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Rooted CON 2014 Call For Papers

Rooted CON 2014 Call For Papers
Posted Oct 1, 2013
Site rootedcon.es

RootedCON 2014 Call For Papers - RootedCON is a security congress that will take place between March 6th to the 8th, 2014 in Madrid (Spain). With an estimated capacity of about 1000 people, is one of the largest specialized conferences that take place in the country and one of the largest in Europe, with attendees profiles ranging from students, state forces, to professionals within security market in IT or simply technology enthusiasts.

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Rooted CON 2014 Call For Papers

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Rooted CON 2014 - 'Call for Papers'


-=] About RootedCON 2014

RootedCON 2014 is a Security Congress that will be held in Madrid
(Spain) on 6-8 March 2014.

With an estimated capacity of about 1000 people, is one of the
largest specialized conferences that take place in the country and
one of the largest in Europe, with attendees profiles ranging from
students, state forces, to professionals within Security market in IT
or simply technology enthusiasts.

-=] Types of talks

There will be two types of talks:

- Quick talks: 20 minutes.
- Regular talks: 50 minutes.

A limited number of each of the types can even adjust the schedule if
an interesting quick talk extends beyond 20 minutes or, for specific
needs, reducing one of the regular talks.

For this fifth anniversary, we are searching for groundbreaking and
disruptive talks both from national and international speakers,
including discussions of topics not directly related with security,
but keeping in mind the technology, lifestyle, culture ...

-=] International speakers

This year we will invest a lot of effort to bring international
speakers, incorporating both Spanish-English, English-Spanish
simultaneous translation. Consequently, we also call attendees from
around the world.

-=] Topics we seek

Any relevant issue associated with the concept of Hacking. The
following ones are not the only issues that interest us, but take
them as examples:

- Hacking, cracking, phreaking, virii, WiFi, VoIP, GSM...
- Security at Critical Infrastructures, SCADA...
- Hardware Hacking, Jtag, SWJ, Dap, ...
- Console and video gaming hacking.
- Mobile: android, iOS, Windows mobile, Firefox OS...
- Reverse Engineering, debugging, hooking, fuzzing, exploiting,...
- Innovative tools and techniques both for defense and attack.
- APT, botnets and malware.
- (In)security "in the cloud", virtualization,...
- Cryptography, steganography, covert channels,...
- Forensics and anti forensics.
- Communications and networking, level 2 & 3,...
- Original talks for our attendees...
- VERY ORIGINAL TALKS, like shows, monologues, etc...

In our last edition, talks related to "Hardware Hacking" were very
popular, as well as behaviour modification ideas of robots,
specialized hardware, or even creating new devices. Related Keywords:
Drones, Arduino, *copters, Roomba, alarms, Jtag, cameras...

For this edition, we are very interested in vulnerabilities,
specially 0days, or every kind of security problems on critical
infrastructures or their platforms.

-=] Procedure for papers submission

We will only accept talks which are submitted through our CFP
submission form located at:
(spanish)https://www.rootedcon.es/cfp2014-en/ (english)

Any other submission method will not be considered as "official" and
will not be evaluated by our selection team.

-=] Schedule and deadlines

1 Oct 2013 - Call-For-Papers process starts
2 Dic 2013 - Call-For-Papers finishes
Dic 2013 - Contacting and interviews with Speakers for
final confirmation.

Jan 2014 - Publication of the final schedule of speakers and

*4 Feb 2014 - Delivery of all material from the speaker*

5 Mar 2014 - Speakers dinner
6-8 Mar 2014 - /RootedCON2014

** Unjustified delays in speakers material delivery can impact on the
coverage for Travel Expenses and accommodation assumed by the
organization, as well as other benefits that may be acquired as a

-=] Benefits and privileges as speaker

Each speaker will receive the following benefits and privileges:

- A dinner with the rest of the speakers, as well as whole RootedLabs
and RootedCON crew
- Accommodation and travel.
- Full-access pass for the three days of the congress
- Some free drinks for the party ;)
- Potential job opportunities management.
- A present (surprise) for taking part of RootedCON 2014.

-=] Duties and responsibilities of speaker

All selected speakers presenting a talk to RootedCON 2014 must:

a) Confirm that the paper presented is TECHNICAL and is accompanied
by a Proof of Concept

b) Send the talk material before the deadline established for the
materials delivery dates of the Congress. Is important to include
include details about the demos that could be performed.

c) Develop material according to official RootedCON 2014 templates

d) Accept explicitly that the materials presented, as well as video
and audio recordings made shall be published either in the content
management mechanisms of RootedCON or other media in the future.
RootedCON * won't * apply any kind of censorship in any materials,
recordings, media or whatever the mechanisms by which they are made
accessible to the public and attendees content.

-=] Sponsors and Partners

RootedCON is always looking for quality sponsors and partners. If you
have a proposal or you think your company could be interested, please
contact us at:


IMPORTANT: Due to the highly technical subject, and attendees
preferences given in multiple surveys, we encourage potential
sponsors who intend to give a talk as speakers to be adapted as
possible to the different topics liked by the most important
RootedCON assets you have, your general public.

Any help, comments, ideas, proposals or collaborations that we should
do to get will be considered and valued with all its importance: it
is very important for Congress to receive such proposals, we depend
on you to organise the best event possible.

-=] Critical points to consider

1. Time management and the duration of the talks are one of the
critical points in our Congress. It is preferable to ask for a
regular talk than trying to rush a quick talk, without allowing free
time for the audience questions.

2. We appreciate EXCLUSIVE talks, which wasn't previously published
as blog posts, websites, events or any other conferences.

3. We believe in the responsible Full-disclosure so, if your idea is
to present a Zero-Day, we want confirmation that you have contacted
the manufacturer, and if this contact couldn't be made at your own,
we offer to manage it.

4. One of the main reasons for cancelling the contract between
speaker and /RootedCON is not to deliver (all) materials on the
deadline established. Delays could deduct expenses covering congress
and charged to the speaker.

5. PLEASE, it is very important to * CLEARLY * indicates if
accommodation or travel is needed when you submit your paper through
the CFP form. Rooted reserves the right to not cover that kind of
needs if it was not stated initially.

-=] Contacting with the organization


-=] Our links

- Web: http://www.rootedcon.es/en/
- Twitter: @rootedcon #rooted y #rooted2014
- Facebook: http://bit.ly/fbookrooted
- LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/linkedinrooted
- Rooted mailing-list (spanish): rootedcon@listas.rooted.es
- Vimeo: http://www.vimeo.com/rootedcon
- Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/rootedcon
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RootedCON V (2014) - www.rootedcon.es
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