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Files Date: 2000-07-27

Posted Jul 27, 2000
Authored by Stealth_C

igmpofdeath.c is a modification of trash2.c which also sends out random type 2 igmp packets, as seen in pimp and pimp2.

tags | denial of service
SHA-256 | 1a0b90fb25e38665d05424f362ffbbf6374e0efd971ddd3b406e988288aa7fec
Posted Jul 27, 2000
Authored by Pauli Ojanpera

Winamp contains a buffer overflow in its M3U playlist parser. It is possible to execute arbitrary code on a remote computer via a malicious playlist. Proof of concept playlist included.

tags | exploit, remote, overflow, arbitrary, proof of concept
SHA-256 | 9765035f7869f821c9fe0e6fe3c9d6e919118bc1a0033378ca09f8927214f384
Posted Jul 27, 2000
Authored by Unyun, shadowpenguin | Site shadowpenguin.backsection.net

Shadowpenguin Security Advisory #39 - Adobe Acrobat Series PDF File buffer overflow. Many versions of Acrobat for Windows95/98/NT/2000 overflows when reading the PDF file which has long Registry or Ordering. The EIP can be controled and arbitrary code can be executed on the machine which views the PDF file. Patches available here.

tags | overflow, arbitrary, registry
SHA-256 | 517e6a13e53bcce4434518e0ff0fb9a5d889fe202d03af6d287ea2a02993baaf
Posted Jul 27, 2000
Site redhat.com

Red Hat Security Advisory - gpm as shipped in Red Hat Linux 5.2 and 6.x contains a number of security problems. Additionally, a denial of service attack via /dev/gpmctl is possible. The newest gpm packages fix both these vulnerabilities.

tags | denial of service, vulnerability
systems | linux, redhat
SHA-256 | ec2a6106adfda36f24bbf008cd22c924ced4bb4ed422fc3d0c2800773da2f69d
Posted Jul 27, 2000
Authored by Stealth_C

icmpstrike.c is a modified trash.c with spoofed source addresses. Trash.c sends ICMP packets with random error codes which lag or freeze Windows98/95/2000/NT machines.

tags | denial of service, spoof
SHA-256 | 0a00551e7817686d2b2c9c0d5a0e1fead1565853f18f228d587c68aaef0636b9
Posted Jul 27, 2000

Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS00-051) - Patch Available for Excel 97 and 2000 REGISTER.ID Function vulnerability which allows a malicious user to run code from an Excel worksheet without the user's knowledge. Microsoft FAQ on this issue available here.

SHA-256 | 88cea937c761ae956180b040a2887de09a1a78094445b65a925371ac1fd22474
Posted Jul 27, 2000
Site debian.org

Debian Security Advisory - The version of userv that was distributed with Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 had a problem in the fd swapping algorithm: it could sometimes make an out-of-bounds array reference. It is possible for local users to abuse this to carry out unauthorised actions or be able to take control for service user accounts.

tags | local
systems | linux, debian
SHA-256 | 714809e4a9e81e073e0999b21f4d27e00b008501ab642f5084bbcf66a81670f6
Posted Jul 27, 2000
Authored by Ryan Mann | Site personal.mia.bellsouth.net

Scan Detect prevents attackers from running TCP port scanners against your Linux system by listening on a given TCP port and if any host on the internet connects to that TCP port, Scan Detect will use Ipchains to block that host completely.

tags | tcp
systems | linux
SHA-256 | cda7abcd54b71300a9c18d2206790aa4a00683b281055f988c859d2208b55703
Posted Jul 27, 2000
Authored by Darren Reed | Site coombs.anu.edu.au

IP Filter is a TCP/IP packet filter suitable for use in a firewall environment. To use, it can either be run as a loadable kernel module (recommended) or incorporated into your UNIX kernel. Scripts are provided to install and patch system files as required.

Changes: Bug fixes and minor enhancments.
tags | tool, kernel, tcp, firewall
systems | unix
SHA-256 | fa5b4d0eb422dcd9ba9909974f7a7e1ac8f89d54d323381d9ea16c66bfc377ca
Posted Jul 27, 2000
Authored by Daniel Stenberg | Site spam.sourceforge.net

spam.pl is a perl script which automates the process of sending complaint letters to spammers ISP's. It strips out the proper address from the spams mail headers, taken via stdin.

Changes: Better support for Microsoft mail headers, a config file, and a -n option to prevent the .signature from getting added.
tags | tool, perl
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 2e6cf2835e91600000a08901fc12ef6fab28c38736073587619056eaf38b127a
Posted Jul 27, 2000

Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS00-032) - Patch and Tool Available for "Protected Store Key Length" vulnerability. This vulnerability makes it easier for a malicious user who has complete control over a Windows 2000 machine to compromise users private keys and certificates. Protected Shares in Windows 2000 are only encrypted with 40 bits, while they are to be protected with the strongest available encryption. Microsoft FAQ on this issue available here.

systems | windows
SHA-256 | 6cd5ac9e35ce150759d578536613c72e94ab1466a4d3677ca0a93b5ed09feddd
Posted Jul 27, 2000
Authored by Robin Keir | Site foundstone.com

Foundstone Security Advisory - AnalogX SimpleServer:WWW v1.06 and below is vulnerable to a "relative directory path" attack that allows a remote user to retrieve any known file one the the server.

tags | exploit, remote
SHA-256 | 2aa7701a5bbde76d87bd4d641b145632b1ca55e9080324df5aad27644489f2c1
Posted Jul 27, 2000
Site cert.org

CERT Advisory CA-2000-14 - Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express Cache Bypass vulnerability allows an attacker to use an HTML-formatted message to read certain types of files on the victim's machine. In addition, because this vulnerability also allows the attacker to store files on the victim's machine, it can be used in conjunction with existing vulnerabilities to execute arbitrary code on the target system.

tags | arbitrary, vulnerability, bypass
SHA-256 | 7f6256494f3f98ce9cabcf2747730a949d21c497ecc9e0d1b9a558887b82531b
Posted Jul 27, 2000
Authored by Andreas Maier | Site cosy.sbg.ac.at

A Solaris kernel module to emulate linux's /dev/random and /dev/urandom.

tags | kernel, encryption
systems | linux, solaris
SHA-256 | 6dcdebdcddbb1188420c058247b24e5fe70e2ffa5574f6ac9ea7afc95ffd5d09
Posted Jul 27, 2000
Authored by venomous | Site rdcrew.com.ar

Ftpdse scans a list of IP addresses for FTP servers, logs the version, and can optionally see if site exec accepts format strings.

tags | tool, scanner
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 2203a1227b7895400cdfbf6ab6e306613fc5af3eea72148088c3760eb25d6eaf
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