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Hacktivity 2017 Call For Papers

Hacktivity 2017 Call For Papers
Posted May 29, 2017

The Hacktivity 2017 Call For Papers has been announced. It will be held from October 20th through the 21st, 2017 in Budapest, Hungary.

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Hacktivity 2017 Call For Papers

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[ == Hacktivity 2017 Call For Papers  ==]

Conference: October 20-21, 2017
CFP closing date: June 30, 2017
CFP notification to authors: July 31, 2017
Venue: Budapest, Hungary

Email: cfp _!{at}!_
Twitter: @hacktivityconf

[ == The Hacktivity Crew == ]

The Hacktivity hacking conference brings together the official and
alternative representatives of information security profession with all
those interested in the area, in an informal, yet educational, and most of
the times highly technical.

[ == Call For Contributions/Speakers

This year we are offering two alternatives: you can either give a
presentation as usual or you can give a hello workshop.

[ == Presentations == ]

This is the business as usual. We require similar thing as in any other IT
security conference CFP. We are accepting presentations from a wide
spectrum of IT security topics. It is up to you to apply for a presentation
which is in line with the spirit of Hacktivity. We favor presentations with

Please write your slide deck in English. Your speech can be in English
(favored) or Hungarian.

As a speaker you can have either 20A minutes or 40 Aminute s lot to
present your topic.

[ == Hello workshop == ]

We all know there is a huge difference between seeing and doing. Real
knowledge grows from issuing your first command. Therefore, to help
visitors start off learning we organize hello workshops. Hello workshops
are short courses introducing basic/intermediate IT security skills.
Previous years included topics like:

Burp Extensions
Malicious PDF analysis
Basic rootkit techniques
SQL injections
A hello workshop should meet the following requirements:

participants should acquire a definite and useful piece of knowledge;
participants bring their own equipment you should calculate with the
a workshop will not have more than 16 attendees;
it should fit into 20 plus 20 minutes (seeing plus doing) from preparation
to takeAaways.
one workshop will be held approx. 3 times during the two days

[ == Topics == ]

Here are some topics that we are especially interested in:

- Vulnerabilities at unexpected territories
- Exploit mitigations and their mitigations
- Malware analysis inside or outside the sandbox
- Blue Team techniques / operation
- Big Data / Cloud / APT / any_fancy_buzzword A Whatas the big deal? Are
there any / What are the new threats?
- Extraordinary stories of #FAIL

Any research which brings something brand new to the security world
These are just examples though, please feel free to submit your talk as
long as it fits to the spirit of Hacktivity.

[ == How to apply as a speaker == ]

Please fill out our CFP application form:

[ == Speaker benefits == ]

Speaker benefits are applicable to every person presenting at least one 40
minute or two 20 minute presentations. If you would like to hold a Hello
workshop and need coverage for travel or accommodation please contact us!

Hacktivity offers speakers accommodation for 2 nights next to the venue of
the conference and cover travel expenses up to 350 EUR .

Please note that we have flexibility regarding the travel expenses. The
travel contribution is agreed individually with every speaker . Please
contact us at cfp _!{at}!_ for more details.

[ == Copyright == ]

As a speaker or workshop presenter you should accept the following use of
your intellectual properties:

Presentations will be recorded and made available on our website.

To the event a conference paper will be published with
presentation/workshop titles and abstracts, the presentersa bio and their
photos. The brochures will be distributed at the registration for all
participants of the conference.

Presentations and workshop materials will available on the conference web
page after the event in pdf form.

During the presentation we will take photos and use them in our
publications and will be published on our site.

We are not going to use your materials in any other form mentioned above
without your prior consent.

Attila Marosi
head of program committee


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