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Files Date: 2001-02-01 to 2001-02-28

Posted Feb 13, 2001
Authored by Fobic | Site low-level.net

Examining Advanced Remote OS Detection Methods/Concepts using Perl - This paper discusses the theory and practice behind OS detection with a specific focus on the practice related to the PERL programming language. Methods and concepts for remote operating system detection are closely examined and implemented into Perl code.

tags | paper, remote, perl
SHA-256 | 42dc76c48a5bd38bca8b591b25e2bfb48e12b5dc3be5bf83200be9d48655549b
Posted Feb 12, 2001
Authored by The Exploiters

LICQ and Gnome-ICQ contain remote denial of service vulnerabilities when users send .rtf files. Tested from NT4 and NT5 workstations (running ICQ 2000b) to various Linux distro's.

tags | remote, denial of service, vulnerability
systems | linux
SHA-256 | 0d38b38a373c2c23008a37ff163edc7ea2509c844ccb480ba538319171bd2abb
Posted Feb 12, 2001

Knetfilter is a KDE gui application designed to manage the netfilter functionalities that will come with the new kernel 2.4.x. In Principal, all standard firewall system administration activities can be done just using knetfilter. But there is not just a GUI to iptables command line, it is possible also some monitoring via a tcpdump interface.

Changes: Icons placement in the KDE 2 tree is now correct. Stop buttons were added to tcpdump and nmap interfaces, and a better procfs configuration enhances security and tunes performances as a router.
tags | tool, kernel, firewall
systems | linux
SHA-256 | a84b011d7820f85efc808a793953ee3393bd17ba794edb771ee439d52fb25fdc
Posted Feb 12, 2001
Authored by Renaud Deraison | Site nessus.org

Nessus is a free, up-to-date, and full featured remote security scanner for Linux, BSD, Solaris and some other systems. It is multithreaded, plugin-based, has a nice GTK interface, and currently performs over 531 remote security checks. It has powerful reporting capabilities (HTML, LaTeX, ASCII text) and not only points out problems, but suggests a solution for each of them. Windows version available here.

Changes: 1.0.7a fixes bugs in the scanner timeout. This should be the last 1.0.x release, our efforts will now be focused on the development of Nessus 1.1.x.
tags | tool, remote, scanner
systems | linux, windows, unix, solaris, bsd
SHA-256 | 462c9493013c6c0509ff013763bd44d032e5af15e3d616892160b3a09e0acc66
Posted Feb 12, 2001
Site netscape.com

Netscape Enterprise Server 3.5.1 (Publisher) has a problem with the default ACL settings that could allow an intruder to view/download "non-public" files in the web root.

tags | exploit, web, root
SHA-256 | 7a62731a05028e001f32f9d4c8e75d4140a036bb3958b1acba24163c1b5f6704
Posted Feb 12, 2001
Authored by Samy Kamkar | Site pdump.org

Infobot v0.44.5.3 and below contains vulnerabilities which allow remote users to execute commands due to an insecure open call.

tags | exploit, remote, vulnerability
SHA-256 | 9e668c912d9b544d8575c377bcbc9d85a1e5518c52ad1d6000d9621425787cad
Posted Feb 12, 2001
Authored by Xbud

SAT_Tools Saturation Tools are a small collection of scripts and programs to test network IDS and network saturation. Includes mas.sh, mget.cpp, trafficwhore.cpp, and spank.c.

tags | denial of service
SHA-256 | b4794913555eb6eb5b1f49944bfb08e6671b989099ffb756e1d4937d7baeda04
Posted Feb 12, 2001

Microsoft Security Advisory MS01-008 - A flaw in the NTLM Security Support Provider (NTLMSSP) service allows a non-administrative user to gain administrative control over the system. In order to perform this attack the user would need a valid login account and the ability to execute arbitrary code on the system. Microsoft FAQ on this issue available here.

tags | arbitrary
SHA-256 | fd372dce83d40400b88e4302defae7822e466e7f14d6a75ba1e1441d17864a81
Posted Feb 12, 2001
Authored by Paulo Ribeiro

P-smash.c is an exploit that uses 50 percent of the CPU on windows 98 machines and causes windows 95 machines to slow down by sending ICMP type 9 code 0 packets.

tags | exploit
systems | windows
SHA-256 | ea8fd6e6dba3e554137d2f69ab652d216dcf5e70d827859208049f7e32a99736
FreeBSD Security Advisory 2001.22
Posted Feb 12, 2001
Authored by The FreeBSD Project | Site freebsd.org

FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-01:22 - The dc20ctrl port, versions prior to 0.4_1, contains a locally exploitable buffer overflow. Because the dc20ctrl program is also setgid dialer, unprivileged local users may gain gid dialer on the local system. This may allow the users to gain unauthorized access to the serial port devices.

tags | overflow, local
systems | freebsd
SHA-256 | 0b247d5f97114dcbe7da125fd3e8270ef6b0e8f6fe5c722c4ea4d9364d807536
FreeBSD Security Advisory 2001.21
Posted Feb 12, 2001
Authored by The FreeBSD Project | Site freebsd.org

FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-01:21 - The ja-elvis and ko-helvis ports, versions prior to ja-elvis-1.8.4_1 and ko-helvis-1.8h2_1, contain an exploitable buffer overflow in the elvrec utility. Because elvrec is setuid root, unprivileged local users may gain root privileges on the local system.

tags | overflow, local, root
systems | freebsd
SHA-256 | 1a869b62905af8904b8403041846cf5d771ff31293af4c383220241db9779734
FreeBSD Security Advisory 2001.20
Posted Feb 12, 2001
Authored by The FreeBSD Project | Site freebsd.org

FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-01:20 - The mars_nwe port, versions prior to 0.99.b19_1, contains a remote format string vulnerability. Because of this vulnerability, a malicious remote user sending specially-crafted packets may be able to execute arbitrary code on the local system, gaining root access.

tags | remote, arbitrary, local, root
systems | freebsd
SHA-256 | 82dc603952f8799c8d452e6428abd2aef95221b5e642ce2ef35c1ff993c0c960
FreeBSD Security Advisory 2001.19
Posted Feb 12, 2001
Authored by The FreeBSD Project | Site freebsd.org

FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-01:19 - The ja-xklock port, versions 2.7.1 and earlier, contains an exploitable buffer overflow. Because the xklock program is also setuid root, unprivileged local users may gain root privileges on the local system.

tags | overflow, local, root
systems | freebsd
SHA-256 | 3c6cd6aa00e8cf396936b0c72ab70929ad0b9c020f6adcef73f20aabb1587858
Posted Feb 12, 2001
Authored by d4 b0rg | Site dkbf.sourceforge.net

Dkbf is a Distributed, Keyboard, Brute-Force program, written in C, for Linux clusters that attacks Windows NT Lanman and NT hashes using the Message Passing Interface (MPI) to distribute the program L0phtCrack by the L0pht.

tags | cracker
systems | linux, windows
SHA-256 | bc739902dc191518d99e7370312674317d866ac724bde1f14b80333350647495
FreeBSD Security Advisory 2001.11
Posted Feb 12, 2001
Authored by The FreeBSD Project | Site freebsd.org

FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-01:11 - The ident server included with FreeBSD inetd contains a vulnerability which allows remote users to read the first 16 bytes of files which are accessible by group wheel. The inetd internal ident server is not enabled by default - if you have not enabled the ident portion of inetd, you are not vulnerable.

tags | remote
systems | freebsd
SHA-256 | 6273536180124ce566ee041fbe174c87037903e5135ad44363d389827459892e
FreeBSD Security Advisory 2001.8
Posted Feb 12, 2001
Authored by The FreeBSD Project | Site freebsd.org

FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-01:08 - A vulnerability in ipfw and ip6fw allows bypassing of firewalls which make use of the 'established' qualifier, such as "allow tcp from any to any established". Due to overloading of the TCP reserved flags field, ipfw incorrectly treats all TCP packets with the ECE flag set as being part of an established TCP connection, which will therefore match a corresponding ipfw rule containing the 'established' qualifier, even if the packet is not part of an established connection. The ECE flag is part of an experimental extension to TCP. At least one other major operating system will emit TCP packets with the ECE flag set under certain operating conditions. All released versions of FreeBSD prior to the correction date including FreeBSD 3.5.1 and FreeBSD 4.2 are vulnerable.

tags | tcp
systems | freebsd
SHA-256 | a86476e1628aed06b3b85bb5a0723201799197b19fa72a9457265207364bde18
FreeBSD Security Advisory 2001.10
Posted Feb 12, 2001
Authored by The FreeBSD Project | Site freebsd.org

FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-01:10 - A vulnerability exists with the bind nameserver prior to v8.2.3-REL which allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code as root.

tags | remote, arbitrary, root
systems | freebsd
SHA-256 | d045fe7d70cc4c35244fc03cf6f26e6408e42a804a5cb6915ef7e3e3aa2fa584
Posted Feb 12, 2001
Authored by Michael Davis | Site datanerds.net

Snort 1.7 for Windows - This is a working port of Snort to Windows NT/2000/9x.

Changes: Complete rewrite of snort port, -s to send alerts/logs to a remote syslog server; -E for eventlog; -W to list available interfaces, and some logging bugfixes. Also, this release is not 1.7 exactly, but is a CVS from 2 days ago. This means it includes the Spade fixes and any other bug fixes that were in the CVS version. Source available here.
tags | tool, sniffer
systems | windows
SHA-256 | 9158523305f16b03181280f71400362f5d8c75014152b3fcc0a2688e97d43131
Posted Feb 12, 2001
Authored by Yavo Slavenski | Site acst.org

Computer Crime Law Archive Volume 5 - Tutorial on state computer crime laws for South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | 0a9a3b80759ab26305a0f5ef9d6265b70e8747ae94152a193d0672b870e86171
Posted Feb 12, 2001
Authored by Advanced Research Corporation | Site www-arc.com

Security Auditor's Research Assistant (SARA) is a security analysis tool based on the SATAN model. It is updated twice a month to address the latest threats. Checks for common old holes, backdoors, trust relationships, default cgi, common logins, open shares, and much more.

Changes: Detects new CIM vulnerabilities, Tests for new DNS vulnerabilities, and added info on MS Terminal Server.
tags | tool, cgi, scanner
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 8e263a89cb962af9839db130e697d1cf288b9fda27fdc7ea9244057cdf88cfac
Posted Feb 11, 2001
Authored by Jeremy Sanders | Site wapforum.org

These files allow you to run an nmap portscan from a Samsung 8500 with wireless web. It works by redirecting output to your phone display. Includes nmap.wml and nmap.php3.

tags | tool, web, nmap
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 5fd2a952d6af5426627ff223ac71687b338c4f716e7ac499bdf9365c122805ec
Posted Feb 11, 2001
Authored by Boris Wesslowski | Site kyb.uni-stuttgart.de

Fwlogwatch analyzes the ipchains, netfilter, iptables packet filter, and cisco logfiles and generates text and HTML summaries. Features realtime anomaly alerting capability, an interactive report generator, and the ability to cut off attacks by adding firewall rules.

Changes: This release features support for the ipfilter log format, host and port selection/exclusion, and parser selection. A realtime response mode is now available in non-ipchains and non-root environments too.
tags | tool, firewall
systems | cisco, unix
SHA-256 | 108cb15cabf06e0f76299f716aae11b57f8ad102208443cebc377a10e322b06d
Posted Feb 11, 2001
Site sans.org

Ramenfind v0.3 is a local Ramen worm detection and removal tool. Final release unless problems are found.

tags | worm, denial of service, local
SHA-256 | 3daa564079eb078a3001ddd85ac60d43fde930b5546611ad9cbc74cff71de82c
Posted Feb 10, 2001
Authored by Max | Site SecurityApex.com

Interbase.pl is a perl script to scan all hosts in a file on port 3050 for a Interbase database allowing you to find Interbase backdoors with the hard coded username & pass: politically:correct.

tags | tool, scanner, perl
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 228b90a4dd54e05b24e25404f853f1578d34225b438138601db8f17d91d76bb4
Posted Feb 10, 2001
Authored by Paseante, set | Site set-ezine.org

Saqueadores Edicion Tecnica Issue #24 (En Espanol) - Remote OS analysis, Securing your network with OpenBSD, Study on Real Passwords, NT's who/what/why&where, Format Bugs, Intrusion detection and more...

tags | remote, magazine
systems | openbsd
SHA-256 | e050b4242cab40a2e50530a97963cbbeec0e932f7708396b880c0c0f512b7f0a
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