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Files Date: 2004-07-01

Posted Jul 1, 2004
Site rsbac.org

Rule Set Based Access Control (RSBAC) is an open source security extension for current Linux kernels. It is based on the Generalized Framework for Access Control (GFAC) and provides a flexible system of access control implemented with the help of a kernel patch. All security relevant system calls are extended by security enforcement code. This code calls the central decision component, which in turn calls all active decision modules and generates a combined decision. This decision is then enforced by the system call extensions.

Changes: Ported to Linux kernel 2.6.0-test with LSM, various new features and enhancements.
tags | kernel
systems | linux
MD5 | 4b5d6f6ff477af8b9da5ba043b1c262e
Posted Jul 1, 2004
Authored by Dr. Insane | Site members.lycos.co.uk

A vulnerability in the Easy Chat server allows access to files located outside of the "webroot" due to the possibility of trivial escaping the webroot by typing ../.

tags | advisory
MD5 | c70ac4f95758b578812126b07d87ed2e
Posted Jul 1, 2004
Site members.lycos.co.uk

A directory traversal vulnerability has been discovered in Enceladus web server beta 4.0.2. It can be trivially exploited by simply tying ../ as part of the URL to view directories or files outside of the webroot.

tags | advisory, web
MD5 | 9afa43e3750e0a07d1d3e9cb3ed59991
Posted Jul 1, 2004
Authored by HexView

A cross site scripting vulnerability exists in Netegrity IdentityMinder Web Edition 5.6 SP2 for Windows and Netegrity Policy Server version 5.5.

tags | advisory, web, xss
systems | windows
MD5 | 2b214c050da725dba066adffb8ca0d4f
Posted Jul 1, 2004
Authored by Gregory Duchemin

The DI-624+ SOHO DLINK router suffers a script injection vulnerability that uses DHCP as a vector of attack.

tags | advisory
MD5 | c941c048bae8662782f9d8aad28f39fe
FreeBSD Security Advisory 2004.13
Posted Jul 1, 2004
Authored by The FreeBSD Project | Site freebsd.org

FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-04:13.linux - A programming error in the handling of some Linux system calls may result in memory locations being accessed without proper validation under FreeBSD. All 4.x and 5.x releases are susceptible.

tags | advisory
systems | linux, freebsd
advisories | CVE-2004-0602
MD5 | f5ab23185b06aeb32c628c6b256c9f97
Posted Jul 1, 2004
Authored by Manip

A lack of sanity checking in Centre version 1.0 allows unprivileged users the ability to change administrator options and create new accounts.

tags | exploit
MD5 | 882d6a1699ce0c9585a69bac87772441
Posted Jul 1, 2004
Authored by Andreas Klein

Lotus Domino 6.5.0/6.5.1 has a flaw that allows every user the ability to change their quota on an imap-enabled Domino Server to any value.

tags | advisory, imap
MD5 | 04d6aebd6dd58b66b662226d23b31021
Secunia Security Advisory 11978
Posted Jul 1, 2004
Authored by Secunia | Site secunia.com

Secunia Security Advisory - A 6 year old vulnerability has been discovered in multiple browsers, allowing malicious people to spoof the content of websites. The problem is that the browsers do not check if a target frame belongs to a website containing a malicious link, which therefore does not prevent one browser window from loading content in a named frame in another window. Successful exploitation allows a malicious website to load arbitrary content in an arbitrary frame in another browser window owned by e.g. a trusted site. Affected browsers: Safari 1.x, Opera 5-7.x, Netscape 6-7.x, Mozilla Firefox 0.x, Mozilla 0-1.6, Konqueror 3.x, and Internet Explorer 5.x for Mac.

tags | advisory, arbitrary, spoof
MD5 | bcb379122027a7b03deb633f933cae85
Posted Jul 1, 2004
Authored by Dominique Karg, David Gil, Fabio Ospitia Trujillo, Julio Casal, Jesus D. Munoz | Site sourceforge.net

Os-sim attempts to unify network monitoring, security, correlation, and qualification in one single tool. It combines Snort, Acid, MRTG, NTOP, OpenNMS, nmap, nessus, and rrdtool to provide the user with full control over every aspect of networking or security. Supported platform is Linux.

Changes: Various bug fixes.
tags | system logging
systems | linux, unix
MD5 | 7bff71405c6108415d4c0528a528daf9
Posted Jul 1, 2004
Authored by Nasir Simbolon | Site eagle.kecapi.com

phpMyAdmin version 2.5.7 is susceptible to allowing remote malicious users the ability to inject PHP code. Full exploit provided.

tags | exploit, remote, php
MD5 | efa2bc2daeaaf7a11623f78fae49fd53
Posted Jul 1, 2004
Authored by Eric Gerbier | Site afick.sourceforge.net

afick is another file integrity checker, designed to be fast and fully portable between Unix and Windows platforms. It works by first creating a database that represents a snapshot of the most essential parts of your computer system. Then a user can run the script to discover all modifications made since the snapshot was taken (i.e. files added, changed, or removed). The configuration syntax is very close to that of aide or tripwire, and a graphical interface is provided.

Changes: Added some feature enhancements.
tags | tool, integrity
systems | windows, unix
MD5 | 2252799fd7ff9163409119567d0f58e8
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