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BSidesLisbon 2019 Call For Papers

BSidesLisbon 2019 Call For Papers
Posted Aug 24, 2019
Site bsideslisbon.org

BSidesLisbon 2019 has announced its call for papers. It will be held November 28th and 29th at Auditorio FMD-UL.

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BSidesLisbon 2019 Call For Papers

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BSidesLisbon is back and we need your help to make it bigger and better
once more!!

The event will be held in Lisbon (really?) on November 28th and 29th at
Auditorio FMD-UL

To register go to: *https://cfp.bsideslisbon.org*
Speaking slots

As in the previous year, we will have the following:

*Regular Talks:*

Presentation slots with a fixed duration of 45 minutes plus 10 minutes for

*Short Talks:*

Presentation slots with a fixed duration of 20 minutes plus 5 minutes for


This year we are open to both "short" and "long" workshops! Short workshops
have a duration of 2 hours, and long workshops have a duration of 4 hours.
Both have a maximum capacity of around 15 attendees.

The CFP deadline for submissions is *September 15, 2019 23:59:59 WEST*
What to Submit

We are looking for topics in the technical area of cyb^Winformation
security. Doesn't matter if it's reverse engineering, web apps, or netsec.
If it's infosec we are in for it!

We do however have a few *rules*:

- The talk and slides must be in *English* – Even though it's Lisbon we
always have lots of foreign friends visiting our beautiful country and even
- We will record all presentations for publication on our Youtube
channel. If publishing your presentation poses an issue for you then please
select the "Don't record this talk" checkbox in the submission form.
- You must give your talk with passion! :)

Submissions will be reviewed by our "Call for Papers" review board

The board will review all the talks and give them a rating, speakers will
get at least a 2 month warning on either their talk has been accepted or

*Your talk won’t be picked IF*:

- It’s a *sale pitch* (vendor based talk / product talk)
- Talks that don’t have the *minimum information* when submitted
(including*correct* contact information)

We thank you in advance for your interest and support in bSidesLisbon 2019,
and all your submissions are greatly appreciated.
Tips from the review board:

- *Be as detailed as possible:* Don't give us just a title and a
paragraph. (we don't need a full paper, but give us enough detail :);
- *Be clear!* Help us understand what is it you want to speak about, why
it matters, and what attendees will get out of it;
- *Submit early:* We will be approving talks, and filling slots,
throughout the review process. The later you submit, the less chance you
have of being picked;
- *Make sure your contact information is accurate!!!* Every year there's
some wrong email address that we are unable to get in touch with. We have
some OSINT skills, but we have other priorities :) If you don't receive an
automated email confirming your submission, something was wrong, let us
know ASAP.

Speaker Benefits

By being a speaker at bSidesLisbon, you'll get the following benefits:

- Peer recognition :)
- Full access to the conference
- Invitation to the legendary bSideslisbon speakers' dinner (ok, maybe
it's not legendary, but it is still fun!).
- Exclusive bSidesLisbon2019 t-shirt
- Pastéis de Nata!

Being a small, community driven and not-for-profit conference, we have a
limited budget and are unable to support expenses for speakers.
Privacy and Data Protection Information

- We only use your information for the purpose of evaluating your
submission, and don't share it with anyone else;
- Your information (name / bio / title / abstract / description /
resources) will be made public if your submission is accepted, and you
confirm you'll be delivering it;
- You can update all information at anytime by logging in to your
- If you delete your account, all personal information is deleted;
- If you don't agree with the previous paragraphs, do not submit.

Code of Conduct

Please check our Code of Conduct here:

Cláudio André

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