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Tomcat 9.0.0.M1 Sandbox Escape
Posted Jan 8, 2020
Authored by Harrison Neal

Tomcat version 9.0.0.M1 proprietaryEvaluate sandbox escape proof of concept.

tags | exploit, proof of concept
advisories | CVE-2016-5018
MD5 | d33e30810a886a7412766894d0f80db3

Related Files

Apache Tomcat CGIServlet enableCmdLineArguments Remote Code Execution
Posted Jul 2, 2019
Authored by sinn3r, Yakov Shafranovich | Site metasploit.com

This Metasploit module exploits a vulnerability in Apache Tomcat's CGIServlet component. When the enableCmdLineArguments setting is set to true, a remote user can abuse this to execute system commands, and gain remote code execution.

tags | exploit, remote, code execution
advisories | CVE-2019-0232
MD5 | 0d433a42b85642288aa8f83ab3ac6eb8
Tomcat JSP Upload Bypass Remote Code Execution
Posted Oct 12, 2017
Authored by peewpw | Site metasploit.com

This Metasploit module uploads a jsp payload and executes it.

tags | exploit
advisories | CVE-2017-12617
MD5 | 956dae1cfd4113446dba37af21923214
Apache Tomcat 7.0.76 Directory Traversal
Posted Apr 6, 2017
Authored by DefenseCode

Apache Tomcat version 7.0.76 suffers from a directory traversal vulnerability.

tags | exploit
MD5 | 1e538bcf61ae8964acad592471f749a1
Apache Tomcat 8.0.36-2 Privilege Escalation
Posted Oct 2, 2016
Authored by Dawid Golunski

Apache Tomcat versions 8.0.36-2 and below, 7.0.70-2 and below, and 6.0.45+dfsg-1~deb8ul and below suffer from a local root privilege escalation vulnerability.

tags | exploit, local, root
advisories | CVE-2016-1240
MD5 | dcf2beeda84d1c33b8f60d5b10460d33
Apache Tomcat Request Smuggling
Posted Feb 9, 2015
Authored by Tomcat Security Team

It was possible to craft a malformed chunk as part of a chunked request that caused Tomcat to read part of the request body as a new request. Versions affected include Apache Tomcat 8.0.0-RC1 to 8.0.8, 7.0.0 to 7.0.54, and 6.0.0 to 6.0.41.

tags | advisory
advisories | CVE-2014-0227
MD5 | c03d0028c62118f50360caf7a44eb2d1
Apache Tomcat 7.0.39 Remote Code Execution
Posted Sep 10, 2014
Authored by Mark Thomas, Pierre Ernst | Site tomcat.apache.org

In very limited circumstances, it was possible for an attacker to upload a malicious JSP to a Tomcat server and then trigger the execution of that JSP. While Remote Code Execution would normally be viewed as a critical vulnerability, the circumstances under which this is possible are, in the view of the Tomcat security team, sufficiently limited that this vulnerability is viewed as important. Apache Tomcat versions 7.0.0 through 7.0.39 are affected.

tags | advisory, remote, code execution
advisories | CVE-2013-4444
MD5 | 6f71df48b43e53b12fd987b6c4f4c4b1
Apache Tomcat Manager Code Execution
Posted Feb 1, 2014
Authored by rangercha | Site metasploit.com

This Metasploit module can be used to execute a payload on Apache Tomcat servers that have an exposed "manager" application. The payload is uploaded as a WAR archive containing a jsp application using a POST request against the /manager/html/upload component. NOTE: The compatible payload sets vary based on the selected target. For example, you must select the Windows target to use native Windows payloads.

tags | exploit
systems | windows
advisories | CVE-2009-3843, CVE-2009-4189, CVE-2009-4188, CVE-2010-0557, CVE-2010-4094, CVE-2009-3548, OSVDB-60317, OSVDB-60670, OSVDB-60176
MD5 | 2d81d40bd43f5df5cfb5aa2845eadc35
Apache Tomcat 5.5.25 Cross Site Request Forgery
Posted Nov 4, 2013
Authored by Ivano Binetti

Apache Tomcat version 5.5.25 suffers from a cross site request forgery vulnerability.

tags | exploit, csrf
advisories | CVE-2013-6357
MD5 | 199d7e06032e547bb9de384b106023df
Apache Tomcat WAR Upload / Account Scanner
Posted Mar 19, 2012
Authored by Kingcope

This exploit attempts various Tomcat login access combinations and attempts to launch a reverse shell once successful.

tags | exploit, shell
MD5 | 3098230d2b2a2221e43fcf584721c0ca
Apache Tomcat 7.0.11 Information Disclosure
Posted Apr 6, 2011
Authored by Mark Thomas | Site tomcat.apache.org

Changes introduced into Apache Tomcat version 7.0.11 to the HTTP BIO connector to support Servlet 3.0 asynchronous requests did not fully account for HTTP pipelining. As a result, when using HTTP pipelining a range of unexpected behaviours occurred including the mixing up of responses between requests. While the mix-up in responses was only observed between requests from the same user, a mix-up of responses for requests from different users may also be possible.

tags | advisory, web
advisories | CVE-2011-1475
MD5 | 085e762a7d40dcfa9a273b6855555f99
Apache Tomcat 7.0.11 Security Constraint Bypass
Posted Apr 6, 2011
Authored by Mark Thomas | Site tomcat.apache.org

A regression in the Apache Tomcat version 7.0.11 fix for CVE-2011-1088 meant that security constraints were ignored when no login configuration was present in the web.xml and the web application was marked as meta-data complete.

tags | advisory, web
advisories | CVE-2011-1183
MD5 | 0980425b255a7636cac825013b841b85
Apache Tomcat Manager Cross Site Scripting
Posted Feb 5, 2011
Authored by Mark Thomas | Site tomcat.apache.org

Apache Tomcat Manager suffers from a cross site scripting vulnerability. Versions 7.0.0 through 7.0.5, 6.0.0 through 6.0.29, and 5.5.0 through 5.5.31 are affected.

tags | exploit, xss
advisories | CVE-2011-0013
MD5 | 0b3bd186e7a3120de34c7d8a9a7ad4be
Oracle JVM / Apache Tomcat Denial Of Service
Posted Feb 5, 2011
Authored by Mark Thomas | Site tomcat.apache.org

An Oracle JVM bug can cause a denial of service condition in Apache Tomcat. Tomcat is affected when accessing a form based security constrained page or any page that calls javax.servlet.ServletRequest.getLocale() or javax.servlet.ServletRequest.getLocales().

tags | advisory, denial of service
MD5 | faab69e49f38e986332b6d89cdc01c55
Tomcat/JBoss Nmap Script Brute Forcing Tool
Posted Jan 11, 2011
Authored by spdr

Tomcat/JBoss .nse script for nmap that also includes a short dictionary attack for Tomcat's /manager/html basic-auth.

tags | tool, nmap
systems | unix
MD5 | 490c966b50c98007ed3ea6e775a0d8cd
Apache Tomcat Directory Traversal
Posted Feb 26, 2010
Authored by indoushka

Apache Tomcat versions 4.1.0 through 4.1.37 and 5.5.0 through 5.5.26 suffer from a directory traversal vulnerability.

tags | exploit, file inclusion
MD5 | a27952fc15cbdbe3599544b288d2b98e
Apache Tomcat Manager Application Deployer Upload and Execute
Posted Feb 19, 2010
Authored by jduck | Site metasploit.com

This Metasploit module can be used to execute a payload on Apache Tomcat servers that have an exposed "manager" application. The payload is uploaded as a WAR archive containing a jsp application using a PUT request. The manager application can also be abused using /manager/html/upload, but that method is not implemented in this module.

tags | exploit
advisories | CVE-2009-3843
MD5 | d73ec93fdbad878f033e319661b1c7c1
Posted Nov 29, 2008
Authored by Abysssec | Site abysssec.com

Apache Tomcat privilege escalation command execution proof of concept exploit.

tags | exploit, proof of concept
MD5 | 921bf1b2b4c16ed4b2b9055ccff19402
Posted Aug 13, 2008
Authored by Simon Ryeo

Apache Tomcat versions prior to 6.0.18 suffer from a directory traversal vulnerability.

tags | exploit, file inclusion
advisories | CVE-2008-2938
MD5 | c09ec2a05dc679b0bcf232595654b8c6
Posted Feb 8, 2008
Site tomcat.apache.org

Apache Tomcat versions 6.0.5 through 6.0.15 suffer from an interesting flaw. If an exception occurs during the processing of parameters then it is possible that the parameters submitted for that request will be incorrectly processed as part of a following request.

tags | advisory, info disclosure
advisories | CVE-2008-0002
MD5 | 60b98ac1f2ff69dbe2e3779706818f68
Posted Oct 22, 2007
Authored by h3rcul3s

Apache Tomcat with WEBDAV remote file disclosure exploit that has SSL support.

tags | exploit, remote, info disclosure
MD5 | d82a4ac6d64823fa0433274a0c5258cb
Posted Sep 7, 2007
Authored by Handrix | Site morx.org

Apache Tomcat version 5.2.28 is susceptible to cross site scripting attacks in functions.jsp.

tags | exploit, xss
MD5 | bd09a32ca1d51a3b6430e1f2abf74de5
Posted Sep 5, 2007
Authored by Tushar Vartak

Apache Tomcat version 4.1.31 ships with cal2.jsp that suffers from cross site scripting and cross site request forgery vulnerabilities.

tags | exploit, vulnerability, xss, csrf
MD5 | 84ffe83965ef4435d7d7f4eea492dfc9
Posted Nov 8, 2005
Authored by David Maciejak

Many time consuming directory listing requests can cause a denial of service in Apache Tomcat versions 5.5.0 through 5.5.11.

tags | advisory, denial of service
MD5 | fa703e2ade9227f7c5f0ca0fe9f0bd5e
Posted Jan 7, 2005
Authored by Oliver Karow | Site oliverkarow.de

Apache Jakarta Tomcat version 5.5.6 is susceptible to cross site scripting attacks.

tags | exploit, xss
MD5 | 8d2da4e59e74ea24a42efaf5451139f6
Posted Jun 3, 2003
Site gentoo.org

Apache Tomcat versions prior to tomcat-4.1.24 create /opt/tomcat with a directory mode which allowed users to access files containing passwords.

tags | advisory
MD5 | 98a899388064f4a01947cc96ab9484a8
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