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3rd Annual 44CON Call For Papers

3rd Annual 44CON Call For Papers
Posted Feb 28, 2013
Site cfp.44con.com

The 3rd annual 44CON Call For Papers has been announced. It will be held in London, England from September 12th through the 13th, 2013 at the Millennium Conference Centre.

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3rd Annual 44CON Call For Papers

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The 3rd Annual 44CON, held in London, England this September promises to 
bring the brightest and best research from around the globe to the
world’s financial centre. We’re looking for speakers, workshops and
training courses to make the event bigger and better than last year. If
you’d like an accommodation and travel covered trip to London while it's
still warm and sunny, this is the event to submit to.
_ _
/_//_// / //\ / | 12th - 13th September 2013
/ //_,/_// / | The Millenium Conference Centre, London

-=- London's Premier Security Event -=-

]-- 44CON 2013 Call For Papers

Site: http://44con.com/
CFP Registration: https://cfp.44con.com/
Tickets *available now*: http://shop.44con.com/

44CON is the UK's largest combined annual Security Conference and
Training event. Taking place on the 12th and 13th of September at the
Millenium Conference Centre in South Kensington, London, we will have a
fully dedicated conference facility across two floors, including
catering, private bar and daily 4pm Gin O’Clock break.

The conference will host two speaking tracks over the two days. Day one
will host an Infosec Professional and Technical track, day two will host
two fully technical tracks. The proposed schedule can be found here:

This is the Call for Papers, Talks and Workshops for 44CON 2013. Both
Technical and Infosec Professional talk submissions will be accepted.
Talks are 45 minutes long. Workshops are either 60 or 120 minutes in length.

]-- Submissions

Submissions should be sent via the CFP website (https://cfp.44con.com/).
Our submissions review panel includes luminaries from organisations such
as The Hackers Choice and various H.M. Government and military personnel.

In particular, we are looking for original talks of the highest quality
in the following areas:

1. Offensive Technologies
- Vulnerability exploitation techniques
- Malware
- Rootkits
- Doing bad things to good processes

2. Defensive Technologies
- Incident Response
- Malware forensics and analysis
- Intrusion Prevention Tools & Techniques
- Computer Network Defence (CND)

3. Bugs, finding and fixing
- Fuzzing
- Static and Dynamic Analysis
- Source Code Auditing
- The Exploit Economy
- Vulnerability Stories (e.g. the most interesting RCE I ever found and
how it came to be)

4. Cloud Computing
- Breaking
- Defending
- Data Protection and Destruction

5. Virtualisation
- Detection, Escape and Exploitation
- Defence, Sandboxing and Countermeasures

6. Owning the Enterprise
- Enterprise Software (e.g. SAP, Ab Initio, Oracle etc.)
- Trading Systems
- Enterprise Security Fail

7. Online Economy
- Online Gambling Security (Casino, Poker and Arcade systems)
- MMO and Console Gaming
- Commercial PRNG Analysis
- Payment Systems

8. Client Side Security
- Browser Security
- Boot Security (e.g. EFI, BIOS, Secure Boot)
- Sandboxing, Gatekeeper and other restrictions
- File Format Security
- Out of Band Measures (e.g. Chip & Pin)

9. Embedded/Hardware Hacking
- Mobile devices
- Mobile Phones - Particularly iPhone/Windows Phone/BB10/Android
- Mobile Applications
- Firmware Analysis
- M2M
- Games Consoles
- Cool Hardware Hacks (e.g. Arduino etc.)
- GSM Hardware/Software Security
- Access Control
- Consumer Broadband Devices
- DVR and Set Top Boxes
- Health Systems

10. Application Security
- Web-based Application Security
- Binary Application Security
- Reverse Engineering
- Copyright and DRM

11. Networking and Comms
- OSI Layers 1 through 4
- RF Comms (RFID, NFC etc.)
- Satellite Hacking
- VoIP
- IPv6
- 802.11

12. Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)
- Emergency Services Systems
- Medical Systems and IT Security
- Cyber Espionage

13. Security and Business (Infosec)
- Disaster Planning
- UK/EU Law, Regulation and Compliance
- Communications
- Security Awareness
- Practical Strategies
- Security Successes and Failures
- Security at Scale
- Policies
- Metrics

14. Layer 8 - Humans
- Social Engineering
- Psychology and Security

Please try to not recycle content from other conference presentations.
If you have an updated presentation or one that will be given elsewhere
before 44CON please let us know in your submission, and inform us of any
changes from the previous presented version.

Note: this is not an exhaustive list. If you have a good talk proposal,
please let us know.

]-- Selection Committee

- Van Hauser (THC)
- Nick Barron (Columnist, SC Magazine UK)
- Phil Huggins (BAE Systems Detica)
- Michael Colao
- a number of shadowy and sausagey figures from the unconvention and

]-- Speaker Privileges

Speakers at 44CON will be entitled to the following:

- Paid travel
- 2-3 nights accommodation (see below)
- Breakfast & Lunch during conference
- After-Conference Party Invite
- Exclusive 44CON speaker T Shirt
- Love and TLC from our speaker ops team
- Press Access (for those that want it)
- Fun and Frolics (and Alcohol if you want it)

We welcome speakers of all genders, origins and physical abilities. If
you have any particular disabilities or requirements please let us know
so we can accommodate. Talks are to be delivered in English only.
Partners are welcome to come along, we’re happy to help arrange for
tourist things for you and your partners to do while in London - Please
let us know should you want to do this.

For accepted talks we offer access to the event for both days and 2
nights of accommodation.

Should you have an accepted talk and workshop we will grant you an
additional night of accommodation (up to 3 nights)

For accepted workshops with no accompanying talk we will provide a free
44CON 2013 ticket for both days. No accommodation will be included.

]-- Submissions process

Submit your CFP response at the CFP Site (https://cfp.44con.com/).
Submissions must be in English only.

]-- Important dates

- CFP Opens Wednesday 20th February
- For entry into the first round selection submit by 31st March
- First Selection round announced Tuesday 23rd April
- Final CFP Deadline: Monday 31st May, 6pm UTC
- Speaker announcements: Tuesday 23rd April - Thursday 30th June
- Speaker flight details to be submitted by 30th June
- Presentation Submission Deadline: 31st July
- Papers/Tools Submission Deadline: 12th August
- 44CON Training: 10th and 11th September
- 44CON Conference: 12th and 13th September

]-- Other Information

44CON is the UK's biggest combined Information Security Conference and
Training Event.

To find out more about 44CON visit http://44con.com/, follow us on
twitter @44con, or use the #44con hashtag and take part in the
discussion on Twitter.

Tickets are available now from the main web site at

For an idea of what to expect, watch some videos from previous 44Con
Events at http://www.youtube.com/44contv/

By agreeing to speak at 44CON you are granting Sense/Net Ltd (owners of
44CON) the rights to reproduce and distribute your presentation and
recording (unless otherwise agreed in writing in advance of the event)
including but not limited to http://44con.com/, advertisements in
various mediums and through partner sites and mediums. If you are not
comfortable with this arrangement then this must be agreed with us in
writing prior to the event.

We aim to provide professionally produced DVDs of 44CON presentations
for attendees to purchase. Please advise us in advance if your
presentation cannot be recorded for any reason.


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