 Missile Silo July 2nd through the 5th, 2009.

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TOORCAMP 2009 Call For Participation

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ToorCamp is the United State's first ever full-scale hacker camp. Modelled after the camps in Holland and Germany, ToorCamp will focus on all of the technology topics that ToorCon has become famous for but will expand out into other areas of society. ToorCamp will offer 2 days of talks on many different topics -- Security, Internet, Emerging Technologies, Hardware Hacking, and Privacy are just some of the areas we will be covering. ToorCamp will also feature 2 days of hands-on workshops on a multitude of different skills that you may have never found yourself interested in learning about before. Blacksmithing, Lock Picking, Orienteering, Logic Design, Archery -- These are just a few of the topics you can expect.

ToorCamp is run by the same group that runs ToorCon and will also be heavily supported by many other hacker conferences in the US. ToorCamp will be organized as a bunch of different campsites which will be fully run by autonomous groups. We will provide the power and internet -- you provide the rest. We're heavily encouraging groups to build structures, setup art projects, throw parties, and generally do things that will show to the world that US hackers can throw a kickass hacker camp too!

Oh, and did we mention it'll be at a Titan-1 Missile Silo? We've managed to find one of the best locations in the northwest to throw this event. We've partnered with a group of people who are currently retrofitting the Silo into an ultra-secure datacenter so internet connectivity won't be a problem. ToorCamp will be situated in central Washington roughly 3 hours driving distance from Seattle and within 15 minutes drive of a private international airport. Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to make history with us and help launch the first public US hacker camp!


ToorCamp will provide many of the basic hacker camp comforts such as:

- Power
- Internet

And some of the less-essential comforts such as:

- Food
- Water
- Toilets

Some optional accessories that will be available for rental are:

- Tents
- Camping matresses
- Sleeping bags


We're looking for campsite organizers that can help out by taking charge of parts of the camp. Campsites that have at least 10 occupants will be given a 10% discount on admission for everyone registered for the campsite. Part of being a campsite organizer is helping fellow campers get shelter, community food, throwing parties, and possibly organizing group transportation out to the camp. The 10% discount refund can be given back to the campsite organizer to help fund these types of things, can be refunded to all of the campsite inhabitants, or donated to the ToorCon Foundation. To sign up for being a campsite organizer, please fill out our signup webform at:



For ToorCamp we will be having 50-minute talks on Thursday, 20-minute talks on Friday, and then hands-on workshops throughout the weekend. To submit a talk for the conference, please fill out the information below and email to cfp@toorcamp.org:

0. Name
1. Email Address
2. Mobile Phone Number
3. Brief Bio
4. Title of the Talk
5. Brief Abstract
6. Any supporting materials, links, outlines, etc
7. What talk format are you submitting for:
    0. 20-minute talk
    1. 50-minute talk
    2. 1-day workshop
    3. 2-day workshop


ToorCamp has full permission to record and republish any material that is presented at the conference.


- The fame and prestige of presenting at the first public US hacker camp!
- Invitations to all of the parties and special events
- Sorry, we are not able to cover air travel expenses but we will try to provide campsite accommodations if requested


ToorCamp has many levels of sponsorship for companies that want to help make history. We're currently looking for sponsors for the conference and the Missile Silo owners are also looking for sponsors and potential partners to help them build out their ultra-secure datacenter. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please email geo@toorcon.org.


Pre-registration is currently open at $150. It will be slowly increasing the price every month until it's $350 at the gate, so don't miss out on this amazing price for 4 full days of camping, talks, workshops, and non-stop entertainment at one of the best locations in the northwest. Once you're registered you'll have access to our planning, talks, and rideshare discussion forums. To pre-register we've setup registration on our website linked below.



ToorCamp 2009
Titan-1 Missile Silo
July 2nd-5th, 2009
Moses Lake, WA



March 10th, 2009 - Call for Participation Opens

April 3rd, 2009 - First Round of Registration Closes

May 1st, 2009 - Second Round of Registration Closes
May 1st, 2009 - First round of selection announced
May 15nd, 2009 - Second round of selection announced
May 29th, 2009 - Call for Papers closes

June 5th, 2009 - Third Round of Registration Closes
June 5th, 2009 - Speaker & sponsor selection finalized

July 1st, 2009 - Move into ToorCamp
July 2nd, 2009 - ToorCamp 50-minute Talks
July 3rd, 2009 - ToorCamp 20-minute Talks
July 4th, 2009 - ToorCamp Workshops
July 5th, 2009 - ToorCamp Workshops
July 6th, 2009 - Move out of ToorCamp
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