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Files Date: 2004-06-10

Posted Jun 10, 2004

Full table of HTML ASCII characters and Symbols.

tags | web
SHA-256 | ff498f73ef1356275e651f00a6297c8d0eec8d1fce6d6448f0a01f693d33c842
Posted Jun 10, 2004

Simple command reference chart for Cisco IOS.

systems | cisco
SHA-256 | 003e265e3fdd250b8ce1669cf175b73bee530ab50625b8afcdf732bb045773db
Posted Jun 10, 2004
Authored by Vickenty Fesunov

Roundup is susceptible to a directory traversal attack that will permit an attacker to view files outside of the web root.

tags | exploit, web, root
SHA-256 | 7fd41156408d7900ff12d872c097c46cdf71081faf65ff30cce336cd42e00f41
Secunia Security Advisory 11805
Posted Jun 10, 2004
Authored by Secunia | Site horde.org

A vulnerability has been discovered in Horde IMP, which can be exploited by malicious people to conduct script insertion attacks.

tags | advisory
SHA-256 | b1d1629dfac41480e467a2bb663539dec54c6c326e255476f523f6fac4713933
Secunia Security Advisory 11791
Posted Jun 10, 2004
Authored by Secunia

A security issue has been discovered in jCIFS, which allows a malicious person to authenticate with an invalid username. The problem is that it is possible to authenticate with any username if the guest account is enabled on a CIFS server.

tags | advisory
SHA-256 | 675fb88dd7cc8e44fbcc44ff7bf475680140d3ac8ec29f1e2297e835d7820b74
iDEFENSE Security Advisory 2004-06-08.t
Posted Jun 10, 2004
Authored by iDefense Labs | Site idefense.com

iDEFENSE Security Advisory 06.08.04: A remote attacker can compromise a target system if Squid Proxy is configured to use the NTLM authentication helper. The attacker can send an overly long password to overflow the buffer and execute arbitrary code.

tags | advisory, remote, overflow, arbitrary
advisories | CVE-2004-0541
SHA-256 | 5eeaa170fb736208161866b9b915659dd2b08d182ea719bbcd682afa10efcdcb
Posted Jun 10, 2004
Authored by Michel Blomgren | Site cycom.se

sbd is a Netcat-clone, designed to be portable and offer strong encryption. It runs on Unix-like operating systems and on Microsoft Win32. sbd features AES-128-CBC + HMAC-SHA1 encryption (by Christophe Devine), program execution (-e option), choosing source port, continuous reconnection with delay, and some other nice features. Only TCP/IP communication is supported. Source code and binaries are distributed under the GNU General Public License.

tags | tcp
systems | windows, unix
SHA-256 | 086b99467b142c0632c0f1433a0bf9c50e9139b7d53a45c4fe2081b100c0772c
Posted Jun 10, 2004
Authored by H D Moore | Site metasploit.com

The Metasploit Framework is an advanced open-source platform for developing, testing, and using exploit code. This release includes 18 exploits and 27 payloads; many of these exploits are either the only ones publicly available or just much more reliable than anything else out there. The Framework will run on any modern system that has a working Perl interpreter, the Windows installer includes a slimmed-down version of the Cygwin environment.

Changes: This release fixes many issues that users have reported since the release of 2.0 and adds several new features.
tags | tool, perl
systems | windows, unix
SHA-256 | 874010dd7a7b3118c1239450179fbe71f8a34dd1d306c5ee23f899d08d848ed2
Cisco Security Advisory 20040609-catos
Posted Jun 10, 2004
Authored by Cisco Systems | Site cisco.com

Cisco CatOS is susceptible to a TCP-ACK Denial of Service (DoS) attack on the Telnet, HTTP and SSH service. If exploited, the vulnerability causes the Cisco CatOS running device to stop functioning and reload. Releases affected: 8.xGLX earlier than 8.3(2)GLX, 8.x earlier than 8.2(2), 7.x earlier than 7.6(6), 6.x earlier than 6.4(9). and 5.x earlier than 5.5(20).

tags | advisory, web, denial of service, tcp
systems | cisco
SHA-256 | 15cda5b82d4ade1ac1a856cf5bd507f182724333ff561e6782f209b6365e3edc
Posted Jun 10, 2004
Authored by Thomas Ryan

AspDotNetStorefront version 3.3 has a flaw that allows a remote attacker the ability to delete images off of a server due to a lack of input validation.

tags | advisory, remote
SHA-256 | 0244a82608fea01217f84f916119ab814c93d08eb9a2d684b836dac5023d41f5
Posted Jun 10, 2004
Authored by Thomas Ryan

AspDotNetStorefront 3.3 is susceptible to cross site scripting attacks.

tags | advisory, xss
SHA-256 | 1eb56fae16eaac67ad293e449ed3a276d2fc44db852094fe8eb332bc05476974
Posted Jun 10, 2004
Authored by Stefan Esser | Site security.e-matters.de

A team audit of the CVS codebase has revealed more security related problems. The vulnerabilities discovered include exploitable, potentially exploitable and simple crash bugs. Vulnerable versions are CVS feature releases up to 1.12.8 and stable release up to 1.11.16.

tags | advisory, vulnerability
advisories | CVE-2004-0414, CVE-2004-0416, CVE-2004-0417, CVE-2004-0418
SHA-256 | 155d8c19e5073cd3b1c60af1ba16f4d76266640aeb9a5c4f91e717dbed6b651a
Posted Jun 10, 2004
Authored by Donald Reid

Trend OfficeScan version 5.5 has a flaw that allows a malicious user to escalate a program's privileges to that of the virus scanner.

tags | advisory, virus
SHA-256 | 36121a2829a6a5c033114693249b37fcc5fbc956938dcdd00ac0cc73d1f9d913
Posted Jun 10, 2004
Authored by verb0s

Reseller accounts used with Cpanel are able to change all passwords without verification.

tags | exploit
SHA-256 | d19e8b37f3bffeb48a29443c2a381cd6858d44de8fe4e2ebb1ff40591db6ab32
Posted Jun 10, 2004
Authored by Dev Null

The Symantec Gateway Security 360R fails to prohibit non-VPNed wireless connections when the directive to enforce tunnels is set.

tags | advisory
SHA-256 | 179a41248346521d57a670433db1db150c5b195e6cc51ed7be19c5c0cedcc1bd
Posted Jun 10, 2004
Authored by Shaun Colley aka shaun2k2 | Site nettwerked.co.uk

Aspell is susceptible to a stack overflow when it makes use of a wordlist file that has an entry exceeding 256 bytes.

tags | advisory, overflow
SHA-256 | 7b148643f8b27cc0b5251d418834bd40e6879c6455093a920ae35722acfa711d
Posted Jun 10, 2004
Authored by Thomas Walpuski

Unauthorized deletion of IPsec SAs is still possible using a delete payload piggybacked on an initiation of main mode with the latest version of isakmpd.

tags | advisory
SHA-256 | c5d443ed4065bde5c240457b08dcb81606ea790ee65250147c49eddf9744dc54
Posted Jun 10, 2004
Authored by Jan van de Rijt aka The Warlock | Site members.home.nl

Invision Power Board version 1.3.1 Final is susceptible to cross site scripting and SQL injection attacks.

tags | advisory, xss, sql injection
SHA-256 | e90c89df5d41852f1edbd13d3d36ccc97f9e5d568ba29464fa79b01c4effe12a
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