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Debian Security Advisory 5681-1

Debian Security Advisory 5681-1
Posted May 8, 2024
Authored by Debian | Site debian.org

Debian Linux Security Advisory 5681-1 - Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in the Linux kernel that may lead to a privilege escalation, denial of service or information leaks.

tags | advisory, denial of service, kernel, vulnerability
systems | linux, debian
advisories | CVE-2023-28746, CVE-2023-47233, CVE-2023-52429, CVE-2023-52434, CVE-2023-52435, CVE-2023-52447, CVE-2023-52458, CVE-2023-52482, CVE-2023-52486, CVE-2023-52488, CVE-2023-52489, CVE-2023-52491, CVE-2023-52492, CVE-2023-52493
SHA-256 | 71181e4008b0c5637c5d9d6cac7f0dc2baec3a0e2ec38d19ae677421f521b4be

Debian Security Advisory 5681-1

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- -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Debian Security Advisory DSA-5681-1 security@debian.org
https://www.debian.org/security/ Salvatore Bonaccorso
May 06, 2024 https://www.debian.org/security/faq
- -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Package : linux
CVE ID : CVE-2023-6270 CVE-2023-7042 CVE-2023-28746 CVE-2023-47233
CVE-2023-52429 CVE-2023-52434 CVE-2023-52435 CVE-2023-52447
CVE-2023-52458 CVE-2023-52482 CVE-2023-52486 CVE-2023-52488
CVE-2023-52489 CVE-2023-52491 CVE-2023-52492 CVE-2023-52493
CVE-2023-52497 CVE-2023-52498 CVE-2023-52583 CVE-2023-52587
CVE-2023-52594 CVE-2023-52595 CVE-2023-52597 CVE-2023-52598
CVE-2023-52599 CVE-2023-52600 CVE-2023-52601 CVE-2023-52602
CVE-2023-52603 CVE-2023-52604 CVE-2023-52606 CVE-2023-52607
CVE-2023-52614 CVE-2023-52615 CVE-2023-52616 CVE-2023-52617
CVE-2023-52618 CVE-2023-52619 CVE-2023-52620 CVE-2023-52622
CVE-2023-52623 CVE-2023-52627 CVE-2023-52635 CVE-2023-52637
CVE-2023-52642 CVE-2023-52644 CVE-2023-52650 CVE-2024-0340
CVE-2024-0565 CVE-2024-0607 CVE-2024-0841 CVE-2024-1151
CVE-2024-22099 CVE-2024-23849 CVE-2024-23850 CVE-2024-23851
CVE-2024-24857 CVE-2024-24858 CVE-2024-24861 CVE-2024-26581
CVE-2024-26593 CVE-2024-26600 CVE-2024-26601 CVE-2024-26602
CVE-2024-26606 CVE-2024-26610 CVE-2024-26614 CVE-2024-26615
CVE-2024-26622 CVE-2024-26625 CVE-2024-26627 CVE-2024-26635
CVE-2024-26636 CVE-2024-26640 CVE-2024-26641 CVE-2024-26642
CVE-2024-26643 CVE-2024-26644 CVE-2024-26645 CVE-2024-26651
CVE-2024-26654 CVE-2024-26659 CVE-2024-26663 CVE-2024-26664
CVE-2024-26665 CVE-2024-26671 CVE-2024-26673 CVE-2024-26675
CVE-2024-26679 CVE-2024-26684 CVE-2024-26685 CVE-2024-26687
CVE-2024-26688 CVE-2024-26689 CVE-2024-26695 CVE-2024-26696
CVE-2024-26697 CVE-2024-26698 CVE-2024-26702 CVE-2024-26704
CVE-2024-26707 CVE-2024-26712 CVE-2024-26720 CVE-2024-26722
CVE-2024-26727 CVE-2024-26733 CVE-2024-26735 CVE-2024-26736
CVE-2024-26743 CVE-2024-26744 CVE-2024-26747 CVE-2024-26748
CVE-2024-26749 CVE-2024-26751 CVE-2024-26752 CVE-2024-26753
CVE-2024-26754 CVE-2024-26763 CVE-2024-26764 CVE-2024-26766
CVE-2024-26771 CVE-2024-26772 CVE-2024-26773 CVE-2024-26776
CVE-2024-26777 CVE-2024-26778 CVE-2024-26779 CVE-2024-26781
CVE-2024-26782 CVE-2024-26787 CVE-2024-26788 CVE-2024-26790
CVE-2024-26791 CVE-2024-26793 CVE-2024-26795 CVE-2024-26801
CVE-2024-26804 CVE-2024-26805 CVE-2024-26808 CVE-2024-26809
CVE-2024-26810 CVE-2024-26812 CVE-2024-26813 CVE-2024-26814
CVE-2024-26816 CVE-2024-26817 CVE-2024-26820 CVE-2024-26825
CVE-2024-26833 CVE-2024-26835 CVE-2024-26839 CVE-2024-26840
CVE-2024-26843 CVE-2024-26845 CVE-2024-26846 CVE-2024-26848
CVE-2024-26851 CVE-2024-26852 CVE-2024-26855 CVE-2024-26857
CVE-2024-26859 CVE-2024-26861 CVE-2024-26862 CVE-2024-26863
CVE-2024-26870 CVE-2024-26872 CVE-2024-26874 CVE-2024-26875
CVE-2024-26877 CVE-2024-26878 CVE-2024-26880 CVE-2024-26882
CVE-2024-26883 CVE-2024-26884 CVE-2024-26885 CVE-2024-26889
CVE-2024-26891 CVE-2024-26894 CVE-2024-26895 CVE-2024-26897
CVE-2024-26898 CVE-2024-26901 CVE-2024-26903 CVE-2024-26906
CVE-2024-26907 CVE-2024-26910 CVE-2024-26917 CVE-2024-26920
CVE-2024-26922 CVE-2024-26923 CVE-2024-26924 CVE-2024-26925
CVE-2024-26926 CVE-2024-26931 CVE-2024-26934 CVE-2024-26935
CVE-2024-26937 CVE-2024-26950 CVE-2024-26951 CVE-2024-26955
CVE-2024-26956 CVE-2024-26957 CVE-2024-26958 CVE-2024-26960
CVE-2024-26961 CVE-2024-26965 CVE-2024-26966 CVE-2024-26969
CVE-2024-26970 CVE-2024-26973 CVE-2024-26974 CVE-2024-26976
CVE-2024-26978 CVE-2024-26979 CVE-2024-26981 CVE-2024-26984
CVE-2024-26988 CVE-2024-26993 CVE-2024-26994 CVE-2024-26997
CVE-2024-26999 CVE-2024-27000 CVE-2024-27001 CVE-2024-27004
CVE-2024-27008 CVE-2024-27013 CVE-2024-27020 CVE-2024-27024
CVE-2024-27025 CVE-2024-27028 CVE-2024-27030 CVE-2024-27038
CVE-2024-27043 CVE-2024-27044 CVE-2024-27045 CVE-2024-27046
CVE-2024-27047 CVE-2024-27051 CVE-2024-27052 CVE-2024-27053
CVE-2024-27059 CVE-2024-27065 CVE-2024-27073 CVE-2024-27074
CVE-2024-27075 CVE-2024-27076 CVE-2024-27077 CVE-2024-27078
CVE-2024-27388 CVE-2024-27437

Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in the Linux kernel that
may lead to a privilege escalation, denial of service or information

For the oldstable distribution (bullseye), these problems have been
fixed in version 5.10.216-1.

We recommend that you upgrade your linux packages.

For the detailed security status of linux please refer to its security
tracker page at:

Further information about Debian Security Advisories, how to apply
these updates to your system and frequently asked questions can be
found at: https://www.debian.org/security/

Mailing list: debian-security-announce@lists.debian.org

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