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Mandriva Linux Security Advisory 2007.087

Mandriva Linux Security Advisory 2007.087
Posted Apr 20, 2007
Authored by Mandriva | Site mandriva.com

Mandriva Linux Security Advisory - A slew of PHP vulnerabilities have been patched for Corporate 3.0, Multi Network Firewall 2.0.

tags | advisory, php, vulnerability
systems | linux, mandriva
advisories | CVE-2007-1001, CVE-2007-1285, CVE-2007-1286, CVE-2007-1711, CVE-2007-1718
SHA-256 | 5d65c7a60487b2fbfb19308d269db352223b3ce877dad01b58b8eb667addb473

Mandriva Linux Security Advisory 2007.087

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Mandriva Linux Security Advisory MDKSA-2007:087

Package : php
Date : April 18, 2007
Affected: Corporate 3.0, Multi Network Firewall 2.0

Problem Description:

A heap-based buffer overflow vulnerability was found in PHP's gd
extension. A script that could be forced to process WBMP images
from an untrusted source could result in arbitrary code execution

A DoS flaw was found in how PHP processed a deeply nested array.
A remote attacker could cause the PHP intrerpreter to creash
by submitting an input variable with a deeply nested array

A vulnerability was discovered in the way PHP's unserialize() function
processed data. A remote attacker able to pass arbitrary data to
PHP's unserialize() function could possibly execute arbitrary code
as the apache user (CVE-2007-1286).

A double-free flaw was found in the session_decode() function that
could allow a remote attacker to potentially execute arbitrary code
as the apache user if they are able to pass arbitrary data to PHP's
session_decode() function (CVE-2007-1711).

A vulnerability in how PHP's mail() function processed header data was
discovered. If a script sent mail using a subject header containing
a string from an untrusted source, a remote attacker could send bulk
email to unintended recipients (CVE-2007-1718).

Updated packages have been patched to correct these issues.



Updated Packages:

Corporate 3.0:
2b15b0bc22742758bb62fcd320180106 corporate/3.0/i586/libphp_common432-4.3.4-4.25.C30mdk.i586.rpm
fe5339f7b2da384dfde700c20c501aab corporate/3.0/i586/php-cgi-4.3.4-4.25.C30mdk.i586.rpm
110991ac64c73f0b2febc7f67a9f0144 corporate/3.0/i586/php-cli-4.3.4-4.25.C30mdk.i586.rpm
adc9ea974665abe40372bbf762ecf61a corporate/3.0/i586/php-gd-4.3.4-1.6.C30mdk.i586.rpm
eb068f34f5c376dc7a1dc0ea29501a1f corporate/3.0/i586/php432-devel-4.3.4-4.25.C30mdk.i586.rpm
526b4e2d8afee42eb1f3d125ee2aba87 corporate/3.0/SRPMS/php-4.3.4-4.25.C30mdk.src.rpm
607997f818ac53d2af7c8fcaef7a0171 corporate/3.0/SRPMS/php-gd-4.3.4-1.6.C30mdk.src.rpm

Corporate 3.0/X86_64:
db3c2959f962b81805c8619efb297b9d corporate/3.0/x86_64/lib64php_common432-4.3.4-4.25.C30mdk.x86_64.rpm
d97ed23384c43d388c93cb978d414e68 corporate/3.0/x86_64/php-cgi-4.3.4-4.25.C30mdk.x86_64.rpm
dfac457ee4b81a5d54ad6f343809a241 corporate/3.0/x86_64/php-cli-4.3.4-4.25.C30mdk.x86_64.rpm
da07d371618eaf195a2d88721355a3d6 corporate/3.0/x86_64/php-gd-4.3.4-1.6.C30mdk.x86_64.rpm
efbf7920f6ed9595aa9c55e42e1a72ce corporate/3.0/x86_64/php432-devel-4.3.4-4.25.C30mdk.x86_64.rpm
526b4e2d8afee42eb1f3d125ee2aba87 corporate/3.0/SRPMS/php-4.3.4-4.25.C30mdk.src.rpm
607997f818ac53d2af7c8fcaef7a0171 corporate/3.0/SRPMS/php-gd-4.3.4-1.6.C30mdk.src.rpm

Multi Network Firewall 2.0:
5b7e1a1db6250ff6407e2bdb72012e1f mnf/2.0/i586/libphp_common432-4.3.4-4.25.M20mdk.i586.rpm
ab13e78a0c41f9dc32e92d4ea003807d mnf/2.0/i586/php-cgi-4.3.4-4.25.M20mdk.i586.rpm
513eb7fdff9ed48249f35fdf0d49507e mnf/2.0/i586/php-cli-4.3.4-4.25.M20mdk.i586.rpm
04a3bf4b56d20b26103cf28c49c1c4a3 mnf/2.0/i586/php-gd-4.3.4-1.6.M20mdk.i586.rpm
0f72994f611b8be41fb944616b07e53b mnf/2.0/i586/php432-devel-4.3.4-4.25.M20mdk.i586.rpm
2da2bb6ebf427fce22912e37448b5dd8 mnf/2.0/SRPMS/php-4.3.4-4.25.M20mdk.src.rpm
50a5b40d98a9394cf0093751aaa47877 mnf/2.0/SRPMS/php-gd-4.3.4-1.6.M20mdk.src.rpm

To upgrade automatically use MandrivaUpdate or urpmi. The verification
of md5 checksums and GPG signatures is performed automatically for you.

All packages are signed by Mandriva for security. You can obtain the
GPG public key of the Mandriva Security Team by executing:

gpg --recv-keys --keyserver pgp.mit.edu 0x22458A98

You can view other update advisories for Mandriva Linux at:


If you want to report vulnerabilities, please contact


Type Bits/KeyID Date User ID
pub 1024D/22458A98 2000-07-10 Mandriva Security Team
Version: GnuPG v1.4.7 (GNU/Linux)


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