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Red Hat Security Advisory 2020-5633-01

Red Hat Security Advisory 2020-5633-01
Posted Feb 25, 2021
Authored by Red Hat | Site access.redhat.com

Red Hat Security Advisory 2020-5633-01 - Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is Red Hat's cloud computing Kubernetes application platform solution designed for on-premise or private cloud deployments. This advisory contains the container images for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.7.0. Issues addressed include bypass, denial of service, integer overflow, man-in-the-middle, and memory leak vulnerabilities.

tags | advisory, denial of service, overflow, vulnerability, memory leak
systems | linux, redhat
advisories | CVE-2018-10103, CVE-2018-10105, CVE-2018-14461, CVE-2018-14462, CVE-2018-14463, CVE-2018-14464, CVE-2018-14465, CVE-2018-14466, CVE-2018-14467, CVE-2018-14468, CVE-2018-14469, CVE-2018-14470, CVE-2018-14553, CVE-2018-14879, CVE-2018-14880, CVE-2018-14881, CVE-2018-14882, CVE-2018-16227, CVE-2018-16228, CVE-2018-16229, CVE-2018-16230, CVE-2018-16300, CVE-2018-16451, CVE-2018-16452, CVE-2018-20843, CVE-2019-11068
SHA-256 | fb221a06159543a599ba784765449c2af09e02d8dd9f7f484c8b3584adabc4ce

Red Hat Security Advisory 2020-5633-01

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Red Hat Security Advisory

Synopsis: Moderate: OpenShift Container Platform 4.7.0 security, bug fix, and enhancement update
Advisory ID: RHSA-2020:5633-01
Product: Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise
Advisory URL: https://access.redhat.com/errata/RHSA-2020:5633
Issue date: 2021-02-24
CVE Names: CVE-2018-10103 CVE-2018-10105 CVE-2018-14461
CVE-2018-14462 CVE-2018-14463 CVE-2018-14464
CVE-2018-14465 CVE-2018-14466 CVE-2018-14467
CVE-2018-14468 CVE-2018-14469 CVE-2018-14470
CVE-2018-14553 CVE-2018-14879 CVE-2018-14880
CVE-2018-14881 CVE-2018-14882 CVE-2018-16227
CVE-2018-16228 CVE-2018-16229 CVE-2018-16230
CVE-2018-16300 CVE-2018-16451 CVE-2018-16452
CVE-2018-20843 CVE-2019-3884 CVE-2019-5018
CVE-2019-6977 CVE-2019-6978 CVE-2019-8625
CVE-2019-8710 CVE-2019-8720 CVE-2019-8743
CVE-2019-8764 CVE-2019-8766 CVE-2019-8769
CVE-2019-8771 CVE-2019-8782 CVE-2019-8783
CVE-2019-8808 CVE-2019-8811 CVE-2019-8812
CVE-2019-8813 CVE-2019-8814 CVE-2019-8815
CVE-2019-8816 CVE-2019-8819 CVE-2019-8820
CVE-2019-8823 CVE-2019-8835 CVE-2019-8844
CVE-2019-8846 CVE-2019-9455 CVE-2019-9458
CVE-2019-11068 CVE-2019-12614 CVE-2019-13050
CVE-2019-13225 CVE-2019-13627 CVE-2019-14889
CVE-2019-15165 CVE-2019-15166 CVE-2019-15903
CVE-2019-15917 CVE-2019-15925 CVE-2019-16167
CVE-2019-16168 CVE-2019-16231 CVE-2019-16233
CVE-2019-16935 CVE-2019-17450 CVE-2019-17546
CVE-2019-18197 CVE-2019-18808 CVE-2019-18809
CVE-2019-19046 CVE-2019-19056 CVE-2019-19062
CVE-2019-19063 CVE-2019-19068 CVE-2019-19072
CVE-2019-19221 CVE-2019-19319 CVE-2019-19332
CVE-2019-19447 CVE-2019-19524 CVE-2019-19533
CVE-2019-19537 CVE-2019-19543 CVE-2019-19602
CVE-2019-19767 CVE-2019-19770 CVE-2019-19906
CVE-2019-19956 CVE-2019-20054 CVE-2019-20218
CVE-2019-20386 CVE-2019-20387 CVE-2019-20388
CVE-2019-20454 CVE-2019-20636 CVE-2019-20807
CVE-2019-20812 CVE-2019-20907 CVE-2019-20916
CVE-2020-0305 CVE-2020-0444 CVE-2020-1716
CVE-2020-1730 CVE-2020-1751 CVE-2020-1752
CVE-2020-1971 CVE-2020-2574 CVE-2020-2752
CVE-2020-2922 CVE-2020-3862 CVE-2020-3864
CVE-2020-3865 CVE-2020-3867 CVE-2020-3868
CVE-2020-3885 CVE-2020-3894 CVE-2020-3895
CVE-2020-3897 CVE-2020-3898 CVE-2020-3899
CVE-2020-3900 CVE-2020-3901 CVE-2020-3902
CVE-2020-6405 CVE-2020-7595 CVE-2020-7774
CVE-2020-8177 CVE-2020-8492 CVE-2020-8563
CVE-2020-8566 CVE-2020-8619 CVE-2020-8622
CVE-2020-8623 CVE-2020-8624 CVE-2020-8647
CVE-2020-8648 CVE-2020-8649 CVE-2020-9327
CVE-2020-9802 CVE-2020-9803 CVE-2020-9805
CVE-2020-9806 CVE-2020-9807 CVE-2020-9843
CVE-2020-9850 CVE-2020-9862 CVE-2020-9893
CVE-2020-9894 CVE-2020-9895 CVE-2020-9915
CVE-2020-9925 CVE-2020-10018 CVE-2020-10029
CVE-2020-10732 CVE-2020-10749 CVE-2020-10751
CVE-2020-10763 CVE-2020-10773 CVE-2020-10774
CVE-2020-10942 CVE-2020-11565 CVE-2020-11668
CVE-2020-11793 CVE-2020-12465 CVE-2020-12655
CVE-2020-12659 CVE-2020-12770 CVE-2020-12826
CVE-2020-13249 CVE-2020-13630 CVE-2020-13631
CVE-2020-13632 CVE-2020-14019 CVE-2020-14040
CVE-2020-14381 CVE-2020-14382 CVE-2020-14391
CVE-2020-14422 CVE-2020-15157 CVE-2020-15503
CVE-2020-15862 CVE-2020-15999 CVE-2020-16166
CVE-2020-24490 CVE-2020-24659 CVE-2020-25211
CVE-2020-25641 CVE-2020-25658 CVE-2020-25661
CVE-2020-25662 CVE-2020-25681 CVE-2020-25682
CVE-2020-25683 CVE-2020-25684 CVE-2020-25685
CVE-2020-25686 CVE-2020-25687 CVE-2020-25694
CVE-2020-25696 CVE-2020-26160 CVE-2020-27813
CVE-2020-27846 CVE-2020-28362 CVE-2020-29652
CVE-2021-2007 CVE-2021-3121

1. Summary:

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform release 4.7.0 is now available.

Red Hat Product Security has rated this update as having a security impact
of Moderate. A Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base score, which
gives a detailed severity rating, is available for each vulnerability from
the CVE link(s) in the References section.

2. Description:

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is Red Hat's cloud computing
Kubernetes application platform solution designed for on-premise or private
cloud deployments.

This advisory contains the container images for Red Hat OpenShift Container
Platform 4.7.0. See the following advisory for the RPM packages for this


Space precludes documenting all of the container images in this advisory.
See the following Release Notes documentation, which will be updated
shortly for this release, for details about these changes:


You may download the oc tool and use it to inspect release image metadata
as follows:

(For x86_64 architecture)

$ oc adm release info

The image digest is

(For s390x architecture)

$ oc adm release info

The image digest is

(For ppc64le architecture)

$ oc adm release info

The image digest is

All OpenShift Container Platform 4.7 users are advised to upgrade to these
updated packages and images when they are available in the appropriate
release channel. To check for available updates, use the OpenShift Console
or the CLI oc command. Instructions for upgrading a cluster are available
- -between-minor.html#understanding-upgrade-channels_updating-cluster-between
- -minor.

Security Fix(es):

* crewjam/saml: authentication bypass in saml authentication

* golang: crypto/ssh: crafted authentication request can lead to nil
pointer dereference (CVE-2020-29652)

* gogo/protobuf: plugin/unmarshal/unmarshal.go lacks certain index
validation (CVE-2021-3121)

* nodejs-y18n: prototype pollution vulnerability (CVE-2020-7774)

* kubernetes: Secret leaks in kube-controller-manager when using vSphere
Provider (CVE-2020-8563)

* containernetworking/plugins: IPv6 router advertisements allow for MitM
attacks on IPv4 clusters (CVE-2020-10749)

* heketi: gluster-block volume password details available in logs

* golang.org/x/text: possibility to trigger an infinite loop in
encoding/unicode could lead to crash (CVE-2020-14040)

* jwt-go: access restriction bypass vulnerability (CVE-2020-26160)

* golang-github-gorilla-websocket: integer overflow leads to denial of
service (CVE-2020-27813)

* golang: math/big: panic during recursive division of very large numbers

For more details about the security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS
score, acknowledgments, and other related information, refer to the CVE
page(s) listed in the References section.

3. Solution:

For OpenShift Container Platform 4.7, see the following documentation,
will be updated shortly for this release, for important instructions on how
to upgrade your cluster and fully apply this asynchronous errata update:


Details on how to access this content are available at
- -cli.html.

4. Bugs fixed (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/):

1620608 - Restoring deployment config with history leads to weird state
1752220 - [OVN] Network Policy fails to work when project label gets overwritten
1756096 - Local storage operator should implement must-gather spec
1756173 - /etc/udev/rules.d/66-azure-storage.rules missing from initramfs
1768255 - installer reports 100% complete but failing components
1770017 - Init containers restart when the exited container is removed from node.
1775057 - [MSTR-485] Cluster is abnormal after etcd backup/restore when the backup is conducted during etcd encryption is migrating
1775444 - RFE: k8s cpu manager does not restrict /usr/bin/pod cpuset
1777038 - Cluster scaled beyond host subnet limits does not fire alert or cleanly report why it cannot scale
1777224 - InfraID in metadata.json and .openshift_install_state.json is not consistent when repeating `create` commands
1784298 - "Displaying with reduced resolution due to large dataset." would show under some conditions
1785399 - Under condition of heavy pod creation, creation fails with 'error reserving pod name ...: name is reserved"
1797766 - Resource Requirements" specDescriptor fields - CPU and Memory injects empty string YAML editor
1801089 - [OVN] Installation failed and monitoring pod not created due to some network error.
1805025 - [OSP] Machine status doesn't become "Failed" when creating a machine with invalid image
1805639 - Machine status should be "Failed" when creating a machine with invalid machine configuration
1806000 - CRI-O failing with: error reserving ctr name
1806915 - openshift-service-ca: Some core components are in openshift.io/run-level 1 and are bypassing SCC, but should not be
1806917 - openshift-service-ca-operator: Some core components are in openshift.io/run-level 1 and are bypassing SCC, but should not be
1810438 - Installation logs are not gathered from OCP nodes
1812085 - kubernetes-networking-namespace-pods dashboard doesn't exist
1812412 - Monitoring Dashboard: on restricted cluster, query timed out in expression evaluation
1813012 - EtcdDiscoveryDomain no longer needed
1813949 - openshift-install doesn't use env variables for OS_* for some of API endpoints
1816812 - OpenShift test suites are not resilient to rate limited registries (like docker.io) and cannot control their dependencies for offline use
1819053 - loading OpenAPI spec for "v1beta1.metrics.k8s.io" failed with: OpenAPI spec does not exist
1819457 - Package Server is in 'Cannot update' status despite properly working
1820141 - [RFE] deploy qemu-quest-agent on the nodes
1822744 - OCS Installation CI test flaking
1824038 - Integration Tests: StaleElementReferenceError in OLM single-installmode scenario
1825892 - StorageClasses and PVs are not cleaned completely after running the csi verification tool
1826301 - Wrong NodeStatus reports in file-integrity scan when configuration error in aide.conf file
1829723 - User workload monitoring alerts fire out of the box
1832968 - oc adm catalog mirror does not mirror the index image itself
1833012 - Lower OVNKubernetes HTTP E/W performance compared with OpenShiftSDN
1833220 - CVE-2020-10749 containernetworking/plugins: IPv6 router advertisements allow for MitM attacks on IPv4 clusters
1834995 - olmFull suite always fails once th suite is run on the same cluster
1836017 - vSphere UPI: Both Internal and External load balancers for kube-apiserver should use /readyz
1837953 - Replacing masters doesn't work for ovn-kubernetes 4.4
1838352 - OperatorExited, Pending marketplace-operator-... pod for several weeks
1838751 - [oVirt][Tracker] Re-enable skipped network tests
1839239 - csi-snapshot-controller flickers Degraded=True on etcd hiccups
1840759 - [aws-ebs-csi-driver] The volume created by aws ebs csi driver can not be deleted when the cluster is destroyed
1841039 - authentication-operator: Add e2e test for password grants to Keycloak being set as OIDC IdP
1841119 - Get rid of config patches and pass flags directly to kcm
1841175 - When an Install Plan gets deleted, OLM does not create a new one
1841381 - Issue with memoryMB validation
1841885 - oc adm catalog mirror command attempts to pull from registry.redhat.io when using --from-dir option
1844727 - Etcd container leaves grep and lsof zombie processes
1845387 - CVE-2020-10763 heketi: gluster-block volume password details available in logs
1847074 - Filter bar layout issues at some screen widths on search page
1848358 - CRDs with preserveUnknownFields:true don't reflect in status that they are non-structural
1849543 - [4.5]kubeletconfig's description will show multiple lines for finalizers when upgrade from 4.4.8->4.5
1851103 - Use of NetworkManager-wait-online.service in rhcos-growpart.service
1851203 - [GSS] [RFE] Need a simpler representation of capactiy breakdown in total usage and per project breakdown in OCS 4 dashboard
1851351 - OCP 4.4.9: EtcdMemberIPMigratorDegraded: rpc error: code = Canceled desc = grpc: the client connection is closing
1851693 - The `oc apply` should return errors instead of hanging there when failing to create the CRD
1852289 - Upgrade testsuite fails on ppc64le environment - Unsupported LoadBalancer service
1853115 - the restriction of --cloud option should be shown in help text.
1853116 - `--to` option does not work with `--credentials-requests` flag.
1853352 - [v2v][UI] Storage Class fields Should Not be empty in VM disks view
1853652 - CVE-2020-14040 golang.org/x/text: possibility to trigger an infinite loop in encoding/unicode could lead to crash
1854567 - "Installed Operators" list showing "duplicated" entries during installation
1855325 - [Feature:Prometheus][Conformance] Prometheus when installed on the cluster [Top Level] [Feature:Prometheus][Conformance] Prometheus when installed on the cluster should report telemetry if a cloud.openshift.com token is present
1855351 - Inconsistent Installer reactions to Ctrl-C during user input process
1855408 - OVN cluster unstable after running minimal scale test
1856351 - Build page should show metrics for when the build ran, not the last 30 minutes
1856354 - New APIServices missing from OpenAPI definitions
1857446 - ARO/Azure: excessive pod memory allocation causes node lockup
1857877 - Operator upgrades can delete existing CSV before completion
1858578 - [v2v] [ui] VM import RHV to CNV Target VM Name longer than 63 chars should not be allowed
1859174 - [IPI][OSP] Having errors from 4.3 to 4.6 about Security group rule already created
1860136 - default ingress does not propagate annotations to route object on update
1860322 - [OCPv4.5.2] after unexpected shutdown one of RHV Hypervisors, OCP worker nodes machine are marked as "Failed"
1860518 - unable to stop a crio pod
1861383 - Route with `haproxy.router.openshift.io/timeout: 365d` kills the ingress controller
1862430 - LSO: PV creation lock should not be acquired in a loop
1862489 - LSO autoprovisioning should exclude top level disks that are part of LVM volume group.
1862608 - Virtual media does not work on hosts using BIOS, only UEFI
1862918 - [v2v] User should only select SRIOV network when importin vm with SRIOV network
1865743 - Some pods are stuck in ContainerCreating and some sdn pods are in CrashLoopBackOff
1865839 - rpm-ostree fails with "System transaction in progress" when moving to kernel-rt
1866043 - Configurable table column headers can be illegible
1866087 - Examining agones helm chart resources results in "Oh no!"
1866261 - Need to indicate the intentional behavior for Ansible in the `create api` help info
1866298 - [RHOCS Usability Study][Installation] Labeling the namespace should be a part of the installation flow or be clearer as a requirement
1866320 - [RHOCS Usability Study][Dashboard] Users were confused by Available Capacity and the Total Capacity
1866334 - [RHOCS Usability Study][Installation] On the Operator installation page, there’s no indication on which labels offer tooltip/help
1866340 - [RHOCS Usability Study][Dashboard] It was not clear why “No persistent storage alerts” was prominently displayed
1866343 - [RHOCS Usability Study][Dashboard] User wanted to know the time frame for Data Consumption, e.g I/O Operations
1866445 - kola --basic-qemu-scenarios scenario fail on ppc64le & s390x
1866482 - Few errors are seen when oc adm must-gather is run
1866605 - No metadata.generation set for build and buildconfig objects
1866873 - MCDDrainError "Drain failed on , updates may be blocked" missing rendered node name
1866901 - Deployment strategy for BMO allows multiple pods to run at the same time
1866925 - openshift-install destroy cluster should fail quickly when provided with invalid credentials on Azure.
1867165 - Cannot assign static address to baremetal install bootstrap vm
1867380 - When using webhooks in OCP 4.5 fails to rollout latest deploymentconfig
1867400 - [OCs 4.5]UI should not allow creation of second storagecluster of different mode in a single OCS
1867477 - HPA monitoring cpu utilization fails for deployments which have init containers
1867518 - [oc] oc should not print so many goroutines when ANY command fails
1867608 - ds/machine-config-daemon takes 100+ minutes to rollout on 250 node cluster
1867965 - OpenShift Console Deployment Edit overwrites deployment yaml
1868004 - opm index add appears to produce image with wrong registry server binary
1868065 - oc -o jsonpath prints possible warning / bug "Unable to decode server response into a Table"
1868104 - Baremetal actuator should not delete Machine objects
1868125 - opm index add is not creating an index with valid images when --permissive flag is added, the index is empty instead
1868384 - CLI does not save login credentials as expected when using the same username in multiple clusters
1868527 - OpenShift Storage using VMWare vSAN receives error "Failed to add disk 'scsi0:2'" when mounted pod is created on separate node
1868645 - After a disaster recovery pods a stuck in "NodeAffinity" state and not running
1868748 - ClusterProvisioningIP in baremetal platform has wrong JSON annotation
1868765 - [vsphere][ci] could not reserve an IP address: no available addresses
1868770 - catalogSource named "redhat-operators" deleted in a disconnected cluster
1868976 - Prometheus error opening query log file on EBS backed PVC
1869293 - The configmap name looks confusing in aide-ds pod logs
1869606 - crio's failing to delete a network namespace
1870337 - [sig-storage] Managed cluster should have no crashlooping recycler pods over four minutes
1870342 - [sig-scheduling] SchedulerPredicates [Serial] validates resource limits of pods that are allowed to run [Conformance]
1870373 - Ingress Operator reports available when DNS fails to provision
1870467 - D/DC Part of Helm / Operator Backed should not have HPA
1870728 - openshift-install creates expired ignition files from stale .openshift_install_state.json
1870800 - [4.6] Managed Column not appearing on Pods Details page
1871170 - e2e tests are needed to validate the functionality of the etcdctl container
1872001 - EtcdDiscoveryDomain no longer needed
1872095 - content are expanded to the whole line when only one column in table on Resource Details page
1872124 - Could not choose device type as "disk" or "part" when create localvolumeset from web console
1872128 - Can't run container with hostPort on ipv6 cluster
1872166 - 'Silences' link redirects to unexpected 'Alerts' view after creating a silence in the Developer perspective
1872251 - [aws-ebs-csi-driver] Verify job in CI doesn't check for vendor dir sanity
1872786 - Rules in kube-apiserver.rules are taking too long and consuming too much memory for Prometheus to evaluate them
1872821 - [DOC] Typo in Ansible Operator Tutorial
1872907 - Fail to create CR from generated Helm Base Operator
1872923 - Click "Cancel" button on the "initialization-resource" creation form page should send users to the "Operator details" page instead of "Install Operator" page (previous page)
1873007 - [downstream] failed to read config when running the operator-sdk in the home path
1873030 - Subscriptions without any candidate operators should cause resolution to fail
1873043 - Bump to latest available 1.19.x k8s
1873114 - Nodes goes into NotReady state (VMware)
1873288 - Changing Cluster-Wide Pull Secret Does Not Trigger Updates In Kubelet Filesystem
1873305 - Failed to power on /inspect node when using Redfish protocol
1873326 - Accessibility - The symbols e.g checkmark in the overview page has no text description, label, or other accessible information
1873480 - Accessibility - No text description, alt text, label, or other accessible information associated with the help icon: “?” button/icon in Developer Console ->Navigation
1873556 - [Openstack] HTTP_PROXY setting for NetworkManager-resolv-prepender not working
1873593 - MCO fails to cope with ContainerRuntimeConfig thas has a name > 63 characters
1874057 - Pod stuck in CreateContainerError - error msg="container_linux.go:348: starting container process caused \"chdir to cwd (\\\"/mount-point\\\") set in config.json failed: permission denied\""
1874074 - [CNV] Windows 2019 Default Template Not Defaulting to Proper NIC/Storage Driver
1874192 - [RFE] "Create Backing Store" page doesn't allow to select already defined k8s secret as target bucket credentials when Google Cloud Storage is selected as a provider
1874240 - [vsphere] unable to deprovision - Runtime error list attached objects
1874248 - Include validation for vcenter host in the install-config
1874340 - vmware: NodeClockNotSynchronising alert is triggered in openshift cluster after upgrading form 4.4.16 to 4.5.6
1874583 - apiserver tries and fails to log an event when shutting down
1874584 - add retry for etcd errors in kube-apiserver
1874638 - Missing logging for nbctl daemon
1874736 - [downstream] no version info for the helm-operator
1874901 - add utm_source parameter to Red Hat Marketplace URLs for attribution
1874968 - Accessibility: The project selection drop down is a keyboard trap
1875247 - Dependency resolution error "found more than one head for channel" is unhelpful for users
1875516 - disabled scheduling is easy to miss in node page of OCP console
1875598 - machine status is Running for a master node which has been terminated from the console
1875806 - When creating a service of type "LoadBalancer" (Kuryr,OVN) communication through this loadbalancer failes after 2-5 minutes.
1876166 - need to be able to disable kube-apiserver connectivity checks
1876469 - Invalid doc link on yaml template schema description
1876701 - podCount specDescriptor change doesn't take effect on operand details page
1876815 - Installer uses the environment variable OS_CLOUD for manifest generation despite explicit prompt
1876935 - AWS volume snapshot is not deleted after the cluster is destroyed
1877071 - vSphere IPI - Nameserver limits were exceeded, some nameservers have been omitted
1877105 - add redfish to enabled_bios_interfaces
1877116 - e2e aws calico tests fail with `rpc error: code = ResourceExhausted`
1877273 - [OVN] EgressIP cannot fail over to available nodes after one egressIP node shutdown
1877648 - [sriov]VF from allocatable and capacity of node is incorrect when the policy is only 'rootDevices'
1877681 - Manually created PV can not be used
1877693 - dnsrecords specify recordTTL as 30 but the value is null in AWS Route 53
1877740 - RHCOS unable to get ip address during first boot
1877812 - [ROKS] IBM cloud failed to terminate OSDs when upgraded between internal builds of OCS 4.5
1877919 - panic in multus-admission-controller
1877924 - Cannot set BIOS config using Redfish with Dell iDracs
1878022 - Met imagestreamimport error when import the whole image repository
1878086 - OCP 4.6+OCS 4.6(multiple SC) Internal Mode- UI should populate the default "Filesystem Name" instead of providing a textbox, & the name should be validated
1878301 - [4.6] [UI] Unschedulable used to always be displayed when Node is Ready status
1878701 - After deleting and recreating a VM with same name, the VM events contain the events from the old VM
1878766 - CPU consumption on nodes is higher than the CPU count of the node.
1878772 - On the nodes there are up to 547 zombie processes caused by thanos and Prometheus.
1878823 - "oc adm release mirror" generating incomplete imageContentSources when using "--to" and "--to-release-image"
1878845 - 4.5 to 4.6.rc.4 upgrade failure: authentication operator health check connection refused for multitenant mode
1878900 - Installer complains about not enough vcpu for the baremetal flavor where generic bm flavor is being used
1878953 - RBAC error shows when normal user access pvc upload page
1878956 - `oc api-resources` does not include API version
1878972 - oc adm release mirror removes the architecture information
1879013 - [RFE]Improve CD-ROM interface selection
1879056 - UI should allow to change or unset the evictionStrategy
1879057 - [CSI Certificate Test] Test failed for CSI certification tests for CSIdriver openshift-storage.rbd.csi.ceph.com with RWX enabled
1879094 - RHCOS dhcp kernel parameters not working as expected
1879099 - Extra reboot during 4.5 -> 4.6 upgrade
1879244 - Error adding container to network "ipvlan-host-local": "master" field is required
1879248 - OLM Cert Dir for Webhooks does not align SDK/Kubebuilder
1879282 - Update OLM references to point to the OLM's new doc site
1879283 - panic after nil pointer dereference in pkg/daemon/update.go
1879365 - Overlapping, divergent openshift-cluster-storage-operator manifests
1879419 - [RFE]Improve boot source description for 'Container' and ‘URL’
1879430 - openshift-object-counts quota is not dynamically updating as the resource is deleted.
1879565 - IPv6 installation fails on node-valid-hostname
1879777 - Overlapping, divergent openshift-machine-api namespace manifests
1879878 - Messages flooded in thanos-querier pod- oauth-proxy container: Authorization header does not start with 'Basic', skipping basic authentication in Log message in thanos-querier pod the oauth-proxy
1879930 - Annotations shouldn't be removed during object reconciliation
1879976 - No other channel visible from console
1880068 - image pruner is not aware of image policy annotation, StatefulSets, etc.
1880148 - dns daemonset rolls out slowly in large clusters
1880161 - Actuator Update calls should have fixed retry time
1880259 - additional network + OVN network installation failed
1880389 - Pipeline Runs with skipped Tasks incorrectly show Tasks as "Failed"
1880410 - Convert Pipeline Visualization node to SVG
1880417 - [vmware] Fail to boot with Secure Boot enabled, kernel lockdown denies iopl access to afterburn
1880443 - broken machine pool management on OpenStack
1880450 - Host failed to install because its installation stage joined took longer than expected 20m0s.
1880473 - IBM Cloudpak operators installation stuck "UpgradePending" with InstallPlan status updates failing due to size limitation
1880680 - [4.3] [Tigera plugin] - openshift-kube-proxy fails - Failed to execute iptables-restore: exit status 4 (iptables-restore v1.8.4 (nf_tables)
1880785 - CredentialsRequest missing description in `oc explain`
1880787 - No description for Provisioning CRD for `oc explain`
1880902 - need dnsPlocy set in crd ingresscontrollers
1880913 - [DeScheduler] - change loglevel from Info to Error when priority class given in the descheduler params is not present in the cluster
1881027 - Cluster installation fails at with error : the container name \"assisted-installer\" is already in use
1881046 - [OSP] openstack-cinder-csi-driver-operator doesn't contain required manifests and assets
1881155 - operator install authentication: Authentication require functional ingress which requires at least one schedulable and ready node
1881268 - Image uploading failed but wizard claim the source is available
1881322 - kube-scheduler not scheduling pods for certificates not renewed automatically after nodes restoration
1881347 - [v2v][ui]VM Import Wizard does not call Import provider cleanup
1881881 - unable to specify target port manually resulting in application not reachable
1881898 - misalignment of sub-title in quick start headers
1882022 - [vsphere][ipi] directory path is incomplete, terraform can't find the cluster
1882057 - Not able to select access modes for snapshot and clone
1882140 - No description for spec.kubeletConfig
1882176 - Master recovery instructions don't handle IP change well
1882191 - Installation fails against external resources which lack DNS Subject Alternative Name
1882209 - [ BateMetal IPI ] local coredns resolution not working
1882210 - [release 4.7] insights-operator: Fix bug in reflector not recovering from "Too large resource version"
1882268 - [e2e][automation]Add Integration Test for Snapshots
1882361 - Retrieve and expose the latest report for the cluster
1882485 - dns-node-resolver corrupts /etc/hosts if internal registry is not in use
1882556 - git:// protocol in origin tests is not currently proxied
1882569 - CNO: Replacing masters doesn't work for ovn-kubernetes 4.4
1882608 - Spot instance not getting created on AzureGovCloud
1882630 - Fstype is changed after deleting pv provisioned by localvolumeset instance
1882649 - IPI installer labels all images it uploads into glance as qcow2
1882653 - The Approval should display the Manual after the APPROVAL changed to Manual from the Automatic
1882658 - [RFE] Volume Snapshot is not listed under inventory in Project Details page
1882660 - Operators in a namespace should be installed together when approve one
1882667 - [ovn] br-ex Link not found when scale up RHEL worker
1882723 - [vsphere]Suggested mimimum value for providerspec not working
1882730 - z systems not reporting correct core count in recording rule
1882750 - [sig-api-machinery][Feature:APIServer][Late] kubelet terminates kube-apiserver gracefully
1882781 - nameserver= option to dracut creates extra NM connection profile
1882785 - Multi-Arch CI Jobs destroy libvirt network but occasionally leave it defined
1882844 - [IPI on vsphere] Executing 'openshift-installer destroy cluster' leaves installer tag categories in vsphere
1883371 - CVE-2020-26160 jwt-go: access restriction bypass vulnerability
1883388 - Bare Metal Hosts Details page doesn't show Mainitenance and Power On/Off status
1883422 - operator-sdk cleanup fail after installing operator with "run bundle" without installmode and og with ownnamespace
1883425 - Gather top installplans and their count
1883502 - Logging is broken due to mix of k8s.io/klog v1 and v2
1883523 - [sig-cli] oc adm must-gather runs successfully for audit logs [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel]
1883538 - must gather report "cannot file manila/aws ebs/ovirt csi related namespaces and objects" error
1883560 - operator-registry image needs clean up in /tmp
1883563 - Creating duplicate namespace from create namespace modal breaks the UI
1883614 - [OCP 4.6] [UI] UI should not describe power cycle as "graceful"
1883642 - [sig-imageregistry][Feature:ImageTriggers][Serial] ImageStream admission TestImageStreamAdmitSpecUpdate
1883660 - e2e-metal-ipi CI job consistently failing on 4.4
1883765 - [user workload monitoring] improve latency of Thanos sidecar when streaming read requests
1883766 - [e2e][automation] Adjust tests for UI changes
1883768 - [user workload monitoring] The Prometheus operator should discard invalid TLS configurations
1883773 - opm alpha bundle build fails on win10 home
1883790 - revert "force cert rotation every couple days for development" in 4.7
1883803 - node pull secret feature is not working as expected
1883836 - Jenkins imagestream ubi8 and nodejs12 update
1883847 - The UI does not show checkbox for enable encryption at rest for OCS
1883853 - go list -m all does not work
1883905 - race condition in opm index add --overwrite-latest
1883946 - Understand why trident CSI pods are getting deleted by OCP
1884035 - Pods are illegally transitioning back to pending
1884041 - e2e should provide error info when minimum number of pods aren't ready in kube-system namespace
1884131 - oauth-proxy repository should run tests
1884165 - Repos should be disabled in -firstboot.service before OS extensions are applied
1884221 - IO becomes unhealthy due to a file change
1884258 - Node network alerts should work on ratio rather than absolute values
1884270 - Git clone does not support SCP-style ssh locations
1884334 - CVO marks an upgrade as failed when an operator takes more than 20 minutes to rollout
1884435 - vsphere - loopback is randomly not being added to resolver
1884565 - oauth-proxy crashes on invalid usage
1884584 - Kuryr controller continuously restarting due to unable to clean up Network Policy
1884613 - Create Instance of Prometheus from operator returns blank page for non cluster-admin users
1884628 - ovs-configuration service fails when the external network is configured on a tagged vlan on top of a bond device on a baremetal IPI deployment
1884629 - Visusally impaired user using screen reader not able to select Admin/Developer console options in drop down menu.
1884632 - Adding BYOK disk encryption through DES
1884654 - Utilization of a VMI is not populated
1884655 - KeyError on self._existing_vifs[port_id]
1884664 - Operator install page shows "installing..." instead of going to install status page
1884672 - Failed to inspect hardware. Reason: unable to start inspection: 'idrac'
1884691 - Installer blocks cloud-credential-operator manual mode on GCP and Azure
1884724 - Quick Start: Serverless quickstart doesn't match Operator install steps
1884739 - Node process segfaulted
1884824 - Update baremetal-operator libraries to k8s 1.19
1885002 - network kube-rbac-proxy scripts crashloop rather than non-crash looping
1885138 - Wrong detection of pending state in VM details
1885151 - [Cloud Team - Cluster API Provider Azure] Logging is broken due to mix of k8s.io/klog v1 and v2
1885165 - NoRunningOvnMaster alert falsely triggered
1885170 - Nil pointer when verifying images
1885173 - [e2e][automation] Add test for next run configuration feature
1885179 - oc image append fails on push (uploading a new layer)
1885213 - Vertical Pod Autoscaler (VPA) not working with DeploymentConfig
1885218 - [e2e][automation] Add virtctl to gating script
1885223 - Sync with upstream (fix panicking cluster-capacity binary)
1885235 - Prometheus: Logging is broken due to mix of k8s.io/klog v1 and v2
1885241 - kube-rbac-proxy: Logging is broken due to mix of k8s.io/klog v1 and v2
1885243 - prometheus-adapter: Logging is broken due to mix of k8s.io/klog v1 and v2
1885244 - prometheus-operator: Logging is broken due to mix of k8s.io/klog v1 and v2
1885246 - cluster-monitoring-operator: Logging is broken due to mix of k8s.io/klog v1 and v2
1885249 - openshift-state-metrics: Logging is broken due to mix of k8s.io/klog v1 and v2
1885308 - Supermicro nodes failed to boot via disk during installation when using IPMI and UEFI
1885315 - unit tests fail on slow disks
1885319 - Remove redundant use of group and kind of DataVolumeTemplate
1885343 - Console doesn't load in iOS Safari when using self-signed certificates
1885344 - 4.7 upgrade - dummy bug for 1880591
1885358 - add p&f configuration to protect openshift traffic
1885365 - MCO does not respect the install section of systemd files when enabling
1885376 - failed to initialize the cluster: Cluster operator marketplace is still updating
1885398 - CSV with only Webhook conversion can't be installed
1885403 - Some OLM events hide the underlying errors
1885414 - Need to disable HTX when not using HTTP/2 in order to preserve HTTP header name case
1885425 - opm index add cannot batch add multiple bundles that use skips
1885543 - node tuning operator builds and installs an unsigned RPM
1885644 - Panic output due to timeouts in openshift-apiserver
1885676 - [OCP 4.7]UI should fallback to minimal deployment only after total CPU < 30 || totalMemory < 72 GiB for initial deployment
1885702 - Cypress: Fix 'aria-hidden-focus' accesibility violations
1885706 - Cypress: Fix 'link-name' accesibility violation
1885761 - DNS fails to resolve in some pods
1885856 - Missing registry v1 protocol usage metric on telemetry
1885864 - Stalld service crashed under the worker node
1885930 - [release 4.7] Collect ServiceAccount statistics
1885940 - kuryr/demo image ping not working
1886007 - upgrade test with service type load balancer will never work
1886022 - Move range allocations to CRD's
1886028 - [BM][IPI] Failed to delete node after scale down
1886111 - UpdatingopenshiftStateMetricsFailed: DeploymentRollout of openshift-monitoring/openshift-state-metrics: got 1 unavailable replicas
1886134 - Need to set GODEBUG=x509ignoreCN=0 in initrd
1886154 - System roles are not present while trying to create new role binding through web console
1886166 - 1885517 Clone - Not needed for 4.7 - upgrade from 4.5->4.6 causes broadcast storm
1886168 - Remove Terminal Option for Windows Nodes
1886200 - greenwave / CVP is failing on bundle validations, cannot stage push
1886229 - Multipath support for RHCOS sysroot
1886294 - Unable to schedule a pod due to Insufficient ephemeral-storage
1886327 - Attempt to add a worker using bad roodDeviceHint: bmh and machine become Provisioned, no error in status
1886353 - [e2e][automation] kubevirt-gating job fails for a missing virtctl URL
1886397 - Move object-enum to console-shared
1886423 - New Affinities don't contain ID until saving
1886435 - Azure UPI uses deprecated command 'group deployment'
1886449 - p&f: add configuration to protect oauth server traffic
1886452 - layout options doesn't gets selected style on click i.e grey background
1886462 - IO doesn't recognize namespaces - 2 resources with the same name in 2 namespaces -> only 1 gets collected
1886488 - move e2e test off of nfs image from docker.io/gmontero/nfs-server:latest
1886524 - Change default terminal command for Windows Pods
1886553 - i/o timeout experienced from build02 when targeting CI test cluster during test execution
1886600 - panic: assignment to entry in nil map
1886620 - Application behind service load balancer with PDB is not disrupted
1886627 - Kube-apiserver pods restarting/reinitializing periodically
1886635 - CVE-2020-8563 kubernetes: Secret leaks in kube-controller-manager when using vSphere Provider
1886636 - Panic in machine-config-operator
1886749 - Removing network policy from namespace causes inability to access pods through loadbalancer.
1886751 - Gather MachineConfigPools
1886766 - PVC dropdown has 'Persistent Volume' Label
1886834 - ovn-cert is mandatory in both master and node daemonsets
1886848 - [OSP] machine instance-state annotation discrepancy with providerStatus.instanceState
1886861 - ordered-values.yaml not honored if values.schema.json provided
1886871 - Neutron ports created for hostNetworking pods
1886890 - Overwrite jenkins-agent-base imagestream
1886900 - Cluster-version operator fills logs with "Manifest: ..." spew
1886922 - [sig-network] pods should successfully create sandboxes by getting pod
1886973 - Local storage operator doesn't include correctly populate LocalVolumeDiscoveryResult in console
1886977 - [v2v]Incorrect VM Provider type displayed in UI while importing VMs through VMIO
1887010 - Imagepruner met error "Job has reached the specified backoff limit" which causes image registry degraded
1887026 - FC volume attach fails with “no fc disk found” error on OCP 4.6 PowerVM cluster
1887040 - [upgrade] ovs pod crash for rhel worker when upgarde from 4.5 to 4.6
1887046 - Event for LSO need update to avoid confusion
1887088 - cluster-node-tuning-operator refers to missing cluster-node-tuned image
1887375 - User should be able to specify volumeMode when creating pvc from web-console
1887380 - Unsupported access mode should not be available to select when creating pvc by aws-ebs-csi-driver(gp2-csi) from web-console
1887392 - openshift-apiserver: delegated authn/z should have ttl > metrics/healthz/readyz/openapi interval
1887428 - oauth-apiserver service should be monitored by prometheus
1887441 - ingress misconfiguration may break authentication but ingress operator keeps reporting "degraded: False"
1887454 - [sig-storage] In-tree Volumes [Driver: azure-disk] [Testpattern: Dynamic PV (ext4)] volumes should store data
1887456 - It is impossible to attach the default NIC to a bridge with the latest version of OVN Kubernetes
1887465 - Deleted project is still referenced
1887472 - unable to edit application group for KSVC via gestures (shift+Drag)
1887488 - OCP 4.6: Topology Manager OpenShift E2E test fails: gu workload attached to SRIOV networks should let resource-aligned PODs have working SRIOV network interface
1887509 - Openshift-tests conformance TopologyManager tests run when Machine Config Operator is not installed on cluster
1887525 - Failures to set master HardwareDetails cannot easily be debugged
1887545 - 4.5 to 4.6 upgrade fails when external network is configured on a bond device: ovs-configuration service fails and node becomes unreachable
1887585 - ovn-masters stuck in crashloop after scale test
1887651 - [Internal Mode] Object gateway (RGW) in unknown state after OCP upgrade.
1887737 - Test TestImageRegistryRemovedWithImages is failing on e2e-vsphere-operator
1887740 - cannot install descheduler operator after uninstalling it
1887745 - API server is throwing 5xx error code for 42.11% of requests for LIST events
1887750 - `oc explain localvolumediscovery` returns empty description
1887751 - `oc explain localvolumediscoveryresult` returns empty description
1887778 - Add ContainerRuntimeConfig gatherer
1887783 - PVC upload cannot continue after approve the certificate
1887797 - [CNV][V2V] Default network type is bridge for interface bound to POD network in VMWare migration wizard
1887799 - User workload monitoring prometheus-config-reloader OOM
1887850 - [sig-auth][Feature:SCC][Early] should not have pod creation failures during install test is flaky
1887863 - Installer panics on invalid flavor
1887864 - Clean up dependencies to avoid invalid scan flagging
1887934 - TestForwardedHeaderPolicyAppend, TestForwardedHeaderPolicyReplace, and TestForwardedHeaderPolicyIfNone consistently fail because of case-sensitive comparison
1887936 - Kube-scheduler should be able to parse v1beta1 KubeSchedulerConfig
1888015 - workaround kubelet graceful termination of static pods bug
1888028 - prevent extra cycle in aggregated apiservers
1888036 - Operator details shows old CRD versions
1888041 - non-terminating pods are going from running to pending
1888072 - Setting Supermicro node to PXE boot via Redfish doesn't take affect
1888073 - Operator controller continuously busy looping
1888118 - Memory requests not specified for image registry operator
1888150 - Install Operand Form on OperatorHub is displaying unformatted text
1888172 - PR 209 didn't update the sample archive, but machineset and pdbs are now namespaced
1888227 - Failed to deploy some of container image on the recent OCP 4.6 nightly build
1888292 - Fix CVE-2015-7501 affecting agent-maven-3.5
1888311 - p&f: make SAR traffic from oauth and openshift apiserver exempt
1888363 - namespaces crash in dev
1888378 - [IPI on Azure] errors destroying cluster when Azure resource group was never created
1888381 - instance:node_network_receive_bytes_excluding_lo:rate1m value twice expected
1888464 - installer missing permission definitions for TagResources and UntagResources when installing in existing VPC
1888494 - imagepruner pod is error when image registry storage is not configured
1888565 - [OSP] machine-config-daemon-firstboot.service failed with "error reading osImageURL from rpm-ostree"
1888595 - cluster-policy-controller logs shows error which reads initial monitor sync has error
1888601 - The poddisruptionbudgets is using the operator service account, instead of gather
1888657 - oc doesn't know its name
1888663 - sdn starts after kube-apiserver, delay readyz until oauth-apiserver is reachable
1888671 - Document the Cloud Provider's ignore-volume-az setting
1888738 - quay.io/openshift/origin-must-gather:latest is not a multi-arch, manifest-list image
1888763 - at least one of these parameters (Vendor, DeviceID or PfNames) has to be defined in nicSelector in CR %s", cr.GetName()
1888827 - ovnkube-master may segfault when trying to add IPs to a nil address set
1888861 - need to pass dual-stack service CIDRs to kube-apiserver in dual-stack cluster
1888866 - AggregatedAPIDown permanently firing after removing APIService
1888870 - JS error when using autocomplete in YAML editor
1888874 - hover message are not shown for some properties
1888900 - align plugins versions
1888985 - Cypress: Fix 'Ensures buttons have discernible text' accesibility violation
1889213 - The error message of uploading failure is not clear enough
1889267 - Increase the time out for creating template and upload image in the terraform
1889348 - Project link should be removed from Application Details page, since it is inaccurate (Application Stages)
1889374 - Kiali feature won't work on fresh 4.6 cluster
1889388 - ListBundles returns incorrect replaces/skips when bundles have been added via semver-skippatch mode
1889420 - OCP failed to add vsphere disk when pod moved to new node during cluster upgrade
1889515 - Accessibility - The symbols e.g checkmark in the Node > overview page has no text description, label, or other accessible information
1889529 - [Init-CR annotation] Inline alert shows operand instance was needed still appearing after creating an Operand instance
1889540 - [4.5 upgrade][alert]CloudCredentialOperatorDown
1889577 - Resources are not shown on project workloads page
1889620 - [Azure] - Machineset not scaling when publicIP:true in disconnected Azure enviroment
1889630 - Scheduling disabled popovers are missing for Node status in Node Overview and Details pages
1889692 - Selected Capacity is showing wrong size
1889694 - usbguard fails to install as RHCOS extension due to missing libprotobuf.so.15
1889698 - When the user clicked cancel at the Create Storage Class confirmation dialog all the data from the Local volume set goes off
1889710 - Prometheus metrics on disk take more space compared to OCP 4.5
1889721 - opm index add semver-skippatch mode does not respect prerelease versions
1889724 - When LocalVolumeDiscovery CR is created form the LSO page User doesn't see the Disk tab
1889767 - [vsphere] Remove certificate from upi-installer image
1889779 - error when destroying a vSphere installation that failed early
1889787 - OCP is flooding the oVirt engine with auth errors
1889838 - race in Operator update after fix from bz1888073
1889852 - support new AWS regions ap-east-1, af-south-1, eu-south-1
1889863 - Router prints incorrect log message for namespace label selector
1889891 - Backport timecache LRU fix
1889912 - Drains can cause high CPU usage
1889921 - Reported Degraded=False Available=False pair does not make sense
1889928 - [e2e][automation] Add more tests for golden os
1889943 - EgressNetworkPolicy does not work when setting Allow rule to a dnsName
1890038 - Infrastructure status.platform not migrated to status.platformStatus causes warnings
1890074 - MCO extension kernel-headers is invalid
1890104 - with Serverless 1.10 version of trigger/subscription/channel/IMC is V1 as latest
1890130 - multitenant mode consistently fails CI
1890141 - move off docker.io images for build/image-eco/templates/jenkins e2e
1890145 - The mismatched of font size for Status Ready and Health Check secondary text
1890180 - FieldDependency x-descriptor doesn't support non-sibling fields
1890182 - DaemonSet with existing owner garbage collected
1890228 - AWS: destroy stuck on route53 hosted zone not found
1890235 - e2e: update Protractor's checkErrors logging
1890250 - workers may fail to join the cluster during an update from 4.5
1890256 - Replacing a master node on a baremetal IPI deployment gets stuck when deleting the machine of the unhealthy member
1890270 - External IP doesn't work if the IP address is not assigned to a node
1890361 - s390x: Generate new ostree rpm with fix for rootfs immutability
1890456 - [vsphere] mapi_instance_create_failed doesn't work on vsphere
1890467 - unable to edit an application without a service
1890472 - [Kuryr] Bulk port creation exception not completely formatted
1890494 - Error assigning Egress IP on GCP
1890530 - cluster-policy-controller doesn't gracefully terminate
1890630 - [Kuryr] Available port count not correctly calculated for alerts
1890671 - [SA] verify-image-signature using service account does not work
1890677 - 'oc image info' claims 'does not exist' for application/vnd.oci.image.manifest.v1+json manifest
1890808 - New etcd alerts need to be added to the monitoring stack
1890951 - Mirror of multiarch images together with cluster logging case problems. It doesn't sync the "overall" sha it syncs only the sub arch sha.
1890984 - Rename operator-webhook-config to sriov-operator-webhook-config
1890995 - wew-app should provide more insight into why image deployment failed
1891023 - ovn-kubernetes rbac proxy never starts waiting for an incorrect API call
1891047 - Helm chart fails to install using developer console because of TLS certificate error
1891068 - [sig-instrumentation] Prometheus when installed on the cluster shouldn't report any alerts in firing state apart from Watchdog and AlertmanagerReceiversNotConfigured [Early] failing due to TargetDown alert from kube-scheduler
1891080 - [LSO] When Localvolumeset and SC is already created before OCS install Creation of LVD and LVS is skipped when user click created storage cluster from UI
1891108 - p&f: Increase the concurrency share of workload-low priority level
1891143 - CVO deadlocked while shutting down, shortly after fresh cluster install (metrics goroutine)
1891189 - [LSO] max device limit is accepting negative values. PVC is not getting created and no error is shown
1891314 - Display incompatible helm charts for installation (kubeVersion of cluster doesn't meet requirements of chart)
1891362 - Wrong metrics count for openshift_build_result_total
1891368 - fync should be fsync for etcdHighFsyncDurations alert's annotations.message
1891374 - fync should be fsync for etcdHighFsyncDurations critical alert's annotations.message
1891376 - Extra text in Cluster Utilization charts
1891419 - Wrong detail head on network policy detail page.
1891459 - Snapshot tests should report stderr of failed commands
1891498 - Other machine config pools do not show during update
1891543 - OpenShift 4.6/OSP install fails when node flavor has less than 25GB, even with dedicated storage
1891551 - Clusterautoscaler doesn't scale up as expected
1891552 - Handle missing labels as empty.
1891555 - The windows oc.exe binary does not have version metadata
1891559 - kuryr-cni cannot start new thread
1891614 - [mlx] testpmd fails inside OpenShift pod using DevX version 19.11
1891625 - [Release 4.7] Mutable LoadBalancer Scope
1891702 - installer get pending when additionalTrustBundle is added into install-config.yaml
1891716 - OVN cluster upgrade from 4.6.1 to 4.7 fails
1891740 - OperatorStatusChanged is noisy
1891758 - the authentication operator may spam DeploymentUpdated event endlessly
1891759 - Dockerfile builds cannot change /etc/pki/ca-trust
1891816 - [UPI] [OSP] control-plane.yml provisioning playbook fails on OSP 16.1
1891825 - Error message not very informative in case of mode mismatch
1891898 - The ClusterServiceVersion can define Webhooks that cannot be created.
1891951 - UI should show warning while creating pools with compression on
1891952 - [Release 4.7] Apps Domain Enhancement
1891993 - 4.5 to 4.6 upgrade doesn't remove deployments created by marketplace
1891995 - OperatorHub displaying old content
1891999 - Storage efficiency card showing wrong compression ratio
1892004 - OCP 4.6 opm on Ubuntu 18.04.4 - error /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.28' not found (required by ./opm)
1892167 - [SR-IOV] SriovNetworkNodePolicies apply ignoring the spec.nodeSelector.
1892198 - TypeError in 'Performance Profile' tab displayed for 'Performance Addon Operator'
1892288 - assisted install workflow creates excessive control-plane disruption
1892338 - HAProxyReloadFail alert only briefly fires in the event of a broken HAProxy config
1892358 - [e2e][automation] update feature gate for kubevirt-gating job
1892376 - Deleted netnamespace could not be re-created
1892390 - TestOverwrite/OverwriteBundle/DefaultBehavior in operator-registry is flaky
1892393 - TestListPackages is flaky
1892448 - MCDPivotError alert/metric missing
1892457 - NTO-shipped stalld needs to use FIFO for boosting.
1892467 - linuxptp-daemon crash
1892521 - [AWS] Startup bootstrap machine failed due to ignition file is missing in disconnected UPI env
1892653 - User is unable to create KafkaSource with v1beta
1892724 - VFS added to the list of devices of the nodeptpdevice CRD
1892799 - Mounting additionalTrustBundle in the operator
1893117 - Maintenance mode on vSphere blocks installation.
1893351 - TLS secrets are not able to edit on console.
1893362 - The ovs-xxxxx_openshift-sdn container does not terminate gracefully, slowing down reboots
1893386 - false-positive ReadyIngressNodes_NoReadyIngressNodes: Auth operator makes risky "worker" assumption when guessing about ingress availability
1893546 - Deploy using virtual media fails on node cleaning step
1893601 - overview filesystem utilization of OCP is showing the wrong values
1893645 - oc describe route SIGSEGV
1893648 - Ironic image building process is not compatible with UEFI secure boot
1893724 - OperatorHub generates incorrect RBAC
1893739 - Force deletion doesn't work for snapshots if snapshotclass is already deleted
1893776 - No useful metrics for image pull time available, making debugging issues there impossible
1893798 - Lots of error messages starting with "get namespace to enqueue Alertmanager instances failed" in the logs of prometheus-operator
1893832 - ErrorCount field is missing in baremetalhosts.metal3.io CRD
1893889 - disabled dropdown items in the pf dropdown component are skipped over and unannounced by JAWS
1893926 - Some "Dynamic PV (block volmode)" pattern storage e2e tests are wrongly skipped
1893944 - Wrong product name for Multicloud Object Gateway
1893953 - (release-4.7) Gather default StatefulSet configs
1893956 - Installation always fails at "failed to initialize the cluster: Cluster operator image-registry is still updating"
1893963 - [Testday] Workloads-> Virtualization is not loading for Firefox browser
1893972 - Should skip e2e test cases as early as possible
1894013 - [v2v][Testday] VMware to CNV VM import]VMware URL: It is not clear that only the FQDN/IP address is required without 'https://'
1894020 - User with edit users cannot deploy images from their own namespace from the developer perspective
1894025 - OCP 4.5 to 4.6 upgrade for "aws-ebs-csi-driver-operator" fails when "defaultNodeSelector" is set
1894041 - [v2v][[Testday]VM import from VMware/RHV] VM import wizard: The target storage class name is not displayed if default storage class is used.
1894065 - tag new packages to enable TLS support
1894110 - Console shows wrong value for maxUnavailable and maxSurge when set to 0
1894144 - CI runs of baremetal IPI are failing due to newer libvirt libraries
1894146 - ironic-api used by metal3 is over provisioned and consumes a lot of RAM
1894194 - KuryrPorts leftovers from 4.6 GA need to be deleted
1894210 - Failed to encrypt OSDs on OCS4.6 installation (via UI)
1894216 - Improve OpenShift Web Console availability
1894275 - Fix CRO owners file to reflect node owner
1894278 - "database is locked" error when adding bundle to index image
1894330 - upgrade channels needs to be updated for 4.7
1894342 - oauth-apiserver logs many "[SHOULD NOT HAPPEN] failed to update managedFields for ... OAuthClient ... no corresponding type for oauth.openshift.io/v1, Kind=OAuthClient"
1894374 - Dont prevent the user from uploading a file with incorrect extension
1894432 - [oVirt] sometimes installer timeout on tmp_import_vm
1894477 - bash syntax error in nodeip-configuration.service
1894503 - add automated test for Polarion CNV-5045
1894519 - [OSP] External mode cluster creation disabled for Openstack and oVirt platform
1894539 - [on-prem] Unable to deploy additional machinesets on separate subnets
1894645 - Cinder volume provisioning crashes on nil cloud provider
1894677 - image-pruner job is panicking: klog stack
1894810 - Remove TechPreview Badge from Eventing in Serverless version 1.11.0
1894860 - 'backend' CI job passing despite failing tests
1894910 - Update the node to use the real-time kernel fails
1894992 - All nightly jobs for e2e-metal-ipi failing due to ipa image missing tenacity package
1895065 - Schema / Samples / Snippets Tabs are all selected at the same time
1895099 - vsphere-upi and vsphere-upi-serial jobs time out waiting for bootstrap to complete in CI
1895141 - panic in service-ca injector
1895147 - Remove memory limits on openshift-dns
1895169 - VM Template does not properly manage Mount Windows guest tools check box during VM creation
1895268 - The bundleAPIs should NOT be empty
1895309 - [OCP v47] The RHEL node scaleup fails due to "No package matching 'cri-o-1.19.*' found available" on OCP 4.7 cluster
1895329 - The infra index filled with warnings "WARNING: kubernetes.io/cinder built-in volume provider is now deprecated. The Cinder volume provider is deprecated and will be removed in a future release"
1895360 - Machine Config Daemon removes a file although its defined in the dropin
1895367 - Missing image in metadata DB index.db in disconnected Operator Hub installation. OCP 4.6.1
1895372 - Web console going blank after selecting any operator to install from OperatorHub
1895385 - Revert KUBELET_LOG_LEVEL back to level 3
1895423 - unable to edit an application with a custom builder image
1895430 - unable to edit custom template application
1895509 - Backup taken on one master cannot be restored on other masters
1895537 - [sig-imageregistry][Feature:ImageExtract] Image extract should extract content from an image
1895838 - oc explain description contains '/'
1895908 - "virtio" option is not available when modifying a CD-ROM to disk type
1895909 - e2e-metal-ipi-ovn-dualstack is failing
1895919 - NTO fails to load kernel modules
1895959 - configuring webhook token authentication should prevent cluster upgrades
1895979 - Unable to get coreos-installer with --copy-network to work
1896101 - [cnv][automation] Added negative tests for migration from VMWare and RHV
1896160 - CI: Some cluster operators are not ready: marketplace (missing: Degraded)
1896188 - [sig-cli] oc debug deployment configs from a build: local-busybox-1-build not completed
1896218 - Occasional GCP install failures: Error setting IAM policy for project ...: googleapi: Error 400: Service account ... does not exist., badRequest
1896229 - Current Rate of Bytes Received and Current Rate of Bytes Transmitted data can not be loaded
1896244 - Found a panic in storage e2e test
1896296 - Git links should avoid .git as part of the URL and should not link git:// urls in general
1896302 - [e2e][automation] Fix 4.6 test failures
1896365 - [Migration]The SDN migration cannot revert under some conditions
1896384 - [ovirt IPI]: local coredns resolution not working
1896446 - Git clone from private repository fails after upgrade OCP 4.5 to 4.6
1896529 - Incorrect instructions in the Serverless operator and application quick starts
1896645 - documentationBaseURL needs to be updated for 4.7
1896697 - [Descheduler] policy.yaml param in cluster configmap is empty
1896704 - Machine API components should honour cluster wide proxy settings
1896732 - "Attach to Virtual Machine OS" button should not be visible on old clusters
1896866 - File /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/default_connection.nmconnection is incompatible with SR-IOV operator
1896898 - ovs-configuration.service fails when multiple IPv6 default routes are provided via RAs over the same interface and deployment bootstrap fails
1896918 - start creating new-style Secrets for AWS
1896923 - DNS pod /metrics exposed on anonymous http port
1896977 - route SimpleAllocationPlugin: host name validation errors: spec.host: Invalid value: ... must be no more than 63 characters
1897003 - VNC console cannot be connected after visit it in new window
1897008 - Cypress: reenable check for 'aria-hidden-focus' rule & checkA11y test for modals
1897026 - [Migration] With updating optional network operator configuration, migration stucks on MCO
1897039 - router pod keeps printing log: template "msg"="router reloaded" "output"="[WARNING] 316/065823 (15) : parsing [/var/lib/haproxy/conf/haproxy.config:52]: option 'http-use-htx' is deprecated and ignored
1897050 - [IBM Power] LocalVolumeSet provisions boot partition as PV.
1897073 - [OCP 4.5] wrong netid assigned to Openshift projects/namespaces
1897138 - oVirt provider uses depricated cluster-api project
1897142 - When scaling replicas to zero, Octavia loadbalancer pool members are not updated accordingly
1897252 - Firing alerts are not showing up in console UI after cluster is up for some time
1897354 - Operator installation showing success, but Provided APIs are missing
1897361 - The MCO GCP-OP tests fail consistently on containerruntime tests with "connection refused"
1897412 - [sriov]disableDrain did not be updated in CRD of manifest
1897423 - Max unavailable and Max surge value are not shown on Deployment Config Details page
1897516 - Baremetal IPI deployment with IPv6 control plane fails when the nodes obtain both SLAAC and DHCPv6 addresses as they set their hostname to 'localhost'
1897520 - After restarting nodes the image-registry co is in degraded true state.
1897584 - Add casc plugins
1897603 - Cinder volume attachment detection failure in Kubelet
1897604 - Machine API deployment fails: Kube-Controller-Manager can't reach API: "Unauthorized"
1897635 - CVE-2020-28362 golang: math/big: panic during recursive division of very large numbers
1897641 - Baremetal IPI with IPv6 control plane: nodes respond with duplicate packets to ICMP6 echo requests
1897676 - [CI] [Azure] [UPI] CI failing since 4.6 changes in ignition
1897830 - [GSS] Unable to deploy OCS 4.5.2 on OCP 4.6.1, cannot `Create OCS Cluster Service`
1897891 - [RFE][v2v][UI][CNV VM import] Providing error message or/and block migration when vddk-init-image is missing
1897897 - ptp lose sync openshift 4.6
1898036 - no network after reboot (IPI)
1898045 - AWS EBS CSI Driver can not get updated cloud credential secret automatically
1898097 - mDNS floods the baremetal network
1898118 - Lack of logs on some image stream tests make hard to find root cause of a problem
1898134 - Descheduler logs show absolute values instead of percentage when LowNodeUtilization strategy is applied
1898159 - kcm operator shall pass --allocate-node-cidrs=false to kcm for ovn-kube and openshift-sdn cluster
1898174 - [OVN] EgressIP does not guard against node IP assignment
1898194 - GCP: can't install on custom machine types
1898238 - Installer validations allow same floating IP for API and Ingress
1898268 - [OVN]: `make check` broken on 4.6
1898289 - E2E test: Use KUBEADM_PASSWORD_FILE by default
1898320 - Incorrect Apostrophe Translation of "it's" in Scheduling Disabled Popover
1898357 - Within the operatorhub details view, long unbroken text strings do not wrap cause breaking display.
1898407 - [Deployment timing regression] Deployment takes longer with 4.7
1898417 - GCP: the dns targets in Google Cloud DNS is not updated after recreating loadbalancer service
1898487 - [oVirt] Node is not removed when VM has been removed from oVirt engine
1898500 - Failure to upgrade operator when a Service is included in a Bundle
1898517 - Ironic auto-discovery may result in rogue nodes registered in ironic
1898532 - Display names defined in specDescriptors not respected
1898580 - When adding more than one node selector to the sriovnetworknodepolicy, the cni and the device plugin pods are constantly rebooted
1898613 - Whereabouts should exclude IPv6 ranges
1898655 - [oVirt] Node deleted in oVirt should cause the Machine to go into a Failed phase
1898679 - Operand creation form - Required "type: object" properties (Accordion component) are missing red asterisk
1898680 - CVE-2020-7774 nodejs-y18n: prototype pollution vulnerability
1898745 - installation failing with CVO reporting openshift-samples not rolled out, samples not setting versions in its ClusterOperator
1898839 - Wrong YAML in operator metadata
1898851 - Multiple Pods access the same volume on the same node e2e test cases are missed from aws ebs csi driver e2e test job
1898873 - Remove TechPreview Badge from Monitoring
1898954 - Backup script does not take /etc/kubernetes/static-pod-resources on a reliable way
1899111 - [RFE] Update jenkins-maven-agen to maven36
1899128 - VMI details screen -> show the warning that it is preferable to have a VM only if the VM actually does not exist
1899175 - bump the RHCOS boot images for 4.7
1899198 - Use new packages for ipa ramdisks
1899200 - In Installed Operators page I cannot search for an Operator by it's name
1899220 - Support AWS IMDSv2
1899350 - configure-ovs.sh doesn't configure bonding options
1899433 - When Creating OCS from ocs wizard Step Discover Disks shows Error "An error occurred Not Found"
1899459 - Failed to start monitoring pods once the operator removed from override list of CVO
1899515 - Passthrough credentials are not immediately re-distributed on update
1899575 - update discovery burst to reflect lots of CRDs on openshift clusters
1899582 - update discovery burst to reflect lots of CRDs on openshift clusters
1899588 - Operator objects are re-created after all other associated resources have been deleted
1899600 - Increased etcd fsync latency as of OCP 4.6
1899603 - workers-rhel7 CI jobs failing: Failed to remove rollback: error running rpm-ostree cleanup
1899627 - Project dashboard Active status using small icon
1899725 - Pods table does not wrap well with quick start sidebar open
1899746 - [ovn] error while waiting on flows for pod: OVS sandbox port is no longer active (probably due to a subsequent CNI ADD)
1899760 - etcd_request_duration_seconds_bucket metric has excessive cardinality
1899835 - catalog-operator repeatedly crashes with "runtime error: index out of range [0] with length 0"
1899839 - thanosRuler.resources.requests does not take effect in user-workload-monitoring-config confimap
1899853 - additionalSecurityGroupIDs not working for master nodes
1899922 - NP changes sometimes influence new pods.
1899949 - [Platform] Remove restriction on disk type selection for LocalVolumeSet
1900008 - Fix internationalized sentence fragments in ImageSearch.tsx
1900010 - Fix internationalized sentence fragments in BuildImageSelector.tsx
1900020 - Remove ' from internationalized keys
1900022 - Search Page - Top labels field is not applied to selected Pipeline resources
1900030 - disruption_tests: [sig-imageregistry] Image registry remain available failing consistently
1900126 - Creating a VM results in suggestion to create a default storage class when one already exists
1900138 - [OCP on RHV] Remove insecure mode from the installer
1900196 - stalld is not restarted after crash
1900239 - Skip "subPath should be able to unmount" NFS test
1900322 - metal3 pod's toleration for key: node-role.kubernetes.io/master currently matches on exact value matches but should match on Exists
1900377 - [e2e][automation] create new css selector for active users
1900496 - (release-4.7) Collect spec config for clusteroperator resources
1900672 - (s390x) Upgrade from old LUKS to new not working with DASD disks
1900699 - Impossible to add new Node on OCP 4.6 using large ECKD disks - fdasd issue
1900759 - include qemu-guest-agent by default
1900790 - Track all resource counts via telemetry
1900835 - Multus errors when cachefile is not found
1900935 - `oc adm release mirror` panic panic: runtime error
1900989 - accessing the route cannot wake up the idled resources
1901040 - When scaling down the status of the node is stuck on deleting
1901057 - authentication operator health check failed when installing a cluster behind proxy
1901107 - pod donut shows incorrect information
1901111 - Installer dependencies are broken
1901200 - linuxptp-daemon crash when enable debug log level
1901301 - CBO should handle platform=BM without provisioning CR
1901355 - [Azure][4.7] Invalid vm size from customized compute nodes does not fail properly
1901363 - High Podready Latency due to timed out waiting for annotations
1901373 - redundant bracket on snapshot restore button
1901376 - [on-prem] Upgrade from 4.6 to 4.7 failed with "timed out waiting for the condition during waitForControllerConfigToBeCompleted: controllerconfig is not completed: ControllerConfig has not completed: completed(false) running(false) failing(true"
1901395 - "Edit virtual machine template" action link should be removed
1901472 - [OSP] Bootstrap and master nodes use different keepalived unicast setting
1901517 - RHCOS 4.6.1 uses a single NetworkManager connection for multiple NICs when using default DHCP
1901531 - Console returns a blank page while trying to create an operator Custom CR with Invalid Schema
1901594 - Kubernetes resource CRUD operations.Kubernetes resource CRUD operations Pod "before all" hook for "creates the resource instance"
1901604 - CNO blocks editing Kuryr options
1901675 - [sig-network] multicast when using one of the plugins 'redhat/openshift-ovs-multitenant, redhat/openshift-ovs-networkpolicy' should allow multicast traffic in namespaces where it is enabled
1901909 - The device plugin pods / cni pod are restarted every 5 minutes
1901982 - [sig-builds][Feature:Builds] build can reference a cluster service with a build being created from new-build should be able to run a build that references a cluster service
1902019 - when podTopologySpreadConstraint strategy is enabled for descheduler it throws error
1902059 - Wire a real signer for service accout issuer
1902091 - `cluster-image-registry-operator` pod leaves connections open when fails connecting S3 storage
1902111 - CVE-2020-27813 golang-github-gorilla-websocket: integer overflow leads to denial of service
1902157 - The DaemonSet machine-api-termination-handler couldn't allocate Pod
1902253 - MHC status doesnt set RemediationsAllowed = 0
1902299 - Failed to mirror operator catalog - error: destination registry required
1902545 - Cinder csi driver node pod should add nodeSelector for Linux
1902546 - Cinder csi driver node pod doesn't run on master node
1902547 - Cinder csi driver controller pod doesn't run on master node
1902552 - Cinder csi driver does not use the downstream images
1902595 - Project workloads list view doesn't show alert icon and hover message
1902600 - Container csi-snapshotter in Cinder csi driver needs to use ImagePullPolicy=IfNotPresent
1902601 - Cinder csi driver pods run as BestEffort qosClass
1902653 - [BM][IPI] Master deployment failed: No valid host was found. Reason: No conductor service registered which supports driver redfish for conductor group
1902702 - [sig-auth][Feature:LDAP][Serial] ldap group sync can sync groups from ldap: oc cp over non-existing directory/file fails
1902746 - [BM][IP] Master deployment failed - Base.1.0.GeneralError: database is locked
1902824 - failed to generate semver informed package manifest: unable to determine default channel
1902894 - hybrid-overlay-node crashing trying to get node object during initialization
1902969 - Cannot load vmi detail page
1902981 - It should default to current namespace when create vm from template
1902996 - [AWS] UPI on USGov, bootstrap machine can not fetch ignition file via s3:// URI
1903033 - duplicated lines of imageContentSources is seen when mirror release image to local registry
1903034 - OLM continuously printing debug logs
1903062 - [Cinder csi driver] Deployment mounted volume have no write access
1903078 - Deleting VolumeSnapshotClass makes VolumeSnapshot not Ready
1903107 - Enable vsphere-problem-detector e2e tests
1903164 - OpenShift YAML editor jumps to top every few seconds
1903165 - Improve Canary Status Condition handling for e2e tests
1903172 - Column Management: Fix sticky footer on scroll
1903186 - [Descheduler] cluster logs should report some info when PodTopologySpreadConstraints strategy is enabled
1903188 - [Descheduler] cluster log reports failed to validate server configuration" err="unsupported log format:
1903192 - Role name missing on create role binding form
1903196 - Popover positioning is misaligned for Overview Dashboard status items
1903206 - Ingress controller incorrectly routes traffic to non-ready pods/backends.
1903226 - MutatingWebhookConfiguration pod-identity-webhook does not exclude critical control-plane components
1903248 - Backport Upstream Static Pod UID patch
1903277 - Deprovisioning Not Deleting Security Groups [VpcLimitExceeded on e2e-aws tests]
1903290 - Kubelet repeatedly log the same log line from exited containers
1903346 - PV backed by FC lun is not being unmounted properly and this leads to IO errors / xfs corruption.
1903382 - Panic when task-graph is canceled with a TaskNode with no tasks
1903400 - Migrate a VM which is not running goes to pending state
1903402 - Nic/Disk on VMI overview should link to VMI's nic/disk page
1903414 - NodePort is not working when configuring an egress IP address
1903424 - mapi_machine_phase_transition_seconds_sum doesn't work
1903464 - "Evaluating rule failed" for "record: cluster:kube_persistentvolumeclaim_resource_requests_storage_bytes:provisioner:sum" and "record: cluster:kubelet_volume_stats_used_bytes:provisioner:sum"
1903639 - Hostsubnet gatherer produces wrong output
1903651 - Network Policies are not working as expected with OVN-Kubernetes when traffic hairpins back to the same source through a service
1903660 - Cannot install with Assisted Installer on top of IPv6 since network provider is not started
1903674 - [sig-apps] ReplicationController should serve a basic image on each replica with a private image
1903717 - Handle different Pod selectors for metal3 Deployment
1903733 - Scale up followed by scale down can delete all running workers
1903917 - Failed to load "Developer Catalog" page
1903999 - Httplog response code is always zero
1904026 - The quota controllers should resync on new resources and make progress
1904064 - Automated cleaning is disabled by default
1904124 - DHCP to static lease script doesn't work correctly if starting with infinite leases
1904125 - Boostrap VM .ign image gets added into 'default' pool instead of <cluster-name>-<id>-bootstrap
1904131 - kuryr tempest plugin test test_ipblock_network_policy_sg_rules fails
1904133 - KubeletConfig flooded with failure conditions
1904161 - AlertmanagerReceiversNotConfigured fires unconditionally on alertmanager restart
1904243 - RHCOS 4.6.1 missing ISCSI initiatorname.iscsi !
1904244 - MissingKey errors for two plugins using i18next.t
1904262 - clusterresourceoverride-operator has version: 1.0.0 every build
1904296 - VPA-operator has version: 1.0.0 every build
1904297 - The index image generated by "opm index prune" leaves unrelated images
1904305 - Should have scroll-down bar for the field which the values list has too many results under dashboards
1904385 - [oVirt] registry cannot mount volume on 4.6.4 -> 4.6.6 upgrade
1904497 - vsphere-problem-detector: Run on vSphere cloud only
1904501 - [Descheduler] descheduler does not evict any pod when PodTopologySpreadConstraint strategy is set
1904502 - vsphere-problem-detector: allow longer timeouts for some operations
1904503 - vsphere-problem-detector: emit alerts
1904538 - [sig-arch][Early] Managed cluster should start all core operators: monitoring: container has runAsNonRoot and image has non-numeric user (nobody)
1904578 - metric scraping for vsphere problem detector is not configured
1904582 - All application traffic broken due to unexpected load balancer change on 4.6.4 -> 4.6.6 upgrade
1904663 - IPI pointer customization MachineConfig always generated
1904679 - [Feature:ImageInfo] Image info should display information about images
1904683 - `[sig-builds][Feature:Builds] s2i build with a root user image` tests use docker.io image
1904684 - [sig-cli] oc debug ensure it works with image streams
1904713 - Helm charts with kubeVersion restriction are filtered incorrectly
1904776 - Snapshot modal alert is not pluralized
1904824 - Set vSphere hostname from guestinfo before NM starts
1904941 - Insights status is always showing a loading icon
1904973 - KeyError: 'nodeName' on NP deletion
1904985 - Prometheus and thanos sidecar targets are down
1904993 - Many ampersand special characters are found in strings
1905066 - QE - Monitoring test cases - smoke test suite automation
1905074 - QE -Gherkin linter to maintain standards
1905100 - Too many haproxy processes in default-router pod causing high load average
1905104 - Snapshot modal disk items missing keys
1905115 - CI: dev-scripts fail on 02_configure_host: Failed to start network ostestbm
1905119 - Race in AWS EBS determining whether custom CA bundle is used
1905128 - [e2e][automation] e2e tests succeed without actually execute
1905133 - operator conditions special-resource-operator
1905141 - vsphere-problem-detector: report metrics through telemetry
1905146 - Backend Tests: TestHelmRepoGetter_SkipDisabled failures
1905194 - Detecting broken connections to the Kube API takes up to 15 minutes
1905221 - CVO transitions from "Initializing" to "Updating" despite not attempting many manifests
1905232 - [sig-imageregistry][Feature:ImageAppend] Image append should create images by appending them failing due to inconsistent images between CI and OCP
1905253 - Inaccurate text at bottom of Events page
1905298 - openshift-apiserver initContainer fix-audit-permissions is not requesting required resources: cpu, memory
1905299 - OLM fails to update operator
1905307 - Provisioning CR is missing from must-gather
1905319 - cluster-samples-operator containers are not requesting required memory resource
1905320 - csi-snapshot-webhook is not requesting required memory resource
1905323 - dns-operator is not requesting required memory resource
1905324 - ingress-operator is not requesting required memory resource
1905327 - openshift-kube-scheduler initContainer wait-for-host-port is not requesting required resources: cpu, memory
1905328 - Changing the bound token service account issuer invalids previously issued bound tokens
1905329 - openshift-oauth-apiserver initContainer fix-audit-permissions is not requesting required resources: cpu, memory
1905330 - openshift-monitoring init-textfile is not requesting required resources: cpu, memory
1905338 - QE -Cypress Automation for Add Flow - Database, Yaml, OperatorBacked, PageDetails
1905347 - QE - Design Gherkin Scenarios
1905348 - QE - Design Gherkin Scenarios
1905362 - [sriov] Error message 'Fail to update DaemonSet' always shown in sriov operator pod
1905368 - [sriov] net-attach-def generated from sriovnetwork cannot be restored once it was deleted
1905370 - A-Z/Z-A sorting dropdown on Developer Catalog page is not aligned with filter text input
1905380 - Default to Red Hat/KubeVirt provider if common template does not have provider annotation
1905393 - CMO uses rbac.authorization.k8s.io/v1beta1 instead of rbac.authorization.k8s.io/v1
1905404 - The example of "Remove the entrypoint on the mysql:latest image" for `oc image append` does not work
1905416 - Hyperlink not working from Operator Description
1905430 - usbguard extension fails to install because of missing correct protobuf dependency version
1905492 - The stalld service has a higher scheduler priority than ksoftirq and rcu{b, c} threads
1905502 - Test flake - unable to get https transport for ephemeral-registry
1905542 - [GSS] The "External" mode option is not available when the OCP cluster is deployed using Redhat Cluster Assisted Installer 4.6.
1905599 - Errant change to lastupdatetime in copied CSV status can trigger runaway csv syncs
1905610 - Fix typo in export script
1905621 - Protractor login test fails against a 4.7 (nightly) Power cluster
1905640 - Subscription manual approval test is flaky
1905647 - Report physical core valid-for-subscription min/max/cumulative use to telemetry
1905696 - ClusterMoreUpdatesModal component did not get internationalized
1905748 - with sharded ingresscontrollers, all shards reload when any endpoint changes
1905761 - NetworkPolicy with Egress policyType is resulting in SDN errors and improper communication within Project
1905778 - inconsistent ingresscontroller between fresh installed cluster and upgraded cluster
1905792 - [OVN]Cannot create egressfirewalll with dnsName
1905889 - Should create SA for each namespace that the operator scoped
1905920 - Quickstart exit and restart
1905941 - Page goes to error after create catalogsource
1905977 - QE ghaekin design scenaio-pipeline metrics ODC-3711
1906032 - Canary Controller: Canary daemonset rolls out slowly in large clusters
1906100 - Disconnected cluster upgrades are failing from the cli, when signature retrieval is being blackholed instead of quickly rejected
1906105 - CBO annotates an existing Metal3 deployment resource to indicate that it is managing it
1906118 - OCS feature detection constantly polls storageclusters and storageclasses
1906120 - 'Create Role Binding' form not setting user or group value when created from a user or group resource
1906121 - [oc] After new-project creation, the kubeconfig file does not set the project
1906134 - OLM should not create OperatorConditions for copied CSVs
1906143 - CBO supports log levels
1906186 - i18n: Translators are not able to translate `this` without context for alert manager config
1906228 - tuned and openshift-tuned sometimes do not terminate gracefully, slowing reboots
1906274 - StorageClass installed by Cinder csi driver operator should enable the allowVolumeExpansion to support volume resize.
1906276 - `oc image append` can't work with multi-arch image with --filter-by-os='.*'
1906318 - use proper term for Authorized SSH Keys
1906335 - The lastTransitionTime, message, reason field of operatorcondition should be optional
1906356 - Unify Clone PVC boot source flow with URL/Container boot source
1906397 - IPA has incorrect kernel command line arguments
1906441 - HorizontalNav and NavBar have invalid keys
1906448 - Deploy using virtualmedia with provisioning network disabled fails - 'Failed to connect to the agent' in ironic-conductor log
1906459 - openstack: Quota Validation fails if unlimited quotas are given to a project
1906496 - [BUG] Thanos having possible memory leak consuming huge amounts of node's memory and killing them
1906508 - TestHeaderNameCaseAdjust outputs nil error message on some failures
1906511 - Root reprovisioning tests flaking often in CI
1906517 - Validation is not robust enough and may prevent to generate install-confing.
1906518 - Update snapshot API CRDs to v1
1906519 - Update LSO CRDs to use v1
1906570 - Number of disruptions caused by reboots on a cluster cannot be measured
1906588 - [ci][sig-builds] nodes is forbidden: User "e2e-test-jenkins-pipeline-xfghs-user" cannot list resource "nodes" in API group "" at the cluster scope
1906650 - Cannot collect network policy, EgressFirewall, egressip logs with gather_network_logs
1906655 - [SDN]Cannot colloect ovsdb-server.log and ovs-vswitchd.log with gather_network_logs
1906679 - quick start panel styles are not loaded
1906683 - Kn resources are not showing in Topology if triggers has KSVC and IMC as subscriber
1906684 - Event Source creation fails if user selects no app group and switch to yaml and then to form
1906685 - SinkBinding is shown in topology view if underlying resource along with actual source created
1906689 - user can pin to nav configmaps and secrets multiple times
1906691 - Add doc which describes disabling helm chart repository
1906713 - Quick starts not accesible for a developer user
1906718 - helm chart "provided by Redhat" is misspelled
1906732 - Machine API proxy support should be tested
1906745 - Update Helm endpoints to use Helm 3.4.x
1906760 - performance issues with topology constantly re-rendering
1906766 - localized `Autoscaled` & `Autoscaling` pod texts overlap with the pod ring
1906768 - Virtualization nav item is incorrectly placed in the Admin Workloads section
1906769 - topology fails to load with non-kubeadmin user
1906770 - shortcuts on mobiles view occupies a lot of space
1906798 - Dev catalog customization doesn't update console-config ConfigMap
1906806 - Allow installing extra packages in ironic container images
1906808 - [test-disabled] ServiceAccounts should support OIDC discovery of service account issuer
1906835 - Topology view shows add page before then showing full project workloads
1906840 - ClusterOperator should not have status "Updating" if operator version is the same as the release version
1906844 - EndpointSlice and EndpointSliceProxying feature gates should be disabled for openshift-sdn kube-proxy
1906860 - Bump kube dependencies to v1.20 for Net Edge components
1906864 - Quick Starts Tour: Need to adjust vertical spacing
1906866 - Translations of Sample-Utils
1906871 - White screen when sort by name in monitoring alerts page
1906872 - Pipeline Tech Preview Badge Alignment
1906875 - Provide an option to force backup even when API is not available.
1906877 - Placeholder' value in search filter do not match column heading in Vulnerabilities
1906879 - Add missing i18n keys
1906880 - oidcdiscoveryendpoint controller invalidates all TokenRequest API tokens during install
1906896 - No Alerts causes odd empty Table (Need no content message)
1906898 - Missing User RoleBindings in the Project Access Web UI
1906899 - Quick Start - Highlight Bounding Box Issue
1906916 - Teach CVO about flowcontrol.apiserver.k8s.io/v1beta1
1906933 - Cluster Autoscaler should have improved mechanisms for group identifiers
1906935 - Delete resources when Provisioning CR is deleted
1906968 - Must-gather should support collecting kubernetes-nmstate resources
1906986 - Ensure failed pod adds are retried even if the pod object doesn't change
1907199 - Need to upgrade machine-api-operator module version under cluster-api-provider-kubevirt
1907202 - configs.imageregistry.operator.openshift.io cluster does not update its status fields after URL change
1907211 - beta promotion of p&f switched storage version to v1beta1, making downgrades impossible.
1907269 - Tooltips data are different when checking stack or not checking stack for the same time
1907280 - Install tour of OCS not available.
1907282 - Topology page breaks with white screen
1907286 - The default mhc machine-api-termination-handler couldn't watch spot instance
1907287 - [csi-snapshot-webhook] should support both v1beta1 and v1 version when creating volumesnapshot/volumesnapshotcontent
1907293 - Increase timeouts in e2e tests
1907295 - Gherkin script for improve management for helm
1907299 - Advanced Subscription Badge for KMS and Arbiter not present
1907303 - Align VM template list items by baseline
1907304 - Use PF styles for selected template card in VM Wizard
1907305 - Drop 'ISO' from CDROM boot source message
1907307 - Support and provider labels should be passed on between templates and sources
1907310 - Pin action should be renamed to favorite
1907312 - VM Template source popover is missing info about added date
1907313 - ClusterOperator objects cannot be overriden with cvo-overrides
1907328 - iproute-tc package is missing in ovn-kube image
1907329 - CLUSTER_PROFILE env. variable is not used by the CVO
1907333 - Node stuck in degraded state, mcp reports "Failed to remove rollback: error running rpm-ostree cleanup -r: error: Timeout was reached"
1907373 - Rebase to kube 1.20.0
1907375 - Bump to latest available 1.20.x k8s - workloads team
1907378 - Gather netnamespaces networking info
1907380 - kube-rbac-proxy exposes tokens, has excessive verbosity
1907381 - OLM fails to deploy an operator if its deployment template contains a description annotation that doesn't match the CSV one
1907390 - prometheus-adapter: panic after k8s 1.20 bump
1907399 - build log icon link on topology nodes cause app to reload
1907407 - Buildah version not accessible
1907421 - [4.6.1]oc-image-mirror command failed on "error: unable to copy layer"
1907453 - Dev Perspective -> running vm details -> resources -> no data
1907454 - Install PodConnectivityCheck CRD with CNO
1907459 - "The Boot source is also maintained by Red Hat." is always shown for all boot sources
1907475 - Unable to estimate the error rate of ingress across the connected fleet
1907480 - `Active alerts` section throwing forbidden error for users.
1907518 - Kamelets/Eventsource should be shown to user if they have create access
1907543 - Korean timestamps are shown when users' language preferences are set to German-en-en-US
1907610 - Update kubernetes deps to 1.20
1907612 - Update kubernetes deps to 1.20
1907621 - openshift/installer: bump cluster-api-provider-kubevirt version
1907628 - Installer does not set primary subnet consistently
1907632 - Operator Registry should update its kubernetes dependencies to 1.20
1907639 - pass dual-stack node IPs to kubelet in dual-stack clusters
1907644 - fix up handling of non-critical annotations on daemonsets/deployments
1907660 - Pod list does not render cell height correctly when pod names are too long (dynamic table rerendering issue?)
1907670 - CVE-2020-27846 crewjam/saml: authentication bypass in saml authentication
1907671 - Ingress VIP assigned to two infra nodes simultaneously - keepalived process running in pods seems to fail
1907767 - [e2e][automation]update test suite for kubevirt plugin
1907770 - Recent RHCOS 47.83 builds (from rhcos-47.83.202012072210-0 on) don't allow master and worker nodes to boot
1907792 - The `overrides` of the OperatorCondition cannot block the operator upgrade
1907793 - Surface support info in VM template details
1907812 - 4.7 to 4.6 downgrade stuck in clusteroperator storage
1907822 - [OCP on OSP] openshift-install panic when checking quota with install-config have no flavor set
1907863 - Quickstarts status not updating when starting the tour
1907872 - dual stack with an ipv6 network fails on bootstrap phase
1907874 - QE - Design Gherkin Scenarios for epic ODC-5057
1907875 - No response when try to expand pvc with an invalid size
1907876 - Refactoring record package to make gatherer configurable
1907877 - QE - Automation- pipelines builder scripts
1907883 - Fix Pipleine creation without namespace issue
1907888 - Fix pipeline list page loader
1907890 - Misleading and incomplete alert message shown in pipeline-parameters and pipeline-resources form
1907892 - Unable to edit application deployed using "From Devfile" option
1907893 - navSortUtils.spec.ts unit test failure
1907896 - When a workload is added, Topology does not place the new items well
1907908 - VM Wizard always uses VirtIO for the VM rootdisk regardless what is defined in common-template
1907924 - Enable madvdontneed in OpenShift Images
1907929 - Enable madvdontneed in OpenShift System Components Part 2
1907936 - NTO is not reporting nto_profile_set_total metrics correctly after reboot
1907947 - The kubeconfig saved in tenantcluster shouldn't include anything that is not related to the current context
1907948 - OCM-O bump to k8s 1.20
1907952 - bump to k8s 1.20
1907972 - Update OCM link to open Insights tab
1907989 - DataVolumes was intorduced in common templates - VM creation fails in the UI
1907998 - Gather kube_pod_resource_request/limit metrics as exposed in upstream KEP 1916
1908001 - [CVE-2020-10749] Update github.com/containernetworking/plugins to v.0.8.6 in egress-router-cni
1908014 - e2e-aws-ansible and e2e-aws-helm are broken in ocp-release-operator-sdk
1908035 - dynamic-demo-plugin build does not generate dist directory
1908135 - quick search modal is not centered over topology
1908145 - kube-scheduler-recovery-controller container crash loop when router pod is co-scheduled
1908159 - [AWS C2S] MCO fails to sync cloud config
1908171 - GCP: Installation fails when installing cluster with n1-custom-4-16384custom type (n1-custom-4-16384)
1908180 - Add source for template is stucking in preparing pvc
1908217 - CI: Server-Side Apply should work for oauth.openshift.io/v1: has no tokens
1908231 - [Migration] The pods ovnkube-node are in CrashLoopBackOff after SDN to OVN
1908277 - QE - Automation- pipelines actions scripts
1908280 - Documentation describing `ignore-volume-az` is incorrect
1908296 - Fix pipeline builder form yaml switcher validation issue
1908303 - [CVE-2020-28367 CVE-2020-28366] Remove CGO flag from rhel Dockerfile in Egress-Router-CNI
1908323 - Create button missing for PLR in the search page
1908342 - The new pv_collector_total_pv_count is not reported via telemetry
1908344 - [vsphere-problem-detector] CheckNodeProviderID and CheckNodeDiskUUID have the same name
1908347 - CVO overwrites ValidatingWebhookConfiguration for snapshots
1908349 - Volume snapshot tests are failing after 1.20 rebase
1908353 - QE - Automation- pipelines runs scripts
1908361 - bump to k8s 1.20
1908367 - QE - Automation- pipelines triggers scripts
1908370 - QE - Automation- pipelines secrets scripts
1908375 - QE - Automation- pipelines workspaces scripts
1908381 - Go Dependency Fixes for Devfile Lib
1908389 - Loadbalancer Sync failing on Azure
1908400 - Tests-e2e, increase timeouts, re-add TestArchiveUploadedAndResultsReceived
1908407 - Backport Upstream 95269 to fix potential crash in kubelet
1908410 - Exclude Yarn from VSCode search
1908425 - Create Role Binding form subject type and name are undefined when All Project is selected
1908431 - When the marketplace-operator pod get's restarted, the custom catalogsources are gone, as well as the pods
1908434 - Remove &apos from metal3-plugin internationalized strings
1908437 - Operator backed with no icon has no badge associated with the CSV tag
1908459 - bump to k8s 1.20
1908461 - Add bugzilla component to OWNERS file
1908462 - RHCOS 4.6 ostree removed dhclient
1908466 - CAPO AZ Screening/Validating
1908467 - Zoom in and zoom out in topology package should be sentence case
1908468 - [Azure][4.7] Installer can't properly parse instance type with non integer memory size
1908469 - nbdb failed to come up while bringing up OVNKubernetes cluster
1908471 - OLM should bump k8s dependencies to 1.20
1908484 - oc adm release extract --cloud=aws --credentials-requests dumps all manifests
1908493 - 4.7-e2e-metal-ipi-ovn-dualstack intermittent test failures, worker hostname is overwritten by NM
1908545 - VM clone dialog does not open
1908557 - [e2e][automation]Miss css id on bootsource and reviewcreate step on wizard
1908562 - Pod readiness is not being observed in real world cases
1908565 - [4.6] Cannot filter the platform/arch of the index image
1908573 - Align the style of flavor
1908583 - bootstrap does not run on additional networks if configured for master in install-config
1908596 - Race condition on operator installation
1908598 - Persistent Dashboard shows events for all provisioners
1908641 - Go back to Catalog Page link on Virtual Machine page vanishes on empty state
1908648 - Skip TestKernelType test on OKD, adjust TestExtensions
1908650 - The title of customize wizard is inconsistent
1908654 - cluster-api-provider: volumes and disks names shouldn't change by machine-api-operator
1908675 - Reenable [sig-storage] CSI mock volume CSI FSGroupPolicy [LinuxOnly] should modify fsGroup if fsGroupPolicy=default [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel] [Suite:k8s]
1908687 - Option to save user settings separate when using local bridge (affects console developers only)
1908697 - Show `kubectl diff ` command in the oc diff help page
1908715 - Pressing the arrow up key when on topmost quick-search list item it should loop back to bottom
1908716 - UI breaks on click of sidebar of ksvc (if revisions not up) in topology on 4.7 builds
1908717 - "missing unit character in duration" error in some network dashboards
1908746 - [Safari] Drop Shadow doesn't works as expected on hover on workload
1908747 - stale S3 CredentialsRequest in CCO manifest
1908758 - AWS: NLB timeout value is rejected by AWS cloud provider after 1.20 rebase
1908830 - RHCOS 4.6 - Missing Initiatorname
1908868 - Update empty state message for EventSources and Channels tab
1908880 - 4.7 aws-serial CI: NoExecuteTaintManager Single Pod [Serial] eventually evict pod with finite tolerations from tainted nodes
1908883 - CVE-2020-29652 golang: crypto/ssh: crafted authentication request can lead to nil pointer dereference
1908888 - Dualstack does not work with multiple gateways
1908889 - Bump CNO to k8s 1.20
1908891 - TestDNSForwarding DNS operator e2e test is failing frequently
1908914 - CNO: upgrade nodes before masters
1908918 - Pipeline builder yaml view sidebar is not responsive
1908960 - QE - Design Gherkin Scenarios
1908971 - Gherkin Script for pipeline debt 4.7
1908983 - i18n: Add Horizontal Pod Autoscaler action menu is not translated
1908997 - Unsupported access mode should not be available when creating pvc by cinder-csi-driver/gcp-pd-csi-driver from web-console
1908998 - [cinder-csi-driver] doesn't detect the credentials change
1909004 - "No datapoints found" for RHEL node's filesystem graph
1909005 - i18n: workloads list view heading is not translated
1909012 - csi snapshot webhook does not block any invalid update for volumesnapshot and volumesnapshotcontent objects
1909027 - Disks option of Sectected capacity chart shows HDD disk even on selection of SDD disk type
1909043 - OCP + OCS 4.7 Internal - Storage cluster creation throws warning when zone=0 in VMware
1909067 - Web terminal should keep latest output when connection closes
1909070 - PLR and TR Logs component is not streaming as fast as tkn
1909092 - Error Message should not confuse user on Channel form
1909096 - OCP 4.7+OCS 4.7 - The Requested Cluster Capacity field needs to include the selected capacity in calculation in Review and Create Page
1909108 - Machine API components should use 1.20 dependencies
1909116 - Catalog Sort Items dropdown is not aligned on Firefox
1909198 - Move Sink action option is not working
1909207 - Accessibility Issue on monitoring page
1909236 - Remove pinned icon overlap on resource name
1909249 - Intermittent packet drop from pod to pod
1909276 - Accessibility Issue on create project modal
1909289 - oc debug of an init container no longer works
1909290 - Logging may be broken due to mix of k8s.io/klog v1 and v2
1909358 - registry.redhat.io/redhat/community-operator-index:latest only have hyperfoil-bundle
1909453 - Boot disk RAID can corrupt ESP if UEFI firmware writes to it
1909455 - Boot disk RAID will not boot if the primary disk enumerates but fails I/O
1909464 - Build operator-registry with golang-1.15
1909502 - NO_PROXY is not matched between bootstrap and global cluster setting which lead to desired master machineconfig is not found
1909521 - Add kubevirt cluster type for e2e-test workflow
1909527 - [IPI Baremetal] After upgrade from 4.6 to 4.7 metal3 pod does not get created
1909587 - [OCP4] all of the OCP master nodes with soft-anti-affinity run on the same OSP node
1909610 - Fix available capacity when no storage class selected
1909678 - scale up / down buttons available on pod details side panel
1909723 - cluster-api-provider-openstack: Update ose-openstack-machine-controllers builder & base images to be consistent with ART
1909730 - unbound variable error if EXTRA_PKGS_LIST is not defined
1909739 - Arbiter request data changes
1909744 - cluster-api-provider-openstack: Bump gophercloud
1909790 - PipelineBuilder yaml view cannot be used for editing a pipeline
1909791 - Update standalone kube-proxy config for EndpointSlice
1909792 - Empty states for some details page subcomponents are not i18ned
1909815 - Perspective switcher is only half-i18ned
1909821 - OCS 4.7 LSO installation blocked because of Error "Invalid value: "integer": spec.flexibleScaling in body
1909836 - operator-install-global Cypress test was failing in OLM as it depends on an operator that isn't installed in CI
1909864 - promote-release-openshift-machine-os-content-e2e-aws-4.5 is perm failing
1909911 - [OVN]EgressFirewall caused a segfault
1909943 - Upgrade from 4.6 to 4.7 stuck due to write /sys/devices/xxxx/block/sda/queue/scheduler: invalid argument
1909958 - Support Quick Start Highlights Properly
1909978 - ignore-volume-az = yes not working on standard storageClass
1909981 - Improve statement in template select step
1909992 - Fail to pull the bundle image when using the private index image
1910024 - Reload issue in latest(4.7) UI code on 4.6 cluster locally in dev
1910036 - QE - Design Gherkin Scenarios ODC-4504
1910049 - UPI: ansible-galaxy is not supported
1910127 - [UPI on oVirt]: Improve UPI Documentation
1910140 - fix the api dashboard with changes in upstream kube 1.20
1910160 - If two OperatorConditions include the same deployments they will keep updating the deployment's containers with the OPERATOR_CONDITION_NAME Environment Variable
1910165 - DHCP to static lease script doesn't handle multiple addresses
1910305 - [Descheduler] - The minKubeVersion should be 1.20.0
1910409 - Notification drawer is not localized for i18n
1910459 - Could not provision gcp volume if delete secret gcp-pd-cloud-credentials
1910492 - KMS details are auto-populated on the screen in next attempt at Storage cluster creation
1910501 - Installed Operators->Operand required: Clicking on cancel in Storage cluster page takes back to the Install Operator page
1910533 - [OVN] It takes about 5 minutes for EgressIP failover to work
1910581 - library-go: proxy ENV is not injected into csi-driver-controller which lead to storage operator never get ready
1910666 - Creating a Source Secret from type SSH-Key should use monospace font for better usability
1910738 - OCP 4.7 Installation fails on VMWare due to 1 worker that is degraded
1910739 - Redfish-virtualmedia (idrac) deploy fails on "The Virtual Media image server is already connected"
1910753 - Support Directory Path to Devfile
1910805 - Missing translation for Pipeline status and breadcrumb text
1910829 - Cannot delete a PVC if the dv's phase is WaitForFirstConsumer
1910840 - Show Nonexistent command info in the `oc rollback -h` help page
1910859 - breadcrumbs doesn't use last namespace
1910866 - Unify templates string
1910870 - Unify template dropdown action
1911016 - Prometheus unable to mount NFS volumes after upgrading to 4.6
1911129 - Monitoring charts renders nothing when switching from a Deployment to "All workloads"
1911176 - [MSTR-998] Wrong text shown when hovering on lines of charts in API Performance dashboard
1911212 - [MSTR-998] API Performance Dashboard "Period" drop-down has a choice "$__auto_interval_period" which can bring "1:154: parse error: missing unit character in duration"
1911213 - Wrong and misleading warning for VMs that were created manually (not from template)
1911257 - [aws-c2s] failed to create cluster, kube-cloud-config was not created
1911269 - waiting for the build message present when build exists
1911280 - Builder images are not detected for Dotnet, Httpd, NGINX
1911307 - Pod Scale-up requires extra privileges in OpenShift web-console
1911381 - "Select Persistent Volume Claim project" shows in customize wizard when select a source available template
1911382 - "source volumeMode (Block) and target volumeMode (Filesystem) do not match" shows in VM Error
1911387 - Hit error - "Cannot read property 'value' of undefined" while creating VM from template
1911408 - [e2e][automation] Add auto-clone cli tests and new flow of VM creation
1911418 - [v2v] The target storage class name is not displayed if default storage class is used
1911434 - git ops empty state page displays icon with watermark
1911443 - SSH Cretifiaction field should be validated
1911465 - IOPS display wrong unit
1911474 - Devfile Application Group Does Not Delete Cleanly (errors)
1911487 - Pruning Deployments should use ReplicaSets instead of ReplicationController
1911574 - Expose volume mode on Upload Data form
1911617 - [CNV][UI] Failure to add source to VM template when no default storage class is defined
1911632 - rpm-ostree command fail due to wrong options when updating ocp-4.6 to 4.7 on worker nodes with rt-kernel
1911656 - using 'operator-sdk run bundle' to install operator successfully, but the command output said 'Failed to run bundle''
1911664 - [Negative Test] After deleting metal3 pod, scaling worker stuck on provisioning state
1911782 - Descheduler should not evict pod used local storage by the PVC
1911796 - uploading flow being displayed before submitting the form
1912066 - The ansible type operator's manager container is not stable when managing the CR
1912077 - helm operator's default rbac forbidden
1912115 - [automation] Analyze job keep failing because of 'JavaScript heap out of memory'
1912237 - Rebase CSI sidecars for 4.7
1912381 - [e2e][automation] Miss css ID on Create Network Attachment Definition page
1912409 - Fix flow schema deployment
1912434 - Update guided tour modal title
1912522 - DNS Operator e2e test: TestCoreDNSImageUpgrade is fundamentally broken
1912523 - Standalone pod status not updating in topology graph
1912536 - Console Plugin CR for console-demo-plugin has wrong apiVersion
1912558 - TaskRun list and detail screen doesn't show Pending status
1912563 - p&f: carry 97206: clean up executing request on panic
1912565 - OLM macOS local build broken by moby/term dependency
1912567 - [OCP on RHV] Node becomes to 'NotReady' status when shutdown vm from RHV UI only on the second deletion
1912577 - 4.1/4.2->4.3->...-> 4.7 upgrade is stuck during 4.6->4.7 with co/openshift-apiserver Degraded, co/network not Available and several other components pods CrashLoopBackOff
1912590 - publicImageRepository not being populated
1912640 - Go operator's controller pods is forbidden
1912701 - Handle dual-stack configuration for NIC IP
1912703 - multiple queries can't be plotted in the same graph under some conditons
1912730 - Operator backed: In-context should support visual connector if SBO is not installed
1912828 - Align High Performance VMs with High Performance in RHV-UI
1912849 - VM from wizard - default flavor does not match the actual flavor set by common templates
1912852 - VM from wizard - available VM templates - "storage" field is "0 B"
1912888 - recycler template should be moved to KCM operator
1912907 - Helm chart repository index can contain unresolvable relative URL's
1912916 - Set external traffic policy to cluster for IBM platform
1912922 - Explicitly specifying the operator generated default certificate for an ingress controller breaks the ingress controller
1912938 - Update confirmation modal for quick starts
1912942 - cluster-storage-operator: proxy ENV is not injected into vsphere-problem-detector deployment
1912944 - cluster-storage-operator: proxy ENV is not injected into Manila CSI driver operator deployment
1912945 - aws-ebs-csi-driver-operator: proxy ENV is not injected into the CSI driver
1912946 - gcp-pd-csi-driver-operator: proxy ENV is not injected into the CSI driver
1912947 - openstack-cinder-csi-driver-operator: proxy ENV is not injected into the CSI driver
1912948 - csi-driver-manila-operator: proxy ENV is not injected into the CSI driver
1912949 - ovirt-csi-driver-operator: proxy ENV is not injected into the CSI driver
1912977 - rebase upstream static-provisioner
1913006 - Remove etcd v2 specific alerts with etcd_http* metrics
1913011 - [OVN] Pod's external traffic not use egressrouter macvlan ip as a source ip
1913037 - update static-provisioner base image
1913047 - baremetal clusteroperator progressing status toggles between true and false when cluster is in a steady state
1913085 - Regression OLM uses scoped client for CRD installation
1913096 - backport: cadvisor machine metrics are missing in k8s 1.19
1913132 - The installation of Openshift Virtualization reports success early before it 's succeeded eventually
1913154 - Upgrading to 4.6.10 nightly failed with RHEL worker nodes: Failed to find /dev/disk/by-label/root
1913196 - Guided Tour doesn't handle resizing of browser
1913209 - Support modal should be shown for community supported templates
1913226 - [Migration] The SDN migration rollback failed if customize vxlanPort
1913249 - update info alert this template is not aditable
1913285 - VM list empty state should link to virtualization quick starts
1913289 - Rebase AWS EBS CSI driver for 4.7
1913292 - OCS 4.7 Installation failed over vmware when arbiter was enabled, as flexibleScaling is also getting enabled
1913297 - Remove restriction of taints for arbiter node
1913306 - unnecessary scroll bar is present on quick starts panel
1913325 - 1.20 rebase for openshift-apiserver
1913331 - Import from git: Fails to detect Java builder
1913332 - Pipeline visualization breaks the UI when multiple taskspecs are used
1913343 - (release-4.7) Added changelog file for insights-operator
1913356 - (release-4.7) Implemented gathering specific logs from openshift apiserver operator
1913371 - Missing i18n key "Administrator" in namespace "console-app" and language "en."
1913386 - users can see metrics of namespaces for which they don't have rights when monitoring own services with prometheus user workloads
1913420 - Time duration setting of resources is not being displayed
1913536 - 4.6.9 -> 4.7 upgrade hangs. RHEL 7.9 worker stuck on "error enabling unit: Failed to execute operation: File exists\\n\"
1913554 - Recording rule for ingress error fraction SLI is incorrect, uses irate instead of increase
1913560 - Normal user cannot load template on the new wizard
1913563 - "Virtual Machine" is not on the same line in create button when logged with normal user
1913567 - Tooltip data should be same for line chart or stacked chart, display data value same as the table
1913568 - Normal user cannot create template
1913582 - [Migration]SDN to OVN migration stucks on MCO for rhel worker
1913585 - Topology descriptive text fixes
1913608 - Table data contains data value None after change time range in graph and change back
1913651 - Improved Red Hat image and crashlooping OpenShift pod collection
1913660 - Change location and text of Pipeline edit flow alert
1913685 - OS field not disabled when creating a VM from a template
1913716 - Include additional use of existing libraries
1913725 - Refactor Insights Operator Plugin states
1913736 - Regression: fails to deploy computes when using root volumes
1913747 - Update operator to kubernetes 1.20.1 to pickup upstream fixes
1913751 - add third-party network plugin test suite to openshift-tests
1913783 - QE-To fix the merging pr issue, commenting the afterEach() block
1913807 - Template support badge should not be shown for community supported templates
1913821 - Need definitive steps about uninstalling descheduler operator
1913851 - Cluster Tasks are not sorted in pipeline builder
1913864 - BuildConfig YAML template references ruby ImageStreamTag that no longer exists
1913951 - Update the Devfile Sample Repo to an Official Repo Host
1913960 - Cluster Autoscaler should use 1.20 dependencies
1913969 - Field dependency descriptor can sometimes cause an exception
1914060 - Disk created from 'Import via Registry' cannot be used as boot disk
1914066 - [sriov] sriov dp pod crash when delete ovs HW offload policy
1914090 - Grafana - The resulting dataset is too large to graph (OCS RBD volumes being counted as disks)
1914119 - vsphere problem detector operator has no permission to update storages.operator.openshift.io instances
1914125 - Still using /dev/vde as default device path when create localvolume
1914183 - Empty NAD page is missing link to quickstarts
1914196 - target port in `from dockerfile` flow does nothing
1914204 - Creating VM from dev perspective may fail with template not found error
1914209 - Associate image secret name to pipeline serviceaccount imagePullSecrets
1914212 - [e2e][automation] Add test to validate bootable disk souce
1914250 - ovnkube-node fails on master nodes when both DHCPv6 and SLAAC addresses are configured on nodes
1914284 - Upgrade to OCP 4.6.9 results in cluster-wide DNS and connectivity issues due to bad NetworkPolicy flows
1914287 - Bring back selfLink
1914301 - User VM Template source should show the same provider as template itself
1914303 - linuxptp-daemon is not forwarding ptp4l stderr output to openshift logs
1914309 - /terminal page when WTO not installed shows nonsensical error
1914334 - order of getting started samples is arbitrary
1914343 - [sig-imageregistry][Feature:ImageTriggers] Annotation trigger reconciles after the image is overwritten [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel] timeout on s390x
1914349 - Increase and decrease buttons in max and min pods in HPA page has distorted UI
1914405 - Quick search modal should be opened when coming back from a selection
1914407 - Its not clear that node-ca is running as non-root
1914427 - Count of pods on the dashboard is incorrect
1914439 - Typo in SRIOV port create command example
1914451 - cluster-storage-operator pod running as root
1914452 - oc image append, oc image extract outputs wrong suggestion to use --keep-manifest-list=true
1914642 - Customize Wizard Storage tab does not pass validation
1914723 - SamplesTBRInaccessibleOnBoot Alert has a misspelling
1914793 - device names should not be translated
1914894 - Warn about using non-groupified api version
1914926 - webdriver-manager pulls incorrect version of ChomeDriver due to a bug
1914932 - Put correct resource name in relatedObjects
1914938 - PVC disk is not shown on customization wizard general tab
1914941 - VM Template rootdisk is not deleted after fetching default disk bus
1914975 - Collect logs from openshift-sdn namespace
1915003 - No estimate of average node readiness during lifetime of a cluster
1915027 - fix MCS blocking iptables rules
1915041 - s3:ListMultipartUploadParts is relied on implicitly
1915079 - Canary controller should not periodically rotate the canary route endpoint for performance reasons
1915080 - Large number of tcp connections with shiftstack ocp cluster in about 24 hours
1915085 - Pods created and rapidly terminated get stuck
1915114 - [aws-c2s] worker machines are not create during install
1915133 - Missing default pinned nav items in dev perspective
1915176 - Update snapshot API CRDs to v1 in web-console when creating volumesnapshot related resource
1915187 - Remove the "Tech preview" tag in web-console for volumesnapshot
1915188 - Remove HostSubnet anonymization
1915200 - [OCP 4.7+ OCS 4.6]Arbiter related Note should not show up during UI deployment
1915217 - OKD payloads expect to be signed with production keys
1915220 - Remove dropdown workaround for user settings
1915235 - Failed to upgrade to 4.7 from 4.6 due to the machine-config failure
1915262 - When deploying with assisted install the CBO operator is installed and enabled without metal3 pod
1915277 - [e2e][automation]fix cdi upload form test
1915295 - [BM][IP][Dualstack] Installation failed - operators report dial tcp i/o timeout
1915304 - Updating scheduling component builder & base images to be consistent with ART
1915312 - Prevent schedule Linux openshift-network-diagnostics pod on Windows node
1915318 - [Metal] bareMetal IPI - cannot interact with toolbox container after first execution only in parallel from different connection
1915348 - [RFE] linuxptp operator needs to expose the uds_address_socket to be used by an application pod
1915357 - Dev Catalog doesn't load anything if virtualization operator is installed
1915379 - New template wizard should require provider and make support input a dropdown type
1915408 - Failure in operator-registry kind e2e test
1915416 - [Descheduler] descheduler evicts pod which does not have any ownerRef or descheduler evict annotation
1915460 - Cluster name size might affect installations
1915500 - [aws c2s] kube-controller-manager crash loops trying to fetch the AWS instance
1915540 - Silent 4.7 RHCOS install failure on ppc64le
1915579 - [Metal] redhat-support-tool became unavailable after tcpdump usage (BareMetal IPI)
1915582 - p&f: carry upstream pr 97860
1915594 - [e2e][automation] Improve test for disk validation
1915617 - Bump bootimage for various fixes
1915624 - "Please fill in the following field: Template provider" blocks customize wizard
1915627 - Translate Guided Tour text.
1915643 - OCP4.6 to 4.7 upgrade failed due to manila csi driver operator sync error
1915647 - Intermittent White screen when the connector dragged to revision
1915649 - "Template support" pop up is not a warning; checkbox text should be rephrased
1915654 - [e2e][automation] Add a verification for Afinity modal should hint "Matching node found"
1915661 - Can't run the 'oc adm prune' command in a pod
1915672 - Kuryr doesn't work with selfLink disabled.
1915674 - Golden image PVC creation - storage size should be taken from the template
1915685 - Message for not supported template is not clear enough
1915760 - Need to increase timeout to wait rhel worker get ready
1915793 - quick starts panel syncs incorrectly across browser windows
1915798 - oauth connection errors for openshift console pods on an OVNKube OCP 4.7 cluster
1915818 - vsphere-problem-detector: use "_totals" in metrics
1915828 - Latest Dell firmware ( fails to install IPI on BM using idrac-virtualmedia protocol
1915859 - vsphere-problem-detector: does not report ESXi host version nor VM HW version
1915871 - operator-sdk version in new downstream image should be v1.2.0-ocp not v4.7.0
1915879 - Pipeline Dashboard tab Rename to Pipeline Metrics
1915885 - Kuryr doesn't support workers running on multiple subnets
1915898 - TaskRun log output shows "undefined" in streaming
1915907 - test/cmd/builds.sh uses docker.io
1915912 - sig-storage-csi-snapshotter image not available
1915926 - cluster-api-provider-openstack: Update ose-openstack-machine-controllers builder & base images to be consistent with ART
1915929 - A11y Violation: svg-img-alt for time axis of Utilization Card on Cluster Dashboard
1915939 - Resizing the browser window removes Web Terminal Icon
1915945 - [sig-scheduling] SchedulerPreemption [Serial] validates basic preemption works [Conformance]
1915959 - Baremetal cluster operator is included in a ROKS installation of 4.7
1915962 - ROKS: manifest with machine health check fails to apply in 4.7
1915972 - Global configuration breadcrumbs do not work as expected
1915981 - Install ethtool and conntrack in container for debugging
1915995 - "Edit RoleBinding Subject" action under RoleBinding list page kebab actions causes unhandled exception
1915998 - Installer bootstrap node setting of additional subnets inconsistent with additional security groups
1916021 - OLM enters infinite loop if Pending CSV replaces itself
1916056 - Need Visual Web Terminal metric enabled for OCP monitoring telemetry
1916081 - non-existant should be non-existent in CloudCredentialOperatorTargetNamespaceMissing alert's annotations
1916099 - VM creation - customization wizard - user should be allowed to delete and re-create root disk
1916126 - [e2e][automation] Help fix tests for vm guest-agent and next-run-configuration
1916145 - Explicitly set minimum versions of python libraries
1916164 - Update csi-driver-nfs builder & base images to be consistent with ART
1916221 - csi-snapshot-controller-operator: bump dependencies for 4.7
1916271 - Known issues should mention failure to apply soft-anti-affinity to masters beyond the third
1916363 - [OVN] ovs-configuration.service reports as failed within all nodes using version 4.7.0-fc.2
1916379 - error metrics from vsphere-problem-detector should be gauge
1916382 - Can't create ext4 filesystems with Ignition
1916384 - 4.5.15 and later cluster-version operator does not sync ClusterVersion status before exiting, leaving 'verified: false' even for verified updates
1916401 - Deleting an ingress controller with a bad DNS Record hangs
1916417 - [Kuryr] Must-gather does not have all Custom Resources information
1916419 - [sig-devex][Feature:ImageEcosystem][Slow] openshift images should be SCL enabled returning s2i usage when running the image
1916454 - teach CCO about upgradeability from 4.6 to 4.7
1916486 - [OCP RHV] [Docs] Update RHV CSI provisioning section in OCP documenation
1916502 - Boot disk mirroring fails with mdadm error
1916524 - Two rootdisk shows on storage step
1916580 - Default yaml is broken for VM and VM template
1916621 - oc adm node-logs examples are wrong
1916642 - [zh_CN] Redundant period in Secrets - Create drop down menu - Key value secret.
1916692 - Possibly fails to destroy LB and thus cluster
1916711 - Update Kube dependencies in MCO to 1.20.0
1916747 - remove links to quick starts if virtualization operator isn't updated to 2.6
1916764 - editing a workload with no application applied, will auto fill the app
1916834 - Pipeline Metrics - Text Updates
1916843 - collect logs from openshift-sdn-controller pod
1916853 - cluster will not gracefully recover if openshift-etcd namespace is removed
1916882 - OCS 4.7 LSO : wizard (Discover disks and create storageclass) does not show zone when topology.kubernetes.io/zone are added manually
1916888 - OCS wizard Donor chart does not get updated when `Device Type` is edited
1916938 - Using 4.6 install-config.yaml file with lbFloatingIP results in validation error "Forbidden: cannot specify lbFloatingIP and apiFloatingIP together"
1916949 - ROKS: manifests in openshift-oauth-apiserver ns fails to create with non-existent namespace
1917101 - [UPI on oVirt] - 'RHCOS image' topic isn't located in the right place in UPI document
1917114 - Upgrade from 4.5.9 to 4.7 fails as authentication operator is Degraded due to '"ProxyConfigController" controller failed to sync "key"' error
1917117 - Common templates - disks screen: invalid disk name
1917124 - Custom template - clone existing PVC - the name of the target VM's data volume is hard-coded; only one VM can be created
1917146 - [oVirt] Consume 23-10 ovirt sdk- csi operator
1917147 - [oVirt] csi operator panics if ovirt-engine suddenly becomes unavailable.
1917148 - [oVirt] Consume 23-10 ovirt sdk
1917239 - Monitoring time options overlaps monitoring tab navigation when Quickstart panel is opened
1917272 - Should update the default minSize to 1Gi when create localvolumeset on web console
1917303 - [automation][e2e] make kubevirt-plugin gating job mandatory
1917315 - localvolumeset-local-provisoner-xxx pods are not killed after upgrading from 4.6 to 4.7
1917327 - annotations.message maybe wrong for NTOPodsNotReady alert
1917367 - Refactor periodic.go
1917371 - Add docs on how to use the built-in profiler
1917372 - Application metrics are shown on Metrics dashboard but not in linked Prometheus UI in OCP management console
1917395 - pv-pool backing store name restriction should be at 43 characters from the ocs ui
1917484 - [BM][IPI] Failed to scale down machineset
1917522 - Deprecate --filter-by-os in oc adm catalog mirror
1917537 - controllers continuously busy reconciling operator
1917551 - use min_over_time for vsphere prometheus alerts
1917585 - OLM Operator install page missing i18n
1917587 - Manila CSI operator becomes degraded if user doesn't have permissions to list share types
1917605 - Deleting an exgw causes pods to no longer route to other exgws
1917614 - [aws c2s] ingress operator uses unavailable resourcegrouptaggings API
1917656 - Add to Project/application for eventSources from topology shows 404
1917658 - Show TP badge for sources powered by camel connectors in create flow
1917660 - Editing parallelism of job get error info
1917678 - Could not provision pv when no symlink and target found on rhel worker
1917679 - Hide double CTA in admin pipelineruns tab
1917683 - `NodeTextFileCollectorScrapeError` alert in OCP 4.6 cluster.
1917759 - Console operator panics after setting plugin that does not exists to the console-operator config
1917765 - ansible-operator version in downstream image should be v1.3.0 not v4.7.0
1917770 - helm-operator version in downstream image should be v1.3.0 not v4.7.0
1917799 - Gather s list of names and versions of installed OLM operators
1917803 - [sig-storage] Pod Disks should be able to delete a non-existent PD without error
1917814 - Show Broker create option in eventing under admin perspective
1917838 - MachineSet scaling from 0 is not available or evaluated incorrectly for the new or changed instance types
1917872 - [oVirt] rebase on latest SDK 2021-01-12
1917911 - network-tools needs ovnkube-trace binary from ovn-kubernetes image
1917938 - upgrade version of dnsmasq package
1917942 - Canary controller causes panic in ingress-operator
1918019 - Undesired scrollbars in markdown area of QuickStart
1918068 - Flaky olm integration tests
1918085 - reversed name of job and namespace in cvo log
1918112 - Flavor is not editable if a customize VM is created from cli
1918129 - Update IO sample archive with missing resources & remove IP anonymization from clusteroperator resources
1918132 - i18n: Volume Snapshot Contents menu is not translated
1918133 - [e2e][automation] Fix ocp 4.7 existing tests - part2
1918140 - Deployment openstack-cinder-csi-driver-controller and openstack-manila-csi-controllerplugin doesn't be installed on OSP
1918153 - When `&` character is set as an environment variable in a build config it is getting converted as `\u0026`
1918185 - Capitalization on PLR details page
1918287 - [ovirt] ovirt csi driver is flooding RHV with API calls and spam the event UI with new connections
1918318 - Kamelet connector's are not shown in eventing section under Admin perspective
1918351 - Gather SAP configuration (SCC & ClusterRoleBinding)
1918375 - [calico] rbac-proxy container in kube-proxy fails to create tokenreviews
1918395 - [ovirt] increase livenessProbe period
1918415 - MCD nil pointer on dropins
1918438 - [ja_JP, zh_CN] Serverless i18n misses
1918440 - Kernel Arguments get reapplied even when no new kargs has been added in MachineConfig
1918471 - CustomNoUpgrade Feature gates are not working correctly
1918558 - Supermicro nodes boot to PXE upon reboot after successful deployment to disk
1918622 - Updating ose-jenkins-agent-maven builder & base images to be consistent with ART
1918623 - Updating ose-jenkins-agent-nodejs-12 builder & base images to be consistent with ART
1918625 - Updating ose-jenkins-agent-nodejs-10 builder & base images to be consistent with ART
1918635 - Updating openshift-jenkins-2 builder & base images to be consistent with ART #1197
1918639 - Event listener with triggerRef crashes the console
1918648 - Subscription page doesn't show InstallPlan correctly
1918716 - Manilacsi becomes degraded even though it is not available with the underlying Openstack
1918748 - helmchartrepo is not http(s)_proxy-aware
1918757 - Consistant fallures of features/project-creation.feature Cypress test in CI
1918803 - Need dedicated details page w/ global config breadcrumbs for 'KnativeServing' plugin
1918826 - Insights popover icons are not horizontally aligned
1918879 - need better debug for bad pull secrets
1918958 - The default NMstate instance from the operator is incorrect
1919097 - Close bracket ")" missing at the end of the sentence in the UI
1919231 - quick search modal cut off on smaller screens
1919259 - Make "Add x" singular in Pipeline Builder
1919260 - VM Template list actions should not wrap
1919271 - NM prepender script doesn't support systemd-resolved
1919341 - Updating ose-jenkins-agent-maven builder & base images to be consistent with ART
1919360 - Need managed-cluster-info metric enabled for OCP monitoring telemetry
1919379 - dotnet logo out of date
1919387 - Console login fails with no error when it can't write to localStorage
1919396 - A11y Violation: svg-img-alt on Pod Status ring
1919407 - OpenStack IPI has three-node control plane limitation, but InstallConfigs aren't verified
1919750 - Search InstallPlans got Minified React error
1919778 - Upgrade is stuck in insights operator Degraded with "Source clusterconfig could not be retrieved" until insights operator pod is manually deleted
1919823 - OCP 4.7 Internationalization Chinese tranlate issue
1919851 - Visualization does not render when Pipeline & Task share same name
1919862 - The tip information for `oc new-project --skip-config-write` is wrong
1919876 - VM created via customize wizard cannot inherit template's PVC attributes
1919877 - Click on KSVC breaks with white screen
1919879 - The toolbox container name is changed from 'toolbox-root' to 'toolbox-' in a chroot environment
1919945 - user entered name value overridden by default value when selecting a git repository
1919968 - [release-4.7] Undiagnosed panic detected in pod runtime.go:76: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference
1919970 - NTO does not update when the tuned profile is updated.
1919999 - Bump Cluster Resource Operator Golang Versions
1920027 - machine-config-operator consistently failing during 4.6 to 4.7 upgrades and clusters do not install successfully with proxy configuration
1920200 - user-settings network error results in infinite loop of requests
1920205 - operator-registry e2e tests not working properly
1920214 - Bump golang to 1.15 in cluster-resource-override-admission
1920248 - re-running the pipelinerun with pipelinespec crashes the UI
1920320 - VM template field is "Not available" if it's created from common template
1920367 - When creating localvolumeset instance from the web console, the title for setting volumeMode is `Disk Mode`
1920368 - Fix containers creation issue resulting in runc running on Guaranteed Pod CPUs
1920390 - Monitoring > Metrics graph shifts to the left when clicking the "Stacked" option and when toggling data series lines on / off
1920426 - Egress Router CNI OWNERS file should have ovn-k team members
1920427 - Need to update `oc login` help page since we don't support prompt interactively for the username
1920430 - [V2V] [UI] Browser window becomes empty when running import wizard for the first time
1920438 - openshift-tuned panics on turning debugging on/off.
1920445 - e2e-gcp-ovn-upgrade job is actually using openshift-sdn
1920481 - kuryr-cni pods using unreasonable amount of CPU
1920509 - wait for port 6443 to be open in the kube-scheduler container; use ss instead of lsof
1920524 - Topology graph crashes adding Open Data Hub operator
1920526 - catalog operator causing CPU spikes and bad etcd performance
1920551 - Boot Order is not editable for Templates in "openshift" namespace
1920555 - bump cluster-resource-override-admission api dependencies
1920571 - fcp multipath will not recover failed paths automatically
1920619 - Remove default scheduler profile value
1920655 - Console should not show the Create Autoscaler link in cluster settings when the CRD is not present
1920674 - MissingKey errors in bindings namespace
1920684 - Text in language preferences modal is misleading
1920695 - CI is broken because of bad image registry reference in the Makefile
1920756 - update generic-admission-server library to get the system:masters authorization optimization
1920769 - [Upgrade] OCP upgrade from 4.6.13 to 4.7.0-fc.4 for "network-check-target" failed when "defaultNodeSelector" is set
1920771 - i18n: Delete persistent volume claim drop down is not translated
1920806 - [OVN]Nodes lost network connection after reboot on the vSphere UPI
1920912 - Unable to power off BMH from console
1920981 - When OCS was deployed with arbiter mode enable add capacity is increasing the count by "2"
1920984 - [e2e][automation] some menu items names are out dated
1921013 - Gather PersistentVolume definition (if any) used in image registry config
1921023 - Do not enable Flexible Scaling to true for Internal mode clusters(revert to 4.6 behavior)
1921087 - 'start next quick start' link doesn't work and is unintuitive
1921088 - test-cmd is failing on volumes.sh pretty consistently
1921248 - Clarify the kubelet configuration cr description
1921253 - Text filter default placeholder text not internationalized
1921258 - User Preferences: Active perspective and project change in the current window when selected in a different window
1921275 - Panic in authentication-operator in (*deploymentController).updateOperatorDeploymentInfo
1921277 - Fix Warning and Info log statements to handle arguments
1921281 - oc get -o yaml --export returns "error: unknown flag: --export"
1921458 - [SDK] Gracefully handle the `run bundle-upgrade` if the lower version operator doesn't exist
1921556 - [OCS with Vault]: OCS pods didn't comeup after deploying with Vault details from UI
1921572 - For external source (i.e GitHub Source) form view as well shows yaml
1921580 - [e2e][automation]Test VM detail view actions dropdown does not pass
1921610 - Pipeline metrics font size inconsistency
1921644 - [e2e][automation] tests errors with wrong cloudInit new line syntax
1921650 - CVE-2021-3121 gogo/protobuf: plugin/unmarshal/unmarshal.go lacks certain index validation
1921655 - [OSP] Incorrect error handling during cloudinfo generation
1921713 - [e2e][automation] fix failing VM migration tests
1921762 - Serving and Eventing breadcrumbs should direct users back to tabbed page view
1921774 - delete application modal errors when a resource cannot be found
1921806 - Explore page APIResourceLinks aren't i18ned
1921823 - CheckBoxControls not internationalized
1921836 - AccessTableRows don't internationalize "User" or "Group"
1921857 - Test flake when hitting router in e2e tests due to one router not being up to date
1921880 - Dynamic plugins are not initialized on console load in production mode
1921911 - Installer PR #4589 is causing leak of IAM role policy bindings
1921921 - "Global Configuration" breadcrumb does not use sentence case
1921949 - Console bug - source code URL broken for gitlab self-hosted repositories
1921954 - Subscription-related constraints in ResolutionFailed events are misleading
1922015 - buttons in modal header are invisible on Safari
1922021 - Nodes terminal page 'Expand' 'Collapse' button not translated
1922050 - [e2e][automation] Improve vm clone tests
1922066 - Cannot create VM from custom template which has extra disk
1922098 - Namespace selection dialog is not closed after select a namespace
1922099 - Updated Readme documentation for QE code review and setup
1922146 - Egress Router CNI doesn't have logging support.
1922267 - Collect specific ADFS error
1922292 - Bump RHCOS boot images for 4.7
1922454 - CRI-O doesn't enable pprof by default
1922473 - reconcile LSO images for 4.8
1922573 - oc returns an error while using -o jsonpath when there is no resource found in the namespace
1922782 - Source registry missing docker:// in yaml
1922907 - Interop UI Tests - step implementation for updating feature files
1922911 - Page crash when click the "Stacked" checkbox after clicking the data series toggle buttons
1922991 - "verify /run filesystem contents do not have unexpected content using a simple Docker Strategy Build" test fails on OKD
1923003 - WebConsole Insights widget showing "Issues pending" when the cluster doesn't report anything
1923098 - [vsphere-problem-detector-operator] Need permission to access replicasets.apps resources
1923102 - [vsphere-problem-detector-operator] pod's version is not correct
1923245 - [Assisted-4.7] [Staging][Minimal-ISO] nodes fails to boot
1923674 - k8s 1.20 vendor dependencies
1923721 - PipelineRun running status icon is not rotating
1923753 - Increase initialDelaySeconds for ovs-daemons container in the ovs-node daemonset for upgrade scenarios
1923774 - Docker builds failing for openshift/cluster-resource-override-admission-operator
1923802 - ci/prow/e2e-aws-olm build failing for openshift/cluster-resource-override-admission-operator
1923874 - Unable to specify values with % in kubeletconfig
1923888 - Fixes error metadata gathering
1923892 - Update arch.md after refactor.
1923894 - "installed" operator status in operatorhub page does not reflect the real status of operator
1923895 - Changelog generation.
1923911 - [e2e][automation] Improve tests for vm details page and list filter
1923945 - PVC Name and Namespace resets when user changes os/flavor/workload
1923951 - EventSources shows `undefined` in project
1923973 - Dynamic plugin demo README does not contain info how to enable the ConsolePlugins
1924046 - Localhost: Refreshing on a Project removes it from nav item urls
1924078 - Topology quick search View all results footer should be sticky.
1924081 - NTO should ship the latest Tuned daemon release 2.15
1924084 - backend tests incorrectly hard-code artifacts dir
1924128 - [sig-builds][Feature:Builds] verify /run filesystem contents do not have unexpected content using a simple Docker Strategy Build
1924135 - Under sufficient load, CRI-O may segfault
1924143 - Code Editor Decorator url is broken for Bitbucket repos
1924188 - Language selector dropdown doesn't always pre-select the language
1924365 - Add extra disk for VM which use boot source PXE
1924383 - Degraded network operator during upgrade to 4.7.z
1924387 - [ja_JP][zh_CN] Incorrect warning message for deleting namespace on Delete Pod dialog box.
1924480 - non cluster admin can not take VM snapshot: An error occurred, cannot set blockOwnerDeletion if an ownerReference refers to a resource you can't set finalizers on
1924583 - Deprectaed templates are listed in the Templates screen
1924870 - pick upstream pr#96901: plumb context with request deadline
1924955 - Images from Private external registry not working in deploy Image
1924961 - k8sutil.TrimDNS1123Label creates invalid values
1924985 - Build egress-router-cni for both RHEL 7 and 8
1925020 - Console demo plugin deployment image shoult not point to dockerhub
1925024 - Remove extra validations on kafka source form view net section
1925039 - [e2e] Fix Test - ID(CNV-5327) Change Custom Flavor while VM is running
1925072 - NTO needs to ship the current latest stalld v1.7.0
1925163 - Missing info about dev catalog in boot source template column
1925200 - Monitoring Alert icon is missing on the workload in Topology view
1925262 - apiserver getting 2 SIGTERM signals which was immediately making it exit code 1
1925319 - bash syntax error in configure-ovs.sh script
1925408 - Remove StatefulSet gatherer and replace it with gathering corresponding config map data
1925516 - Pipeline Metrics Tooltips are overlapping data
1925562 - Add new ArgoCD link from GitOps application environments page
1925596 - Gitops details page image and commit id text overflows past card boundary
1926556 - 'excessive etcd leader changes' test case failing in serial job because prometheus data is wiped by machine set test
1926588 - The tarball of operator-sdk is not ready for ocp4.7
1927456 - 4.7 still points to 4.6 catalog images
1927500 - API server exits non-zero on 2 SIGTERM signals
1929278 - Monitoring workloads using too high a priorityclass
1929645 - Remove openshift:kubevirt-machine-controllers decleration from machine-api
1929920 - Cluster monitoring documentation link is broken - 404 not found

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details at https://access.redhat.com/security/team/contact/

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