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Files Date: 2003-04-01 to 2003-04-30

Posted Apr 27, 2003
Authored by Lazy Sysadmin | Site lazysysadmin.com

XRunAs is a tool that allows administrators to run commands on remote computers under the context of a specified user account without the use of the Schedule service. If XRunAs is used in conjunction with a domain account, commands that are run will be able to access network resources given that the domain account used to run the command has access to the network resource. All information that is transferred over the network while using XRunAs is encrypted using a standard encryption algorithm.

tags | remote
MD5 | 397f8b26a89af73eeae08ffe8a4ce367
Posted Apr 27, 2003
Authored by LyNx | Site rootteam.void.ru

klgr is a basic keylogger for Linux that loads as a module, but will hide from lsmod.

systems | linux
MD5 | 0b56b0ecae612a6c4e8e8118112ff3c0
Posted Apr 27, 2003

The code used in Microsoft Internet Explorer to parse web servers' HTTP

tags | advisory, web
MD5 | 6878afb931fd5985c405d288d45fa042
Posted Apr 27, 2003
Authored by electronicsouls, Lunar Fault

(N)compress 4.2.4 local root exploit.

tags | local, root
MD5 | 505ae131e888c0d0a22039418427360e
Posted Apr 27, 2003
Authored by Frog Man | Site frog-man.org

A problem exists in True Galerie v1.0 that allows a remote attacker to obtain administrative access to this utility due to misuse of cookies.

tags | exploit, remote
MD5 | 31b936edf4c3057a878bbb7c8906aae4
Posted Apr 27, 2003
Authored by Strategic Reconnaissance Team | Site secnetops.com

Secure Network Operations Advisory SRT2003-04-24-1532 - The Options Parsing Tool shared library is vulnerable to a buffer overflow. If a setuid application makes use of this shared library privilege escalation can occur.

tags | advisory, overflow
MD5 | 592b58717877745e58131e754c44ead0
Posted Apr 27, 2003
Authored by Mark Litchfield | Site ngssoftware.com

NGSSoftware Insight Security Research Advisory NISR24042003 - There is an exploitable heap overflow vulnerability in Microsoft's ActiveX control, Plugin.ocx. By default, plugin.ocx is marked safe for scripting, and as such, if an IE user were to visit a malicious web page, the overflow could be triggered allowing for a remote compromise of the user's machine. Systems Affected: IE 5.01 SP3, 5.5 SP2, 6.0 Gold, 6.0 SP1.

tags | advisory, remote, web, overflow, activex
MD5 | 63f15558d91c060824426b7efab426e8
Posted Apr 25, 2003

Cisco Security Advisory: Cisco Catalyst software permits unauthorized access to the enable mode in the 7.5(1) release. Once initial access is granted, access can be obtained for the higher level "enable" mode without a password. This

tags | advisory
systems | cisco
MD5 | ed65a75f9c215c3ed65426ae5f12726a
Posted Apr 25, 2003
Authored by Angelo Rosiello, rosiello | Site dtors.net

Local root exploit for a stack overflow discovered in the linux-atm binary /usr/local/sbin/les.

tags | exploit, overflow, local, root
systems | linux
MD5 | f359e77f4c99e42da154156e7123b11d
Posted Apr 24, 2003
Authored by electronicsouls, Ares

Flooding and sniffing robot for the IRC that attacks with spoof IGMP packets.

tags | spoof
MD5 | 63af2c82d90a2d5b92e74b28fdaedb7a
Posted Apr 24, 2003
Authored by electronicsouls, Area

Full low level (without libc) AT+T port scanner written for the article "Advanced AT+T asm tutorial. Part 1".

MD5 | 28b35d884ce21e62291ea0c743262c8e
Posted Apr 24, 2003
Authored by electronicsouls, Ares

Demo Permutate Engine for Linux that supports a few permutatable instructions: xor,sub,test,or,mov.

systems | linux
MD5 | 9b55c3f1df672a063cd3135f7959c0c9
Posted Apr 24, 2003
Authored by electronicsouls, Ares

0x4553_Executor is a memory executor that allows a user to load code from file to memory and execute it.

MD5 | 9e2f0ef13aae43b88f908565e1143d63
Posted Apr 24, 2003
Authored by Carsten Eiram | Site secunia.com

A vulnerability in the Xeneo Web Server can be exploited by malicious attackers to cause a denial of service due to an error in the handling of requests including a malformed URL encoding representation of a character.

tags | advisory, web, denial of service
MD5 | e9a7cdaa8ec20c1eb42295ccd3a1423b
Posted Apr 24, 2003
Site cisco.com

Cisco Security Advisory - Cisco Secure ACS for Windows is vulnerable to a buffer overflow on the administration service which runs on TCP port 2002. Exploitation of this vulnerability results in a Denial of Service, and can potentially result in system administrator access. Cisco Secure ACS versions up to and including version 2.6.4 , 3.0.3, and 3.1.1 are affected by this vulnerability.

tags | advisory, denial of service, overflow, tcp
systems | cisco, windows
MD5 | 657c211471c31a5ea9d1f739db0a8ccd
Posted Apr 24, 2003
Authored by truff | Site projet7.org

Snort 1.9.1 and below remote exploit. Related CERT Advisory is here. Tested on Slackware 8.0.

tags | exploit, remote
systems | linux, slackware
MD5 | 63efca99c7a60adabcf0f9933904337e
Nmap 3.20 Statistics Patch
Posted Apr 24, 2003
Authored by Ian Vitek | Site sekure.net

The Nmap 3.20 Statistics Patch adds the -c switch which guesses how much longer the scan will take, shows how many ports have been tested, resent, and the ports per second rate. Useful for scanning firewalled hosts.

tags | tool, nmap
systems | unix
MD5 | 8b2d99c9ce76001cd3dcd91ef4bed9b7
Posted Apr 24, 2003
Authored by Larry W. Cashdollar | Site vapid.dhs.org

SAP DB is vulnerable to a race condition during installation. The installer creates a world writable file that gets compiled and then is setuid to root. If a local attacker can overwrite the file in the alloted time-frame they will be able to escalate their privileges.

tags | exploit, local, root
MD5 | 707baa4e52349edd821816a0181694fe
Posted Apr 23, 2003
Authored by FJ Serna | Site ngsec.com

Next Generation advisory NGSEC-2003-5. YABBS, the popular BBS system for unix and Windows, has a vulnerability in the HttPush code that allows a remote attacker to inject evil code via its PHP language support.

tags | advisory, remote, php
systems | windows, unix
MD5 | 8754ee0f7cea12d08dc7452ea9b42757
Posted Apr 22, 2003
Authored by electronicsouls, Ares

0x4553_Crypt0r is a base engine for encrypting ELF binaries. Uses simple bit rotation and allows for the ability to add your own algorithm.

MD5 | dd13841a031cc34078b2366a9b793cfe
Posted Apr 22, 2003
Authored by The Itch, netric, Gloomy | Site netric.org

Radical Environments part II - This paper continues where part one left off, detailing a technique in writing 0 bytes when exploiting a local buffer overflow using a non-executable stack with the heap being stored in memory at a virtual address containing a \x00 byte.

tags | overflow, local
MD5 | 6ae5f2cc150e8976d7d2778c6fb57fcd
Posted Apr 22, 2003
Authored by The Itch, netric, Gloomy | Site netric.org

Radical Environments part I - A paper that compiles various stack related tips and tricks which discusses how an exploit without nops works.

MD5 | b567cc1c11e03fc568e88bd47b06c40c
Posted Apr 22, 2003
Authored by The Itch, netric | Site netric.org

Detailed paper that describe format string vulnerabilities and how to exploit them.

tags | vulnerability
MD5 | 2c7f785aee10e30358c661caecdc1e8a
Posted Apr 22, 2003
Authored by The Itch, netric | Site netric.org

Linux x86 shellcode (31 bytes) which does setuid(0); execve ("/bin/sh",0);

tags | x86, shellcode
systems | linux
MD5 | 631d25b8d5e04b0f33edfdd22ab50404
Posted Apr 22, 2003
Authored by Badpack3t | Site security-protocols.com

The Xeneo Web Server v2.2.9.0 is vulnerable to a Denial of Service attack when a GET request with 4096 ?'s are received. Tested against Windows XP Pro SP1 and Windows 2000 SP3.

tags | exploit, web, denial of service
systems | windows, 2k, xp
MD5 | 6005e09c96be815df9a48d1c3c802832
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