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Posted Jun 1, 2000
Authored by b0g | Site b0g.org

B0g Issue 5 - In this issue: Interview with rfp, how to beat credit card verifications and all about credit card algorythms, The truth about ICQ, Programming your Nokia cellphone, Coding GTK+ and GNOME, and much more.

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[ Table of Content! [b0g-5.txt]
[ 0:. - [ ] :. ]
[ 1:. - [ a guide to religions ] [obsolete] :. ]
[ 2:. - [ How to build an atomic bomb ] [data] :. ]
[ 3:. - [ Interview with rfp ] [k-rad-bob] :. ]
[ 4:. - [ how to beat credit card verifications ] [nemesystm] :. ]
[ 5:. - [ The truth about ICQ ] [pac] :. ]
[ 6:. - [ hax0r rap ] [tak] :. ]
[ 7:. - [ Pissing off Radio Shack and other people ] [wh0rde] :. ]
[ 8:. - [ phreaking your NOKIA ] [aero] :. ]
[ 9:. - [ b0g!#@! rap ] [obsolete] :. ]
[10:. - [ Coding GTK+ and GNOME ] [nethunter] :. ]
[11:. - [ how to make cocaine ] [sandman] :. ]
[12:. - [ The sad sorry state of #hacktech ] [Syn] :. ]
[13:. - [ The sad sorry state of syn ] [c0redump] :. ]
[14:. - [ how to pick up chicks ] [k-rad-bob] :. ]
[15:. - [ a guide to Niggerous Wannabeous ] [zeddy] :. ]
[16:. - [ how to figure out if you are fat ] [tak] :. ]
[17:. - [ h4x0ring MS-DOS ] [niemand1] :. ]
[18:. - [ 0day warez ] [tak, uneek & prae] :. ]
[19:. - [ IRC Quotes ] [k-rad-bob] :. ]
[20:. - [ Closing words ] [k-rad-bob] :. ]
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A gimp from b4b0 sent us this in a mail

Indeed we are still putting out the ezine. Sorry, but we've been off
for awhile, mainly due to real life problems in everyones schedule.
Real life comes before internet. Anyhow, we're back in business, and
we're stronger than ever.

(ps. if you have anybody else you know that would be interested in
submitting anything to the ezine please let them know that we'll look
at anything especially if it has something about social antics or
programming in it.
thnx. send it to k-rad-bob@b0g.org

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[ 1:. - [ a guide to religions ] [obsolete] :. ]
[obsolete@b0g.org] :. ]

Hello obsolete reporting again for another wonderful article to be
featured in a b0g!@#! magazine. My anus is still a little sore from
them chain mail fairies who came in and sodomized me for not
forwarding chain letters. (See issue #3) Well anyway now that I have
taken care of my hemorrhoids, I have decided to talk to you about
Religion. Yes I know it is a touchy subject but for Christ sake so is
anything these days. You can't even say, "Hey baby nice set of
hooters," to a chick without getting a sexual harassment suit filed
against your ass, then you're taken on Judge Judy and embarrassed in
front of your friends, and family, and that dumb bitch, I just wanted
to touch 'em, or play with 'em or something, and Judge Judy called me
a pervert, so I ripped her fucking tonsils out and fed her sherbet,
and then I finally settled the score with that bitch equally, I took
her ass on Jerry Springer, and beat her ass legally and.....Umm yeah
back to the religion thing. Well I have broken it down kind of simply.
First mans favorite drink... BEER, and why it's better than Jesus.

Top 10 Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than Jesus

10. No one will kill you for not drinking Beer.
9. Beer doesn't tell you how to have sex.
8. Beer has never caused a major war.
7. They don't force Beer on minors who can't think for themselves.
6. When you have a Beer, you don't knock on people's doors trying to
give it away.
5. Nobody's ever been burned at the stake, hanged, or tortured over
his brand of Beer.
4. You don't have to wait 2000+ years for a second Beer.
3. There are laws saying Beer labels can't lie to you.
2. You can prove you have a Beer.
1. If you've devoted your life to Beer, there are groups to help you

H4r H4r, beer is so much fun, especially when you're at a party with
your boss, and you tell him how cheesy his hairweave looks, then he
fires you, but then I go to his house and fucking....Yeah umm religion
is cool. So like the next thing I'm going to talk about is The Bible.
The Bible rules because well just read some of the stuff Jesus had to


The Bible says it's alright to be a bitch:
Mary rode Joseph's ass all the way to Jerusalem.

Jesus drove a Honda:
All the disciples were in one Accord.

The first mention in the Bible of Drugs
The adultress getting stoned...

of Elasticity
Jesus tying his ass to a tree and then walking 40 miles into the

of Soccer
Jesus going up for the cross

of Motorcycles
The roar of David's Triumph was heard through out the land.

of Sex
Jesus going to Mount Olive....then getting laid in the tomb

I like reading The Bible, especially when you go to a Bible study, and
the chaperone is a 20 year old chick who is so hot that you pop a huge
boner, and you go into the back room and slowly start...Yeah some
churches are like fucked up, and their messages on their message
boards get a bit out of control...

Who said religion is not fun?

Here are actual messages from real church bulletins. The names of the
churches are not given to protect the guilty.

1. This afternoon there will be a meeting in the south and north ends
of the church. Children will be baptized at both ends.
2. Tuesday evening there will be an ice cream social.
All ladies giving milk, please come early.
3. Wednesday, the ladies liturgy society will meet. Mrs. Johnson
will sing: "Put me in my little bed," accompanied by the Pastor.
4. Thursday at 5pm there will be a meeting of the little mothers
club. All those wishing to be come little mothers, please meet the
minister in his study.
5. This being Easter Sunday, we will ask Mrs. Johnson to come forward
and lay an egg on the altar.
6. The services will close with "little drops of water." One of the
ladies will start quietly and the rest of the congregation will
join in.
7. On sunday, a special collection will be taken to defray the
expenses of the new carpet. All those wishing to do something on
the carpet, come forward and get a piece of paper.
8. The ladies of the church have cast off clothing of every kind and
they may be seen in the church basement on friday afternoon.
9. A bean supper will be held saturday evening in the church
basement. Music will follow.
10. The rosebud on the altar this morning is to announce the birth of
David Alan Belser, the sin of Reverend and Mrs. Julius Belser.

Oh man I love those message boards, one time I left a message on a
public dating board, and I said I was a hot lesbian chick with big
boobies, and then like these 5 chicks all messaged me back and then
they came over for like a big group...OK there are many different
types of Religions, below is a chart stating all of there beliefs.

Religions Of The World

Taoism: Shit happens.
Hare Krishna: Shit happens Rama Rama Ding Ding.
Hinduism: This shit happened before.
Islam: If shit happens, take a hostage.
Zen: What is the sound of shit happening?
Atheism: No shit.
Buddhism: When shit happens, is it really shit?
Confucianism: Confucius says: "Shit happens."
7th Day Adventist: Shit happens on Saturdays.
Protestantism: Shit won't happen if I work harder.
Catholicism: If shit happens, I deserve it.
Jehovah's Witness: Knock, knock, "Shit happens."
Unitarian: What is this shit?
Mormon: Shit happens again and again and again.
Judaism: Why does this shit always happen to me?
Rastafarianism: Let's smoke this shit.
Discordia: Why did you want this shit to happen?

Well that's it for the religion jazz, I'm like going to do some other
stuff now and like there might be a Bible study tonight, (read above),
Yeah so as I leave you I slowly unzip my pants and pull out my...So
see you kids later, and remember religion is fun.

Shouts to everyone and like anyone, of course b0g!@#! #k-rad #absolve
vince, ryan, thep0et, k-rad-bob, Prae, all you goofy lesbians, yeah
yeah I'm done because I'm like tired....




[ 2:. - [ How to build an atomic bomb ] [data] :. ]
[data@b0g.org] :. ]

Do you like blowing shit up? I mean really blowing shit up? then read

ok now I will explain how to build an atomic bomb.....oh yea I take no
responsibility for the shit you do.. ya da ya da ya da.




PLUTONIUM- You can get this out west in the united states...its
usually underground but its in its natural state so unless you know
how to covert it (cause I sure don't) your assed out

C4- Well unless you got connections once again your assed out cause I
don't fell like explaining how to make c4..

WIRE- Look around your damn house

BLASTING CAPS- I don't know where the hell to get them

DETONATOR- you can make one from a car battery and an alarm clock

ok now that I accurately explained how to make or get the materials
needed on to the construction....


QUICK NOTE: Since you will be working with Plutonium I suggest you
wear a T-shirt and some shorts because they will serve as no
protection what so ever against the Radioactive material. One
microscopic bit of the Plutonium will kill the fuck out of you!#@!



Take the Plutonium and place it on something that will allow you to
get it from all angles. Next, take small sized chunks of the c4,about
the size of a golf ball, and press them on the ball of plutonium in an
even pattern all around. place a blasting cap in each charge.


run the wires from the charges to the detonator making sure that the
charges stay in place.
set the detonator up so that when the clock reads a certain time it
will go off.

NOTE: if you are using a radio controlled detonator make sure you use
a quiet radio frequency because the bomb might go off in the middle
of configuration. that would be kinda funny wouldn't it?


take the bomb to where you want to set it off and get the fuck out of
there dumbass! you probably want to be at least 3 or 4 miles away when
it goes off...unless its a suicide attempt...that would be a cool way
to go


The explosion of the c4 charges causes the plutonium to implode and
achieve critical mass and explode with an uncontrolled chain
reaction.... atleast I think thats what happens..... you people act
like I know what the hell I'm doing

PS: If you are really thinking of making this and setting it off
somewhere...cool! Go ahead!! I damn well encourage it 110% !@#$!!



[ 3:. - [ Interview with rfp ] [k-rad-bob] :. ]
[k-rad-bob@b0g.org] :. ]

B0g: your webpage is located at http://www.wiretrip.net/rfp , what
is the purpose of that site?

Rfp: To provide something other than porn on the internet. Although
I've been succumbing to doing that as well.

B0g: you are regarded as one of the major influences (in my opinion
anyway) in the whole hacking community, do you consider
yourself as a hacker or merely a software enthusiast, and
where do you draw the line?

Rfp: I am a hacker in the traditional sense--I seek to learn how
things work. I am not a computer criminal, and screw anyone who
is determined to use other invented terms, such as 'cracker'
and what not. They are computer criminals, people.
Simple terminology, rather than trying to invent a
cracker/jacker/whacker term.

B0g: Were you ever a scriptkiddie? Have you ever defaced a site?

Rfp: Have I ever ran scripts? Sure. But do I understand exactly
what they do?
Well, most the time. ;)
Have I ever defaced a site?
I don't find that productive in the least bit.

B0g: Some rumors says you are/were one of the core members in HFG,
is this just bull?

Rfp: Wow, that's a new one on me. HFG? Nope, sorry.

B0g: What do you personally think about scriptkiddies?

Rfp: You know, you have to learn somewhere. But taking a script and
Breaking into ### sites because you can only proves you to be a
newbie that is acting out some childhood angst in a digitial
Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

B0g: Is there such a thing as a legit hack?

Rfp: Sure. Security assessments and penetration testing, otherwise
known as contracted security evaluation. Why hack and go to
jail, when you can hack and get paid for it?

B0g: For the complete newbie, what is in your opinion the best way
to get on the information highway?

Rfp: Don't think that there is a shortcut. You have to wait in
rushhour just like everyone else. Hit the books, start
learning, and don't let your eagerness get ahead of you.

B0g: What are your top 5 bookmarks?

Rfp: Oooh, good one. On a daily basis, I visit ww.technotronic.com,
www.securityfocus.com, packetstorm.securify.com, and
archives.neohapsis.com. Plus I visit my site from time to time
to see if it's been defaced. ;)

B0g: Your site, while providing excellent security information,
exploits, fixes and software, it doesnt offer much about
RFP-the person, how would you best summon up yourself as a
person? What are your best/worst qualities?

Rfp: I'm just a puppy, trying to learn what I can, and contribute
where I may to the community in general. I'm not to claim to
know much of anything...just a few interesting tidbits here and
there. I like to think I'm pretty easy going, and like to do
all of this because it's "fun".

B0g: Are you self-employed? Do you make a living out of doing
security related work? If so, give us figures! H0h0!

Rfp: Yes, I make a comfortable living doing security work for a
company in Chicago.

B0g: Do you see Microsofts Monopoly coming to an end?

Rfp: If I could look into the future, I would rather look for
lottery numbers than the final outcome of Microsoft. ;)

B0g: As the saying goes; an OS is only as Secure as its Admin, in
your opinion, what is the most secure OS?

Rfp: People need to get over the religious bias and realize all
OSes, and software in general, are tools. You use the right
tool for the right job.
That said, any OS can be made secure--just some take more work
than others. If I had to pick, I would probably say most the
BSD distros, and a few Linux distros, have their act together.
But I don't see corporations running out to purchase BSDi
licenses in bulk just yet...

B0g: Do you see any big changes in the computer world in the near

Rfp: We will get more dependant, stuff will get more complex, and
more problems will arise.

B0g: Will you ever write an humorous or technical article for b0g?

Rfp: Sure! It's just a matter of finding the time...
remember, I do all of this in my free time, and I like to,
well, have a life as well. You know, life *away* from the
computer. ;)

B0g: Does creating public software that scans and searches for
easily exploitable servers make you feel bad at all?

Rfp: The software is a tool. Does holding a knife make you feel
like a murderer? It depends on the use, not the tool itself.
Evil is in the people, not the object. That said, no. :)

B0g: Its no secret that the majority of the web defacements are done
by scriptkiddies, shouldnt the creators of the tools that make
these hacks possible feel at all responsible for theyre
wrongdoings? How many hacks would you reckon has been
accomplished after a successful scan with whisker?

Rfp: Well, given that whisker only alerts of problems, and doesn't
show you how to exploit them, I would say none. ;) In general,
if people want to find the stuff, they will. As for whisker,
hell, Packetstorm gets new CGI scanner submissions every week.
There are others besides whisker.
People need to differentiate their fear between the tools and
the people that run the tools.

B0g: Not only does rumors say you were in HFG, some also assume you
were also involved with The United Loan Gunmen, have you ever
been apart of any Online groups at all?

Rfp: Well, myself and the rest of my litter were a part of the
'Puppies looking for Bitches' group, but we didn't do anything
constructive. Mostly chased sticks, barked about this or that,
etc. ;)

B0g: What changes do you want to see happening within the online

Rfp: People stop being naive to how things work, technically,
politically, and sociologically speaking.

B0g: Do you have any special projects for the future?

Rfp: Whisker 2.0, along with some sister programs, are my focus.
Plus an online project that ties whisker, nessus, and snort

B0g: In your opinion, who controls the internet? Who should control
How do you feel about the bills being set out by politicians
who have minimal, if any technical insight at all?

Rfp: Wow, tough question. Who controls it? The people who
understand how it works. Who should? No one. Politicians?
Plain and simple: there's money to be had, and freedom to be
denied for the better good of someone, even if it's just

B0g: Will you link to b0g.org on your page if we send you an
upside-down button?

Rfp: Considering it looks cool, absolutely.
Sorry, no lame buttons. ;)

B0g: your site http://www.wiretrip.net/rfp lets the viewer choose
from 4 different layouts, in number three allure, who is that

Rfp: I wish I knew. >:) It's just a graphic from a porn site.
In fact, I think it's from xp0's (www.antioffline.com) personal
stash. I've had enough requests, where I think I will post the
original sometime in the future.

B0g: Is there anything you would like to say to the people who read
this interview that we forgot to ask you about?

Rfp: Fear potted meat food products.

B0g: How do I hack unix?

Rfp: Don't you know? Unix is the most secure OS on the planet.
You can't hack it.
Silly newbie. ;)

B0g: Where can I get codez?

Rfp: Trading for them at 2600 meetings. ;)


*** rfp has quit IRC (Ping timeout for RFP[AC80E72C.ipt.aol.com])



[ 4:. - [ how to beat credit card verifications ] [nemesystm] :. ]
[nemesystm@b0g.org] :. ]

+++>===] Written by Nemesystm, leader of the DHC [===<+++
++++>==] Visit us at dhcorp.cjb.net You want 2 [==<++++

Subject: Bypassing just about ANY online credit card verification
method with credit card numbers you generated.
Description: How to use it, common security measures used AND the
formula to creating your own.
When it's usable: If you want to get something.
What the nice possibility is: I forget.
What the evil possibility is: Register all those 30-day trial programs
you have.

NOTE: this has been written in an very detailed manner, so if you
don't get it, then you might not be as smart as you think you are.

1. Preface, notes from me
2. How to create your own credit card numbers
3. How to use your own credit card numbers
3.1 How info is verified and how to bypass the verification
3.2 How to secure yourself
4. Last notes, greetz
Appendix A. list of example credit card numbers generated from
one card
Appendix B. list of beginnings of credit card bank numbers
Appendix C. list of addresses you could use

After being quite silent, finally something from us again. We had a
couple of problems but are over that now, hopefully we can start
creating something again.
This file was written after I discovered the formula of the credit
card number system. It happened by accident, I just filled in a
MasterCard number and worked it back to it's beginning, then I worked
up again. I verified all credit card numbers I generated so far with
Aritech's Verification Engine. I and others also tested random credit
card numbers on sites. We usually got them to work one way or another.
Just not www.cheathouse.com yet. :) They use ibill.com's verification
method and we couldn't figure out a way past that. Verisign's
verification method isn't fooled either.
So, if you want a product you'll have to go out and find a site that
is vulnerable. (E-mail me when you find one. :)
Good luck.

You need to start with a credit card number to get new ones.
I suggest you snatch your moms and work from that, because a lot of
people will use the credit card numbers mentioned here.
For my example, I'll use 5221111111111115
It's a MasterCard and it expires on 02/02. For the formula it doesn't
matter when your card expires.
MasterCard cards begin with a 5. Visa's with a 4.
Reading this will seem very complicated so open this text for a 2nd
time and scroll to Appendix A to follow what happens.

You take 5221111111111115.
The system has as a standard that it adds 8 to the number for the next
valid card.
5221111111111115 + 8 makes
you keep adding +8 unless for the following exceptions.

You can't have two numbers that have the same 15 last digits so
5221111111111131 and 5221111111111139 is impossible.
5221111111111131 is valid. To get the next valid card number you add
18. So you jump from
5221111111111131 to 5221111111111149

Normally, you'd just continue to add 8, but if your 2nd and/or 4th
and/or 6th and/or 8th, etc, digit from right is a "5" your step
changes from 8 to 7.
so from 5221111111111149 you jump to 5221111111111156
Again you add 8, as usual.
5221111111111164 +8
5221111111111172 +8
5221111111111180 +8
5221111111111198 +18 because 80 exists, so 88 ISN'T allowed

sometimes it will happen that you need to add 18, but then you land in
a 5x area, then instead of adding 18, you add 17.
like so:
5221111111111842 +17
5221111111111859 +8 (things go back to normal)

When you change thousands, your step becomes 6, (8 - 2), when you'd
normally do a step 18, and you'd then come into a new thousand, you
add 16 (18 - 2).
Example of a +16 step:
5221111111111990 +16
5221111111112006 +8 (things go back to normal)

Example of a +6 step:
5221111111112998 +6
5221111111113004 +8 (things go back to normal)

When you change ten thousands, your step stays 6, however changing
hundred thousands your step becomes a mere 4 (8 - 4). So when you'd
normally step 18 because 4 is to little to change the 15th digit, you
have to step 14. (18 - 4)
5221111111199995 +14
5221111111200009 +8 (things go back to normal)

When you change millions, your step stays 4, however changing tens of
millions your step becomes a extremely small 2 (8 - 6) so when you'd
normally step 18 you now step 12 to give you the following result.
Example of a +12 step:
5221111111999998 +12
5221111112000010 +18 (things go back to normal, coz 10 and 18 is

You already know that when you change into a 5x, you need to subtract
1 (8 - 1), now this is also true for 5xxx, 5xxxxx, 5xxxxxxxxx, etc.
(thousands, hundreds of thousands, tens of millions)
however, if you change 5x4x to 5x5x or any other combination, you only
need to subtract 1, so the amount of fives in a code does not matter.
the step stays 7 (8 - 1).

I haven't run into any other exceptions, but let me know if you do.
Go to Appendix B for a list of credit card beginnings and their
respective banks.

All credit card verification schemes are different and check for
different things, so it's our goal to be as complete as possible and
if it doesn't work we'll just have to move on.

First the most common problem: They ask for name on card. This is
where you should worry, you see, if they ask you that, they'll usually
verify your complete credit card info. (number, name on card, expiry).
Just make up a realistic sounding name (John Smith is NOT realistic,
nor is Pocahontas, Willy or "Fuck you") and try it.

Expiry date sounds worse than it actually is. It only gets checked if
the name on card, etc. is too, you see, the expiry date isn't tied to
the credit card number so you can think up anything (within reason). I
suggest you make the expiry date somewhere 2/3 years from now.

Especially for registering software, they ask for a E-mail address.
This has to be yours. Make an anonymous one somewhere.

They'll ask you for an address and sometimes even a phone number, find
one on www.infospace.com. Just type a common last name, you'll have a
full address with real zip code, etc. in no time.

Just try to be as truthful as possible to make everything seem natural
so they don't call the phone number you supplied to verify everything.

Don't order anything from or to your house. Don't order from
your house because your IP will be logged, etc. If you feel you must
order from your house, at least use a proxy and try to not use your
own dial-up account.
The best thing to do is to order or register something from a
cybercafe or school, or just about any other public place that can't
be only tied to you.

Don't order anything to your house, this is an extreme always counting
no no. If they have the address where the goods got sent to, or your
address when you registered something, they know who to arrest,
because only you would profit from such a thing. (Nice idea if you
want to get someone into trouble).
Rent a house somewhere, stand in front of one, whatever, be original,
just as long as you DON'T send it to your house.

Only make a new free E-mail account and login once to retrieve your
key. After that, NEVER login to that account again.

Keep on using different addresses and last names. This is important,
because otherwise if you get caught you can be traced to multiple
credit card fraud crimes instead of one.

Also, don't keep on trying different credit card numbers and/or other
info, your tries get logged and are kept. Taking 5 tries to be able to
get something and having different addresses all 5 times is REALLY
suspicious and they'll check it out.

No matter what anyone ever told you, it is a crime to "card" and if
you're dumb about it and send it to your own home or if you register
something without a safe proxy and your own internet account, you will
get screwed.

It's not my fault if you get caught, and let me repeat: THIS DOES NOT
ALWAYS WORK. This just increases your chances.
I would like to thank the following people: Dark Plague for supplying
me with the bank codes, Hyrax for the ¯ character idea, and the
following testers: Artech, Spiderfire, Candyman.
To all the people I didn't mention yet did help me: Thank you very
And a note to Chronoss: you have no life, I work my butt of and what
comes from me is bad, but at least I try, I stay polite and I actually
have a real life. None of these things can be said of you. Why do you
threaten me? You snitched to the cops not me. So what if I don't like

Have fun!


5221111111111115 +8
5221111111111123 +8
5221111111111131 +18
5221111111111149 +7
5221111111111156 +8
5221111111111164 +8
5221111111111172 +8
5221111111111180 +18
5221111111111198 +8
5221111111111206 +8
5221111111111214 +8
5221111111111222 +8
5221111111111248 +7
5221111111111255 +8
5221111111111263 +8
5221111111111271 +18
5221111111111289 +8
5221111111111297 +8
5221111111111305 +8
5221111111111313 +8
5221111111111321 +18
5221111111111339 +8
5221111111111347 +7
5221111111111354 +8
5221111111111362 +8
5221111111111370 +18
5221111111111388 +8
5221111111111396 +8
5221111111111404 +8
5221111111111412 +8
5221111111111420 +18
5221111111111438 +8
5221111111111446 +7
5221111111111453 +8
5221111111111461 +18
5221111111111479 +8
5221111111111487 +8
5221111111111495 +8
5221111111111503 +8
5221111111111511 +18
5221111111111529 +8
5221111111111537 +8
5221111111111545 +7
5221111111111552 +8
5221111111111560 +18
5221111111111578 +8
5221111111111586 +8
5221111111111594 +8
5221111111111602 +8
5221111111111610 +18
5221111111111628 +8
5221111111111636 +8
5221111111111644 +7
5221111111111651 +18
5221111111111669 +8
5221111111111677 +8
5221111111111685 +8
5221111111111693 +8
5221111111111701 +18
5221111111111719 +8
5221111111111727 +8
5221111111111735 +8
5221111111111743 +7
5221111111111750 +18
5221111111111768 +8
5221111111111776 +8
5221111111111784 +8
5221111111111792 +8
5221111111111800 +18
5221111111111818 +8
5221111111111826 +8
5221111111111834 +8
5221111111111842 +17
5221111111111859 +8
5221111111111867 +8
5221111111111875 +8
5221111111111883 +8
5221111111111891 +18
5221111111111909 +8
5221111111111917 +8
5221111111111925 +8
5221111111111933 +8
5221111111111941 +17
5221111111111958 +8
5221111111111966 +8
5221111111111974 +8
5221111111111982 +8
5221111111111990 +18
5221111111112006 +8
5221111111112014 +16
5221111111112022 +8
5221111111112030 +18
5221111111112048 +7
5221111111112055 +8
5221111111112063 +8

Skipped to end of 2000 which is
5221111111112998 +6
5221111111113004 +8

Skipped to end of 3000 which is
5221111111113996 +6

Skipped to end of 4000 which is
5221111111114994 +15
5221111111115009 +8
5221111111115017 +8
5221111111115025 +8
5221111111115033 +8
5221111111115041 +17
5221111111115058 +8
5221111111115546 +7

Skipped to end of 5000 which is
5221111111115991 +16

Skipped to end of 9000 which is
5221111111119993 +16

Skipped to end of 24000 which is
5221111111124993 +15

Skipped to end of 25440 which is
5221111111125446 +7

Skipped to end of 25490 which is
5221111111125495 +8

Skipped to end of 29990 which is
5221111111129992 +16

Skipped to end of 99990 which is
5221111111199995 +14

Skipped to end of 200040 which is
5221111111200041 +18

Skipped to end of 200490 which is
5221111111200496 +6

Skipped to end of 204990 which is
5221111111204993 +15

skipped to end of 999990 which is
5221111111999998 +12

skipped to the end of 500000
5221111111500002 +8
5221111111500010 +8
5221111111500028 +8
5221111111500036 +8
5221111111500044 +7

These are existing banks and their respective credit card number
These beginning digits are numbers according to CreditMaster 4.0. I
just made a selection. Like I said, I suggest you take your moms
credit card and just use the formula on that. If you wish to use a
bank that has a country name behind it, get a address in that country
to look credible. Also, try to make the address in the same state as
the name of the bank seems to be from. Like "Alaska USA Fed C.U."
would mean: find an address in Alaska.

to check your own.
If you extrapolated a XXX000000000000x to a XXX999999999999x group or
a XXXXX0000000000x to a XXXXX0000000000x, there is an easy check: the
last digit of the last credit card number should be the same as the
last digit of the first credit card number.
If you extrapolated a XXXX00000000000x to a XXXX99999999999x group,
the check is that the last digit of the last credit card numbers is
one more than the last digit of the first credit card number.
If you extrapolated a XXXXXX000000000x to a XXXXXX999999999x group,
there is also a check: the last digit of the last credit card number
should be 1 less than the last digit of the first card.

Begin CC numbers: End CC numbers: Bank:
4000130000000007 4000139999999996 Security VISA
4019010000000000 4019019999999999 Bank of America
4024020000000002 4024029999999991 Bank of America Premium
4024080000000006 4024089999999995 Bank of New York Delaware STD
4027000000000001 4027999999999992 Rockwell Federal Credit Union
4032000000000004 4032999999999995 Household Bank
4037190000000008 4037199999999997 Wells Fargo
4052000000000009 4052999999999990 First Cincinatti
4060300000000003 4060399999999993 Associates National Bank
4060890000000003 4060890999999991 CFB
4071560000000009 4071569999999998 Fidelity Bank
4071870000000002 4071879999999991 REP National
4086000000000009 4086009999999998 Core States
4094000000000009 4094999999999990 A.M.C Federal Credit Union
4113000000000006 4113999999999997 Valley National Bank
4114000000000005 4114999999999996 Chemical Bank
4121000000000006 4121999999999997 Alaska USA Fed C.U.
4122000000000005 4122999999999996 Union Trust
4128000000000009 4128169999999990 Citibank (CANADA)
4131000000000004 4131999999999995 State Street Bank
4204300000000000 4204309999999999 ANB
4205000000000005 4205009999999994 NorWest
4205900000000006 4205909999999995 AFSCI
4209290000000008 4209299999999997 Ohio Central
4215000000000003 4215999999999994 Marine Midland
4512000000000003 4512999999999994 Royal bank of Canada Gold Card
(upwards of $5000) (CANADA)
4520000000000003 4520999999999994 Toronto Dominion Emerald Card
(upwards of $5000) (CANADA)
4535000000000006 4535999999999997 Bank of Nova Scotia Value Card
4537000000000004 4537999999999995 Bank of Nova Scotia Classic Card
4538000000000003 4538999999999994 Bank of Nova Scotia Gold card
(upwards of $5000) (CANADA)
4820000000000000 4820999999999991 IBM Mid America Federal Credit
4966730000000006 4966739999999995 Chase Bank Gold (upwards of $5000)

5130000000000002 5130000000000002 Eurocard France (FRANCE)
5191000000000008 5191999999999999 Bank of Montreal / Civil Service
Co-Op Credit Society Gold (CANADA)
5204000000000003 5204999999999994 Security Pacific National Bank
5212000000000003 5212999999999994 FCC National Bank
5231000000000000 5231999999999991 The Joint Credit Card Co.
5246000000000003 5246999999999994 Bank of Honolulu
5253000000000003 5253999999999994 Eurocard Norge (NORWAY)
5258000000000008 5258999999999999 National Bank of Canada (CANADA)
5280000000000000 5280999999999991 Fleet National Bank
5282000000000008 5282999999999999 Wells Fargo Bank
5286000000000004 5286999999999995 First Card / FCC National Bank
5301100000000003 5301199999999993 Banco Nacional de Mexico (MEXICO)
5410120000000009 5410129999999998 FCC National Bank
5412850000000009 5412859999999998 FCC National Bank
5413140000000004 5413149999999993 Fort Knox National Bank
5418670000000005 5418679999999994 Bank of China (CHINA)
5419870000000000 5419879999999999 MasterCard International Lost &
5421210000000005 5421219999999994 The Bank For Foreign Economic
Affairs of The USSR (USSR)
5422500000000008 5422509999999997 United Postal Savings Association
5422660000000000 5422669999999999 Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union
5422770000000007 5422779999999996 Farmers and Merchants National Bank
5423170000000009 5423179999999998 Naval/Air Force Credit Union
5436740000000004 5436749999999993 MPI Friends and Family Card
5443270000000003 5443279999999992 Eurocard Belgium-Luxemburg
5472440000000006 5472449999999995 Turkiye Vakiflar Bankasi TAO
5472570000000000 5472579999999999 Zions First National Bank
5485320000000005 5485329999999994 Pittsburgh National Bank
5489980000000002 5489989999999991 First Bank of Virginia

6011000000000004 6011009999999993 Discover Card

These are ACTUAL addresses. For other addresses:

Charles Manson
#B33920, Corcoran State Prison, #4a4r-17l., P O Box 3476
Corcoran, CA 93212

Arnold Schwarzenegger
3110 Main St. #300
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Shania Twain
410 W Elm St.
Greenwich, CT 06830

Bill Clinton
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington Dc, DC 20500
Email: president@whitehouse.gov

Janet Jackson
14755 Ventura Blvd. #1-170
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Leonardo Dicaprio
955 S Carillo Dr. #300
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Geena Davis
9830 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Jean-Claude Van Damme
P O Box 4149
Chatsworth, CA 91313

Steven Spielberg
P O Box 8520
Universal City, CA 91608

8000 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Bob Dole
1035 N. Maple Dr.
Russell, KS 67665

Pamela Anderson
9255 Sunset Blvd. #920
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Gloria Estefan
P O Box 4447
Miami, FL 33269

Mariah Carey
P O Box 4450
New York, NY 10101

David Duchovny
110-555 Brooks Bank Blvd. #10
N Vancouver, BC V7J 355, Canada

Jenny Mccarthy
2112 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Gillian Anderson
110-555 Brooks Bank Ave. #10
N. Vancouver, BC V7J 3S5, Canada

>>>The End<<<
auto45040@hushmail.com for questions. Seeing as this is a complex
matter, try to be as detailed as you possibly can be, I'm not a
genius, and I can't guess what your situation is. I won't register
anything if you can't get it to work.


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[ 5:. - [ The truth about ICQ ] [pac] :. ]
[pac@b0g.org] :. ]

Hello, my name is pac.
I am here to express my views on ICQ (the real name is I seek Jews)
I will express my theorys on how I seek jews got its name, the
history of I seek jews and some neet tricks to do on I seek jews.
Here we Go

Problem #1
How Did I Seek Jews Get its name?

Theory #1
I seek jews got its name because in 1989 allot of jews migrated to the
united states and they wanted to keep in touch. Historians seriously
support this theory, but I dont think its correct

Theory #2
I seek Jews was made by a man who loved to assfuck young jews and old
jews so he created this and told all the jews to get it then after it
spread he asked for peoples address and went to their houses and
assfucked them. Historians doubt this but after asking a reliable
Jewish source that 'lives' in an insane asylum, he told me that this
is true. I actually think this is the real story.

Theory #3
I seek jews was created by Adolph Hitler in 1938 when he first started
killing jews. it began as an all Jewish talk system and Hitler would
ask them if they knew where a jew was hiding or if they were in
hiding, either way this wouldnt of worked because computers werent
around then.

Theory #4
Well, I seek jews was created by Hitler's descendants to try to finish
his job, I dont think this is it either but another reliable source
who is Hitler's fathers brothers daughters fathers sons daughters
uncles brothers girlfriends dogs mothers fathers cats uncles sons
nephew told me it was the real truth. Historians doubt this theory.

Problem #2
What is the History of I Seek Jews.

actually I pretty much explained the early history of I seek jews and
apparently it only spread into a much bigger chat system.

Problem #3
"I'm Lame and I dont know any leet hax0r tricks on ICQ"

Leet hax0r trick #1
when someone messages you, dont receive the message yet, go to msdos
and type netstat -n and JEW CAN GET THEIR EYE PEE. but what are YOU
going to do with it?

Leet hax0r trick #2
If you really wanna piss people off in I SeEk JeWz Chat, call them
dirty sand niggers, then press CTRL+G and CTRL+L over and over again,
its really leet.

Leet hax0r trick #3
Send out chain letters that say "This is not a chain letter, however
if you delete it and dont send it to everyone on your list then your
going to have your penis cut off and stuck in your nose
and youll have to live with it like that for the rest of your
Then say "this message has been going on since 1492 when Columbus
first got to the US please keep it going!"

Leet hax0r trick #4
Go around yelling to people your I seek jews number and tell them you
dont hide your IP so they ph33r you.

Besides all that, icq sucks

This was an article I put together in less then an hour I hope
everyone enjoyed it...
I'd Like to thank obsolete he helped me think of some of the things to
put in here and hes really leet!@$#$#@%$!#@$$#$#



[ 6:. - [ hax0r rap ] [tak] :. ]
[tak@b0g.org] :. ]

there once was a k-rad dood,
who was so smelly it was crude.

his mom called his a whore,
and his dad analy raped Al Gore.

His sister was a skank
I fucked her in a fish tank

his brother and I were down
we got high and ran around town

we raped all the fat bitches
and threw their dead bodies in ditches

once we went to a movie
there was this woman and she was groovy

I laid the pimp groove down
and she was wearing no frown

the bitch got on her knees
cried and said please!!

I was like bitch you are wack
just dont chomp on my nut sack!

she was like yes SIR I love you
I was like the names tak you fuckin jew

as she sucks I was like get out from underneath
and dont come back till you brush your teeth

bitches are skanks and skanks are whores
dont be polite make the bitch open doors

with all this said I feel ninja-like
now lets be marry and fly a kite...stupid fuck



[ 7:. - [ Pissing off Radio Shack and other people ] [wh0rde] :. ]
[wh0rde@b0g.org] :. ]

Brought to you by the letters E and K, and by my good friend Mary
Juana. Now to the article.

Well, since Im extremely bored, and dont have the effort, Ill just
do a stupid article. "Pissing off Radio Shack and other countless
people." Yes folks, Im in a great mood. Went to sleep at a nice 3:30
am, got up at a nice 7:30 am, yessiree life is great. Why was I up so
late? I was confing! Yes, it is so unbelievably elite and #k-rad that
I just cant get enough. What do you do on a conf? You do one of three
things. If you are a newbie, or just stupid, you lurk, or dont talk
at all. If you are bored, and a regular, you barely talk, and mostly
play annoying music. If youre a veteran you have 3-way calling on
your phone so you prank. So who do we call? Anyone. Dont worry, this
is just the introductory paragraph.

So, you want to become a l33t-0 prankster or veteran. You must know a
few things, and one of them is beige boxing. If you are not a loser
you can beige box, and I only say this because there are billions of
losers out there. 3000 text articles have been written on this, and
you ONLY NEED FOUR SENTENCES. 1) Get a phone, take the cord and cut
it, and slice off the plastic, so all you have is the red and green
wires, you dont need the yellow or black wires. 2) Go outside to a
neighbors house and get a comfortable seat next to their telco box. 3)
Open box, (may need a wrench to get the bolt off) attach red and green
wires to the screws you see, and call a conf number, and set it up. 4)
When you have enough people call the host number, and party. Simple as

Now you are a regular, you can setup a conf etc. Go to radio shack,
and ask for either item 44-533BB or 43-1237. 533B is 3$, 1237 is about
14$. Either one is ok. Now, at your computer, do start-run and type in
sndrec32, or if you have some other audio program use it. Set the mics
up (whichever) and read the next part.

If you do not have 3-way you are stupid, and should get it, its great.
Pick a number that you think you could do something with, such as an
Indian Restaurant where they dont understand english (sorry, but they
dont, and Im not racist). Turn on your mic/program and hit either
flash-number-flash or hangup-number-hangup and everyone on the conf
will hear it. Have one designated person do the talking, and fuck with
em. Heres a sample conversation:

[me]: Excuse me, can I have a pound of elephant testicles?
(Waiter): Sorry?
[me]: A pound of elephant testicles?
(Waiter): Please hold
[me]: No..
-hold music-
[me]: Fucker.
(Manager): Yes, you want one smuggled elephant tusk?
[me]: Uhh.. no, TESTICLE
(Manager): All out!


(Waiter): Yes?
[Stupidperson]: Uhh.. yea, can I have.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHH
-hung up-
[Stupidperson]: HAHAHHAHAHHAAH

Ok. Now you know the basics, now you need your Plist. Yes, its a
stupid name for a prank list, but fuck you. Take down the names and
numbers of a bunch of stores, and think of funny things you could do,
such as call up a giant store (Dominicks) and say that youre locked
in the bathroom and you dont know where in the warehouse you are.
Theyll go nuts trying to figure out what happens. Or, call up Best
Buy and say you are "Bob from Sales" and ask to be put on the intercom
because your number isnt working. Then play loud annoying music much
to the dismay of the customers. Personal numbers are MUCH more fun but
can get aggressive, so I suggest you be careful. Fun ideas are saying
you are towing their car, arresting their wife, arresting their
daughter for first degree murder and DUI. Go nuts. Now, get a wav->mp3
encoder, stick it on mp3.com, and rake in the rewards (not much).

Since this was a stupid article and you probably know this, Ill give
you a small tidbit of interesting information. I was on a conf with
Burrows and he told me a cool thing. He (along with everyone I know)
is a mathematician (close to one..) and loves number theory etc. He
said if you take the mean point for the start of a river (point A) and
the mean point for the end of a river (point B, going into the ocean)
and take the distance from A to B ALONG THE RIVER, youll have
distance X. Now take the distance in a straight line from A to B to
get distance Y. If you take the ratio of X to Y (X/Y) you get about
pi, every time. Cool.



[ 8:. - [ phreaking your NOKIA ] [aero] :. ]
[aero@b0g.org] :. ]

Disclaimer: All of the included information is this text is for
educational purposes only. You agree that you are a Licensed Cellular
Phone Salesperson. You agree also that you will not use this text to
accomplish anything illegal or against the company
Again this text is for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and I, the
writer, will not take responsibility for your actions.

In this text I will cover pretty much all the methods you need
to know to be able to program and use all of the functions that are
included in a Nokia Cellphone.

I. Programming Menu
II. NAM1 and NAM2
III. Phone Features
IV. Programming
V. Tips & Tricks
VII. Shouts

I. The programming menu is the menu used by the seller of the phone
and it is used to hook the phone up with a service. The default
programming code is *3001#12345#. If this doesn't work it's
because the seller has changed the 12345 to something else.
The other possible number is the Security Code.
If neither of the numbers work or you don't know your security
code don't worry, there are other ways to get into the phone.
The features are NAM1, NAM2, Security, Emergency, SW Version,
Serial Number, Programmed Date, and Field Test.

II. NAM1 and NAM2 are your service
numbers. They are what is used to tell
your service that it is your phone
calling and not someone else who has
stolen a number. NAM1 is usually where
your number is stored.
III. The features of NAM1 and NAM2 are: Home System ID, Home SOC, Own
Number, Alpha tag, PSID:RSID lists, and Change defaults.

Home System ID or SID is the identification number your service
uses to know that it's your phone calling and not a clone.

Home SOC is the System Operator Number your service uses to let
your phone know what service it's using.
Here are some SOC numbers most widely used:
US-AWS = 2049, Canada-Rogers Cantel Inc. = 2050, Bell South
Cellular = 003, Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems
= 004, Vanguard = 007, Century Cellunet = 008, Pacific Telecom
Cellular = 009, and Midwest Wireless Communications = 010.
These are either US or International so do some research and
find ones in your area. If your really bold you can call
Nokia(tm) at 1-888-Nokia-2U and ask them for SOC numbers is your

Own Number is the ten digit area code and phone number of your
phone (duh!).

Alpha Tag is the name of you SID that is displayed on the phone
such as BellSouth or Fido. The alpha tag is overridden only if
you have a PSID or RSID.

PSID:RSID Lists are the list of PSID, Private System ID and
RSID, Residential System ID that your phone uses. Most likely
these won't be on your phone unless you have specified a dealer
to setup a PSID:RSID Service.

Change Defaults brings you to a menu of all the default settings on
SID ALPHA TAG CONTROL, and A-KEY. These will sometimes vary from
phone to phone but you'll usually find all these. The defaults aren't
something to be messed with because if these are changed to invalid
numbers the phone won't work, so I recommend keeping these the same.

III. Features on the Programming menu other than NAM1 and NAM2 are
Security, Emergency, SW Version, Serial Number, Programmed Date, and
Field Test. These all have different functions and do different
things to your phone. I'm not going to go to much in depth on these
because there are allot of things you can do using these features.

Security is your Security Code. The default is 12345 and in
this menu you are able to change it to whatever you like but it has to
be a five digit number. If you change it, it alters your programming
code to *3001#_____#, whereas the blank space represents your new
security code.

Emergency is the list of emergency numbers you have such as 911,
*911, etc. If you change one of these to a different number, let's
say 555-9999, if you dial 555-9999 and press send it will dial 911 or
the emergency number in your area. Contrary to popular belief if you
enter a number such as the one describe earlier it won't call that
number for free, it will call the emergency number in your area.

SW Version is the Version of your phone you have. This may be
either 5120a, 5160, etc. It all depends on your phone.

Serial Number is pretty much the number that is given to your
phone when it was made by Nokia(tm). This is the number of your phone
and it cannot be modified.

Programmed Date is the date your phone was programmed. It is
used as a reference by the seller for information on when this phone
was programmed. It can only be modified once, you cannot change it
once a date is set.

Field Test is used to see how
the phone and the service are working
together. It tests the settings one
your phone with the service and checks
to see if it is working properly. If
enabled, once the phone is turned off
then back on again, the Field Test
screen will be in display. It lets you
scroll through seven different menus, showing you information about
the phone.
To disable Field Test re-enter the programming code and set Field
Test to Disabled.

IV. Now for the fun part! I know must of you probably skipped
straight to this section without reading the above so I strongly
suggest reading the above or you might screw up your phone. I am not
responsible if you completely screw up your phone or any one else's
phone for that matter. Ok, Programming Nokia phones is quite easy.
In fact they even give you an easy setup method. All you need to
hook up your phone with service is a number, the SID and the easy
programming method code. The easy method code varies depending on the
type of A-Key that you'd like to use to program the phone. To program
random A-Key NAM1 you would use *#639# or *#6391#. To program a
default A-Key NAM2 you would use *#6392#. When either of these keys
are entered the phone will display Cellular Number. Enter the 10
digit number you have and press OK. Then the phone will display
System ID Code. Enter the SID code you have. You have the option to
add a Lock Code or Language to the phone by supplying it after you
enter the SID, for example your SID is 175, you'd enter 175#(5 digit
lock code)#(language number). The numbers for language are as
follows: 0 = English, 1 = French, 2 = Spanish, and 3 = Portuguese.
Now press OK and your phone will turn off then turn back on with the
number you programmed in the display. Congratulations, you have
successfully programmed a Nokia(tm) Phone! If when it turns back on
and displays NAM Error, you must re-program your phone again with the
correct information this time.

V. Here are some tips and tricks to Nokia(tm) phones. Use your
phreaking skills to clone someone elses phone by getting their SID
and Phone Number. Change the emergency numbers on someones phone so
that when they dial a certain number it calls an emergency number.
Lock your phone from use by anyone else with the Security Code.
Always keep everything free, and don't charge people for your
otherwise you'll be on my shitlist!

VI. Here are some FAQs:
Q: Can you setup a phone for me?
A: Nope, thats why I made this text.

Q: Will these codes work on all Nokia
(tm) models?
A: These codes work with the 2110 and

Q: Are some of these things illegal?
A: Most Defiantly!

Q: Is it easy to trace cell phones?
A: Surprisingly it isn't, unless you
hook up a phone with 2 different
services. They will catch you then.

VII. Shouts to Nemesystm, Dark
Plague, R3p3nt, Hyrax, Ph3wl, Fenix,
Spiderfire, CSR, Trinity, Artech,
WetWilly, Goosh, Burne, Kiwi, Slash,
and AT&T(Age of Thought and Technology).


( this is some good shit )
/\/( /(__)
| W----|| |~|
|| || |~| ~~
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[ 9:. - [ b0g!#@! rap ] [obsolete] :. ]
[obsolete@b0g.org] :. ]

Ok everyone here is my article, it's a simple rap for the members of
b0g!@#!. ph33r!!@#!@#

(To the tune of "The Real Slim Shady" by Eminem, The Marshall Mathers
Track 08.)

ya'll act like you never seen a mad hax0r before,
jaws all on the floor,
like J.P. and Mitnick burst through the door,
and started packeting each other worse than before,
they first packeted a whore.
It's the return of the...
"Oh wait, no way, you're kidding, he didn't just say bee zero gee did
And Dr. Prae said,
Nothing you idiots Dr. Prae's 0wned, he's still runnin 3.1 in his run
down home.
(Ha Ha)
Little script kiddies love bee zero gee,
chicka chicka chicka k-rad-bob, i'm sick of him, look at him, walkin
around packeting everyone, flippin the you know who, yeah but he's so
cute though.
Yeah we probably got a couple of screws up in our head loose,
but no worse then what Prae does to his dog in his parents bedroom.
Sometimes we just wanna get on our comps and let loose but can't,
but it's cool for J.P. to hump a dead moose.
My dick is on your lips,
My dick is on your lips,
And if I'm lucky wh0rde might give it a little kiss.
And that's the message he's sending to little kids,
and we expect em not to know what a linux O/S is.
Of course there going to know what Debian is,
by the time they hit fourth grade,
they got the internet don't they.
We ain't nothin but hax0rs, we'll some of us script kiddies,
who packet other people like cantelope.
But if we can hump dead animals and antelopes,
Then there's no reason that a man and another man can't elope,
But if you feel like we feel,
We got the antedote,
Women eat your pantyhose,
Sing the chorus and it goes...

I'm a b0g member,
Yes I'm a b0g member,
All you little script kiddies are just imitating,
So wont the real b0g members please stand up,
Please stand up.

J.P. don't have to hack people to make friends,
Well we do, so fuck him and fuck you too.
You think we give a damn about getting raided?
Half of you agents can't even stomach us,
Let alone stand us.
"Well b0g what if they did, wouldn't it be weird?"
Why so J.P. can lie just to get us here,
So you can sit me here next to Billy Gates to try to get me to ph33r?
Shit, Dr. Prae better switch me chairs,
So I can set next to l0pth and Defcon,
And here them argue over who they rooted first.
I'm sick of you little script kiddies don't give us the credit we
"Yeah they're cute but I think they are gay hee hee."
I should download an exploit from packetstorm.securify.com,
And show the whole world how we can own you in a second,
I'm sick of you little script kiddies all you do is annoy me,
So we have been sent here to destroy you,
There's a million of us just like us,
Who cuss like us,
Who are elite like us,
Who dress like us,
Walk, talk, and chat like us,
They just might be the next best thing,
But not quite us.


We're like a headtrip to listen to,
Cause we're only bringing you things,
You joke about with your friends inside the chat rooms,
The only difference is we got the balls to say,
In front of J.P. and ya'll,
And we don't got to be false or sugar coated at all,
We just get on the comp and spit it,
And wether you like to admit, (err it)
We just hacked you faster than 90% of you hackers out there,
Then you wonder how can kids eat up our zines like valiums,
It's funny cause at the rate he's going,
Bob will be the only person in the nursing home flirty,
Pinchining nurses asses when he's jackin' off with Prae,
And he's jerkin,
But his whole box of pr0n isn't working,
And every single person is a b0g member lurkin',
He could be working at Anti-online,
Sucking J.P.'s dick,
Or in the HNN writing,
Screamin he don't give a fuck,
With his system open and his speaker up,
So will the real b0g members please stand up,
And put one of your boxes on standby for a sec,
And be proud to be outta your mind and outta control,
And one more time, loud as you can, how does it go?


Well, that's it. Some lines were the same, some lines I mixed it up,
all in all it was pretty damn funny. Shoutz to Prae (leave your dog
alone), k-rad-bob (thanks for the help), thep0et, pac!@!@#$, z0x0 (I'm
the real shady not you), everyone in #k-rad, b0g!@#!, vince (yeah
ryan (my lubba), and everyone else who I forgot.




[10:. - [ Coding GTK+ and GNOME ] [nethunter] :. ]
[nethunter@b0g.org] :. ]

o, you are into programming, and want to create cool apps for your
GNOME desktop, so the whole free software movement will benefit?
Or you just want all your friends to see how leet you are?
Then you came to the right place! This tutorial will teach you how to
code in GTK+ and GNOME. This is part of a beginners series. For this
tutorial lets create a simple notepad like application. First, if you
ever coded for any object oriented system, you know the concept of
events. GTK+ signals are pretty much the same. Generally the idea is
simple, you tell a button, "Here's the deal: When the (l)user is
pressing you, call this function: button_callback_or_something, and
I'll tell you what to do from there...". OK, lets begin. First we
begin the program:

int main(int argc, char *argv)
gnome_init(PACKAGE, VERSION, argc, argv);

I don't think this requires explanation, but in case it does, here it
gnome_init - initializes the gnome libraries.
gnome_main - starts the main GTK+ loop.
make_ui - will follow...

OK - make_ui - for clearity I separated the user interface from the
main function. Unless your lame, you won't do it in your own apps.
Once you get the idea of GTK+, don't forget to read the guidelines on
Anyway, I'm off the subject.

void make_ui()
GtkWidget *window, *entry;

window = gtk_window_new(GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL);
gtk_widget_set_name(GTK_WIDGET(window), "main_window");

entry = gtk_entry_new();
gtk_widget_set_name(GTK_WIDGET(entry), "text");
gtk_container_add(GTK_WIDGET(entry), GTK_CONTAINER(window));


If you will try to run this app, you will notice, that the progie does
exit when you close the window. To make the app do that, you need to
connect the "delete_event" signal from the window, to gtk_main_quit().
Anyway, we'll deal with it later.

OK, the gtk_(something)_new, is, (duh), creating a new widget. It
returns a pointer to the widget. gtk_window_new receives a argument
- window type. It can be GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL, GTK_WINDOW_DIALOG, or

gtk_widqet_ref - makes GTK+ notice the widget. It includes the widget
in the event loop. It makes the widget emit signals.

gtk_widget_set_name - obviously - set the "name" property of the
widget. Since GTK can't guess how you named your variable, in which
you contain the pointer to the widget, you must set it.

gtk_container_add - this function adds the widget to the container. In
this case, the container is the window, and the widget is the entry.

K, now that we understand what it means, let's connect the signal.

gtk_signal_connect(GTK_OBJECT(window), "delete_event",
(GtkSignalFunc)ExitApp, NULL);

void ExitApp(gpointer data)

So, what do we got here?
gtk_signal_connect - is used to tell GTK to call the function ExitApp
when "delete_event" is emitted. This should be called somewhere after

gtk_main_quit() is exiting the event loop.

Now, you see this NULL in there, its the parameter to the callback
function. You can pass anything in there. In this case we don't need
anything, so we pass NULL.

Anyway, once the window is closed, the program exits.

K, see ya next month, when k-rad-bob will get the next b0G out. The
subject of my next article, will be packing boxes, when the ultimate
goal is creating a gui for a DoS attack. Sorry for the lack of l33t
sp34k, but this article was written on a palm, and the palm is not the
best place to write l33t sp34k. Anyway, I didn't decide what DoS I
will use, so I'm open to suggestions. Tell k-rad-bob your DoS of

PS. Compiling this thing: gcc `gnome-config --cflags` -o shit -O2
shit.c `gnome-config --libs`



[11:. - [ how to make cocaine ] [sandman] :. ]
[sandman@b0g.org] :. ]

Making Cocaine@#!


Cookie Sheet(1)
Knife or Razorblade (1)
Bottle of nasal spray(1)...you know, that stuff that you spray up your
nose when you are sick
Cloth Rag (2)


1. Turn the oven on, 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Wipe off the cookie sheet as to make sure there is no powder or
residue on it.

3. Open the bottle of nasal spray, if you can, take the cap off.

4. Pour\Spray the liquid inside of the nasal spray container onto the
cookie sheet(ALL OF IT).

5. Place the cookie sheet into the oven, and leave it there until the
liquid has evaporated.

6. Use the rags to cover your hands so when you pull out the cookie
sheet you dont burn yourself.

7. Place the cookie sheet on a flat surface.

8. Get the knife or the Razorblade and scrape the powder type
substance off of the cookie sheet.

9. Place the powder in a bowl or some type of container, try some if
you like.

0. Sell, because yes, it is a cheap version of cocaine.

the writer has no legal responsibilities of any thing that happens to
you because of the information
provided in this article.




[12:. - [ The sad sorry state of #hacktech ] [Syn] :. ]
[synn@postmaster.co.uk] :. ]

I've been hanging out in #hacktech one or two nights a week for the
past two years. Some of you may recognize my nick(s), though I've
never had much of a conversation with any of you, except for the odd
question here and there. I've spent most of my time in the channel
lurking, trying to pick up bits of info here and there, and just
generally learning. I've never really contributed anything since I
never believed I had anything worth contributing.
Two years ago I was an avid coder though I knew nothing about computer
hacking, Unix, computer security or anything related to that. Now, I
know a lot, with still a lot more to learn.

During the past two years I respected a lot of the people in #hacktech
since I generally believed they were true hackers, in the real sense
of the word.

I was wrong.

I only realized this in the past couple of months when I made a
significant breakthrough in my learning experience. Every hacker and
programmer out there as had them. I just had one of those days where
all the bits and pieces of information gleamed the past couple of
years finally seemed to fit together and everything made much more
sense. Since then Ive learned plenty more and continue to learn. I
don't think the learning process ever stops. Though I may not be
inclined to retrieve Bill Gate's credit info and use it to buy 100,000
iMac's I still would call myself a hacker - in the true sense of the

What is this "true sense" I'm talking about. Well, I'm not going to
go into too much detail here, because there's volumes of textfiles out
there detailing this, some of them which I agree with, some of them
which I don't, but many, if not all, carry the same basic premise. I
think it sums up nicely with this statement.

Hacking is the exploration of intelligence and genius, with the
maturity to apply it usefully and productively.

Einstein was a hacker. He hacked quantum physics.

Benjamin Franklin was a hacker. He hacked electricity.

Bill Clinton is a hacker. He hacks off. <-- sorry, bad j/k

Back to what I was saying; a computer hacker is somebody who
experiments with computing systems using their intelligence and
oftentimes genius to create and discover new methods, new ideas, and
better ways of doing things, with the hope that they have the maturity
to use that information usefully and productively.
It may not be for the good of society (Einstein's work led to the
atomic bomb), but as long as its put to a use which achieves something
worthwhile (Atomic bomb helped end World War 2) then its a productive
use of intelligence. Again it may not be noble, but at least its use
has a purpose.

Now, you're probably wondering why the hell I've rattled on for 485
What has this to do with b0g and #hacktech?

Well, as I mentioned at the start, I don't believe most of the
regulars in #hacktech (mainly OPS since I don't know many others) are
hackers, in the "true sense of the word". They don't put their
knowledge or skills to any proper use. One of the reasons I stayed in
#hacktech so long was that when I learned enough maybe I'd have made
good friends with some so that we could share information and work on
projects together. That hasn't happened since I believe we're on
completely different planets here, and you people just don't want to

The topics of conversation on #hacktech and in b0g (is this zine
affiliated with the channel?) revolve around #dogsex (please, don't
embarrass humanity by encouraging these people), calling people gay,
constant masturbating and details of your apparent sexual and asexual
lives. Anybody who disagrees with anybody is accused of being gay, a
script kiddie or anything else under the sun.
Discussion of facts and the exchange of information doesn't seem to
occur to you people. Megabytes of logs lay testament to this.

I've often seen this. "Let's packet the bastard". Is this statement
something a hacker would say or an immature kid in front of a PC.
Things like this seem to be said and done frequently in #hacktech.

That just irritates every cell in my body. You call yourselves
hackers but all you do is DoS, insult blacks, and talk about how many
times a day you masturbate.

I know for a fact that many of you are still in school so I understand
this. Lots of kids do that, but let me tell you something from
somebody who's been through it all. You're not a hacker. Chances are
you never will be. Trust me.

I mean it.

You just don't have the mentality. I've watched your conversations
over two years and I've seen little from any of you. That's just who
you are. You have to be born a hacker. It's not something you can
learn. You don't want to share information, you don't want to learn.
You just want to hang out on #hacktech and if you come across somebody
who knows less than you, you try to take advantage of them and
ridicule them simply to give your own egos a place to
stand. Now, whether you do this because you lack any real influence
or power in your every day lives, I don't know. But I do know this.
You're not hackers.

This doesn't extend to everybody in the channel. I have met a
memorable few whom I have a great respect for, most of them know way
more than me, some of them are only beginning, but they are all
hackers. They know who they are simply by reading this so they needn't
feel insulted at what I've said above.

What I'm asking for is that you kids out there should mature a little
faster. Take a hard look at your level of intelligence, and your
wealth of knowledge and ask yourself are you really putting it all to
a good and productive use. If you spend most of your skills causing
damage, upset, or any kind of nuisance then I suggest you forget about
hacking and get a job as a systems analyst or something equally
mundane. You may be the smartest person in the world and know every OS
and every possible way of circumventing security but if you abuse that
knowledge then you are *not* a hacker, and should not be one.

For the kids still in school: I have no doubt that some of you know a
lot and are very intelligent but you lack the maturity and the
mentality to use that responsibly. The computer is too powerful a
tool to be used as a weapon, especially if the use of the weapon is
simply childish revenge or nastiness. If you can't handle a gun then
don't use one. Simple as that.

For the hackers: I respect your skills. You know who you are.

And lastly, (thank god)

This mail will either end up in /dev/null or bandied around the Ops
while they fight over who they think I'm talking about. To make it
easy for you here's my estimation. Note that since mainly Ops
populate #hacktech this primarily applies to them, even though there
are a couple of ordinary regulars who also fit into this.

50% of #hacktech are high school kids (not necessarily a bad thing,
just that they happen to be the *typical* high school kid, not the
smart ones)

25% are administrators \ programmers for various companies. Average
age 23-28. Probably know plenty about computer security but are only
interested in securing computers not circumventing security.(nothin
wrong with that though).

10% are real hackers. They generally don't say very much since they
are generally preoccupied with important stuff and don't give a shit
about the gay netsex going on in the channel.

10% are your average curious gimps who usually don't stick around.

5% are Feds.

If you want to butt fuck each other over the net then do so, but don't
call yourself hackers.

If you want to call people stupid for no apparent reason simply that
they are discussing a concept new to them which you happen to think
you know about already then do so, but don't call yourself hackers.

If you want to make fun of stupid script kiddies by imitating them and
writing in their style as a joke then do so, but don't call yourself
hackers, or comedians for that matter.

If you want to DoS or "rm -rf /" somebody because it makes you feel
like you
have power over them, then do so, but don't call yourself hackers.

If you want to insults blacks, jews, or whatever, then do so, but
don't call yourself hackers.

Hacking is as much your mentality as your skills. It's only when you
achieve the right balance of both when you should feel you've earned
the title.


- Syn



[13:. - [ The sad sorry state of syn ] [c0redump] :. ]
[c0redump@btinternet.com] :. ]

First of all, I would like to say that any feedback we get back is
both helpful and enjoyable to read. In this case; syn c's article /
e-mail / complaint / essay - I would just like to give the other side
of the story.
Everyone knows there are two sides to a story and I would like to
state mine.

#hacktech has been around since 1995. Primary as a channel for a
group of about six friends that were administrators to discuss their
security. Keep up with the latest patches / holes and just talk about
general stuff.

Five years on, #hacktech is living on. Bigger than ever, packed
differently at different times.

Our "reason" for existing now is a much bigger group of friends and
administrators, programmers, etc. (an organisation really) to discuss
computer security issues amongst other things.

As syn c stated about us talking about sex, masturbation, etc. What
is wrong with that? People find it easier talking to a complete
stranger about personal problems as they are not involved. Doctors
don't just talk about medical issues - they talk about other totally
different things.
Same with #hacktech - you won't find us always talking about
computer related issues (we are human); but most of the time you will
because that's the main 'topic.' [Thus the channel being named
"#hacktech" meaning 'Hack Technologies.']

Like syn c - everyone has their own opinions about different things.
He has his own views (and I respect that); on what a hacker is,
#hacktech, etc.
That is his opinion; that doesn't mean everyone else agrees.

Who has the right to define who is a hacker or who is not?
(Sounding like The Matrix now, eh?)
No one does. So read what you do but DO NOT believe all what you do
read. Sum it up and come to your own conclusions.

I would also like to see the evidence of syn c's survey; i.e: "5% are
feds within #hacktech." On how many people was this based on? Is
this really accurate? Did you actually see the federal agent's
warrant card? Didn't think so. ;)

My argument is not an attempt at getting 'one over on syn c' nor an
ego trip. It's just my chance to give my side of the story and stand
up for my channel and what I / we believe in.

Again; readers, come to your OWN conclusions when you have read and
summed up all the pieces of evidence. Thanks for reading.

- c0redump [manager]
#hacktech @ undernet


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(__)\ )=( ____|_ \_____ <- bronc
||----w | \ \ \_____ |
|| || || ||
^ jericho


[14:. - [ how to pick up chicks ] [k-rad-bob] :. ]
[k-rad-bob@b0g.org] :. ]

1. That outfit would look great in a crumpled heap next to my bed.
2. Nice shoes, wanna fuck?
3. You have some nice jewelry. It would look great on my
4. Do you know what'd look good on you? Me.
5. [Look at her shirt label. When they say, "What are you doing?":]
Checking to see if you were made in heaven.
Checking to see if you're the right size.
6. If I told you that you had a great body, would you hold it
against me?
7. Nice tits. Mind if I feel them?
8. I love every bone in your body - especially mine.
9. I like every muscle in your body, especially mine.
10. [Grab her tush.] Pardon me, is this seat taken?
11. You got nice breasts, but what color are your nipples? Brown or
12. Is it hot in here or is it just you?
13. You're so hot you melt the plastic in my underwear.
14. Really like your peaches, wanna shake your tree.=7F
15. That's a nice shirt. Can I talk you out of it?
16. Do you want to see something swell?
17. Hey babe...do you realize that my mouth can generate over 750
18. [Tap your thigh] You just think this is my leg.
19. I'd look good on you.
20. I'm Irish. Do you have any Irish in you? Would you like some?
21. Hold out two fingers and say:
"Why should a woman masturbate with these two fingers?"
(I don't know.) "'Cause they're mine sweetheart."
22. There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can't take them
off you.
23. Are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only ten I see!
24. Hi, I make more money than you can spend.
25. HI! Can I buy you a car?
26. Can I buy you a drink or do you just want the money?
27. Why don't you come over here, sit on my lap and we'll talk
about the first thing that pops up?
28. Motion with your finger for a girl to come over.
When she gets there say, "I knew if I fingered you long enough
you would cum."
29. Excuse me. Do you want to f*ck or should I apologize?
30. Hi, my name is {name}, how do you like me so far?
31. Hey babe...can you suck a golf ball thru 50 feet of garden hose?
32. Hey babe...can you suck start a Harley?
33. Hey babe, how about a pizza and a fuck?
HEY! What's wrong, don't you like pizza?
34. Excuse me, have I fucked you yet?
35. Fancy a fuck?
36. Hi, my name is {name}, I like peanut butter, wanna fuck?
37. I am a magical being, take off your bra.
38. Hey baby, wanna go halves on a bastard?
39. My name's [your name]. That's so you know what to scream.
40. My name's [your name], but you can call me "lover."
41. Can I flirt with you?
42. Can I have directions? ["To where?"] To your heart.
43. I'm new in town. Could you give me directions to your
44. Fuck me if I'm wrong, but isn't your name Gretchen?
45. Fuck me if I'm wrong, but don't you want to kiss me?
46. Bond. James Bond.
47. That's a nice shirt, it would go great with my floor.
48. Drop 'em!
49. I think we have to make love on the front lawn like crazed
weasels NOW!
50. I love you. I want to marry you. Now f*ck my brains out.
51. Forget that! Playing doctor is for kids! Let's play gynecologist.
53. Say, did we go to different schools together?
54. Do I know you from somewhere, because I don't recognize you
with your clothes on?
55. Was your father a thief? 'Cause someone stole the stars from
the sky and put them in your eyes.
56. Your daddy must have been a baker, 'cause you've got a nice set
of buns.
57. I had a friend who used to hand out phone cards that said:
"Smile if you want to sleep with me."
And watch them try to hold back their laughter.
58. I miss my teddy bear. Would you sleep with me?
59. You remind me of a girl I used to date.
60. What do you like for breakfast?
61. Should I call you in the morning or nudge you?
62. Would you like to have morning coffee with me?
63. Can I borrow a quarter? ["What for?"] I want to call my mom and
tell her I just met the girl of my dreams.
I want to call your mother and thank her.
64. Do you sleep on your stomach? [any answer] Can I?
65. If I followed you home, would you keep me?
66. Wanna fuck like bunnies?
67. Hey babe, wanna get LUCKY!?
68. Would you like to dance or should I go fuck myself again?
69. Would you like Gin and platonic or do you prefer Scotch and sofa?
70. Do you have a map? I just keep on getting lost in your eyes.
71. Your place or mine?
72. Your face or MINE!?
73. Are you lost ma'am? Because heaven's a long way from here.
74. Wanna play carnival? You sit on my face and I guess how much
you weigh.
75. I'm on fire. Can I run through your sprinkler?
76. Sex is a killer...want to die happy?
77. Were your parents Greek Gods, 'cause it takes two gods to make
a goddess.
78. If your right leg was Christmas and your left leg was Easter,
would you let me spend some time up between the holidays?
79. Do you have a mirror in your pocket? (Why?) 'Cause I could
see myself in your pants.
80. Do you know the essential difference between sex and
(No.) Do you wanna go upstairs and talk.
81. Would you be my love buffet? So I can lay you out on the table
and take what I want?
82. What does it feel like to be the most beautiful girl in this
83. How about you and I go back to my place and get out of these
wet clothes?
84. Do you have a boyfriend?
[No] Want one?
[Yes] Well, when you want a MANfriend, come and talk to me.
85. I'm easy. Are you?
86. Are we related? Do you want to be?
87. Did you clean your pants with Windex? I can practically see
myself in them.
88. Pardon me miss, I seem to have lost my phone number, could I
borrow yours?
89. I'm leaving this place..want to cum?
90. Come on, you can't get pregnant again.
91. Why you've got the whitest teeth I'd ever want to cum across!
92. If you were a tear in my eye I would not cry for fear of losing
93. What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?
94. Did it hurt? Woman: Did what hurt? When you fell out of heaven?
95. I am conducting a feel test of how many woman have pierced
96. Is it that cold out or are you just smuggling tic-tac's
97. Pardon me but I was just about to go home and masturbate and I
was wondering if you'd mind if I fantasize about you?
98. Sit on my lap and we'll get things straight between us
99. You smell wet. Let's Party.
100. Pardon me miss, but I help noticing that you have cum in your
101 Ill tr4d3 0d4y c0d3z f0r s3x!



[15:. - [ a guide to Niggerous Wannabeous ] [zeddy] :. ]
[Zeddy@Phayze.Com] :. ]

Welcome to another chapter of Zeddy's Wild Kingdom.
Today I will be talking about a creature that has vastly multiplied
and inhabited North America. I am talking about the creature,
Niggerous Wannabeous. Or as he is more commonly known, the North
American Wigger. Now the wigger is a rare descendent of the chameleon
family. It's most well known trait is the ability to disguise itself
as a black person. The wigger does have some flaws in it's disguise.
It doesn't seem to be able to fool any of the blacks. Or any whites
for that matter. The wigger survives by joining a group of blacks by
imitating behavior and language. It is a well known fact that the
visual acuity of the wigger is far from perfect. It has color pigment
problems. They think everybody, even other white people, are
black. This fact is derived by its general greeting call. "Was Up
Nigga!" The wigger also has problems with speech. They commonly drop
letters and sounds off of words during everyday speech. The following
is an example of this: "Hey man are you going to the movie?" when
said by a wigger sounds more like this... "I a stupid little wannabe
faggot and I think I'm a nigger!". As you can see the wigger is not
one of the brightest of the creatures on this planet. But I decided
to go and study it anyways.
Now sit back and the adventure unfolds....

Welcome I am Zeddy, of Zeddy's Wild Kingdom. I am here with my
guide Akanuk. We are now on the grounds of a high school. This is
where Niggerous Wannabeous, the North American Wigger, is most
commonly found. We are now observing a group of them from our hiding
place in the bush. Though the wigger is fairly harmless on it's own,
due to its cowardly and timid nature, it is rarely found buy itself.
It usually stays in large groups surrounded by blacks. Ah, from our
vantage point right now, we can see a large group of blacks with a
wigger among them. The wigger is easy to distinguish due to his very
large baggy clothes, and his light skin pigmentation. He appears to
be trying to win the affections of a black female. He yells out his
mating call, "Sup baby, you fine!". Hmmmm...
he appears to have been rejected. Many environmentalist groups
predict the wigger to be the next endangered species due to it very
low ability to attract females. The wigger does not mate often if
ever at all. Oh my, it looks like trouble is starting. Our wigger's
"gang" seems to be having a confrontation with another gang of blacks.
The wigger is yelling insults to the leader of the other gang.
Fighting breaks out. The wigger hides behind the large male of the
gang. After a few minutes of fighting the other gang flees. The
wigger is back out at the front of the pack yelling insults again.
The wigger is a very cocky creature, but cowardly when confronted. Oh
no. It appears we've been spotted. A couple of the blacks are
heading over to us. Quick, Akanuk, put on your pointy white hood. We
stand up. And scream our cry, "White power!!". Disguised as KKK
members, the blacks have fled in terror. The wigger is now alone in
front of us. We approach him for a closer look. As soon as we get
near he drops down to the ground and he starts to cry. He begs us not
to hurt him. Seeing as he are not here to hunt, merely observe, we
throw a few rocks until he gets scared and runs away. Well Akanuk, we
have seen all we need, lets take our leave.

Well I hope this has given all of you a better look into the
behaviors of the wigger. Now it is legal to hunt the wigger, the meat
of it is not worth consuming. But it is fun to hunt and easy too.
Well that's all we have time for this week on Zeddy's Wild Kingdom.
Take care, and remember, it's bad enough being a black, why would you
want to act like one?

Come to ph33nds.Org and Ph333333nd



[16:. - [ how to figure out if you are fat ] [tak] :. ]
[tak@b0g.org] :. ]

after examining dialects, or metros or the other jewish doods
method if seeing if your fat, I have come to the conclusion:

so here i made my OWN way
if you have the following problems, you are a fat fuck

cant see your feet
cant touch your knees
cant walk up the stairs without stopping
people hit you with cars, and total them
people make fun of you cause YOU ARE FAT
my mom calls you fat
you are jewish
you are FAT
you cannot think about anything but food for 30 seconds
if you look like wh0rde's mom
if you talk to rloxley

THE END (if your not sure, then you are fat)



[17:. - [ h4x0ring MS-DOS ] [niemand1] :. ]
[niemand1@b0g.org] :. ]

How anyone can crash a Windows or MS-DOS computer by: niemand1

Using the simplest of resources a three year old could crash one, and
now you can too. Here is how it is done:
Go to DOS or open Notepad in accessories
Open the autoexec.bat file in the C:\ directory
Copy these two lines into the file:


Delete all other lines in the autoexec.bat

That's it. There is nothing else you have to do, this will fuck up the
machine indefinetly. Want to know how it works?

The @ symbol preceeding each command makes it so the command is not
displayed in DOS. cd>>x will copy the current directory into a file
called x. %0 repeats this command over and over again and lags the
computers processes. The file called x will eventually fill the hard
drive with useless data until nothing else will fit on the hard drive.

All you will see when you reboot the computer is this:

Starting MS-DOS...

The computer will most likely not respond to any commands after that.
The way to stop this program from destroying the computer is booting
with a system disk or holding the shift key on boot. When your in DOS
delete the lines from the autoexec.bat file so it won't fuck it up.
Replace the original commands in the autoexe.bat and save it. Reboot.

This program is completely malicious, I don't recommend you try it on
your own computer, it's senseless and insane. I got this idea a long
time ago from a guy named Scorpion, it has been tried, tested, and
will work. If I wanted to, I could crash every machine running at my
school, but that would be pointless. Don't use this for anything dumb,
it's more powerful than it looks, you have been warned.




[18:. - [ 0day warez ] [tak, uneek & prae] :. ]
[c0d3s@b0g.org] :. ]

I was pressed to make something this month so here it is..

--- CUT HERE ---

### secure.sh by Prae - http://www.b0g.org/ ###
### USAGE ###
# to run simply type "sh secure.sh" or "chmod 755
# Simple script to give a new linux user some BASIC security.
# Don't copy my script without giving me some credit.
# If you dont like it, dont use it!
# It's not for experts
### HELP ###
# if you get an error "ipchains: command not found" try typing
# "cp /sbin/ipchains /usr/bin".
# You WILL need to run this script as root or it wont work.
### NOTES ###
# this script requires you have ipchains installed.
# this script DOES remove a few items! if you dont want that
# if you want a customized setup this ISNT the script for you!
# this script will close unnessary ports such as telnet, linuxconf,
# etc. and set up a basic firewall using ipchains.
# Mail me if you have problems or bugs Prae@b0g.org
echo "Killing uneccessary procceses..."
killall inetd
killall sendmail
killall linuxconf
killall portmap
killall lpd
echo "Editing your init scripts.."
rm -rf /etc/rc.d/init.d/inet
rm -rf /etc/rc.d/init.d/sendmail
rm -rf /etc/rc.d/init.d/linuxconf
rm -rf /etc/rc.d/init.d/portmap
rm -rf /etc/rc.d/init.d/lpd
echo "Setting up your firewall."
echo ipchains -A input -j DENY -p icmp >> /etc/rc.d/rc.local
echo ipchains -A input -j DENY -p tcp --dport 25 >> /etc/rc.d/rc.local
echo ipchains -A input -j DENY -p tcp --dport 6000 >>
echo ipchains -A input -j DENY -p tcp --dport 1024 >>
echo ipchains -A input -j DENY -p tcp --dport 1026 >>
echo ipchains -A input -j DENY -p tcp --dport 139 >>
echo "This is BASIC security. You will more then likely have to do
some manual work."
echo "I suggest you reboot now."
### END SCRIPT ###


h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0
h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0
h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0
h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0
h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0

# for all you stupid jews who run windows, and get the real porn,
# then the coomments (#) will explain this shit to you fools.
# clear clears the screen, sleep 1 pauses for 1 second, and echo
# prints the shit to the screen, so the shit in "" after echo is
# what you see, and sleep 1 and clear make it stop for a second
# then echo all the new shit to the screen!
# clear the screen
# echo the shit
echo "O O"
echo "|/ |>"
echo "| |"
echo "| |"
# puase for 1 sec
sleep 1
# oh shit shes hot...b0n3r!
echo "O O"
echo "|/ |>"
echo "|- |"
echo "| |"
sleep 1
# bvvooooooop
echo "O O"
echo "|/ |>"
echo "|-- |"
echo "| |"
sleep 1
echo " O O"
echo " |/ |>"
echo " |-- |"
echo " | |"
sleep 1
# girls kick ass
echo " O O"
echo " |/ |>"
echo " |-- |"
echo " | |"
sleep 1
# girls kick ass
echo " O O"
echo " |/ /"
echo " |--|"
echo " | |"
sleep 1
# thats right hoe
echo " O "
echo " |/ ___O OHHHH"
echo " |--| \ "
echo " | |"
sleep 1
# i is j00r daddy
echo " O "
echo " |/ ___O TAAKKK"
echo " |-| \ "
echo " | | "
sleep 1
# mmmhmmm mmmmmhmhmm
echo " O "
echo " |/ ___O OOOOOOOHHHHH"
echo " |--| \ "
echo " | | "
sleep 1
# this is niiiiice
echo " O "
echo " |/ ___O"
echo " |-| \ "
echo " | | "
sleep 1
# h0h0
echo " O "
echo " |/ ___O"
echo " |--| \ "
echo " | | "
sleep 1
# yyyyyaeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa
echo " O "
echo " |/ ___O"
echo " |-| \ "
echo " | | "
sleep 1
# ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
echo " O "
echo " |/ ___O"
echo " |--| \ "
echo " | | "
sleep 1
# oh shit, ORGASM!
echo " O "
echo " |/ ___O"
echo " |-| \ "
echo " | | "
sleep 1
# what a hoe
echo " O "
echo " |/ ___O so when am i getting paid?"
echo " | | \ "
echo " |\ | "
sleep 1
# fuck her skank ass
echo " O WHAT BITCH!?!?"
echo " |/ ___O "
echo " | | \ "
echo " |\ | "
sleep 1
# a true ninja doesnt take that shit
echo " O HIYA!"
echo " |/ _ _542354_O "
echo " | EFD| \ #4"
echo " |\ | "
sleep 1
# heh, you dfucked her, then killed her...is that a form of rape?
echo " O DIE BITCH!"
echo " |/ "
echo " | "
echo " |\ O-- -| O.|d "
# the end
# -tak
# <k-rad-bob> tak you nerd
# <tak_> hhehe
# <tak_> what?
# <k-rad-bob> write how you run it
# you stupid jews, type
# [root@b0g]# chmod +x ./porn
# [root@b0g]# ./porn

h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0
h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0
h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0
h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0
h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0

/* Microsoft marketing strategy (MARKET.EXE):*/

#include <NONsense.h>
#include <lies.h>
#include <spyware.h> /* Microsoft Network Connectivity library */
#include <process.h> /* For the court of law */

#define say(x) lie(x)
#define computeruser ALL_WANT_TO_BUY_OUR_BUGWARE
#define soon next_year
#define the_product_is_ready_to_ship another_beta_version

void main()
if (latest_window_version > one_month_old)
if (there_are_still_bugs)
if (sales_drop_below_certain_point)
make_false_promise(it_will_be_multitasking); /* Standard Call,
lie.h */
if (rumours_grow_wilder)
if (rumours_grow_even_wilder)
say("It will be ready in one month");
order(programmers, stop_fixing_bugs_in_old_version);
order(programmers, start_brainstorm_about_new_version);
order(marketingstaff, permission_to_spread_nonsense);
switch (nasty_questions_of_the_worldpress)
say("It will be ready in",
" we're just testing");
say("Yes it will work");
ask(programmers, why_does_it_not_work);
say("It will run on a 8086 with lightning speed due to"
" the 32 bits architecture");
inform(INTEL, "Pentium sales will rise skyhigh");
inform(SAMSUNG, "Start a new memorychip plant"
"'cos all those customers will need at least 32 megs");
"Thanks to our fatware your sales will triple");
get_big_bonus(INTEL, SAMSUNG, QUANTUM);
say("Oh no, we are just here to make "
" a better world for everyone");
register(journalist, Big_Bill_Book);
"write a nice objective article");
release (journalist);
while (vapourware)
introduction_date++; /* Delay */
if (no_one_believes_anymore_there_will_be_a_release)
say("It will be ready in",today+ONE_MONTH);
while (everyone_is_dumb_enough_to_buy_our_bugware)
bills_bank_account += 150*megabucks;
if (customers_report_installation_problems)
say("that is a hardware problem, "
"not a software problem");
if (smart_customer_says_but_you_promised_plug_and_play)
"Keep an eye on this bastard");
if ( bills_bank_account>skyhigh && marriage>two_years )
wave(dollars, at_lusty_chicks);
if (boobies_start_to_hang)

if (there_is_another_company)
accuse(compagny, stealing_our_ideas);
hire(a_lot_of_lawyers); /* in process.h */

h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0
h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0
h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0
h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0 fucking h0

/* Source Code to Windows 2000 */

#include "win31.h"
#include "win95.h"
#include "win98.h"
#include "workst~1.h"
#include "evenmore.h"
#include "oldstuff.h"
#include "billrulz.h"
#include "monopoly.h"
#define INSTALL = HARD

char make_prog_look_big[1600000];
void main()
if (first_time_installation)


if (still_not_crashed)

if (detect_cache())

if (fast_cpu())
set_mouse(speed, very_slow);
set_mouse(action, jumpy);
set_mouse(reaction, sometimes);

/* printf("Welcome to Windows 3.1");*/
/* printf("Welcome to Windows 3.11"); */
/* printf("Welcome to Windows 95"); */
/* printf("Welcome to Windows NT 3.0"); */
/* printf("Welcome to Windows 98"); */
/* printf("Welcome to Windows NT 4.0"); */
printf("Welcome to Windows 2000");

if (system_ok())
system_memory = open("a:\swp0001.swp", O_CREATE);




[19:. - [ IRC Quotes ] [k-rad-bob] :. ]
[k-rad-bob@b0g.org] :. ]


<k-rad-bob> is it okay if me and prae both do the interview?
<Syztrix> sure thing
<Syztrix> prae = the dood u guys like to insult in ur mag?

<k-rad-bob> i think we need to like develop a bit further as persons
<Prae_> just as i thought
<k-rad-bob> i cant imagine what life would be like with no arms at all
<k-rad-bob> irc'ing with a spoon in your mouth
<Prae_> LOL
<k-rad-bob> no masturbating
<k-rad-bob> spending life on a quest for weird chicks who'd pittyfuck
<k-rad-bob> or like team up with a legless chick
<k-rad-bob> imagine the sex
<Prae_> ahahaha

<Loopy> Prae, today is my confirmation!
<Prae> being religious is for twats
<Prae> but since it means you're a big boy
<Prae> i will ping -f you as a gift
--> Loopy` (birk@user209-141-75-61.netcarrier.net) has joined #k-rad
--- Alcoholic gives voice to Loopy`
<Loopy`> Thanks prae!
<Prae> no probs
<-- Loopy has quit (Ping timeout for Loopy[user209-141-75-

<loopy> prae remember i stop in england for one day on my way to
<loopy> ill find you and murder you
<Prae_> hahaha
<Prae_> you're 12

<Gonzalez> hie
<Prae> umm hi
<Gonzalez> i help linux can you>
<Prae> how does "fuck you" sound?
<Gonzalez> ???????
<Prae> el penis grando
<Gonzalez> hm
<Prae> you're a spic?
<Gonzalez> i mexican
<Prae> you retard
<Gonzalez> ??
<Prae> yo quero, wake the fuck up

--> Prae (~Prae@dialup79.naboo.kingston-internet.net) has joined
-X- Welcome - Welcome to #channels, Pludo's family friendly chat
<Prae> im here to packet and chew gum
<Prae> and im all outta gum
<r0swell> hi
<Prae> uh

<Prae> stroll on sydnet
<Prae> sydney
<Prae> or sidnet
<Prae> sidney
<Prae> fucking hell
<Prae> its hard to type with one hand

<Loopy> my brother died in a car accident
<Loopy> but he was gay so i dont care
<phyrewyre> bullshit
<Loopy> they were having buttsex and the car crashed
<Loopy> Not bullshit

<fraggy> HI MOM!! @#$%$% now that i've made it into b0g, im gonna go
to disney land!

<grid__> how do you keep people from fingering you?
<grid__> .nofinger
<grid__> ?
<S0meguy> close your legs tight


<cass__> hey, prae? my mom wants to meet you in Greece
<Prae> where does she live
<cass__> she will meet you anywhere, and give ya a real good time
*** Prae changes topic to 'http://www.poopsex.com'
<Prae> does she swallow?

<Loopy> I got this neat stuff from this Yard-Sale called Fart Spray,
and i sprayed it in the air, and it flew in my face :(

<pac> [16:23:20] <Loopy> Cr0nic: Josh's bitch sent me her pic
<pac> [16:23:21] <Loopy> she was Naked
<Loopy> hehehe!
<Loopy> yep
<Loopy> im masturbating to it right now
<Cr0nic> send it to pac
<pac> who
<pac> who
<pac> who
<Cr0nic> loopy
<pac> dcc me it
<Cr0nic> send it
<Loopy> shes hot
<Loopy> jesus god
<pac> LOOPY
<pac> DCC ME IT!
<[rapture]> whos packeting me
<Loopy> hold on
<Loopy> let me have my orgasm first

<Mishap> yo mudda so fat dat if she wore a Xfiles t-shirt da
helecopters would land on her

<hf> relatives suck cock.
<tefx> heh
<tefx> only if you ask them nicely

<bigboyber> anyone know where i can get aohell 95 please msg me

lore- has quit IRC (Killed (BobsKC (Your domain is on crutches here)))

<Thetis> Does anyone know of anyway to get bong water juice out of

<Prae> i put my hocolate powder in my milk
<Prae> and it floated
<Loopy> brb
*** Loopy has quit IRC ([x]chat)
<Prae> so i poured it on my cat because i was angry

<tak> my mom is a h4x0r
<tak> she fucked kevin mitnik
<tak> and now i got ocnnections

*** Bc731 was kicked by oclet (De-op flood (0 de-ops in 0secs of

<Freshmen> where can i get some really good hack stuff??

<grid> *WiGgER AlErT* hAhAHA uR fAt *GaYdAr *bEEp BeEP**

<BinaryBob> I think I'd faint if I saw a girl come in with a logic
analyzer and an oscillscope and said, "let's code, boys."
<BinaryBob> i'd have a heart attack.

<^daz^> how come the results given by my cracking prog won't work?

<NEKROSIS> does any body here know how to kill spmebody on aol instant
<NEKROSIS> how do i own someone on the aol instant messanger?

<Prae> "Eat pussy, its high in nutritional values and very very
tasty!" <- the new slogan for my "Don't be such a faggot" campaign

<renz> prae just got raided
<renz> you can tell by his quit message
<argv> whoz prae?
<renz> who cares

*** Joseppi has joined #hacktech
<Joseppi> unix
<Joseppi> Hello
<k-rad-bob> why do you say unix as you enter?
<k-rad-bob> we stoped doing the secret password last month
<Weishaupt> unix
<Weishaupt> linux
<Weishaupt> V
<cnz> haha
*** cnz has left #hacktech
*** cnz has joined #hacktech
<Joseppi> Gotcha
<cnz> win 3.1
<cnz> hi
<k-rad-bob> LOL
<Weishaupt> aww, thats what i was gonna say

<DLLErroR> I wonder if I could get into alabama state computer

<BadOffset> how in the heck can I import bookmarks from AOL into my
outlook express?

<ls`> mount -t justagir| /my/lap/ >> /uhh/jiZZ | && umount | echo "ya
*** ls` was kicked by justagir| (shut up)

<twist> acid is as harmless as beer

<Prae> look at the blind dude
<k-rad-bob> haha
<Prae> haha

<Prae_> i just shot the largest wad of cum you'll ever see in your lif
<Prae_> e

<tak> and i got home
<tak> and spent about 7 hours
<tak> trying to get aim for linux to work

*** c0reDumpe has joined #hacktech
<c0reDumpe> Any web server hacker?

<k-rad-bob> i rubbed bodylotion all over myself yesterday
<k-rad-bob> then i had sex with my leathercoutch

<thep0et> i've also enjoyed a nice chunk of penis in my day

<accalmie> hi I got an IP spoofer but doesnt work help em

<ls`> If i ever deface a website, its going to be pizzahut.com | 30
minutes my anus.

<twist182> at school we were watching porno's on the computer
<twist182> computers
<Prae-> eww
<twist182> i left on a porno of a girl sucking a horses dick, put it
on loop, and walked away
<twist182> and watched the surprised looks on peopls faces
<Prae-> lolol
<twist182> i didnt really do that actually
<BlkLatex> hahaha
<twist182> but i wanted to

<Foney_Op> serious
<Foney_Op> i need a good nuker

*** `Michael` has quit IRC (Ping timeout for
*** ^Michael^ has quit IRC (Ping timeout for
<|Michael|> ok
<|Michael|> who's DoS'ing my connection ?
<|Michael|> well
<|Michael|> my 2nd
<|Michael|> looks like a ping flood
<|Michael|> TCP cs1002968-a:netbios-ssn modem-
122.aspirin.dialup.pol.co.uk:1616 FIN_
<|Michael|> AIT_2
<|Michael|> on my machine
<|Michael|> who is this ?

*** alejandr0 has joined #hacktech
<alejandr0> dethl0k..your are a really really 4mother fuck 1
(jackass) i beat your ass when ever you want ok...and dont run way
from me like you did that day back in school.and you told your momy
and ask for protection by the school and you called my daddy..oo i am
crying 12PENDEJO!!
*** alejandr0 has left #hacktech

serluny: how long did it took u to learnc++?
ÐÁTÄßÁ§Ê__727:4.5 minutes
serluny:how did u do that?
ÐÁTÄßÁ§Ê__727:i downloaded it into my brain..i got a program to do
serluny:what program
ÐÁTÄßÁ§Ê__727:download shit into your brain v3.1
serluny:how do i download it?
ÐÁTÄßÁ§Ê__727: go to www.downloadable-shit-for-your-brain.com
serluny:i cant download it something is wrong

<ls`> Have any of you been with someone, that loves you, and gives
good head n shit but, you wanna be with someone else? but you cant,
because, you dont wanna hurt the cum guzzler? yanno?

<Cr0nic> ls: I enjoy being fat
<Cr0nic> people don't expect much out of you

<bronc> ya that's right, I am an elite web site defacer like lore,
grid and cannabis
[ka] endrix- [~blowfish@Ottawa-ppp66461.sympatico.ca(Canada)] has
joined #hackphreak
<bronc> I want to be /<-r4d like they are
<lore> bronc hacked the american embessay in china
[ka] [signoff/#hackphreak] darkguid (Ping timeout for darkguid[ts1-
<lore> trying to make some statement
<lore> i doubt he knows where china is

*** CaMaLeONN has joined #hacktech
<CaMaLeONN> hello
<CaMaLeONN> i NEED help!
<CaMaLeONN> please
<ls`> errr
<ls`> with
<CaMaLeONN> shit i think my girlfriend is going out with an other guy
<CaMaLeONN> i need to read one of her mails!
<spl1f> boy have i heard that one before
<ls`> fo real
<CaMaLeONN> it's true!
<ls`> mount -t CaMaLeONN /my/anus >> /uhh/jiZZ | && umount | echo
<CaMaLeONN> i need a lot of help
<CaMaLeONN> please help me she's a great bitch
<ls`> then dump her
<ls`> *duh
<CaMaLeONN> i need that e-mail
<ls`> or
<ls`> send her my way
<CaMaLeONN> i need that e-mail
<ls`> and ill fixorize her
<CaMaLeONN> you know what i mean!
<ls`> <CaMaLeONN> hey man it's very important please help me
<ls`> <ls`> uh
<ls`> <ls`> dude
<ls`> <ls`> there was an exploit, some java exploit
<ls`> <ls`> but msn patched it up
<ls`> <ls`> unless you are krad enough to own msn, i cant help ya
<k-rad-bob> :(((
<ls`> CaMaLeONN> mmmmmmm
<ls`> <CaMaLeONN> exploit? waht you mean?
<ls`> <ls`> Oh dear...
<ls`> <ls`> rootshell.com
<ls`> <ls`> go see
<ls`> <CaMaLeONN> what is that?
<ls`> <ls`> An exploit is some code, or a howto, about how to take
advantage of software flaws/bugs
<ls`> oh dear
<ls`> <CaMaLeONN> mm ok
<ls`> <CaMaLeONN> i got it
<ls`> <ls`> k good
<ls`> <ls`> see
<ls`> <ls`> you learned 2 things
<ls`> <ls`> 1) what a exploit is
<ls`> <ls`> 2) that i like gay men
<ls`> <CaMaLeONN> ?
<ls`> HAHAHA
<ls`> <CaMaLeONN> ?
<ls`> <CaMaLeONN> are you gay?
<ls`> <ls`> Bisexual
<ls`> <CaMaLeONN> me too!!

*** tress has joined #k-rad
<k-rad-bob> its tress the wanker!
<tress> do you remebr i told you niger i was gettig alaid
<k-rad-bob> no
<k-rad-bob> i htink that slipped my mind
<tress> hgah
<tress> wekk i sajdi i was
<tress> anyway
<tress> i was with this bior
<k-rad-bob> HAHA
<tress> and we wa getting frindly
<k-rad-bob> you and your drunk typing
<tress> u know how uit goes
*** Abused sets mode: +l 23
<k-rad-bob> then you realized she was infact your m0th3r
<k-rad-bob> LOL
<tress> and this othr bird comes up to us an dgoes u got a bofirend
<tress> speakign this this bird
<tress> i pushed her away
<tress> notr relaesisng she was a bird
<tress> and said fuck off
<tress> and then all heel broke loosss
<k-rad-bob> lol
<tress> i got kicked out from the club :((((((((
*** Prae-Bed has quit IRC (Ping timeout for Prae-
<k-rad-bob> haha
<tress> and about 6 blokes are looking to knock me ou
<tress> t
<tress> i offered them out there and tehn

<tress> ./ping #kactech
<tress> lol
<tress> ./ping #hacactech
<tress> ./ping #hacactech
<tress> ./ping #hacktech
[tress:#hacktech PING]
<tress> tehre we go

<sf> you started on the bird you were going to be fucking?
<tress> nah
<GaWd> haha
<tress> this bords mate
<k-rad-bob> haha
<sf> ah
<tress> it looking like a blokle
<sf> good move!
<tress> so i sparked her out
<sf> you wanna pull, so you start on her mate?
<tress> and then shit brokme loose and i was thrown out
<tress> shit man
<tress> i protect my woman
<k-rad-bob> yeah
<tress> i though it was a blocke so i knoked it out
<tress> i was wrong
<k-rad-bob> by beating up hteyre female friends lol
<sf> hehehe
<tress> but maybe next week i can smooth things over
<k-rad-bob> haha
<k-rad-bob> <tress> sorry that i smahed you in the face, i though you
were a bloke
<k-rad-bob> HAHAHA
<sf> HAHA
<sf> lol
<tress> bob
<sf> some bloke tried to pull us last night!!!
<tress> lol
<tress> ts true
<sf> he came up to us, danced with us and hugged us

<chris`> tress: apples arent the only thing on the top of the brown
barrel and the gum wrappers that cause overhead cancer.
<tress> i am not nin the mental state to undertstand whatou wameanm

<k-rad-bob> tress's drunkeness is going to take up like a gig of the
b0g-5.txt's irc quotes
<tress> haha
<tress> b0b
<tress> you fucking jknbwo
<tress> i will own it
<cnz> haha
<sf> hah
<sf> there's another one

<sTeAlThEr> hey
(acidkick) yes?
<sTeAlThEr> are you elite
(acidkick) no.

[ka] Mark-e-g was kicked off #hackphreak by RLoxley (Too many damn
[ka] Mark-e-g [Easy@userce35.uk.uudial.com] has joined #hackphreak
<Mark-e-g> who the fuck kicked me off
(acidness) bahaha
<RLoxley> ME
<clocker> Mark-e-g; me
<sektie> Mark-e-g: me.
<RLoxley> [17:38] (#hackphreak) Punishing Mark-e-g - Caps abuse
(100%) Offense 1 (kick)
<RLoxley> [17:38] *** Mark-e-g was kicked by RLoxley (Too many damn
<Accipiter> heh
<RLoxley> leave your caps out
<Accipiter> Mark
<Accipiter> Mark >> Want to hear a cool hack story?
<Accipiter> Ok
<Mark-e-g> You are all cyber nerds and most probably cant hack
<Accipiter> This guy named G-E-Kram
<Accipiter> he comes into an IRC Channel named
<Accipiter> um
<Accipiter> #CrackPheet
<que> bahah
(acidness) MUAHAHAHA
<Accipiter> And he talks like an AOLer.
<Accipiter> then
<Accipiter> He gets kicked out, and wonders why.
<Accipiter> So
<Mark-e-g> host whats that story
<Accipiter> He goes back into the channel
<Accipiter> And starts bullying, acting all BADASS.
<Accipiter> Then
<Accipiter> He gets kicked again, for being a cock.
<RLoxley> [17:40] ¢ VERSION reply from Mark-e-g of 'Microsoft Chat
2.5 (4.71.2302) (text mode)'
<Mark-e-g> sorry like
[ka] Mark-e-g was kicked off #hackphreak by Accipiter (Woop. Just for
[ka] Mark-e-g [Easy@userce35.uk.uudial.com] has joined #hackphreak
<Accipiter> Ok
<Accipiter> Let me continue the story.w
<Accipiter> It seems that Kram can't take a hint.
<Accipiter> and he keeps joining the channel until they finally ban
<Mark-e-g> ive hacked the school computer
<Accipiter> Mark-e-g >> WOOP! QUICK, CHANGE YOUR GRADES.
<sektie> Mark-e-g: i'm sure you did. did you use bo or netbus?
<Mark-e-g> all the ordering infor mation

<Gyrink> anyone knows some ms dos hacking command please ?
<Gyrink> <<PipeLine> try "deltree C:" HA HA HA
<Gyrink> very funny
<Gyrink> inm not a newbie
<chris`> Hello.
<OreoTZA> y0?
<chris`> I was wondering if you knew how I could rename a file in DOS.
<OreoTZA> rename a file in DoS? hmmm......
<OreoTZA> no, just do it the normal way
<chris`> There's no way to rename a file in DOS?
<chris`> Can't I press a button
<OreoTZA> yeah.... i just dont know the command
<OreoTZA> its rn i think
<OreoTZA> i dont know it
<chris`> lol Josh I was kidding
<chris`> it's ren
<chris`> heh
<OreoTZA> oh

<chris`> Hello there.
<ShyRachel> Hey
<ShyRachel> How are you?
<chris`> Can you help me?
<ShyRachel> Maybe..
<ShyRachel> What do you need help with?
<chris`> I'm looking for some information.
<ShyRachel> What kind of Info?
<chris`> On how to hide dead bodies.
<ShyRachel> ummm.. seriously?
<ShyRachel> You're joking, right/
<chris`> No...
<chris`> Why would I be joking?
<chris`> Can you help me?
<ShyRachel> Who did you kill?
<chris`> I can't keep hiding them in my basement..
<chris`> A few people..
<ShyRachel> Burry them
<chris`> I can't.
<chris`> My ground is full.
<ShyRachel> Why not?
<chris`> I'm up to 13.
<ShyRachel> Oh I see.
<chris`> I'm running out of space.
<ShyRachel> Am I next?
<chris`> No.. Don't be silly I dont know you and have no reason to
kill you..
<chris`> the others.. I hope they rot..
<ShyRachel> Why did you kill them?
<chris`> I couldn't take it anymore.
<ShyRachel> Take what?
<chris`> They stared at me when I walked by them on the street.
<chris`> So I followed them home.
<chris`> and..
<chris`> Well, nevermind.
<ShyRachel> Just because they stared at you? Gee, that is a good
reason to kill them!
<ShyRachel> Were they girls, or guys.. or both?
<chris`> Both.. several animals as well.
<ShyRachel> That awful.. Do you have any friends?
<ShyRachel> or did you kill them?
<chris`> No I have friends.
<chris`> You're the only person I've told.
<chris`> Don't even THINK about going to the cops..
<ShyRachel> What if I do?
<chris`> The last person that tried wound up.. dead.
<ShyRachel> Will you kill me too?
<ShyRachel> Oh no..

<campd> (my first moment of silence in 19 years of life)
<_vicious_> and your last
<campd> I even talk in my sleep
<_vicious_> for your screams will fill the rest of your miserable life
<campd> dude, did I ever tell you about the girl I talked to in my
sleep that one time?
<campd> oh man
<campd> it was horrible
<_vicious_> hmm
<campd> we were camping
<_vicious_> no you didn't
<campd> I had almost gotten in the car wreck that day because I wasn't
paying attention while driving and had crossed the double yellow line.
<_vicious_> you had a conversation with a live girl while you slept?
--> Tbot (wlashell@titan.pcis.net) has joined #cresc
<campd> anyway that night we were camping
<campd> and we were asleep, and she rolled over onto me
<campd> (this is what she told me anyway)
<campd> (I was asleep the entire time)
<campd> And a few seconds after she rolled onto me, I said in a
disturbed voice "don't cross the double yellow line"
<campd> because I was having a nightmare
<campd> she misinterpreted it :(
<campd> and I slept through, oblivious
<campd> I almost killed myself the next morning when she explained
<_vicious_> heh
<campd> and all I remember about the incedent was the nightmare
<_vicious_> campd: are you the author of "How to not get laid for
<terral> rofl
<terral> campd: dude... I think I shall have to beat you with a stick
<campd> it was so very unintentional
<_vicious_> campd: if so, I can help you with a second edition as I
seem to be getting a lot of practice in not getting laid lately
--- terral has changed the topic to: <campd> And a few seconds after
she rolled onto me, I said in a disturbed voice "don't cross the
double yellow line"
--- campd has changed the topic to: that was so out of context
--- terral has changed the topic to: <campd> And a few seconds after
she rolled onto me, I said in a disturbed voice "don't cross the
double yellow line"
* terral grins
--- campd has changed the topic to: still out of context
<terral> rofl
--- _vicious_ removes channel operator status from campd
--- _vicious_ sets mode +t
--- terral has changed the topic to: <campd> And a few seconds after
she rolled onto me, I said in a disturbed voice "don't cross the
double yellow line"
<terral> heheheheh
<terral> c'mon now dave.. ya gotta leave it
<_vicious_> :)
<campd> jeez, I tell an embarrassing story to make you guys laugh, and
this is how you repay me? :)
<_vicious_> desparete times call for desparate meassures
* terral nods
<terral> heh
<terral> you made us laff
<terral> i promise
<terral> I plan on telling the network admins tommorow when we are all
getting trashed
<campd> tbot, op
--- Tbot gives channel operator status to campd
--- campd has changed the topic to: shut up man
<campd> besides
<_vicious_> :)
<campd> her cousin Brian (my best friend at the time) was in the tent
at the time
<campd> that would have just been weird
<campd> (not that I would have let that get in my way had I been
<terral> rofl
<_vicious_> campd: what? you'd do him too?
* campd watches _vicious_ try too hard to make a joke
<_vicious_> it's late, I'm tired
<campd> anyway, the point is
<_vicious_> though I'm just about as dull as usual
<campd> I never shut up, even in my sleep
* campd listens to Angel of Death by Slayer *again*
<terral> heh
--- terral has changed the topic to: <campd> I never shut up, even in
my sleep
<campd> I swear, I think xmms puts this into the random queue about 5
times for each other song
<campd> not that I mind
<campd> terral: see, that is a respectable topic
<_vicious_> the xmms random queue thing really sucks
--- _vicious_ has changed the topic to: <campd> I never stop wanking,
even in my sleep
<campd> hey waitaminute
<campd> misquoting isn't fair
<campd> I swear
<campd> I am so discriminated against
<_vicious_> but just as fun
--- _vicious_ has changed the topic to: <campd> I never <fill in the
blank>, even in my sleep
--- campd has changed the topic to: <campd> I never stop <fill in the
blank>, even in my sleep
<terral> heh
<terral> okay
<terral> time for me to sleep
--- terral is now known as ter-away
<_vicious_> good idea
<campd> of course, it looks stupid when someone /topic's they're own
<_vicious_> I need sleep
--- _vicious_ has changed the topic to: <campd> I never stop <fill in
the blank>, even in my sleep
<_vicious_> there
<campd> no man, that was my queue to quote *you*
<_vicious_> ahhh
<campd> oh well, you're boring so there's nothing to quote
--- _vicious_ has changed the topic to: <campd> of course, it looks
stupid when someone /topic's they're own quote
<_vicious_> campd: yeah I know ... I suck
<_vicious_> campd: and my date doesn't
<_vicious_> didn't that is
<campd> heh
<_vicious_> life is unfair
<_vicious_> anyway ... gotta go sleep
<_vicious_> nite .....
<campd> 'ngith
<campd> woah
<campd> I think I just invented a word
<_vicious_> ummm ... patent it
<campd> anyway, good night
<-- _vicious_ has quit (GEGL!)
--- campd has changed the topic to: <_vicious_> campd: yeah I know ...
I suck <_vicious_> campd: and my date doesn't
--- campd is now known as campd_ZzZ

<naol> could somebody help me hack?
<udp> naol, that's like asking someone to hold your dick while you
take a wiz



[20:. - [ Closing words ] [k-rad-bob] :. ]
[k-rad-bob@b0g.org] :. ]

For those of you that still hasnt noticed b0g is now officially leet.
Digitalhackers.com did an interview with Cult Hero and non other then
b0gs own prae!

Read the interview here: http://www.digitalhackers.com/prae.htm

Other then that we have now started flat out war with FK, or better
known as Forbidden Knowledge. These guys are obviously Andorrans
trying to be leet by copying and pasting old phrack articles with new

My leetest article so far would be the official b0g ASCII movie. I
started making it at work while stressed. Heres the first part:

E L B 0 G

H 4 X 0 R
! @ # %

s t 4 r r i n g :

c|>:<> - Aempirei as the bl4q h4t h4qqr

Q:/ - K-rad-bob as himself (pheer the davy cr0cket h4t!)


"8'y - rfp as the bartender!

A pale man is sitting by the far end of the bar.
He lifts his hand and empties another glass. The other man at his
table, a tall handsome boyish looking man by the name of k-rad-bob is
shuffling a deck of cards.

c|>:<> - you besta feer or else i'll fill your ugly kisser with steel!

Q:/ - theres no need for hostiliy mate, lets have a drink and a
hand of poker

c|>:<> - allright, BARTENDER!

"8'y - yes sir!

c|>:<> - 14 double whiskey's and a hooker, the kn3gr00 is going to pay
for it!

Q:] . o O( i might aswell, since im going to win it all back in poker
anyway h@h@!)

c|>:<> - | 5| | 8| | 6| | 4| |11| . o O(hoh0! i almost have a
straight flush!) one card.

Q>:| - | A| | 2| | 2| | 7| | 3| . o O(pair of two's, crap!) four

c|>:H - h4r h4r im going to 0wn j00! i bet 31337 $$$!
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