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Posted Jun 3, 2003
Site snort.org

Snort is giving away free t-shirts for writing rules. Gets yours today.

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(as announced on snort.org)

As you may have noticed, we have kicked documentation of Snort rules into high
gear. A number of people have been working extremely hard on documenting our
rules to make YOUR life easier by having better understanding of alerts when
they trigger on your network.

Sourcefire has donated a case of Snort t-shirts for us to give away, so we've
come up with a great way for you to get a t-shirt. Anyone that submits twenty
(20) well written rule documents will get a t-shirt sent to them.

With all give-aways, there are a few caveats.

1. Don't violate copyright law. Original content is a must.
2. Rule documentation is distributed as a part of the Snort project (GPLed).
You still own copyright to anything you submit, but the license must be
3. When we run out of t-shirts, we will stop giving away t-shirts.
4. We define "well written" and reserve the right to redefine our definition
at any time. Of course, we will try and be as friendly as possible. If you
are hard working and try hard, we will keep that in mind. (We want to give
away t-shirts, but we also want you to earn it :P)
5. We may stop running this give-away at any time, for any reason, and reserve
the right to not send t-shirts for any reason. (Running out of t-shirts
will probably be the only one!!!)
6. You must send us your address for us to send you a t-shirt. (Feel free to
email it to me privately. I promise not to publish any addresses. I hate
spam as much as everyone else.)

Anyways, the template we require you to fill in is available on snort.org. [0]
Please only submit documents for rules without documentation. [1] We will
review any and all submitted documents, but please try and do not duplicate

Please submit any completed documentation to snort-sigs@lists.sourceforge.net.
If you have any questions, please ask on snort-sigs@lists.sourceforge.net

[0] template - http://www.snort.org/snort-db/snort-sid-template.txt
[1] rules without documentation - http://www.snort.org/cgi-bin/needed.cgi

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