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EuskalHack Security Congress 2017 Call For Papers

EuskalHack Security Congress 2017 Call For Papers
Posted Jan 17, 2017
Site euskalhack.org

EuskalHack Security Congress is the first Ethical Hacking association in Euskadi, with the aim of promoting the community and culture in digital security to anyone who may be interested. It will be held June 23rd through the 24th, 2017 in Donostia - San Sebastian.

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EuskalHack Security Congress 2017 Call For Papers

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] EuskalHack Call For Papers / Call For Trainings [

TL;DR: Awesome security conference in Donostia-San Sebastian (Basque
Country) with even more awesome food happening in June 23-24th 2017.
If it sounds great to you, continue reading ;)


EuskalHack Security Congress Second Edition is coming again, the first
Ethical Hacking association of Basque Country, with the aim of promoting
the community and culture in information security to anyone who may be

This exclusive conference is shaping up as the most relevant in Basque
Country, with an estimated of 180 attendees for this second edition.

The participants include specialised companies, state security
organisations, professionals, hobbyists and students in the area of
computers science, security and information technology.

Date and location

The date for the conference is 23-24th of June 2017 in the city of
Donostia-San Sebastian, in Basque Country.

Take part as a speaker

We want to open the doors to all those who wish to be part of this
second edition of the EuskalHack Security Congress in one of the various
categories of talks and workshops we offer, whether professionals,
students or hobbyists.

We are looking for small workshops or talks related with the digital
security or tech in general.

For example, we are looking for subjects like reverse engineering,
vuln-dev exploiting, mobile devices attacks, APTs, industrial
security... but don't hesitate in sending your paper, we would have into
account any proposal based on their originality, didactic value,
contribution to the community and ability to offer a good time to our

Call For Trainings

We are also looking for experienced professionals to give one to three
days of trainings. Please send your proposal to info@euskalhack.org.

Language and Internationalisation

At EuskalHack we value linguistic diversity and internationalisation;
this is why we accept talks in Spanish, Basque or English. Just let us
know what language you plan to use for your slides and for the talk.

Note: We positively value bilingual options which can be understood by
the maximum number of attendees as possible as, in example, slides in
one language while speaking in another one.

Talks and Workshops

We will have several spaces over the course of the event, which will
include talks and workshops concurrently, taking two different

* Standard talks: 50 minutes max
* Specific workshops: 120 minutes max


Proposal submissions should be sent before March 12th through the forms
found on the following links:

ENGLISH http://www.euskalhack.org/CFP/CFP_EuskalHack2017_EN.pdf
EUSKERA http://www.euskalhack.org/CFP/CFP_EuskalHack2017_EU.pdf
SPANISH http://www.euskalhack.org/CFP/CFP_EuskalHack2017_ES.pdf

Dates to consider

The following are the dates and milestones which should be considered
during various phases by the speakers directly involved:

16/01/2017 Speaker registration begins
12/03/2017 Speaker registration ends
17/03/2017 Speaker confirmation date deadline by the organisation
01/05/2017 Speaker requirements submission
31/05/2017 Follow-up communication
22/06/2016 Speakers reception
23/06/2016 EuskalHack Security Congress

Commitment in meeting the dates set by those interested for the paper
planning and effective implementation of the congress is requested.

Speaker rights and privileges

* Take part in the reference security congress in Basque Country.
* Return travel paid by the organisation.
* Accommodation paid in a hotel in the beautiful city of Donostia - San
* Complete access to the conference.
* Dinner with the other speakers and conference organizers.
* 20% off on the EuskalHack association fee for the first year.

Speaker obligations

* Facilitate with documentation associated with the talk, with details
about the demonstrations to be performed.
* Send the documents on the appropriate dates to ensure they are
properly processed.
* Not to have given the presentation at other conferences.
* Explicitly accept the publication of materials submitted including
any images or audio-visual recordings

Not mandatory but preferred:

* Use the templates, typography, design and/or official logo of the


Being part of EuskalHack as a sponsoring company implies having presence
and impact in a unique and singular area, allowing directing a message
to a target audience, and facilitating and strengthening your brand and
products' knowledge in a major community event.

We have a maximum number of allowed sponsors, as we consider it
essential to establish a balance between the visitors and the companies

If you would like to be a part of the conference, please contact us as
soon as possible at the following address: info@euskalhack.org


Web -> http://www.euskalhack.org/
Mail -> info@euskalhack.org
Twitter -> @EuskalHack

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