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Posted Dec 17, 1999

Telephony Acronyms

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The Telephony Acronyms and Abbreviations List from Hell

15M Fifteen minutes
15S Fifteen seconds
1CF Singal party coing first pay phone
1FAC Interface packs
1FB One party flat business rate
1OF One party official (telco) business line
2SPDT Partial dial timeout in the second stage of a traditional
2-stage international
2SPST Permanent signal timeout in the second stage of a traditional
2-stage international
2SVCA Vacant code in the second stage of a traditional 2-stage
international outbound
2W Two wire (pair) (circuit)
2WAY Two-way trunk groups
300 Log command menu (SARTS command)
376 Log clear (SARTS command)
384 Write log (SARTS command)
385 Read log (SARTS command)
399 Log print (SARTS command)
3KHZ Three kilohertz
3RNGR Three ringer
3WO Third wire open
4W Four wire (pair) (circuit)
600 Test menu (SARTS command)
600B 600-ohm briged connection
611 Detail tests (SARTS command)
621 Macro command menu (SARTS command)
631 Automatic test command (SARTS command)
735T 735-ohm compromise termination
?A Action field contains an error
?D Data field contains an error
?E Error exist in the message but can ot be resolved to the
proper field
?I Identification field contains an error
?T Time-out has occured on channel
?W Warning message
A A side (lead) (pair)
A Area
A Telephone number or trunk group and member number from trouble
A/B Two wire phone connection (T&R)
AA Automatic answer
AA Packet analog access line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
AABS Automatic alternate billing service
AAE Auxiliary access equipment
AAR Automatic alternate routing
AAX Automated attendant exchange
AB Packet switch trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ABATS Automatic bit access test system
ABATS Automatic bit access test system (DDS service)
ABC Automatic bill calling (TSPS)
ABF Abandon failure
ABF Abandon failure (MDII)
ABHC Average busy hour calls
ABL Auxiliary Buffer oder word Left half
ABM Asynchronous balanced mode ( -> SABME)
ABME ABM extended
ABR Auxiliary Buffer order word Right half
ABS Alternate billing service
ABS Alternative billing service
ABSBH Average busy season busy hour
ABT Abort
ABV Above
AC Administrative computer
AC Alternating current
AC Assembly code
ACA Asynchronous communication adapter
ACB Annoyance call bureau
ACB Automatic call-back
ACC Audio communications controller
ACCS Automated calling card service
ACD Automatic call distribution
ACD Automatic call distributor
ACDA Automatic call disposition analyzer
ACDN Access Directory Number
ACDN Access directory number
ACE Assignment change establish
ACE Automatic calling equipment
ACES Aris cabs entry system
ACF Advanced communications functions
ACFA Advanced CMOS frame aligner peb2030
ACG Automatic call gap
ACH Attempt per circuit per hour
ACI Answer controller interface (IOM2 monitor command)
ACIA Asynchronous communications interface adapter
ACK Acknowledge
ACK No acknowledgement wink
ACK No acknowledgement wink (MDII)
ACKDB Acknowledgement database
ACM Address complete msg. (SS7: in ISUP)
ACOF Attendant control of facilities
ACP Action point
ACSE Association control service element
ACSNET Acedemic computing services network
ACSR Automatic customer station rearrangement
ACSU Advanced T-1 channel service unit
ACT AC Testing definition
ACT AC testing definition
ACT Activate
ACT Active
ACT Auto or automatic circuit transactions
ACTS Automated coin toll service
ACTV Acticated
ACTVD Activated
ACU Alarm control unit
ACU Automatic calling unit
AD Attendant INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ADAP Audix data acquisition package
ADAS Advanced directory assistance system
ADC American digital cellular
ADC Analog to digital converter
ADCCP Advanced data communication controll procedure
ADCCP Advanced data communications control procedure
ADCI Automatic display call indicator
ADD EXP Address expander
ADDL Additional
ADDR Address translations
ADJ Ajust
ADM Add-drop multiplex
ADMA Advanced DMA controller SAB82258
ADN Abbreviated dialing number
ADP Automatic diagnostic process.
ADPCM Adaptive PCM
ADS Administration of designed services
ADS Administration of designed services review
ADS Advanced digital system
ADS Audio distribution system
ADS Auxilary data system
ADSL Asymmetrical digital subscriber line
ADTS Automated digital terminal system
ADTS Automatic data test system
ADTS Automatic digital terminal system
ADU Automatic dialing unit
AERM Alignment error rate monitor
AF Commercial audio fulltime INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
AFACTS Automatic facilities test system
AFADS Automatic force adjustment data system
AFE Analog front end
AFI Authority and format identifier (ISO 7498)
AFSC Advanced features service center
AFSK Automatic frequency shift keying
AG/EEE Above ground electronic equipment enclosures
AGC Automatic gain control
AGM Normal aging months
AGND Analog ground
AGT Accelerated aging type
AI Activate indication (C/I channel code)
AI Artificial intelligence
AI Assigner's initials
AI Automatic identified outward dialing INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
AIC Automatic intercept center
AICC Automatic intercept communications controller
AIN Advanced intelligent network
AIOD Automatic id of outward dialing
AIOD Automatic identifaction of outward dialing
AIS Alarm indication signal
AIS Alarm indication signals
AIS Automatic intercept system
AIT Analit initialization of tables
AIU AI upstream
AL Alternate services INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ALATS Automatic loop access system system (DDS service)
ALBO Automatic line buildout
ALE Address latch enable
ALE Automatic line evaluation
ALFE Analog line front end
ALGOL Algorhythmic computer language
ALI Automatic location indentification
ALIT Automatic line insulation testing
ALL All events
ALL All module controller maintenance interrupts
ALL Turns on all IDs
ALPT Alarm scan points
ALRM Alarms
ALRU Automatic line record update
ALS Automated list service
AM Administrative module
AM Amplitude modulation
AM Asynchronous multiplexer
AM Packet
AMA Automatic Message Accounting
AMA Automatic message accounting
AMACS AMA collection system
AMAIRR Automatic message accounting irregularity
AMALOST Lost automatic message accounting
AMARC AMA recent change
AMARC AMA recording center
AMASE AMA standard entry
AMAT Automatic message accounting transmitter
AMATPS Automatic message accounting teleprocessing system
AMATPS Automatic message accounting transmitter teleprocessing system
AMC Add-on module connector (-> sipb)
AMERITECH American information technologies
AMI Alternate mark inversion code
AML Automatic maintenance limit.
AMP Advance measurement processor
AMP Amplifier
AMPS Advanced mobile phone service
AMR Automatic meter reading
AMWI Active message waiting indicator
AN Announcement service INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
AN Associated number
ANA Automatic number announcement
ANC All number calling
ANCT Analysis control table
ANI Automatic number identification
ANIF Automatic number identification failure
ANM Answer msg. (SS7: in ISUP)
ANS Answer
ANS Answer On Bus
ANS Answer msg.
ANSER AT&T Network Servicing System (i.e. via EADAS link )
ANSI American national standards institute
AO Allocation order
AO International/overseas audio (full time) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
AOC Advice of charge (i.256 B)
AOSS Auxilliary operator service system
AP Access point
AP Application (OSI layer 7)
AP Application processor
AP Attached processor
AP Auciliary processor
AP Automatic position
AP Commercial audio (part time) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
AP-PG Access point page
APC Alarm processor circuit
APC Amarc protocol converter
APD Access point data
APD Avalanche photo diode
APDB Access point data base
APDL Application processor data link
APH Application protocol handler
API Application interface
APM Application processor modules
APPC Advanced program to program communication (IBM)
APPL1-APPL5 Reserved for application handlers
APS Automatic position system
APS Automatic protection switch
APS Automatic protection switching system
AQ Autoquote problem.
AR Activation request (C/I channel code)
AR Alarm report
AR01 Office alarm - 1AESS alarm message -
AR02 Alarm retired or transferred - 1AESS alarm message -
AR03 Fuse blown - 1AESS alarm message -
AR04 Unknown alarm scan point activated - 1AESS alarm message -
AR05 Commercial power failure - 1AESS alarm message -
AR06 Switchroom alarm via alarm grid - 1AESS alarm message -
AR07 Power plant alarm - 1AESS alarm message -
AR08 Alarm circuit battery loss - 1AESS alarm message -
AR09 AMA bus fuse blown - 1AESS alarm message -
AR10 Alarm configuration has been changed (retired inhibited) - 1AESS
AR11 Power converter trouble - 1AESS alarm message -
AR13 Carrier group alarm - 1AESS alarm message -
AR15 Hourly report on building and power alarms - 1AESS alarm message
ARA Automatic reservation adjustment
ARC Administrative responsibility code
ARC Alternate route cancellation
ARC Alternate route cancellation control
ARC Audio response controller
ARCOFI Audio ringing codec filter
ARCOFI-SP ARCOFI + speakerphone function
ARCOS ARCOFI coefficient support program
ARCOTI SIPB telephone module
ARD AR downstream
ARG Alarm reference guide
ARG Assemble and run a given master file
ARIS Audichron recorded information system
ARL Activation request local loop (C/I channel code)
ARM Activation request maintenance (C/I channel code)
ARM Asynchronous response mode
ARM Automatic R(emote test system) maintance
ARMAR Automatic request for manual assistance resolution
ARN Activation request
ARQ Automatic repeat request
ARR Automatic ring recovery.
ARS Alternate route selection
ARS Automatic route selection
ARSB Automated repair service bureau
ARSB Automatic repair service bureau
ARSSI Automatic rought selection screening index
ART Audible ringing tone
ARU Activation request upstream
ARU Audio response unit
ASAP As soon as possible
ASC Alarm and status circuit
ASC Alarm and status circuit .
ASC Alarm surveillance and control
ASCC2 Advanced serial communication controller
ASCII American standard code for information interchange
ASCII American standard code for information interexchange
ASD Automated SMAS diagnostics
ASDPE Synchronous data link controller (SDLC) A reset
ASE Application service element
ASEC Assignment section
ASGN Assign
ASGNMTS Assignments
ASIC Application specific integrated circuit
ASM Analog subscriber module
ASOC Administrative service oversight center
ASP Advanced service platform
ASP Arcofi signal processor
ASPACGCOMP ASP SCP response message with an ACG component received at the
ASPBADRESP ASP SCP response message received with invalid data
ASPEN Automatic system for performance evaluation of the network
ASPNORTEMSG ASP reject message ret err and a play announc recei at the
switch from the SCP
ASPSNCOMP ASP SCP response message with a send notifi component received
at the switch
ASPTNMSG ASP termination notification message sent from the switch to
the SCP
ASR Access service request
ASSN Assignment
AST Position acknowledge seizure signal time-out (MDII)
ASYNC Asynchronous
AT Access tandem
AT International/overseas audio (part time) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
AT&T American telephone and telegraph
AT-1 Auto test-1
AT-2 Auto test-2
AT01 Results of trunk test - 1AESS automatic trunk test
ATA Automatic trunk analysis
ATAB Area trunk assignment bureau
ATAI Automatic troubler analysis interface
ATB All Trunks Busy
ATB All trunks busy
ATC Automated testing control
ATC Automatic transmission control
ATD Accept date
ATD Async. TDM
ATH Abbreviated trouble history
ATI Automatic test inhibit
ATI Awake TI
ATICS Automated toll integrity checking system
ATIS Automatic transmitter identification system
ATM Analog trunk module
ATM Asynchronous transfer mode
ATM Automatic teller machine
ATMS Automated trunk measurement system
ATN Assigner's telephone number
ATO Time-out waiting for address complete signal
ATP All tests pass
ATR Alternate trunk routing
ATRS Automated trouble reporting system
ATTC Automatic transmission test and control circuit
ATTCOM AT&T communications
ATTG Attendant group
ATTIS AT&T information system
AU Access unit
AU Autoscript INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
AU Auxiliary
AUD Assignment list audit
AUD Audits
AUDIT Audit detected problem.
AUDIX Audio information exchange
AUP Access unit port
AUTO Automaitc
AUTODIN Automatic digital network
AUTOSEVCOM Automatic secure voice communications
AUTOVON Automatic voice network
AUXF Auxillary frame
AVD Alternate voice data
AVD Alternate voice-data
AWI Awake indication
AZD All zeros data
B B side (pair) (lead)
B Bridged connection
B Equipment number
B6ZS Bipolar with 6 zero subsitution
B8ZS Bipolar eight zero suppression encoding (DS-1)
B8ZS Bipolar with 8 zeros substitution (T1 pri)
B911 Basic 911
BA Basic access
BA Protective alarm (CD) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
BAF Blocking acknowledgment failure
BAI Bridge lifter assignment inquiry
BAL Balance
BAMAF Bellcore AMA format
BANCS Bell administrative network communications system
BANKS Bell adminastration network systems
BAPCO Bellsouth advertising & publishing company
BAS Basic activity subset
BAT Battery (-48v)
BAx Business address x (x = number of line)
BB Blue box
BBD0/1 Binary 0s or 1s detected in b and d channels
BCC Bellcore client companies
BCC Block check character
BCC Blocked call cleared
BCCP Bearer ccp
BCD Binary coded decimal
BCD Blocked call delayed
BCFE Busy call forwarding extened
BCID Business customer identifier
BCLID Bulk calling line identification
BCMS Basic call management system
BCS Batch change supplement (NTI) (DMS-100)
BDCS Broadband digital cross-connect system
BDS Basic data service
BDT Billing data transmitter
BEF Band elimination filter
BEL Bell
BELLCORE Bell communications research
BER Bit error rate
BERT Bit error rate test
BETRS Basic exchange telecommunications radio service
BG Battery and ground signaling
BG/EEE Below ground electronic equipment enclosures
BHC Busy hour call
BHC Busy hour calls
BIB Backward indicator bit (SS7)
BICU Bus interface control unit
BIFIFO Bidirectional fifo
BIR Bit receiver
BIR Bus interface register
BISDN Broadband ISDN
BISP Business information system program
BISYNC Binary synchronous communications
BIT Bit transmitter
BITNET Because-it's-time network
BITR Bit transceiver
BIX Building internal cross-connects
BK Back
BKUP Backup
BKUP Requests a backup
BL Bell & lights INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
BL Bridge lifter
BL Bridge lifters - COSMOS command
BL/DS Busy line/don't answer
BLA Blocking acknowledgement (SS7: in ISUP)
BLF Busy line field
BLFCA Blocking a fully coded addressed international outbound call
routed to a non-common channel signaling trunk
BLK Block
BLKD Blocked
BLO Blocking (SS7: in ISUP)
BLS Bridge lifter status
BLS Business listing service
BLV Busy line verification
BMC Billing media coverage
BMD Batch mode display
BMI Batch mode input - TIMEREL and DEMAND
BMOSS Building maintance operations service system
BMR Batch mode release
BMU Basic measurement unit (dip)
BND Band number
BNS Billed number screening
BNSDBOV BVA BNS message received indicating data base overload
BNSDBUN BVA BNS message returned because data base unable to process
BNSGMSG BVA BNS message received garbled
BNSNBLK BVA BNS message returned because of network blockage
BNSNCON BVA BNS message returned because of network congestion
BNSNRTE BVA BNS message returned because of no routing data
BNSTOUT BVA BNS message returned because of timeout
BNSUNEQ BVA BNS message returned because of unequipped destination
BNSURPY BVA BNS message received with an unexpected reply
BNx Business name x (x = number of line)
BOC Bell operating companies
BOC Bell operating company
BOCC Building operations control center
BOP Byte oriented protocol
BOR Basic output report
BOS Bit oriented signaling
BOS Business office supervisor
BOSS Billing and order support system
BOSS Business office service system (NYNEX)
BOT Beginning of tape
BOT Bottom
BPI Bits per inch
BPOC Bell point of contact
BPS Bits per second
BPSK Binary psk
BPSS Basic packet-switching service
BPUMP Backup pump
BR Bit robbing (CAS-BR)
BRAT Business residence account tracking system
BRCF Business and residential customer service feature
BRCS Business and residential customer services
BRCS Business residence custom service
BRDCST Broadcase
BRDG Bridge
BRDGD Bridged
BREVC Brevity control
BRG Baud rate generator
BRI Basic rate interface
BRITE Basic rate interface transmission extension (5ESS)
BRK Break
BRM Basic remote module
BRM Bell communications research practice
BRST Bridge signature table
BS Backspace
BS Banded signaling
BS Bias battery (-19.1v)
BS Siren control INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
BSA Basic serving arrangements
BSBH Busy season busy hour
BSC Business service center
BSC/RSC Business/residence service center
BSCM Bisynchronous communications module
BSE Basic service elements
BSF Bell shock force
BSI British standards institution
BSN Backward sequence number (SS7)
BSOC Bell systems operating company
BSP Bell system practice
BSRF Basic standard reference frequency
BSRFS Bell system reference frequency standard
BST Basic services terminal
BSTJ Bell system technical journal
BT British telecom
BTAM Basic telecommunications access message
BTH Both
BTL Bell telephone laboratories
BTN Billing telephone number
BTSR Bootstrapper board
BTU British thermal unit
BUFF System buffers (NTI)
BVA Billing validation application
BVAPP Billing verification and authorization for payment process
BVC Billing validation center
BVS Basic voice service
BWM Broadcast warning message
BWT Broadcast warning twx
BWTS Bandwidth test set
BYF Display the bypass file
BYP Change the contents of the bypass file
C Counting rate
C Current supervision
C Scan point (SP)
C&A Centrifugal and absorption
C-ACD Commercial-automatic call distributor (OSPS)
C-NCH C-notch
C/I Command/indicate
C/S UNIT Combiner and splitter
C1 Circuit system
CA Cable
CA Cable number
CA Collision avoidance
CA SSN access INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CABS Carrier access billing system
CAC Calling-card authorization center
CAC Carrier access code
CAC Circuit administration center
CAC Customer administration center
CACHE Cache errors
CAD Computer-aided dispatch
CAD Critical alarm display
CADN Circuit administration.
CADV Combined alternate data/voice
CAF Circuit reset acknowledgment failure
CAFD Comptrollers' automatic message accounting format description
CAFD Controllers automatic message accounting format description
CAI Address incomplete received
CAI Call assembly index
CAIS Colocated automatic intercept system
CALRS Centralized automatic loop reporting system
CAM Communication access method
CAM Computer aided manufacturing
CAM Content adressable memory
CAM Control administration module
CAMA Central automatic message accounting.
CAMA Centralized auto message accounting
CAMA Centralized automatic message accounting
CAN Cancel
CANC Cancel (i.451)
CANF Clear the cancel from
CANT Clear the cancel to
CAP Capacitance
CARL Computerized administrative route layout
CAROT Centralized automatic reporting on trunks
CAROT Centralized automatic reporting on trunks.
CAS Cannel associated signaling
CAS Circuit associated signaling
CAS Computerized autodial system
CAS Craft access system (SARTS)
CAS Customer account service
CAS7ABM CAS common channel signaling 7 (CCS7) abort message received
CAS7ACG CAS CCS7 ACG invoke component received
CAS7GMG CAS CCS7 received with invalid format reply
CAS7NCG CAS CCS7 message returned because of network congestion
CAS7NFL CAS CCS7 message returned because of network failure
CAS7RCR CAS CCS7 reject component received
CAS7SCG CAS CCS7 message returned because of subsystem congestion
CAS7SFL CAS CCS7 message returned because of subsystem failure
CAS7TAN CAS CCS7 message returned
CAS7TOT CAS CCS7 query which timed out before reply received
CASDBOV CAS message received indicating data base overload
CASDBOV Customer account services (CAS) message received indicating data b
ase overload
CASDBOV Customer account services (CAS) message received indicating databa
se overload
CASDBUN CAS message returned
CASGMSG CAS message received garbled
CASNBLK CAS message returned because of network blockage
CASNCON CAS message returned because of network congestion
CASNRTE CAS message returned because of no routing data
CASTOUT CAS message returned because of timeout
CASUNEQ CAS message returned because of unequipped destination
CASURPY CAS message received with an unexpected reply
CAT Centrex access treatment
CAT Craft access terminal
CATLAS Centralized automatic trouble locating and analysis system
CAY Create an assembly
CB OCC audio facilitys INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CBA Change back acknowledgement (SS7: in mtp)
CBD Change back declaration (SS7: in mtp)
CBEMA Computer and business equipment manufacturers' assc.
CBERR Correctable bit error
CBS Crossbar switching
CBX Computerized branch exchange
CC Call count
CC Central control
CC Central controller
CC Common channel (CAS-CC)
CC Common control
CC Connection confirm
CC Country code
CC Country code (ISO 7498)
CC Initials of person closing report out to catlas.
CC OCC digital facility-medium speed INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CC1 Call control 1 (IOS)
CCA Change customer attributes
CCA Computer content architecture (ISO 8637/2)
CCBS Completion of call to busy subscribers (i.253 c)
CCC Centeral control complex
CCC Central control complex
CCC Clear channel capability
CCC Computer control center
CCD Change due date - COSMOS command
CCDDBOV BVA calling card (CCRD) message received indicating data base
CCDDBUN BVA CCRD message returned because data base unable to process
CCDGMSG BVA CCRD message received garbled
CCDNBLK BVA CCRD message returned because of network blockage
CCDNCON BVA CCRD message returned because of network congestion
CCDNRTE BVA CCRD message returned because of no routing data
CCDR Calling card
CCDTOUT BVA CCRD message returned because of timeout
CCDUNEQ BVA CCRD message returned because of unequipped destination
CCDURPY BVA CCRD message received with an unexpected reply
CCF Custom calling features
CCH Connections per circuit per hour
CCIR Comite' consultatif international des radio communications
CCIR Consultative committee for radiocomunication (international radio
CCIS Common channel interoffice signaling
CCITT Comite' consultatif international telegraphique et telephonique
CCITT Consultative committee for internat. telephone and telegraph
CCM Customer control management
CCNC CCS network control
CCNC Common channel network controller
CCNC Computer/communications network center
CCOA Cabinet control and office alarm
CCP Call control part
CCR Clock configuration register
CCR Continuity check request (SS7: in ISUP)
CCR Customer-controlled reconfiguration
CCRC Corrupt crc (IOM2 monitor command)
CCRD Calling card (5E)
CCRS Centrex customers ... system
CCS Centum Call Seconds
CCS Cluster support system
CCS Common channel signaling
CCS Custom calling services (NTI)
CCS Hundred (C) call seconds
CCS Hundred call seconds
CCSA Common control switching arrangement
CCT Central control terminal
CCT Initialize and update the contractor-transducer file
CCTAC Computer communications trouble analysis center
CCU Colt computer unit
CCU Combined channel units
CCU Communication control unit
CCV Calling card validation
CD Call deflection (i.252 e)
CD Collision detection (->csma/)
CDA Call data accumulator
CDA Change distribution attributes
CDA Coin detection and announcement
CDACS Concentrating DACS
CDAR Customer dialed account recording
CDC Central distrubtion center
CDCF Cumulative discounted cash flow
CDD Change due date
CDF Combined distributing frame
CDF DTF coin
CDFI Communication link digital facilities interface
CDI Circle digit identification
CDI Connected line identification (i.251 C/E)
CDI Control and data interface.
CDI Control data interface
CDIG Circle digit translation (NTI)
CDM Coax data module
CDMA Code division ma
CDO Community dial office
CDPR Customer dial pulse receiver
CDQ1 Custom calling services discount quote
CDR Call detail record
CDR Call dial rerouting
CDR Collision detect input line
CDR Cut thru dip report
CDRR Call detail recording and reporting
CDS Circuit design system
CDS Codes
CDS Craft dispatch system
CE Collision elimination (->CSMA/)
CE Common equipment data (NTI)
CE Conducted emission (EME)
CE SSN station line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CEF Cable entrance facility
CEI Comparable efficient interconnection
CEI Comparably efficient interconnection
CEN European committee of standards
CENELEC European committee of standards (electrotechnics)
CEP Connection endpoint
CEPT European conference of post/telecom administrations
CES CC error summary
CEU CCS estimated usage
CEV Control environmental vault
CEV Controlled environment vault
CF Coin first
CF OCC special facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CFA Carrir failure alarms
CFA Change facility attributes
CFC Cost function code
CFCA Communications fraud control association
CFD Coinless ANI7 charge-a-call
CFGN Configuration
CFI Configurable interface (SIPB)
CFINIT Custom calling feature table
CFN Call forward number
CFND Call forward number don't answer
CFNR Call forwarding no reply (i.252 c)
CFP Call forwarding busy (i.252 b)
CFP Print the class of service/features for an electromechanical
CFR Code of federal regulations
CFT Craft
CFU Call forwarding unconditional (i.252 d)
CFU Change facility usage
CG Control group number
CG OCC telegraph facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CG01 Carrier group in alarm - 1AESS carrier group
CG03 Reason for above - 1AESS carrier group
CGA Carrier group alarm
CGA Carrier group assignment
CGAP Call gapping
CGAP Call gapping code controls messages.
CGB Circuit group blocking (SS7: in ISUP)
CGBA CGB acknowledgement
CGM Computer graphics metafile (ISO DIS 8632)
CGN Concentrator group number
CGNC Connector group network controller
CGU Circuit group unblocking (SS7: in ISUP)
CGUA CGU acknowledgement
CH Change
CH OCC digital facility high-speed INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CHAN Channel
CHAPS UNK - a known AT&T System - def. unknown
CHAR Character
CHG LASG Change loop assignment
CHK Check
CHR Chronical
CI Concentrator identifier trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CI0IN Control interface 0 interrupt
CI1IN Control interface 1 interrupt
CIB Centralized intercept bureau
CIC Carrier identification codes
CIC Circuit identification code
CIC Customer Information Center (AT&T)
CICS Customer information control system
CID Connection identification
CIE Company establish company initiated change
CIF Common intermediate format (for ISDN high end video)
CIH Craft interface handler
CII Call identity index
CII Initial address message (IAM) irregularity (incoming)
CIMAP Circuit installation and maintance assistance program
CIMAP/CC Circuit installation and maintenance assistance/control
CIP Control interface port
CIRR C/I receive register
CIS Crimeline information systems
CIS Customized intercept service
CIXR C/I transmit register
CJ OCC control facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CK Checkbits
CK OCC overseas connecting facility wide-band INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CKF Continuity check failure (incoming)
CKID Circuit identification
CKL Circuit location
CKS Clock select bit
CKT Circuit
CKT Circuit.
CKTRY Cuicuitry
CL Centrex CO line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CLASS Centralized local area selective signaling
CLASS Custom local area signaling service
CLC Common language code for an entity
CLCI Common language circuit identification
CLCT Network management control counts
CLDIR Call direction
CLDN Calling line directory number
CLEI Common language equipment identifier
CLF Creating dips upper bound load factor
CLFI Common lang facilities identication
CLI COSMOS processed alit reports
CLI Calling line ident
CLID Calling line identification
CLIP Calling line identification presentation (i.251 c)
CLIR Calling line identification restriction (i.251 d)
CLK Clock
CLL Creating dips lower bound load factor
CLLI Common-language location identification
CLNK Communication link
CLNKs Communication links
CLNORM Communication link normalization
CLR Circuit layout record
CLR Clear
CLRC Circuit layout record card
CLS CLCI in serial number format
CLS Connectless-mode service
CLSD Closed
CLSV Class of service
CLT CLCI telephone number format
CLT Communications line terminal
CLUS Cluster data (NTI)
CM C-message frequency weighting
CM Communication module
CM Connection memory
CM OCC video facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CMAC Centralized maintenance and administration center
CMAP Centralized maintance and administration position
CMC Call modification completed (SS7: in ISUP)
CMC Cellular mobile carrier
CMC Cellular modile carrier
CMC Construction maintenance center
CMD Command
CMDF Combined main distributing frame
CMDS Centralized message data system
CMF Capacity main station fill
CMP Communication module processor
CMP Communications module processor
CMP Companion board
CMP Corrective maintenancean practices
CMPR Compares
CMR Call modification request (SS7: in ISUP)
CMR Cellular mobile radio
CMRJ CMR reject (SS7: in ISUP)
CMS Call management system
CMS Circuit maintance system
CMS Circuit maintance system 1C
CMS Circuit maintenance system
CMS Communications management subsystem
CMS Conversational monitoring system
CMT Cellular mobile telephone
CMT Combined miscellaneous trunk frame
CMU CCS measured usage
CMU Colt measurement unit
CN C-notch frequancy weighting
CN Change notice
CN Changel noticee
CN Connection
CN SSN network trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CN/A Customer name/address
CN02 List of pay phones with coin disposal problems - 1AESS coin
CN03 Possible trouble - 1AESS coin phone
CN04 Phone taken out of restored service because of possible coin
CNA Communications network application
CNAB Customer name/address bureau
CNCC Customer network control center
CNI Common network interface
CNMS Cylink network management system
CNS Complimentary network service
CNS Concentrating network system
CNT Count
CNTS Counts
CNVT Converted
CO Central office
CO Continuous (SARTS)
CO OCC overseas connecting facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CO UN Central office unit code
COA Change over acknowledgement (SS7 in MTE)
COAM Centralized operation
COAM Customer owned and maintained
COC Circuit order control
COCOT Customer-owned coin-operated telephone
COD Code
CODCF Central office data connecting facility
CODEC Coder/decoder
COE Central office entity
COE Central office equipment
COEES COE engineering system
COEES Central office equipment engineering system
COER Central office equipment record
COEST Central office equipment signature table
COF Confusion received (outgoing)
COFA Change of frame alignment (DS-1)
COG Centralized operations group
COGRDG Central office grounding
COLP Connected line identification presentation
COLR Connected line identification restriction
COLT Central office limit table
COLT Central office line tester
COM Common controller
COM Communication
COM Complement size
COM Computer output microfilm
COM/EXP PCM-compander/expander
COMM Comunication
COMMS Central office maintenance management system
COMMS-PM Central office maintenance management system-preventive
COMP Computed
COMPNY Company
COMPS Central Office Managenment Program (GTE)
COMSAT Communications satellite
CON Concentrator - COSMOS command
COND Conditions
CONF Conference calling (i.254 a)
CONFIG Configutation
CONN Connect msg. (i.451)
CONN Connector
CONN Nailed-up connections
CONT Control
CONTAC Central office network access
CONUS Continental united states
COO Change over order (SS7: in MTP)
COP Call offering procedure
COPY Data copied from one address to another - 1AESS copy
CORC Commands and responses definition and compressing program (IOS)
CORC Customer riginated recent change
CORCs Customer-originated recent changes
CORNET Corperate network
COS Connection-mode service
COSIB Central office platform operator service interface board
COSMIC Common systems main interconnection frame system (frame)
COSMOS Computer system for mainframe operations
COT Centeral office terminal
COT Central office technician
COT Central office terminal
COT Central office terminal (opposite to RT)
COT Continuity (SS7: in ISUP)
COTM Central office overload call timing (NTI)
CP Cable pair
CP Call processing parameters (NTI)
CP Communication processor (SARTS)
CP Concentrator identifier signaling link INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CP Control program
CPA Centralized/bulk power architecture
CPC Cellular phone company
CPC Circuit provision center
CPC Circuit provisioning center
CPC Circuit provisioning center (special services design group)
CPCE Common peripheral controller equipment
CPD Central pulse distributor
CPD Common packet data channels
CPE Customer premise equipment
CPE Customer premises equipment
CPG Call progress (SS7: in ISUP)
CPH Cost per hour
CPI COSMOS-premis interface
CPI Computer private branch exchange interface
CPIE CP or AM intervention interrupt error
CPM COSMOS performance monitor
CPM Citcuit pack module
CPM Cost per minute
CPMP Carrier performance measurement plan
CPS Cycles per second
CPU CCS capacity usage
CPU Call pick up
CPU Call pickup group
CPU Central processing unit
CQM Circuit group query (SS7: in ISUP)
CQR CQM response
CR Carriage return
CR Control Record
CR Control response
CR OCC backup facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CRAS Cable repair administrative system
CRC Customer record center
CRC Cyclic redundancy check
CRCOK CRC ok! (C/I channel code)
CRE Create
CRED Credit card calling (i.256 a)
CREF Connection refused
CREG Concentrated range extension with gain
CRF Continuity recheck failure (outgoing)
CRFMP Cable repair force management plan
CRG Creg tag
CRIS Customer records information system
CROT Centralized automatic reporting of trunks (NTI)
CRR Reset received (incoming)
CRS Centralized results system
CRSAB Centralized repair service answering bureau
CRST Specific carrier restricted
CRT Cathode ray tube
CRT Cathode-ray tube
CRTM Central office regular call processing timing (NTI)
CS Cable switching
CS Call Store
CS Channel service INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CS Conducted susceptibility (EMS)
CS Customer class of service
CSA Carrier serving area
CSACC Customer service administration control center
CSAR Centralized system for analysis and reporting
CSAR Centralized system for analysis reporting
CSC Cell site controller
CSD Circuit specific data
CSDC Circuit switched digital capability
CSDN Circuit-switched data network (t.70)
CSF Critical short form
CSMA/ Carrier sense multiple access
CSMCC Complex services maintenance control center
CSNET Computer science network
CSO Central services organization
CSO Cold start only (in eoc)
CSP Coin sent paid
CSP Coin set paid
CSPDN Circuit-switched public data network
CSR Clock shift register
CSR Customer service records
CSS Computer sub-system
CSS Computer subsystem
CSS Customer service system
CSSC Customer service system center
CST Call state or current state or change state (QUASI SDL)
CST Combined services terminal
CSU Channel service unit
CSUS Centralized automatic message accounting suspension (NTI)
CT Call transfer (i.252 a)
CT Control terminal
CT SSN tie trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CT01 Manually requested trace line to line information
follows - 1AESS
CT02 Manually requested trace line to trunk information
follows - 1AESS
CT03 Intraoffice call placed to a number with CLID - 1AESS call trace
CT04 Interoffice call placed to a number with CLID - 1AESS call trace
CT05 Call placed to number on the ci list - 1AESS call trace
CT06 Contents of the CI list - 1AESS call trace
CT07 ACD related trace - 1AESS call trace
CTC Central test center
CTC Centralized test center (DDS)
CTC Centralized testing center
CTC Complete a cable transfer or complete a cable throw
CTD Circuit test data
CTE Cable throw order establishment
CTF Display the contacter-transducer file
CTI Circuit termination identification
CTL Cable throw with line equipment assignment
CTL Central operator control
CTM Cable throw modification
CTM Contac trunk module
CTMC Communications terminal module controller
CTMS Carrier transmission measuring system
CTO Call transfer outside
CTO Continuity timeout (incoming)
CTP Print cable transfer frame work
CTR Cable throw replacement
CTS Cable throw summary
CTS Call through simulator
CTS Clear to send
CTSS Cray time sharing system
CTT Cartridge tape transport
CTT Cut through tag
CTTC Cartridge tape transport controller
CTTN Cable trunk ticket number
CTTU Central trunk testing unit.
CTU Channel test unit
CTW Withdraw a cable transfer or a cable throw
CTX Centrex group number
CTX Various centrix verifies
CU Channel unit
CU Channel unit
CU Control unit
CU Customer unit
CU/EQ Common update/equipment system
CU/TK Common update/trunking system
CUCRIT Capital utilization criteria
CUG Closed user group (i.255 a)
CUP Common update processor
CUSTAT Control unit hardware status
CUT Circuit under test
CUTOVER Cutover (pre-cut) inactive state.
CV OCC voice grade facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CVN Vacant national number received (outgoing)
CVR Compass voice response
CW Call waiting (i.253 a)
CW OCC wire pair facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CWC City-wide centrex
CWD Call waiting deluxe
CXC Complex service order input checker
CXM Centrex table management
CXT Complex order inquiry for nac review
CZ OCC access facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
CorNet Corporate network protocol (ECMA and CCITT q.930/931 oriented)
D Data
D Default supervision
D Digits
D Dispach
D Hotel/motel equipment from trouble report (TSPS only)
D-CTL D channel controller (IDEC)
D/A Digital to analog
D1PK DS-1 interface pack (SCM-10S NTI)
D1PK DS-1 interface pack (SCM-10S MUX NTI)
DA Digital data off-net extention INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DA Directory assistance
DAC Digital to analog converter
DAC Dispatch Administration Center
DACC Directort assistance call completion
DACK Direct memory access acknowledge
DACOM Data communictions corp. of korea (ROK)
DACS Digital access cross-connect system
DACS Digital accessed and cross-connected system
DACS Directory assistance charging system
DACTVTD Deactivated
DAEDR Delimitation
DAIS Distributed automatic intercept system
DAML Digital added main line (pair gain)
DAMT Direct access mechanize testing
DAP Display administration process
DAP Document application profile
DARC Division alarm recording center
DART Distribution area rehabilitation
DARU Distributed automatic intercept system audio response unit
DAS Data auxiliary set
DAS Directory assistance system
DAS Distributor and scanner
DAS-WDT Distributor and scanner-watch dog timer
DAS/C Directory assistance system/computer
DASD Direct access storage device
DASS2 Digital access signaling system 2 (BT)
DAU Digital access unit
DAV Data above voice
DAY Delete an assembly
DB DSSDS 1.5 mb/s access line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DB Decibel
DBA Data base administrator
DBAC Data base administration center
DBAS Data base administration system
DBCS Data bank control system
DBL Data base load
DBM Database manager
DBMS Data base management system
DBOS Data bank organization system
DBS Duplex bus selector
DBSS Data bank security system
DC Device cinfirmation (C/I channel code)
DC Dial code
DC Direct current
DCC Data collection computer
DCC Data country code (ISO 7498)
DCC Destination code cancellation
DCC Destination code cancellation control
DCC Digroup core controller
DCCS Discontiguous shared segments
DCD Data collection device
DCE Data circuit terminal equipment
DCE Data circuit-terminating equipment
DCE Data communications equipment
DCE Digital carrier equipment
DCG Default cell group
DCH D channel handler
DCH D-channel handling bit
DCH Discharge
DCHOOS D-channel is out of service.
DCL Data clock (i.e. IOM2)
DCL Dec control language
DCLU Digital carrier line uint
DCLU Digital carrier line unit
DCM Digital carrier module
DCME Digital circuit multiplexing equipment
DCMS Distributed call measurement system
DCMU Digital concentrator measurement unit
DCN List disconnected and changed numbers
DCP D channel processor
DCP Duplex central processor
DCPR Detailed contuing property record (pics/dcpr)
DCPSK Differential coherent phase-shift keying
DCS Data communications subsystem
DCS Digital crosconnect system
DCS Digital cross-connect system
DCS Direct current signaling
DCSO Display compleated service order (lmos command)
DCT Digital carrier trunk
DCTB Dct bank
DCTEXT DCT extended
DCTN Defense commercial telecommunications network
DCTS Dimension custom telephone service
DCTUCOM Directly connected test unit common board
DCTUPORT Directly connected test unit port circuit
DCn Device control n
DD Data downstream (i.e. IOM2)
DD Delay dial
DD Disk drives
DD Due date
DD Total switching control center (SCC) and field work time.
DDC Direct department calling
DDCMP Daily display conversation mode and printer
DDD Direct distance dialing
DDGT Digital data group terminal
DDI Direct dialing-in (i.251 A)
DDN Defense data network
DDOV Digital data over voice
DDS DDS loopback test (SARTS command)
DDS Dataphone digital service
DDS Digital data service
DDS Digital data system
DDS Digital data system (the network) dataphone digital
DDS Digital dataphone service
DDS Display the DS table
DDX Digital data exchange
DDX Distributed data exchange
DEAC Deactivation (C/I channel code)
DEACT Deactivate
DEC Digital equipment corporation
DECT Digital european cellular phone
DEL Delete
DEN Digital equipment number
DERP Defective equipment replacement program
DES Data encryption standard
DES Destination
DEST Destinations
DET Detatch MSG. (i.451)
DEV Deviation
DEV Device
DEW Distant early warning (line)
DF Distributing frame
DF Distribution frame
DF HSSDS 1.5 mb/s hub to hub INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DFC Disk file controller
DFI Digital facility interface
DFI Digital facility interface.
DFI Digital family interface
DFIH Digital facility interface circuit pair
DFMS Digital facility management system
DFTAC Distributing frame test access circuit
DG HSSDS 1.5 mb/s hub to earth station INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DGCT Diagnostic control table
DGN Diagnose
DGN Memory failure in CS/PS diagnostic program - 1AESS mem diag
DH Digital service INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DI Deactivation indication (C/I channel code)
DI Direct-in dial INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DI Unk division?
DIA Document interchange architecture
DIAG Diagnostic
DIC Digital concentrator
DIC Digital interface controller
DID DI downstream
DID Direct inward dialing
DIF Digital frame interface
DIF Digital interface
DIF Digital interface frame
DIFF Difference
DILEP Digital line engineering program
DIM Data in the middle
DIP Dedicated inside plant COSMOS command
DIP Dip creation option
DIP Document interchange protocol (lower sublayer of OSI layer 6)
DIP Dual in-line package
DIR Direction
DIR Directory
DIR Standard dip report
DIS Disconnect
DIS Display
DISA Direct inward system access
DISABL Disable
DISC Disconnect (LAP-D command)
DISD Direct inward subscriber access
DIST Distribute point board
DIU Deactivate indication
DIU Digital interface unit
DIU Digroup interface unit (DACS)
DIV (Ger) Digital exchange
DIVF (Ger) Div for long distance service
DIVO (Ger) Div for local service
DJ Digit trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DK Data link INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DL Dial
DL Dictation line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DL1PE DLI 1 parity error
DL5MDA Someone who collects each ISDN abbrevation crossing his way
DLAB Divisor latch access bit
DLC Data link control
DLC Data link controller assignment for clusters
DLC Digital loop carrier
DLCI Data link connection identifier (i.440: SAPI+TEI)
DLCU Digital line carrier unit
DLE Data link escape (ascii control)
DLI Data link interface
DLI0I Data link 0 interrupt
DLI1I Data link 1 interrupt
DLISW DLI switch error
DLL Dial long lines
DLM Data link module
DLN Direct link node
DLNORSP Init response not received from data link.
DLOPE Dual link interface (DLI) 0 parity error
DLP Data level point
DLS Digital line section
DLS Digital link service
DLTHA Display trouble history all (LMOS command)
DLTU Digital line trunk unit
DLTU Digital line/trunk unit
DLU-PG Digital line unit-pair gain
DLUC Digital line unit control
DLYR Delayed readiness
DM Delta modulation
DM Disconnected mode (LAP-D response)
DMA Direct memory access
DMB Digital multipoint bridge
DMERT Duplex multiple environment real time
DMI Digital multiplexed interface
DML Data manipulation logic
DMQ Deferred maintenance queue
DMS Data management system
DMS Digital multiplex system (i.e. DMS 10, DMS 100)
DMS Digital multiplexed system
DMU Data manipulation unit
DN Directory number
DN Directory numbers
DN Distribution network panel
DN Down
DN Mail distribution frame - COSMOS defult
DNC Dynamic network controller
DNH Directory Number Hunting
DNHR Dynamic non hierarchical routing
DNHR Dynamic nonhierarchical routing
DNI Digital network interconnecting
DNIC Data network identification code
DNIC Data network identification code (ISO 7498)
DNR Detaled number record
DNR Dialed number recorder
DNX Dynamic network X-connect
DO Direct-out dial INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DOC Dynamic overload control
DOC Dynamic overload controls messages.
DOCS Display operator console system
DOD (USA) Dept. of defense
DOJ Department of justice
DOM Data on master group
DOTS Digital office timing supply
DOV Data over voice
DP Demarcation point
DP Dial pulse
DP Digital data-2 4 kb/s INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DPA Different premises address
DPA Dispatch
DPA Distributed power architecture
DPAC Dedicated plant assignment card
DPAC Dedicated plant assignment center
DPC Destination point code (SSY)
DPCM Differential PCM
DPE Data path extender
DPGS Digital pair gain systems
DPIDB Directly connected peripheral interface data bus
DPLL Digital phase locked loop
DPN Dip purge number
DPN-PH Data packet network-packet handler
DPNSS Digital private network signaling system (BT)
DPP Discounted payback period
DPP Distributed processing peripheral
DPR Dip report and removal
DPSK Differential phase shift keying
DPSK Differential phased-shift keying
DPT Data parameter testing
DPT Department name
DPU Digital patch unit
DQ Digital data-4 8 kb/s INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DQR Design quota system report
DQS Design quota system
DR Data ready
DR Data receive
DR Deactivate request (C/I channel code)
DR Deactivation request
DR Digital data-9.6 kb/s INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DRAM Digital record announcement machine
DRAM Dynamic ram
DRCS Dynamically redefinable character sets
DRHR Division of revenue hourly
DRMU Digital remote measurement unit
DRTLRT Dial repe tie lindal repeatie t
DRU DACS remote unit
DS Data set
DS Digital carrier span
DS Digital signal
DS Direct signal
DS-0 Digital signal 0 (one channel at 64 kb/s)
DS-0A Digital signal at a subrate level on DS-0 for one customer
DS-0B Digital signals at a subrate level on DS-0 facility for one
or more CU
DS-1 Digital signal level one
DS0 Digital signal zer0
DSBAM Double-sideband amplitude module
DSBLD Disabled (default).
DSC Digital cross-connection systems
DSC Digital subscriber controller AM79C3A
DSCT Digital service copper transport
DSDC Direct service dial capability
DSI Digital speech interpolation
DSIG Direct signaling
DSK Disk
DSL Digital subscriber line
DSL Digital suscriber line
DSLG digital subscriber line group (DSLG)
DSLINIT DSL initialization.
DSM Digital switching module
DSMX (Ger) Digital signal multiplexer
DSN Defense switched network/automatic voice network
DSN Digital signal (level) n
DSNE Double shelf network equipment frame
DSNOFC DSN/AUTOVON office totals
DSP Digital signal processing
DSP Digital signal processing or digital signal processor
DSP Digital signal processor
DSP Domain specific part (ISO 7498)
DSR Data set ready
DSR Display results
DSR Dynamic service register
DSRTP Digital service remote test port
DSS Data station selector
DST Destination of order response
DSU Data service unit
DSU Data servicing unit
DSU Digital service unit
DSU2 Diditalservice unit
DSX Digital cross-connect
DSX Digital signal cross-connect
DT DI-group terminal
DT Data through (C/I channel code in test mode)
DT Data transmit
DT Detect dial tone
DT Due time
DT1 Data form class 1
DTAC Digital access connector
DTAC Digital test access connector
DTAC Digital test access connector (links SMAS and SLC-96)
DTAM Document transfer access and manipulation
DTAS Digital test access system
DTAU Digital test access unit
DTC Data test center
DTC Di-group terminal controller
DTC Digital telephone controller (ARCOFI + IBC + ICC)
DTC Digital trunk controller
DTE Data terminal equipment
DTE Print current date
DTF Dial tone first (pay phone)
DTG Direct trunk group
DTIF Digital transmission interface frame
DTM Data test module
DTM Digital trunk module
DTMF Dual-tone multifrequency
DTR Data terminal ready
DTRK Digital Trunks
DTRK Digital trunks (line and trunk)
DTU Di-group terminal unit
DTU Digital test unit
DU Data upstream (i.e. IOM2)
DU Deactivation request upstream (C/I channel code)
DUIH Direct user interface handler
DUP Data user part
DUP Duplicate
DUR Duration
DUV Data under voice
DVA Design verified and assigned
DVX Digital voice exchange
DW Digital data-56 kb/s INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DX Duplex
DY Digital service (under 1 mb/s) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
DYRECT Sides dynamic real time communication tester (in sitest)
E E (receive) signal lead (moreover Ear part of E&M)
E Equipment direction
E Remote trunk arrangement position subsystem (rta/pss) from troubl
E&M Receive & transmit/ear & mouth signaling
E-COM Electronic computer originated mail
E1 Equipment system
E800 Enhanced 800 Service
E911 Enhanced 911
EA Equal access end office
EA Expedited data acknowledgement (SS7: in SCCP)
EA Extended adress
EA Switched acess INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EAAT Equal access alternative technologies
EADAS Engineering and administration data acquisition system
EADAS/NM EADAS/network management
EAEO Equial access end office
EAI Emergency action interface
EAP Equal access plan
EARN European academic research network
EAS Extended announcement system
EAS Extended area service
EASD Equal access service date
EB Enfia ii end office trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EBAC Equipmentc billing accuracy control
EBCDIC Extended binary coded decimal interexchange code
EBSP EBS prefix translations
EBSP Enhanced business services prefix translations
EC ESS entity and control group number
EC Echo canceller
EC Enfia ii tandem trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EC Environment code
EC European community
EC Exchange carriers
ECAP Electronic customer access program
ECC Enter cable change
ECCS Economic c (hundred) call seconds
ECD Equipment configuration database
ECDMAN Equipment configuration database manager
ECF Enhanced connectivity facility
ECL Emitter coupled logic
ECMA European computer manufactueres association
ECPT Electronic coin public telephone
ECR Exchange carrier relations
ECS Electronic crosconnect system
ECS Equipment class of service
ED Enter date
EDAC Electromechanical digital adapter circuit
EDD Envelope delay distortion
EDI Electronic data interchange
EDP Electronic data processing
EDSC Electronic directory customer counts (ISDN BRCS)
EDSX Electronic digital signal x-connect
EDZ Facility emergency assignment list
EE Combined access INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EE Initials of supervisor reviewing this ticket.
EEC Electronic equipment cabinet
EECT End-to-end call trace
EEDP Expanded electronic tandem switching dialing plan
EEE Electronic equipment enclosures
EEHO Either end hop off
EEI Equipment-to-equipment interface
EEPROM Electrically erasable programmable read only memory
EF Entrance facility-voice grade INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EFCTS Electronic custom telephone service
EFRAP Exchange feeder route analysis program
EG Type #2 telegraph INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EIA Electronic industries association
EIS Expanded inband signaling
EISS Economic impact study system
EIU Extended interface unit
EIn Error indication n (C/I channel code)
EKTS Electonic key telephone service
EKTS Electronic key telephone sets
EL Emergency reporting line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ELA Entity load analysis
ELDS Exchange line data service
ELECL Electrical
ELEMNTS Elements
ELI Electrical line interface
EM Emergency reporting center trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EM Encription module
EM End of medium (ASCII control)
EMC Electromagnetic capability
EMC Electromagnetic compatibility
EME Electromagnetic emission
EMI Electromagnetic interference
EML Expected measured loss
EMM Expandable mos memory
EMS Electromagnetic susceptibility
EMS Expanded memory specification
EMSCC Electromechanical switching control center
EMV EMC (german)
EN Entity
EN Entity number
EN Exchange network acess facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ENABL Enable
ENFIA Exchange network facility for interstate access
ENHMT Enhancement
ENQ Enquiry
ENTDT Entered date and/or time
EO End office
EOC Embedded operation channel
EOE Electronic order exchange
EOM End of message
EOS Extended operating system
EOTT End office toll trunking
EP Entrance facility-program grade INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EP Expedited data (SS7: in SCCP)
EPIC Extended PIC
EPL Electronic switching system program language
EPROM Erasable programmable read-only memory
EPSCS Enhanced private switched communication service
EQ Equalizer
EQ Equipment only-(network only) assignment INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EQPT Equipment
ER Enhancement request
ER Error register
ER Exception report
ERAR Error return address register
ERC Error control (IOS)
EREP Environmental recording editing and printing
ERF Emergency restoration facility
ERL Echo return loss
ERP Effective radiated power
ERPMP Exception report pumper
ERR Error
ERRS Errors
ERTS Error rate test set
ERTS Error rate test sets
ERU Error return address update
ES Extension service-voice grade INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ESAC Electronic systems assistance center
ESAP Emergency Stand-Alone prefix
ESAP Emergency stand-alone prefix
ESB Emergency service bureau
ESC Enhanced speech circuit
ESC Escape (ASCII control)
ESC Three way calling USOC
ESCC2 Extended high level serial communication controller
ESD Electrostatic discharge
ESD Extened super framing
ESF Extended super frame
ESF Speed calling USOC
ESFF Extended superframe format
ESL Emergency stand-alone
ESL Essental service
ESL Speed calling 8 code USOC
ESM Call forwarding USOC
ESM Economic study module
ESMTC Electronic system maintance
ESN Electronic serial number (Cell)
ESN Electronic switched network
ESN Emergency service number
ESP Enhanced service procider
ESP Enhanced service providers
ESP Essential service protection
ESP Print entire summary table
ESS Electronic switching system
ESSX Electronic switching systen exchange
EST Established
ESTAB Establish
ESX Call waiting USOC
ET Entrance facility-telegraph grade INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ET Exchange termination
ETAS Emergency technical assistance
ETB End of transmission block
ETC Estimated trunk ccs value
ETF Electronic toll fraud
ETL Equipment test list
ETN Electronic tandem network
ETRI Electronics and telecommunications research institute (ROK)
ETS Electronic tandem switching
ETS Electronic translation systems
ETSACI Electronic tandem switching adminstration channel interface
ETSSP ETS status panel
ETX End of text
EU End user
EU Extension service-telegrasph grade INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EUPOT End user-point of termination
EV Enhanced emergency reporting trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EV Expected value
EVB Busy call forward USOC
EVC Bust call forward extended USOC
EVD Delayed call forward USOC
EVD Delayed call forwarding
EVST (Ger) End exchange
EW Off network MTS/WATS equivalent service INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
EWSD (Ger) Electronic dialing system (digital)
EX Exercise
EXD ECS crossloading option
EXD Extra digit
EXD Extra digit (MDII)
EXP Extra pulse
EXP Extra pulse (MDII)
EXT Extension
EXTC Expenditure type code
F Facility direction
F Fault (indicator)
F Office or base unit from trouble report.
F1 Facility system
FA Frame aligner
FA Fuse alarm
FAA Facility accepted (SS7 in ISUP)
FAC Facility
FAC Facility Assiment Center
FACD Facility changed msg.
FACS Facilities assignment and control system
FADS Dorce administration
FANALM Fan alarm
FAP Facilities analysis plan
FAR Facility request (SS7: in ISUP)
FAR Federal acquisition regulation
FAS Frame alignment signal
FAST First application system test
FAT File allocation table
FAX Faximile
FC Feature control
FC Frame control
FC From cable
FC/EC Function code and environment code
FCA Final closure abandon (MDII)
FCAP Facility capacity
FCC Federal communications commission
FCC Forward command channel
FCC Frame control center
FCD Frame comtinuity date
FCG False cross or ground
FCS File control systemction
FCS Frame check sequence
FD Private line-data INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
FDD Frame due date
FDDI Fiber distributed data interface (x3t9.5)
FDI Feeder/distribution interfaces
FDM Frequency division multiplex
FDM Frequency-division multiplexing
FDMA FDM access
FDP Field development program
FDT Frame due time
FDX Full duplex
FDY Set fiscal day for LAC
FEA Custom calling feature/PIC
FEA Customer feature
FEAT Feature
FEAT Features
FEBE Far end block error (IOM2 monitor message)
FEC Forward error correction
FECC Front end communication computer
FED Far end data
FELP Far end loop process
FEMF Foreign electro-motive force
FEPS Facility and equipment planning system
FEV Far end voice
FF Check appropriate space where trouble is located
FF Form feed
FG Group-supergroup spectrum INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
FGA Feature group A
FGB Feature group B
FGC Feature group C
FGD Feature group D
FGE Feature group E
FGK Feature group K (ISDN Q.931)
FIB Forward indication bit (SS7)
FID Field indentifiers
FIFO First in
FIFO First in first out (storage)
FIL Filter
FIN Facility information msg.
FIOC Frame input/output controller
FIP Facility interface processor
FIPS Federal information processing standards
FISU Fill in signal unit (SS7)
FITL Fiber in the loop
FJ Frame jump (C/I channel code)
FKP False key pulse
FKP False key pulse (MDII)
FL Fault locate
FL Fault location
FLA Flag
FLD Field
FLEXCOM Fiber optic communication
FLR Frame layout report
FLT Flat
FM Frequency modulation
FM01 DCT alarm activated or retired - 1AESS
FM02 Possible failure of entire bank not just frame - 1A
FM03 Error rate of specified digroup - 1AESS
FM04 Digroup out of frame more than indicated - 1AESS
FM05 Operation or release of the loop terminal relay-1AESS
FM06 Result of digroup circuit diagnostics -1AESS
FM07 Carrier group alarm status of specific group - 1AESS
FM08 Carrier group alarm count for digroup - 1AESS
FM09 Hourly report of carrier group alarms - 1AESS
FM10 Public switched digital capacity failure - 1AESS
FM11 PUC counts of carrier group errors - 1AESS
FMAC Facility maintance administration center
FMAC Facility maintenance and control
FMC Force management center
FMM Finite message machine
FN Feature number
FN File name
FNBE Far and near end block error (IOM2 monitor message)
FNPA Foreign numbering plan area
FOA First office application
FOC Fiber optic communications
FON Fiber optics network
FOR Frame order report
FORPOT Foreign potential.
FOS Frame operations summary
FOS-ALC Fiber optic systems maintance - Alcatel
FOS-ROCK Fiber optic system maintance - Rockwell
FOT Forward transfer (SS7: in ISUP)
FP Functional protocol
FPC Foundation peripheral controller
FPC Frequency comparison pilots
FPS Fast packet switching
FR Fire dispatch INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
FR Fixed resistance
FR Flat rate
FRAC Frame aligner circuit
FRC Forced request configuration
FREQ Frequency
FRJ Facility rejected msg. (SS7 in ISUP)
FRMR Frame reject (LAP-D response)
FRPS Field reliability performance studies
FRQ Facility request message
FRS Flexible route selection
FS File separator
FS/SYM Function Schematic/Symbol Numbers (1AESS Test access)
FSA False start abandon
FSA False start abandon on incoming trunk
FSC Frame synchronization clock (i.e. IOM2)
FSK Frequency shift keying
FSN Forward sequence number
FT Foreign exchange trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
FT Frame time
FTA Frame transfer analysis
FTC Frame transfer completion
FTE Frame transfer establishment
FTG Final trunk group
FTL Frame transfer lets
FTP File transfer protocol
FTR Frame transfer reprint
FTS Federal telecommunications system
FTW Frame transfer withdrawal
FUNCS Functions
FV Voice grade facility INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
FW Wideband channel INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
FWD Forward
FWM Frame work management
FWS Frame work station
FX Foreign exchange
FX Foreign exchange INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
FXO Foreign exchange circuit office direction
FXS Foreign exchange circuit station direction
G Spare box. use for special studies.
GAP (Ec) group of analysis and provision (for ONP)
GB Great britain
GBS Group bridging service
GC Group card
GCE Gated Oscillator Error
GCI General circuit interface (IOM/u(k0)-interface)
GCON Generic conditions
GCP Generate Control pulse
GCR General configuration register
GCS Group control system
GDSUCOM Global DSU common
GDSUCOM Global digital service unit common
GDX Gated diode crosspoint
GDXACC Gated diode crosspoint access
GDXC Gated diode crosspoint compensator
GDXCON Gated diode crosspoint control circuit
GEISCO General electric information services company
GFR General facility report
GG Getails of reported trouble.
GH Gain hit
GHZ Gigahertz
GID Group ID
GKCCR Generated key collection and compression routine
GLA Generate lists for assignment
GND Ground
GNS Gainslope
GNS Gainslope test (SARTS command)
GOC General order control (TIRKS)
GOS Grade of service
GP Group processor
GPA Gas pressure alarm
GPIB General purpose interface bus
GPPC General purpose power controller
GPS Global positioning system
GR General requirments (BellCoRe)
GRA GRS acknowledgement
GRASP Generic access package
GRD Ground fault.
GRD Ground.
GRID Line unit grid.
GRP Group
GRP MOD Group modulator
GRS Circuit group reset (SS7: in ISUP)
GS Ground start (on-hook normal)
GS Group separator
GSA General services administration
GSAT General telephone and electronics satellite corporation
GST Ground start signaling
GSZ Group size
GTC General telephone company
GTE General telephone electronics
GTEI Global tei
GTS Gamma transfer service
GTT Global title transmission
GWY Gateway
Ger German
H Hold state (in EOC)
H Hours
H Trouble ticket number. subparagraph 5.6.4.
H&D High and dry (trunk test)
H- High-
H-RAP Hardware reliability assurance program
HAC Hands-free add-on circuit (for speakerphone)
HBS Hunt group blocks of spares
HC High capacity 1.544 mb/ps-service code for LATA access
HC Hunt count
HCDS High capacity digital service
HCDS High-capacity digital services
HCFE High-capacity front end
HCSDS High-capacity satellite digital service
HCTDS High-capacity terrestrial digital service
HD High capacity 3.152 mb/ps-service code for LATA access
HDB3 High-density bipolar 3 (cept PRI)
HDFI HSM digital facilities interface
HDLC High level DLC
HDLC High-level data link control
HDSL High bit-rate digital subscriber line
HDTV High definition television (soon to be the new buzz word!!)
HDW Hardware
HDX Half duplex
HE High capacity 6.312 mb/ps-service code for LATA access
HEAP Home energy assistance program
HEHO High end hop off
HF High capacity 6.312-service code for LATA access
HF Hunt-from telephone number
HFCC High capacity facility control center
HFR Hardwara failure rate
HG High capacity 274.176 mb/s-service code for LATA access
HGBAF Hardware group blocking acknowledgment failure
HGR Hunt group report
HGS Hunt group summary
HGUAF Hardware group unblocking acknowledgment failure
HH History header
HH Record of repair activity.
HI High
HI High impedance (C/I channel code)
HI Highway interrupt
HIC Hybrid integrated circuit
HIM Host interface module
HIS Hunting ISH
HK Hook
HL IT Siemens semiconductors (hl)
HLC Highest lead factor group count
HLDG Holding
HLLAPI High level language application program interface
HLSC High-level service circuits
HM1 Intercom plus USOC
HMCL Host message class assignment
HMP Intercom plus
HNPA Home numbering plan area
HNS Hospitality network service
HOBIC Hotel billing information center
HOBIS Hotel billing information system
HOLD Call hold (i.253 b)
HP Hewlett-packard
HP Non-DDS digital data 2.4 kb/s INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
HPO High performance option
HQ Non-DDS digital data 4.8 kb/s INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
HR Hour
HR Non-DDS digital data 9.6 kb/s INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
HRS Hours prefix
HS High capacity subrate-service code for LATA access
HSCC High level serial communication controller sab82520
HSCX Extended hscc sab82525
HSM Host switching module
HSSDS High-speed switched digital service
HT Horizontal tabulator
HT Hunt-to telephone number
HTI Highway transfer interrupt
HU High usage
HU High-usage trunk
HUNT Hunting
HUTG High usage trunk group
HW High and wet.
HW High-and-wet
HW Non-DDS digital data 56 kb/s INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
HW Pcm highway
HZ Hertz
I Cable and pair or associated equipment
I Information (LAP-D command)
I Installation
I Invalid
I&I Investment and inventory
I&M Customer services installation and maintenance
I&M Installation & maintenance
I- Information (numbered i-frames)
I/O Ineffective other
I/O Input/output devices
I/O Tnput/output
I0 Feature removed
I1 Added feature
IA Immediate action
IA Ineffective attempts
IAA Ineffective attempt analysis.
IAAN Immediatel action report
IAC0 DLI 0 access error
IAC1 DLI 1 access error
IACS Intergrated access cross-connected system
IAD Incomplete address detected (incoming)
IAM Initial address msg. (SS7: in ISUP)
IB Instruction buffer
IBC ISDN burst transceiver circuit
IBN Integrated business network
IBROFC ISDN BRCS and Analog Office totals
IC Incoming call (x.25)
IC Independent carrier
IC Installation centers
IC Inter-LATA carrier
IC Inter-exchange carrier
IC Interexchange carriers
IC/MC Installation and maintence centers
ICA Incoming advance
ICA Incoming advance (MDII)
ICAN Individual circuit analysis
ICAO International civil aviation organization
ICC ISDN communications controller
ICC Interstate commerce commission
ICCU Inmate call control unit
ICD Interactive call distribution
ICL Intra-RSM communication link
ICLID Individual calling line id
ICM Integrated call management
ICN Interconnecting network
ICOM (taiwan) integrated communication
ICOT Intercity and outstate trunk
ICP Intercept
ICPOT Interexchange carrier-point of termination
ICSC Inter-LATA customer service center
ICSC Interexchange carrier service center
ICSC Interexchange customer service center
ICUG International closed user groups
ICUP Individual circuit usage and peg count
ICUR Individual circuit usage recorder
ID Idle control code
IDA (gb) interated digital access (b64+b8+d8)
IDC Information distribution companies
IDCI Interim defined central office interface
IDCU Integrated digital carrier unit
IDCU Integrated digital carrier unit .
IDCU Integrated digital carrier unit i.e. AT&T Series 5 RT FP 303G
IDDD International direct distance dialing
IDEC ISDN d-channel exchange controller
IDF Intermediate distributing frame
IDI Initial domain identifier (ISO 7498)
IDLC Integrated digital loop carrier
IDLC Intergrated digital loop carrier
IDP Individual dialing plan
IDPC Integrated data protocol controller
IDS Internal directory system
IDVC Integrated data/voice channel
IEC ISDN echo cancellation circuit
IEC Interexchange carrier
IEC International electrotechnical comission
IEC-P (old name of iec-q3)
IEC-Q1 Iec for 2b1q peb2091
IEC-Q2 Iec-q specially for lt and NT1 (without microprocessor)
IEC-Q3 Iec-q with parallel processor interface (i.e. for daml)
IEC-T Iec for 4b3t peb2090
IEEE Institute of electrical and electronics engineers
IEPC ISDN exchange power controller
IF Intermediate frequency
IFAC Integrated digital carrier unit facility
IFRB International frecuency registration board
IFRPS Intercity facility relief planning system
IFS (switzerland) integrated telecom service
IGS Idenitfy graphic subrepertoire (teletex)
IIN Integrated information network
IJR Input a jeopardy reason
ILC ISDN link controller
ILINE IDCU line counts.
IM Input mux
IM Interface module
IMA Additional ineffective machine attempts
IMAS Integrated mass announcement system
IMC IOS mailbox control
IMCAT Input message catalog
IMCF Interoffice multiple call forwarding
IMD Intermodulation distortion
IMM Input message manual
IMMU IOS memory management unit
IMP Impedance
IMP Impules per minute
IMP Interpersonal messaging protocol (x.420: p2)
IMS Interprocessor message switch
IMT Inter-machine trunk
IMTS Improved mobile telephone service
IMU Input measured ccs usage data
IN Intelligent network
IN/1 Intelligent network/1
INA Intergrated network access
INAP Intelligent network access point
INC Incoming trunk groups
INC International calling
INC International carrier
INC SEL Incoming selector
INCAS-A Integrated network cost analysis - access
INCAS-LT Integrated network cost analysis - local and toll
INCAS-S Integrated network cost analysis - shared
INCAS/E Integrated network cost analysis system
INCAS/I Integrated network cost analysis system - embedded
INCIS Integrated network cost information system
INCP Incomplete
IND Individual
INF Information
INF Information (SS7: in ISUP)
INIT Allocation table initalization
INL Inter node link
INN Inter node network
INQ Complete circuit inquiry
INR Information request (SS7: in ISUP)
INS (japan) information network system (b64+b16+d8)
INT Interrupt (i.e. C/I channel code)
INTCCTRL International code control (NTI)
INTCHG Interexchange
INTEGRIS Integrated results information service
INTELSAT International telecommunications satellite consortium
INTR Interrupt
INW INWATS [code 258(8000-8299)]
INWATS Inward wide area telecommunications system
INWATS Inward wide area telephone service
INWBLKD INWATS returned blocked
INWBLKD Inward wide area telecommunications service (INWATS) returned
INWBUSY INWATS all lines busy
INWCCBL INWATS code control blocked
INWDBOV INWATS data base overload
INWDBTO INWATS data base timeout
INWDSBL INWATS direct signaling blocked
INWNNPA INWATS nonpurchased numbering plan area (NPA)
INWNOXL INWATS returned no translation
INWONPA INWATS invalid originating numbering plan area (ONPA)
INWOVLD INWATS returned overload
INWUNEQ INWATS returned unequipped
INWVLIN INWATS vacant line number
IO Inward operator
IOAU Input/output access unit (univac)
IOC Independent operating company
IOC Input/output controler (shelf)
IOC Integrated optical circuit
IOC International overseas center
IOCC International overseas completion center
IOCP Input/output configuration process
IOCS Input/output control system
IODB IDCU on-demand B-channel
IOI Secondary input/output interface pack(s)
IOM ISDN-oriented modular (architecture and interfaces)
IOM2 Extended iom
IOMI Input/output microprocessor interface
IOP Input-output processor
IOP Input/output Processor
IOP Input/output driver
IOP Input/output processor
IOS ISDN operational software
IOS Input/output supervisor (IBM)
IOS Inventory order system
IOSF Input/output shelf assignment
IOT Inter-office trunk
IOT Interoffice test command (SARTS command)
IOT Interoffice testing
IOTC International originating toll center
IP Information provider
IP Inprogress
IP Intermediate point
IP Internet protocol
IPAC ISDN pc adapter circuit
IPACS Interactive planning & control system
IPAT ISDN primary access transceiver
IPB Sipb
IPBC IOM2 PBC (old name for EPIC)
IPC Inter-process communication
IPC Interprocess communication
IPCS IOS process control system
IPCS Installation product costing system
IPCS Interactive problem control system
IPIB Intelligent personal computer interface board
IPIDB IDCU peripheral interface data bus
IPL Initial program load
IPL Interoffice private line signaling
IPL Interoffice private line signaling test (SARTS command)
IPLAN Integrated planning and analysis system
IPLS InterLATA private line services
IPM Impulse per minute
IPM Impulses per minute
IPM Interruptions per minute
IPP IOS protocol part
IPP Integrated planning process
IPPC Interdepartmental project planning committee
IPR Installation performance results system
IPS Installation performance results
IPS Integrated Provisioning System
IPS Integrated provisions system
IPX Integrated packet exchange
IQS Instant request system
IR Incoming register
IRBR Integrated resource billing report system
IRC International record carrier
IRIS Industry relations information system
IRLF Incoming register link frame
IRM Information resource management
IRMC Incoming register marker connector
IRO Industry relations operations
IROR Internal rate of return
IRP Integrated revenue planning
IRPC ISDN remote power control psb2120
IRR Internal rate of return system
IRRS Interactive request and retrieval system
IRS Industrial revenue summary
IRT IDCU remote digital terminal
IRU Integrated recovery utility (sperry)
IS Interrupt set
IS/SADQ Interstate special access demand quantification
ISA Indicate status application
ISAC-P ISDN subscriber access controller
ISAC-S ISDN subscriber access controller
ISAM Indexed sequential access method
ISC Intelligent serial controller
ISC International switching center
ISC Planintercompany services coordination plan
ISC/TE Information systems center for technical education
ISCAR Information systems costs analysis reports
ISCOM SWBT intercompany service coordination (ISC) order monitor
ISCP Integrated service control point
ISCP/MSAP ISCP/multi-service application platform
ISCP/SPOCK ISCP/service provisioning and on-line creation tool kit software
ISDN Integrated services digital network
ISF Inquire on a single facility
ISG Isolated system grounding
ISH Complete circuit inquiry short
ISI Industry support layout
ISIS Interstate settlements information system
ISLM Integrated services line module
ISLU Integrated services line unit
ISLUCC Integrated services line unit common controller
ISLUCD Integrated services line unit common data
ISLUHLSC Integrated services line unit high level service circuit
ISLUMAN Integrated services line unit metallic access network
ISLURG Integrated services line unit ringing generator
ISM ISDN switching module
ISM Interactive synchronous mode
ISMP Industry specific measurement plan
ISMS Integrated service management system
ISMTL Information systems management training
ISN Information systems network
ISN Integrated systems network
ISNET Interim solution network (Kansas city only)
ISO Information systems organization
ISO International organization for standardization
ISOFC ISDN office totals
ISOPDB Information systems organization planning data base
ISOSS Intercompany service order switching system
ISP Intermediate service part
ISPBX Integrated systems PBX
ISPC International signaling point code (SS7)
ISPF Interactive system productivity facility
ISPI ISDN packet interface
ISRP Information systems rules panel
ISS Integrated switching system
ISS Issue
ISSANRC Interstate special access non-recurring
ISSC Interfunction special service coordination
ISSCO Intertoll
ISSN Integrated special services network
ISSN Intergrated specal services network
ISSS ISDN supporting system
ISTA Interrupt status register
ISUP ISDN user part
ISUP ISDN user part (SS7: q.76x)
ISUP Integrated services user part
IT Inactivity test (SS7: in SCCP)
IT Intertandem tie trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ITAC ISDN terminal adaptor circuit
ITC Independent telephone company
ITC Interdepartmental training center at dallas-texas for
ITD Intertoll dial
ITEA Interoffice trunks engineering and administration
ITF Integrated test facility
ITG Intergrated traffic generator
ITIMS Integrated transportation information management system
ITIMS/IE Itims/information expert
ITM Cable pair item number
ITNA Improves thrid number acceptance
ITNO Item number
ITS Institute of telecommunication science
ITS Integrated test system
ITS Interactive training system
ITSE Incoming trunk service evaluation
ITSO Incoming trunk service observation
ITSTC Information technology steering committee (cen
ITT Idle trunk test
ITU International telecommunication union
ITU International telecommunications union
ITVSE Intermediary transport vendor service center
ITW Instructional technology workshop
IU Network/port interface unit
IUP Installed user program (IBM)
IVD Integrated voice data
IVP Installation verification procedures
IVP Installation verification program
IVTS International video teleconferencing service
IWF Interworking facility (gateway)
IWU Interworking unit (gateway)
IX Interactive executive
IXC Or icinterexchange carrier
IXM Interexchange mileage
IZ Interzone
J Enter centrex (CTX) or multiline hunt group (MLHG) number
JAD Joint application design
JAM Jumper activity management
JCL Job control language
JDC Japan digital cellular
JDC Job duties code
JDI Job disposition indicator
JDIP Jmos/dopac interface process (comptroller system)
JE Job evaluation
JEC Journal entity code
JES Job entry subsystem (IBM)
JES Job entry system
JES 2 Job entry system 2 (IBM)
JES 3 Job entry system 3 (IBM)
JET BTL TIRKS jumper evaluation technique
JFC Job function code
JGF Junctor grouping frame
JIB Job information block (VMS)
JIM Job information memorandum
JIS Jurisdictional interstate services
JK Jack
JKLAP Jack/key/and lamp access panel
JL Jumper length
JMOS Job management operations system
JMOS/PT JMOS/pricer-tracker
JMOSCA Jmos contract administration
JMX Jumbogroup multiplex
JOSS Job order status system (distribution services system)
JOSSVM Job order status system/VM
JOVIAL Jule's own version of the international algebraic language
JP71 Joint practice 71
JP80 Joint practice 80
JPH Jumper placement history
JSC Job status code
JSN Junction switch number
JSW Junctor switch
JTR Jitter
JTRS JMOS trouble reporting system (distribution services system)
JUICE JMOS user input card entry (distribution services system)
K Equipment frame designation
K Kilobit
KBPS Kilobits per second
KCA Key contributor award
KCO Keep cost order
KD Keyboard display
KDROP Key display receive only printer
KDT Keyboard display terminal
KEY Stop hunt or random make busy hunting
KFT Kilofeet
KHZ Kilo-hertz
KHZ Kilohertz
KITSKOTS Kansas inward toll service/Kansas outward toll service
KOHM Kilohms
KOP Thousands of operations per second
KP Key pulse
KPR Killer pair report
KSDS Key sequence data set (IBM)
KSM Create a transaction mask
KSR Keyboard send-receive
KSU Key service unit
KTA Korea telecommunication authority (ROK)
KTS Key telephone set
KTS Key telephone system
KW Keyword
L Shift preference (if any) for this work to be performed.
L/AOS Legal/advanced office system
L2DOWN Level 2 is inoperable.
L2QLTY Poor level 2 transmission quality.
L3-ERC Layer 3 error control (IOS)
L3M Layer 3 mgr. (IOS)
LA Local area data channel INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
LA Loop assignment
LAC LAN application controller
LAC Loop assignment center
LAD Label definition
LAD Loop activity data
LADS Local area data service
LADT Local access data transport
LADT Local area data transport
LAI Line equipment assignment inquiry
LAIS Local automatic intercept system
LAJMS Ledger and journal maintenance system
LAMA Local automatic message accounting
LAMA-C Computerized local AMA for No. 5 crossbar
LAN Local area network
LANMS Light amplified by stimulated emission of radiation
LAP Link access protocol
LAPB (LAP-B) link access procedure of balanced mode
LAPD (LAP-D) link access procedure of D-channels
LAPD Link access procedure on the D channel
LAPM (LAP-M) link access protocol for modems
LAPX Lapb extended (t.71)
LARG Lidb access routing guide
LASS Local alarm scanning system
LASS Local area signaling service
LAT Local access termianl (RMS-D1)
LATA Local access and transport area
LATA Local access and transport areas
LATA Local access transport area
LATIS Loop activity tracking information system
LATIS I/F Loop activity tracking information system interface
LATIS/INPUT Locally developed program used to input to the latis system
LB Voice-non switched line-service code for LATA access
LBBD Loopback B1
LBI Load balance index
LBK Loop test (SARTS command)
LBK Loopback
LBL Online tape label printing
LBNCGI LIDB BNS message with call gapping indicator present
LBNGM LIDB BNS garbled message
LBNMGM LIDB BNS return value missing group or misrouted
LBNNAN LIDB BNS return value no translation for an address of such
LBNNCG LIDB BNS return value network congestion
LBNNFL LIDB BNS return value network failure
LBNNPG LIDB BNS return value nonparticipating group
LBNNSA LIDB BNS return value no translation for this specific address
LBNREJ LIDB BNS reject message received
LBNSCG LIDB BNS return value subsystem congestion
LBNSFL LIDB BNS return value subsystem failure
LBNTO LIDB BNS message missed because of timeout
LBNUP LIDB BNS message with unexpected reply
LBNUUR LIDB BNS return value unequipped user
LBO Line buildout
LBP Load balance parameters
LBR Large business remote
LBRV Low bit rate voice
LBS Land and building system
LBS Load balance system
LBS Load balance system (BTL) module of tnds
LBST Loopback device signature table
LBU Loopback devices signature table
LBU Loopback unit
LBn Loopback channel bn request (command in IOM2 monitor and EOC)
LC Line card
LC Line count
LC Output line count
LC Pending service order count
LC Voice-switched line-service code for LATA access
LCAMOS Loop cable administration and maintenance operations system
LCC Line class code
LCCIS Local common channel interoffice signaling
LCCL Line card cable
LCCLN Line card cable narrative
LCD List cable summary
LCDCGI LIDB CCRD message with call gapping indicator present
LCDGM LIDB CCRD garbled message
LCDMGM LIDB CCRD return value missing group or misrouted
LCDN Last called directory number
LCDNAN LIDB CCRD return value no translation for an address of such natur
LCDNCG LIDB CCRD return value network congestion
LCDNFL LIDB CCRD return value network failure
LCDNPG LIDB CCRD return value nonparticipating group
LCDNSA LIDB CCRD return value no translation for this specific address
LCDR Local call detail recording
LCDREJ LIDB CCRD reject message received
LCDSCG LIDB CCRD return value subsystem congestion
LCDSFL LIDB CCRD return value subsystem failure
LCDTO LIDB CCRD message missed because of timeout
LCDUP LIDB CCRD message with unexpected reply
LCDUUR LIDB CCRD return value unequipped user
LCE Line concentrating equipment frame
LCEN Line card equipment number
LCI LAN CPU interface
LCIE Lightguide cable interconnection equipment
LCLOC Line card location
LCM Line concentrating module
LCMC Line concentrating controller module
LCN Logical channel number
LCN Logical channel numbers
LCOS Line Class of service (GTE)
LCP Language conversion program
LCP List cable pairs
LCR Least cost routing
LCR Line concentration ratio
LCRMKR Line card remarks
LCS.MIT.EDU Telecomm digest archive site on the Internet
LCS7 Link controller for signaling system No.7
LCSE Line card service and equipment
LCSEN Line card service and equipment narrative
LD Load
LD Loading division
LD Long distance
LD Voice switched trunk-service code for LATA access
LDBM Listing data base maintenance
LDES Long distance experimental schedule
LDM Logical data model
LDMTS Long distance message telecommunications service
LDN Listed directory number
LDS Local digital switch
LDSU2 Local digital service unit - model 2
LDT Local display terminal
LDU Long distance usage analysis
LE Leading edge (bsp)
LE Line equipment
LE Local exchange (contains D-CTL)
LE Voice and tone-radio landline-service code for LATA access
LEAD Loop engineering assignment data
LEAP System testing tool to simulate multiple 3270 users
LEAS Lata equal access system
LEC Local exchange carrier
LED Last entry data
LED Light emitting diode
LED Light-emitting diode
LEE Nac related line equipment transfer order establishment
LEFTS Loop electronic forecasting and tracking system
LEG Customer training file
LEIM Loop electronic inventory module
LEIM Loop electronics inventory module
LEIS Loop engineering information system (applications)
LEN Line equipment number
LENCL Line equipment number class
LENG Length
LERG Local exchange routing guide
LET Line equipment transfers
LETS Law enforcement teletypewriter service
LEV Level
LEW Line equipment transfer withdrawal
LF Data low-speed-service code for LATA access
LF Lease file
LF Line Finder
LF Line feed
LF Line finder
LF Load factor
LF Low frequance
LFACS Loop facilities assignment and control system
LFACS Loop facility assignment and control system
LFC Load factor calculation
LFR Line failure report
LFRC Local field reporting code
LG Basic data-service code for LATA access
LGC Line group controller
LGN List hunt groups
LH Line hunting (i.252 f)
LH Voice and data-psn access trunk-service code for LATA access
LI Length indicator (SS7)
LI Link interface
LIB Line interface board
LIDB Line information data base
LIDB Line information database
LIE Left in equipment
LIFECOST Life cycle cost system
LIFO Last in
LIJ Left In Jumper
LIM Less than the specified number of pairs
LIN Line
LIN Transmit alit data to COSMOS
LINCS Lan integrated network communications system
LINIS Line and number inventory system
LINK Loop interface network
LINK1 The basic rate interface transmission extension (BRITE)
link one is down
LINK2 The BRITE link two is down.
LINK3 The BRITE link three is down.
LINK4 The BRITE link four is down.
LINK5 The BRITE link five is down.
LINK6 The BRITE link six is down.
LIS Library information system
LIST Listen
LIT Line insulation test
LIT Line insulation testing parameters
LIU Lats interface unit
LIU Line interface unit
LIU Line user interface
LJ Voice and data ssn access-service code for LATA access
LK Voice and data-ssn-intermachine trunk-service code for LATA
LKNODE Link node
LL Logical link
LL Long distance terminal line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
LL Long lines
LLC Line load control
LLC Low level controller sipx6100
LLD Low level device drivers (IOS)
LLDB Location life data base
LLF Line link frame
LLID Ll identifier
LLL Last look logic
LLN Line link network
LLN Line link network (ess)
LLP Link layer protocol (lapd)
LLS Local Line Switch (GTE)
LME Line module equipment
LMMS Local message metering system
LMOS Loop maintenance operations system
LMOS Loop maintenance operations systemr
LMOS F/E Loop maintenance operations system front end
LMOS HOST Loop maintenance operations system host
LMOS I/F Loop maintenance operating system interface
LMS Litigation management system
LMS Loop maintenance system
LMS/TUM Local measuring system/temporary usage measurement
LMT Local maintance operations system
LMTS Limits
LMU Line multiplexer unit
LMX L-multiplex
LN Data extension
LN Leased network
LN Loop normal (on-hook normal)
LNA Line and number administration
LNA Low noise amplifier
LNBAS Call failed due to the query being blocked at the switch
LNBN Call failed due to the query being blocked in the CCS network
LNG Longitudinal
LNS Line number status
LO Low threshold
LOA Limit operator attempts
LOAD Listing of acronym definition
LOC Local
LOC Local operating company
LOC Location of cable on frame
LOCAP Low capacitance
LOCN Location
LOE List originating line equipment
LOE Location operating entity
LOES Lajms online entry system
LOF Lock off-line
LOF Loss of frame
LOGIC Logistics integrated control system
LOGU Logical units assignments
LOMS Loop assignment center operations management system
LON Lock on-line
LONALS Local off-net access lines
LP Telephoto/facsimile-service code for LATA access
LPA Link pack area
LPBK Looped back
LPCDF Low profile combined distributing frame
LPCDF Low profile conventional distributing frame
LPIE Loop plant improvement evaluator
LPIE2 Loop plant improvement evaluator 2
LPK Line concentrating equipment line packs
LPM Lines per minute
LPM Logistic planning module
LPS Log/print status
LPT Loop test
LQ Voice grade customized-service code for LATA access
LR Loop reverse (off-hook normal)
LR Protection relay-voice grade-service code for LATA access
LRAP Long route analysis program
LRC Longitudal redundancy check
LRC Longitudinal redundancy check
LRIA1 Long run incremental analysis i
LRISP Long range information systems planning organization
LRM Line resource monitor-ims (BMC)
LRN Local reference number
LROPP Long-rangeoutside plant planning
LROT OR LRH Local rotary
LRP Long rang planning
LRS Lease record system
LRS Line repeater station
LRSS Long range switching studies
LS Local service INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
LS Loop start signaling
LS&E Local service and equipment
LSA Local security administrator
LSA Local subaccount
LSB Lower side band
LSBS Location specific bypass system
LSD&F Local switching demand & facility data base system
LSDB Listing service data base
LSDF Local switching demand and facility data base system
LSDN Local switched digital network
LSE Line and station transfer order establishment
LSEC Loss of sec (C/I channel code)
LSHF Message LAN shelf
LSI Large-scale integrated circuitry
LSL Loss of signal level (C/I channel code)
LSM Load synchronization mechanization
LSM Local switching module
LSN Logical session number
LSO Local service office
LSO Local storage option-ims (IBM)
LSRP Local switching replacement planning
LSRP Local switching replacement planning system
LSS Lata switching systems
LSS Listing service system
LSS Listing services system
LSS Loop switching system
LSSGR Lata switching systems generic requirements
LSSI Local special service inventory
LSSR Local special service results
LSSU Link state signal unit (SS7)
LSSU Link status signal unit
LST Line and station transfer
LSU Line switch unit
LSU Local storage unit
LSU Loss of signal level of u interface (C/I channel code)
LSUE Lsu error condition (C/I channel code)
LSV Latch switch verification
LSV Line status verifier
LSW Line and station transfer withdrawal
LT Lata tandem
LT Line termination
LT Local terminal
LT Long distance terminal trunk INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
LT-S Lt on s bus
LT-T Lt on t interface
LTAB Line test access bus
LTB Last trunk busy
LTC Line trunk controler
LTC Local test cabinet
LTD Local test desk
LTD Local test desk (#16
LTD Long term disability
LTD Lt disable (C/I channel code)
LTERM Logical terminal-ims (IBM)
LTF Light terminal frame
LTF Lightwave terminal frame
LTF Lightwave terminating frame
LTF Line trunk frame
LTG Line translation group
LTG Line trunk group
LTI Loop termination identifier
LTMA Lightwave terminal multiplex assembly
LTMA Lightwave terminating multiplexing assembly
LTN List telephone numbers
LTOP Long term disability plan
LTP Line and trunk peripherals
LTP Local test port
LTP Loop technology planning
LTS Loss test set
LTU Line trunk unit
LTUC Ltu control
LU Line unit
LU 6.2 Protocol for appc
LU2 Line unit model 2
LUA Link up america tracking
LUCHBD Line unit channel board
LUCOMC Line unit common control
LUHLSC Line unit high level service circuit
LUIF Living unit interface file
LUM Line utilization monitor-ims (BMC)
LUPEX Line unit path exerciser
LURR Large user reproduced records system
LV Sdlv
LVL1ERR Level 1 protocol error.
LVL2ERR Level 2 protocol error.
LVL3ERR Level 3 protocol error.
LVM Line verification module
LW-SSS Lightwave system support services by weco
LWC Leave word calling
LX 2 Local originating
LX 2 Local terminating
LXE Lightguide express entry
LZ Dedicated facility-service code for LATA access
M Latest date that this ticket can be loaded.
M M(transmit) signal lead
M Maintance
M Minutes
M LETTER Methods letter
M O Master office
M S Main station
M S Mark sense
M&P Methods and procedures
M-MONEY Maintenance money
M-STARS Measurement and statistics tracking and reporting system
M/ATR Maritime/aviation tracking reports
M/W Microwave
M5 Five-minute
MA Cellular access trunk 2-way INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
MA Maintenance administrator
MA Multiple access (primary)
MA02 Status requested
MA03 Hourly report of system circuits and units in trouble
MA04 Reports condition of system - 1AESS maintenance
MA05 Maintenance interrupt count for last hour - 1AESS maintenance
MA06 Scanners
MA07 Successful switch of duplicated unit (program store etc.)
MA08 Excessive error rate of named unit -1AESS maintenance
MA09 Power should not be removed from named unit - 1AESS maintenance
MA10 Ok to remove paper - 1AESS maintenance
MA11 Power manually removed from unit - 1AESS maintenance
MA12 Power restored to unit - 1AESS maintenance
MA13 Indicates central control active - 1AESS maintenance
MA15 Hourly report of # of times interrupt recovery program acted - ma
MA17 Centrex data link power removed - 1AESS maintenance
MA21 Reports action taken on mac-rex command -1AESS maintenance msg
MA23 4 minute report- emergency action phase triggers are inhibited
MAB Metallic access bus
MAC Machine administration center
MAC Major accounting center
MAC Mechanized assignment control (BTL)
MAC Missed appointment code
MAC Monitor analysis & control of fa standard values
MACBS Multi-access cable billing system
MACS Major apparatus and cable system
MACS Mechanized analysis of customer systems
MACS(DS) Major apparatus control system (dist. svcs)
MADN Multiple access directory numbers
MADPE Address parity error
MAEC Media access error counter
MAI Multiple access interface (univac)
MAILLOG Manager electronic mail logging system
MAINT Maintenance
MAINT Maintenance handler
MAL Maintance action limits
MAL Manual assignment list
MALRU Mechanized automatic line record update
MALT Maintence transmission action limit table
MAMA Mechanized automatic message accounting
MAMA Mobile automatic message accounting
MAN Manual
MAN Metropolitan area network
MAN Miscellaneous account number
MAP Maintance and administration position
MAP Maintenance and administration position
MAP Maintenance and administrative position (NTI)
MAP Management assessment program
MAP Manual assignment parameters
MAP Manufacturing automation protocol
MAP Mobile application part
MAPCI Map command interpreter (NTI)
MAPPER Maintain and prepare executive reports
MAPS Mechanized accounts payable system
MAPS Modeling and planning system (BTL)
MAPSS Maintenance & analysis plan for special services
MAPSS Maintenance and analysis plan for special services
MAQ Manual assignment file inquiry
MAR Market analysis report (BTL)
MAR Microprogram address register
MAR Multi-alternate route
MARC Market analysis of revenue and customers system
MARC Market analysis of revenues and customers
MARC/CAPS Market analysis of personnel and customer analysis profile
MARCH A computer system
MARG Margin Parameter
MARK Mechnized Assiment Record Keeping System (GTE COSMOS)
MARK IV General purpose information storage and retrieval system
MARS Mechanized automative repair system
MARS Multiple access repair system
MAS Interfacesmessage analysis sampling plan
MAS Main store
MAS Mass announcement system (900 service)
MAS Memory administration system
MASB Mas bus
MASC Mas controller
MASM Mas memory
MAST Mail analysis and sales tracking
MAT Manual assistance tag
MAT Metropolitan area trunk
MATFAP Metropolitan area transmission facility analysis program
MATR Maritime/aviation tracking system
MATR Modified answering time recorder
MATS Marketing access tracking system
MATS Mechanized analysis of traffic studies system
MAVIS McDonnel Douglas automatic voice information system (model 1018t)
MAX Maximum
MAX Maximum messages
MAX Maximum percentage value of entity fill or maximum ccs value
MAXS Metallic automatic cross-connected system
MAY Modify an assembly
MB Make busy
MB Make-busy or made-busy
MB/S Megabits per second.
MBO Management by objectives
MBP Metallic bypass pair
MBPS Megabits per second
MBX Measured branch exchange
MBYTE Megabyte
MC Machine congestion
MC Maintance connector
MC Maintenance center
MC Maintenance circuit
MC Marker class of service
MC Memory controller
MCA Misrouted centralized automatic message accounting (MDII)
MCAS Material cable administrative system
MCB Message control bank (sperry)
MCC Maintance control center
MCC Maintenance control center
MCC Manual camera control
MCC Master control center
MCC Minicuster controller
MCCI Mechanized customer contact index
MCCRAP Master control center trouble report analysis plan
MCCS Mechanized calling card service
MCE Establish a maintenance change ticket
MCH Maintenance channel
MCH Manually change hunt
MCHB Maintenance channel buffer
MCI Malicious call identification (i.251 g)
MCI Microwave communications incorporated
MCIAS Multi-channel intelligent announcement system
MCIAS Multi-channel intercept announcement system
MCINT Mate control interrupt
MCL Maintenance change list
MCN Machine congestion level # where MCI=machine congestion level
MCN Master control number
MCN Metropolitan campus network
MCOS Multiplexer out of synchronization
MCP Mechanized credit provisioning system
MCR Establish a maintenance change repair
MCR Mass call register
MCS Master cpu subsystem
MCS Meeting communications service
MCS Multiple console support
MCTAP Mechanized cable transfer administration plan
MCTRAP Mechanized customer trouble report analysis plan
MCTSI Module controller/time slot interchange
MCTSI Module controller/time-slot interchange unit
MCW Maintenance change ticket withdrawal
MD SS7fe message distributor
MD/RS Mechanized denial/restoral system
MDACS Modular digital access control system
MDC Manually disconnect a working circuit
MDC Marker distributor control
MDC Materials distribution center
MDC Meridian digital centrex
MDCMES Management development center mechanized enrollment system
MDF Main distributing frame
MDF Main distribution frame
MDII Machine detected interoffice irregularities
MDII Machine-detected interoffice irregularity
MDIS Marketing data interface system
MDLIE DLI interface error
MDOG Mechanized disbursement of gasoline
MDP SS7 fe message distribution protocol
MDR Mechanized draft reconciliation
MDR Message detail record
MDS Message design systems
MDT Management development/training
MDU Marker decoder unit
MDX Modular digital exchange
ME Management employment
ME & ASSM Management employment & assessment
ME CORP Corporation management employment
MEANS Model for economic analysis of network service
MEAS Measure
MEASMT Measurement
MEC Maintenance engineer center
MEC Manually establish a circuit
MEC Mobile equipment console
MECA Mechanization of engineering & circuit provisioning
MECAB Multi exchange carrier access billing
MECCRRF Mechanized credit reference system
MECH More efficient call handling
MECOD Multiple exchange carrier ordering and design
MED Medium threshold
MED Multipoint end-link data
MEDPLUS Medicare part b reimbursement payments
MEDS Mechanized expense distribution system
MEF Master employee file
MELD Mechanized engineering and layout for distributing frames
MEP Medical expense plan
MERITS Measurement of exchange records integrity through sampling
MERP Mechanization of estimate results plan
MERS Most economic route selection
MERT Master employee record tape
MESA Mechanized edits of street address
MESS Message
MET Multibuton electronic telephone
MET Multibutton electronic telephone
METASX Metallic access
MF Mainboard firmware (IOS)
MF Multi frame
MF Multi frequency
MF Multifrequency
MF Multiplexer frame
MFAS Mechanized forecasting and analysis system
MFC Master file directory (VMS-catalog of UFDS)
MFC Modular feature construction
MFC Multiple frame operation control (IOS)
MFENET Magnetic fusion energy network
MFFAN Miscellaneous frame (CM2 offices only)
MFJ Modification of final judgement
MFJ Modification of final judgment
MFJ Modified final judgment (consent decree)
MFR Discmanufacture discontinued
MFR Mechanized force report
MFR Multi-frequency receivers
MFRS Management force reporting system
MFS Message formatting service-ims (IBM)
MFT Metallic facility terminal
MFT Multiprogramming with a fixed number of tasks
MG Marker group
MG Marker group number
MG Mastergroup
MGB Main ground bus
MGB Master ground bar
MGBAF Maintenance group blocking acknowledgment failure
MGR Manager
MGSC Message service customer counts
MGSG Message service multi-line hunt
MGT Mastergroup translator
MGUAF Maintenance group unblocking acknowledgment failure
MH Modified huffman code (fax)
MHD Moving head disk
MHD Moving head disk drive(s) used in the am.
MHDC Moving head disk control
MHDDC Moving head disk data/clock
MHS Message handling service
MHS Message handling system
MHZ Megahertz
MI Machine interface
MI Message interface on the
MI Swbt minimal input
MIAS Marketing information analysis system
MICA Mechanized intercompany contract administration
MICC Minicluster controller
MICE Modular integrated communications environment
MICI Mechanized independent company input
MICR Minimal input customer records
MICRO/TEL Micro/tel force analyzer
MICS BTL maintenance space inventory control system
MICU Message interface and clock unit
MICU Message interface clock unit
MID Master interim design
MIFM Mechanized installation force management
MIG Mechanized interval guide system
MIIS Management inventory information system
MIMIC Mts-wats intrastate model for incremental cost
MIN Minimum
MIN Minimum percentage value of entity fill or minimum CCS value
MIN Mobile identification number
MINX Multimedia information network exchange
MIOIO I/O invalid operation error
MIOLE I/O lock error
MIOPE I/O bus parity error
MIOTO I/O timer time out error
MIOUE I/O unlock error
MIP Microprocessor interface port
MIPP Management surplus income protection plan
MIPS Million instructions per second
MIR Micro-instruction register
MIRA Maintenance input request administrator .
MIRA Mark iv information retrieval aid
MIS Management information system
MIS Mechanized intercepting system
MIS/C Management information system/computer
MISC Miscellaneous
MISCF Miscellaneous frame
MISS Management information staffing system
MITS Microcomputer interactive test system
MIU Metallic interdace unit
MIZAR Management job evaluation
MJEC Multiple job function codes
MJF Modified final judgement
MJU Multipoint junction unit
MKBUSY Make busy.
MKR Marker
MKTG Marketing
ML Matching loss
MLAC Manual loop assignment center
MLC Miniline card
MLC Monitor level code
MLCD Multi-line call detail
MLH Multiline hunt
MLHG Multi-line hung group
MLHG Multiline hunt group
MLI Message link interface
MLIIBLNG Microlink II billing
MLNC Failure to match and no circuit
MLPA Modifiable link pack area (IBM)
MLSS Machine load service summary
MLT Mechanized loop test
MLT Mechanized loop testing system
MLT-1 Mechanized loop testing system-1
MLT-2 Mechanized loop testing - the second generation of equipment
MLT-2 Mechanized loop testing system-2
MMA Multi-module access unit (Univac)
MMC Manually modify a circuit
MMC Minicomputer maintenance center
MMEME Memory system error
MMG Minicomputer maintenance group
MMGT Multimastergroup translator
MMI Man-machine interface
MML Man machine language
MMM Message mile minute
MMOC Minicomputer maintance operation center
MMOC Minicomputer maintenance operations center
MMOCS Minicomputer maintenance and operations center system
MMP Module message processor
MMPP Mechanized market programming procedures (BTL)
MMRCS Minicomputer maintenance and repair center system
MMS Main memory status
MMS Memory management system
MMS/SSII Marketing measurement system/support system II
MMS43 Modified monitoring state 43 code
MMSU Modular metallic service unit
MMT Multiple message threshold
MMU Memory management unit (IOS)
MMX Mastergroup multiplex
MN02 List of circuits in trouble in memory
MNP Microcom networking protocol
MOC Machine operations center
MOC Maintenance and operations console
MOC Maintenance operation console
MOC Ministery of communication
MOC Moe order completion
MOD Ministery of defense
MOD Modifier
MOD Modulated
MOD Module number
MOD1 Miscellaneous per SM measurements (MOD1)
MODCOES Modified central office cost
MODEM Modulator-demodulator
MOE Mass oe transfers
MOF Mass oe frame transfer listings
MOG Minicomputer operations group
MOI Maintenance and operation interface
MOI Mizar order inquiry
MOMS Missouri marketing system
MON Monitor
MON Monitor channel (i.e. IOM2)
MON Mouth
MOOSA Mechanized out of service adjustment system
MOOSE Macs online organization system entry (distribution services)
MOS Maintenance and operations subsystem
MOS Metal oxide semiconductor
MOSOP Mechanized operator services occupational payroll
MOST Managing operations systems in transition
MOSTED Motor vehicle/special tools expense distribution
MOT&R Master office test and release circuit
MOTS Mechanized operations tracking system
MOU Minutes of use
MOU-AS The annual study module of DRP/MOU
MOU-DA The data accumulation module of DRP/MOU
MOVE Move remote line Concentrating module
MOW Moe order withdrawal
MP Message processing program
MP Microprocessor
MP Multi-processor
MPAP Management potential appraisal plan
MPC Marker pulse conversion
MPC Messages per customer
MPC Mp command
MPCG Message processing clerical guide
MPCH Main parallel channel
MPDB-OS Outside plant-pair gain
MPDBCOAR MPDB-central office equipment and repair services
MPDBSRVC Office supplies computers and other services
MPDU Message protocpl data units (x.411)
MPES Message processing entry system
MPFRS Mechanized project force requirement system
MPI Mechanized project impact system
MPK Modify work package
MPLR Mechanized plant location records system
MPLUM Mechanized plant utilization management
MPN Master work package number
MPOOS Modem pool line out of service.
MPOW Multiple purpose operator workstation
MPPD Multi-purpose peripheral device
MPRIN Mate peripheral interrupt
MPS Mechanized pension system
MPS Misplaced start pulse
MPS Misplaced start pulse (MDII)
MPT Message transfer part
MPTS Market planning and tracking system
MQ Metalic customized-service code for LATA access
MQH Marker queue high
MQL Marker queue low
MR Maintenance request (BTL)
MR Measured rate
MR Message rate (BSP)
MR Message register
MR Message register COSMOS command
MR Modified read (relative element address designate
MR Monitor read (flow control bit in IOM2)
MR/IBPS Management report/integrated budget and planning system
MRAA Meter reading access arrangement
MRCS Modification request control system
MRDB Memory resident data base
MRDYT Ready time out
MRF Maintenance reset function
MRF Message refusal received (outgoing)
MRF Message retention file
MRFA Mechanized repair force administration
MRFF Master reference frequency frame
MRFIS Mechanized request for information systems
MRO Message register option
MRP Mechanized revenue planning system
MRPS Mobile radio priority system
MRR Mandatory review reporting
MRS Management reporting system (TNDS)
MRSELS Microwave radio & satellite eng. & lic
MRTI Message-rate treatment index (AMA NTI)
MRTS Mechanized real time tracking system
MRTTA Message recording trunk trouble analysis
MRWPE Read or write parity error
MS Machine screw (BSP)
MS Maintenance state
MS Measured service
MS Mechanized scheduling
MS Memory subsystem
MS Menue software (sipb.exe)
MS Microseconds
MS6E Message switching #6 equipment
MS7E Message switching #7 equipment
MSA Management science america
MSAG Master street address guide
MSC Media stimulated calling
MSC Minimum service charge
MSCP Mass storage control protocol
MSCS Management scheduling and control system
MSCU Message switch control unit
MSCU Message switch controller unit
MSDS Material safety data sheet system
MSFDB Market share forecast data base
MSGBUF Message buffer
MSGCLS Message class
MSGLOCK Message lock
MSGNO Message number
MSGP Microcomputer support group programming
MSGS Message switch
MSK Output a transaction mask
MSKMR Mate reset
MSM Multi-state marketing system
MSMTCH Mismatch.
MSN Multiple subscriber number (i.251 b)
MSORS Mechanized sales office record system (BTL)
MSP Management salary plan
MSP Metropolitan service plan
MSPR Message switch peripheral unit
MSR Marketing surveys and reports
MSR Mechanized sales results system (mbt directory sales)
MSR Mechanized service record
MSR Mizar status report
MSR/DIS Mechanized service record/disability subsystem
MSS Mass storage system
MSS Mss is a dialup for... database of 1800 numbers...
MSSS Mechanized supply stock system
MSTIC Mechanized standard time increments (we/eplans)
MSTS Measured service tracking system
MSU Message signal unit
MSU Metallic service unit
MSU Msg. signal unit (SS7)
MSUCOM Metallic service unit common
MSUS Measured service usage studies
MSUSM Subunit select mismatch
MT Master record tape unit number or tape drive to write
MT Wired music INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
MTA Message transfer agent (x.400)
MTAE Message transfer agent entity (x.400)
MTB Magnetic tape billing
MTB Metallic test bus
MTC Facs maintenance transaction
MTCE Maintenance (default).
MTCE Maintenance parameters
MTD Magnetic tape drive
MTD Mutilated digit
MTD Mutilated digit (MDII)
MTECS Iimechanized toll error correction system phase ii
MTECS Mechanized toll error correction system
MTEL Main telephone
MTF Master test frame
MTH Magnetic tape handler
MTIB Metallic test interconnect bus
MTIBAX Metallic test interconnect bus access
MTINT Miscellaneous timer interrupt
MTL Maximum termination liability
MTLR Mechanized trouble log report
MTLT Maintance transmission action limit table
MTM Maintenance trunk module (NTI)
MTO Master terminal operator
MTP Management transitional program
MTP Message transfer part (SS7: q.701-q.710)
MTP Message transfer part.
MTP Message transfer protocol (x.411: p1)
MTR Manually test a response
MTR Mechanized time reporting
MTR Tape drive to read
MTRS Marketing or management time reporting system
MTRS Mechanized training records system
MTRS/FCC Management time reporting system/fcc report
MTRT Mate ready time out
MTS Manual test system
MTS Memory time swich peb2040
MTS Message telecommunications service
MTS Message telecommunications system
MTS Message telephone service
MTS Message teleprocessing system
MTS Message toll service
MTS Mobile telephone service
MTSC MTS CMOS (512 incoming channels)
MTSDB Message telecommunications services data base
MTSI Msg telecommunications ser price index
MTSL MTS large (1024 incoming channels)
MTSO Mobile telephone switching office
MTSS MTS small (256 incoming channels)
MTTP Master trunk test panel
MTU Magnetic tape unit parameters
MTU Maintenence termination unit
MTU Media tech unit
MTW Tape drive to write
MTX Mobile telephone exchange
MU Maintenance usage
MU Message unit
MUC Material usage code
MULDEM Multiplexer-demultiplexer
MULT Multiple
MUM Measured unit message
MUNICH Multichannel (32) network interface controller
MUPH Multiple position hunt
MUSAC Multipoint switching and conferencing unit
MUSIC Modeling for usage sensitive incremental costs
MUT Miniaturized universal trunk frame
MUT Multi-unit-test
MUX Multiplex
MUX Multiplexer
MVAS Motor vehicle accident summary
MVCCW Commstar ii call waiting USOC
MVP Multiline variety package
MVS Multiple virtual storage
MVS Multiple virtual storage operating
MVS/MODS TSO display operator messages from programs running under
MVS/SP Multiple virtual storages/system product operating system
MVS/SPA Multiple virtual storages/system product assist operating
MVS/XA Mutliple virtual storage/extended architecture
MVT Multiprogramming with a variable number of tasks
MVTC Motor vehicle type code
MW (ger) service word
MW Mandatory work
MW Multiwink
MWCP Mechanized wire centering program (BTL)
MWI Message waiting indicator
MWPER Write protect error
MX Monitor transmit (flow control bit in IOM2)
MXU Multiplex units
MXU Multiplexer unit

N Estimated time to complete this ticket.
N No corrective action
N(R) (NR) receive sequence number
N(S) (NS) transmit sequence number
NA CSACC link (EPSCS) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
NA Next address
NA Normal alignment
NAAP New affirmative action program
NAB Network analysis bureau
NAC Network administration center
NAC Network application center
NAC Non-area code
NACK No ground acknowledgment received on a ground start private facili
ty (FX) trunk
NAFMAP Network administration force management and productivity
NAG Network architecture group
NAI Telephone number assignment inquiry
NAK Negative acknowledge
NAM Number assignment module
NAND Not-and gate
NANP North american numbering plan
NAP Network access pricing
NAP Network analysis program (BTL)
NAR Nac assignment review
NARS National yellow pages services accounts receivable system
NAS Network analysis system
NAS Numerical and atmospheric sciences network
NAS/CARS Network analysis system/central analysis report system
NAS/SRS Network analysis system/subscriber recording system (MBT)
NASS Network adminstration support system
NATL National code (NTI)
NAUG Network administration user group
NB Narrow band
NBSY Number of busy (trunks) (NTI)
NC CNCC link (SPSCS) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
NC Network channel
NC No circuit
NCA No circuit announcement
NCAT Network cost analysis tool
NCC National coordinating center (national emergency)
NCC Network control center
NCC Notify corrupted CRC (in EOC)
NCCF Network communication control facility (IBM vtam/mcp option)
NCCF Network communications control facility
NCD Network call denial
NCDAFTA NCD denied after answer
NCDAFTA Network call denial (NCD) denied after answer
NCDBEFA NCD denied before answer
NCDBLKD NCD returned blocked
NCDCCBL NCD code control blocked
NCDDBOV NCD data base overload
NCDDBOV NCD database overload
NCDDENY NCD deny received
NCDDSBL NCD direct signaling blocked
NCDNOXL NCD returned no translation
NCDOVLD NCD returned overload
NCDUNEQ NCD returned unequipped
NCH Noch
NCI Network channel interface
NCI No card issue
NCLK Network clock
NCLS Non-capitalized lease system
NCMASTER No circuit master
NCOO Network central office operations
NCOS Dms 100 class of service
NCOSC Network clock 2 oscillator
NCOSS Network communication and operations support system
NCP National control point
NCP Network control point
NCP Network control point (in a SDN)
NCP Network control program (IBM3725 software)
NCR- Sclrnetwork completion report-system called line report system
NCRPAB Network cost results plan
NCS National communications system
NCS National communicatons system
NCSPC Non-conforming stored program control
NCT Network control and timing
NCT (CP) Network control and timing call processing
NCT LINKS Network control and timing links
NCTE Digital network channel equipment
NCTE Network channel terminating equipment
NCTE Network channel terminating equipment (FCC NT1)
NCTLNK Network control and timing link
NCU Network control unit
ND Network data line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
NDA Network data analyzer
NDA Network delivery access
NDBS Network data base system
NDC National destination code (i.e. area code)
NDC Network data collection
NDC Node data collection
NDCC Network data collection center
NDIS National dial-it services
NDPCC Network data processing coordination center
NDRAS Network distribution resource administration system
NDS Network data system
NDS Network distribution services
NDS-TIDE Network data system-traffic information distributor and
NDS/ANN Announcement system - System/36
NDS/BMR Bmrbudget morning report - System 36
NDS/CONAD Conadcontract administration system - System 36
NDS/FLEXNDS Flexible reporting
NDS/FORMS Mechanized forms - System 36
NDS/MT Mechanized tool interface - System 36
NDS/PDB Personnel database - System 36
NDU Network data unit
NE Near end
NE Network element
NE Network elements
NEAS Non-optional extended area service
NEBE Near end block error (IOM2 monitor message)
NEBS Network equipment-building system
NEBS Network equlpment-building system
NEBS New equipment-building system
NECA National exchange carrier association
NECC National emergency coordination center (bellcore)
NEG Negative
NEON Nonmanagement employee opportunity network
NERC National emergency relocation center
NESAC National electronic switching assistance center
NESC National electric safety code
NET (ec) european standards of telecommunication
NETPARS Network performance analysis reporting system (IBM Vtam)
NETS Nationwide emergency telecommunications system
NETWORK Sidethe segment of the time slot interchanger (TSI) that is
NEXT Near end cross (x) talk
NEXT Near end crosstalk
NEXT Node exhaust tool system
NFID Non-fielded id
NFM Network force management
NFS Network file system
NFT Network file transfer
NG No good
NGF Number group frame
NGF Number group frame for 5 Cross Bar
NHLS Next higher level support
NHR Non hierarchial routing
NHR Not hard to reach
NI Network interface
NI/NC Network interface/network channel
NID Network in dialing
NID Network information database
NIP Nucleus initialization program
NIPA Net income and productivity analysis
NIRS National yellow pages services invoice receiving system
NIS Operation system-intelligent network elements
NIS(FLEXCOM) Network interface system - OPS/INE
NKP No key pulse
NKP No key pulse (MDII)
NL-PG Line number page
NLD Nonlinear distortion
NLD-SN Nonlinear distortion signal/noise
NLDM Network logical data manager (IBM VTAM option)
NLP Network layer protocol
NM Network maintenance
NM Network management
NM Network management.
NM Network module
NMA Network management applique
NMA Network monitoring and analysis
NMAT Nonmanagement attendance tracking system
NMB Network management busy (NTI)
NMC Network management center
NMC Network mondule controller (NTI)
NMDT Network management display terminal (AT&T)
NMMPEN Network maintenance management planing
NMOS Network management operations support
NMPR Network management printer (AT&T)
NMS Network management services
NMS Network management system
NN Two digit number
NNN Three digit number
NNNN Four digit number
NNX Central office code designating the customer exchange
NNX Network numbering exchange
NNX Telephone exchange code
NO Number
NOC National operations center at Bedminister N.J.
NOC Network operations center
NOC Normalized office code
NOCS Network operations center system
NOD Network out dialing
NODAL Network operations forum
NOE Number of oes to be assigned
NOL Nac service order listing
NOMAD No-op instruction
NOPS Network operations plan system
NOR/TADS North region/testing and development system
NORAD North american air defense command
NORGEN Network operation report generating
NORGEN Network operations report generator
NORGEN Network operations report generator system
NORM Normal
NORM Return to normal (IOM2 monitor command/message)
NOS Network operating system
NOTIS Network operations trouble information system
NOW Network optical warehouse
NP Non-published
NPA Area code and exchange number
NPA Network peformance analyzer (IBM)
NPA No power alarm
NPA Numbering plan area (area code)
NPAP Nonmangement performance appraisal plan
NPC Network processor circuit
NPC No parameter choices
NPDA Network problem determination applicator (IBM)
NPH Network protocol handler
NPM Network performance monitoring system
NPS Network planning system
NPSI Ncp packet switching interface
NPUMP Normal pump
NPV Net present value
NQ Telegraph customized-service code for LATA access
NR No response.
NRAS Nova/rider awards system
NRC Non-recurring charge
NRG Number of rings
NRM Normal response mode (hscx)
NRM Normalizing ccs value
NRODD Non-redundant ODD
NRRI National regulatory research institute data
NRRT Non-reroutable traffic
NRS Network routing system (MBT)
NRT No response while in test mode.
NRZ Non return to zero
NRZC Nrz change
NRZI Nrz inverted
NRZM Nrz mark
NSA National security agency
NSAC Network service administration center
NSBADRESP NS SCP response message with invalid data
NSC Network service center
NSCMP Network service center multi (dddcservice bureau)
NSCS Network service center system
NSD No start dial
NSD Number summary display
NSDB/IA Network and service data base/interface administration
NSE Network switching engineering
NSE Noise
NSEC Network switching engineering center
NSEP National security emergency preparedness
NSFNET National science foundation network
NSN Network services node
NSNONRTEMSG NS reject message
NSP Network service part (SS7: SCCP+MTP)
NSP Non sent paid (coin)
NSPEC Node spec file
NSPMP Network service performance measurement plan
NSPMP Network switching performance measurement plan
NSPRR Network switching performance results report
NSQRYFAIL NS query fail
NSS Network support system
NSSD Network switched services district
NSSNCOMP NS SCP response message with a send notification
NSSNCOMP NS SCP response message with a send notification received at the s
NSTAC National security telecommunications advisory committee
NSTNMSG NS termination notification message sent from the switch to the SC
NSTS Network services test system
NSU Network support utilities
NSs Network system (i.e. DACS; SDACSL CDACSL OSU; CSU... etc)
NStA (Ger) PBX
NT Network termination
NT Northern telecom
NT Protection alarm-metalic-service code for LATA access
NT/S NT simulator SIPB7020
NT01 Network frame unable to switch off line after fault detection
NT02 Network path trouble trunk to line - 1AESS network trouble
NT03 Network path trouble line to line - 1AESS network trouble
NT04 Network path trouble trunk to trunk - 1AESS network trouble
NT06 Hourly report of network frames made busy - 1AESS network trouble
NT1 NT serving layer 1 (NCTE)
NT10 Network path failed to restore -1AESS network trouble
NT2 NT serving layer 1 to 3 (subscriber interface of nt
NTC National trunk congestion
NTD Normal direction
NTDACT Network termination (NT) is deactivated.
NTE Network terminal equipment
NTE Network terminating equipment
NTEC Network technical equipment center
NTEC Network terminal equipment center
NTEC Networkbterminal equipment center
NTI Northern telcom inc.
NTIA National telecommunications and information agency
NTM Nt test mode (IOM2 monitor message)
NTN Number of tns to be assigned
NTO Network terminal option (IBM)
NTOFN NT off normal.
NTP Northern telecom practice (NTI)
NTPWR NT lost power.
NTRAP Network trouble analysis plan
NTS Network technical support
NTS Network test system
NTT No test trunk
NTTMP Network trunk transmission measurement plan
NTWRK Network
NU Protection alarm-service code for LATA access
NUA (international) network user address
NUA Network user address
NUA Network utilization analysis
NUC Nailed-up connection
NUI Network user identification
NUL Null
NUP National user part
NV Protective relaying/telegraph grade-service code for LATA access
NVM Non volatile memory (eeprom)
NW Telegraph grade facility-75 baud-service code for LATA access
NWB Network-busy (NTI)
NWK Adminnetwork administration budgets system
NWM Network management (NTI)
NWPK Network packs
NXX Refers to the central office designation of the telephone
NY Telegraph grade facility- 150 baud-service code for LATA access
NYNEX NYNEX corporation
NYNEX New york
NYPS National yellow pages services
NYPSA National yellow pages services association
O Priority.
O+I Originating plus incoming calls to a switching module.
O-LTM Optical line terminating multiplexer
O/S Operating system
OA Line equipment assignment option
OA Out of alignment
OA&M Operations
OA&M Operations administration and maintance
OAM Office data administration system
OAP Operator services position system administrative processor
OASIS Office automation strategy for information systems
OASIS Overseas accounting settlement and information
OASYS Office automation system
OATQ OSPS ANSI TCAP query and reply
OATS Operator assistance tracking system
OBA Out of band announcement
OBF Ordering and billing forum
OBH Office busy hour
OBS Observed data rate
OC Office communication
OC Operating company
OC Operator centralization
OC&C Other charges and credits
OCAS OSPS customer account services
OCAS7 OSPS customer account services CCSS7/international CC validation
OCC Other common carrier
OCC Other common carriers
OCC Usage occupancy
OCCH Outgoing connections per circuit per hour
OCCS OSPS common channel signaling
OCCS Order control and coordination system (BTL)
OCE Other common carrier channel equipment
OCN Operating company number
OCP Optional calling plan
OCP Origination point code (SS7)
OCPDG Ocp data gathering
OCR Optical character reader (auerbach computer technology report)
OCR Optical character recognition (IBM)
OCRS Optical character recognition system
OCS Offical communication services
OCS Old class of service
OCS/CTS Official communications services installation and
OCS/CTS Official communications services installation and maintenance cos
OCSDSELR OCS data station equipment location report
OCSOLRM Official communications services (OCS) on-line reference
OCTD OSPS centralized automatic message accounting tone decoder
OCU Office channel unit
ODA Office data administration
ODA Office data assembler
ODA Office document architecture
ODAC Operations distribution administration center
ODACCIN OSPS directory assistance (DA) call completion and intercept
ODB On-demand B-channel counts.
ODB Operations divestiture board
ODCS Official data communications service
ODD Office dependent data
ODD Operator distance dialing
ODDBU Office dependent data backup
ODDD Operator direct distance dialing
ODDS Order data distribution system
ODIN Online data integrity system
ODP Office dialing plan
ODP Organization development program
ODP Organizational design program
ODS Overhead data stream
ODS Tnds on-line demand servicing
OE Office equipment
OE Office equipment / office equipment number
OE Office equpiment number
OEC Other exchange carrier
OEC Outside plant equivalence codes
OEIC Optoelectronic integrated circiut
OEIS OSPS external information system
OEM Original equipment manufacture
OEM Original equipment manufacturer
OF Official (telco owned)
OF Overflow
OFA OSPS facility administration
OFC Office
OFF OSPS fast features
OFF HK Off hook
OFFN Off-normal
OFL Overflow(s)
OFNPS Outstate facility network planning system
OFRD Offered (calls [peg count])(NTI)
OFRT Office route (NTI)
OFT Optical fiber tube
OGO Outgoing only trunk
OGT Outgoing trunk
OI Off premises intercommunication station line INTER/TRA blocal 1-2
OI Optical interface
OIJ Orders in jeopardy
OINTA OSPS interflow listing services/C-ACD measures
OIRCV OSPS interflow T&A calls received
OISNT OSPS interflow T&A calls sent
OKMDT Oklahoma management development training
OKP Operational kernel process
OKRA Operator keyed trouble report
OLCP Optional local calling plan
OLIDB OSPS line information data base
OLIPD Online invoice payment data
OLRM Online reference material
OLS Originating line screening
OLTEP Online test executive program
OLTS Optical loss test set
OM Operational measurement (NTI)
OM Operational measurements
OM Output mux
OMAP Operations and maintanance application part
OMAT Operations maintenance and administration team
OMC Operating and maintainance center
OMD Out messages - day
OMDB Output message data base
OMDB Output message database
OMISC OSPS miscellaneous call
OML Outgoing matching loss
OMM Output message manual
OMNI Online marketing networked information system
OMP SS7 fe operation management protocol
OMPF Operation and maintenance processor frame
ON Off network access line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
ON HK On hook
ONA Open network architecture
ONA Open network architecture (FCC computer inquiry iii)
ONAC Operations network administration center in K.C. (AT&T)
ONAL Off network access line
ONALS Off-net access lines
ONDDBOV OSPS NCD message received indicating database overload
ONDDBUN OSPS NCD message returned data base unable to process
ONDGMSG OSPS NCD message received garbled
ONDIRPY OSPS NCD message received with an inconsistent reply
ONDNBLK OSPS NCD message returned because of network blockage
ONDNCON OSPS NCD message returned because of network congestion
ONDNRTE OSPS NCD message returned because of no routing data
ONDTOUT OSPS NCD message returned because of timeout
ONDUNEQ OSPS NCD message returned
ONDURPY OSPS NCD message received with an unexpected reply
ONI Operator number identification
ONP Open network provision
ONPA Originating numbering plan area
ONS On line switch
ONSITE Urban decisions system
ONTC Office network and timing complex
ONTC Office network and timing complex (CM2 offices only)
ONTCCOM Office network and timing common units
OOB Out-of-band
OOC Originating office code
OOC Out-of-chain
OOF Out-of-frame
OP Off premises extension INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
OP Operation
OP Outside plant
OP ALL Option all
OPC Originating point code
OPC Originating point codes
OPCDB Operations common database
OPDU Operations protocol data unit (x.411: p3)
OPEOS Outside plant planning
OPH Operator handled
OPM Outage performance monitoring
OPM Outside plant module
OPN Open-of-day report
OPNOXL3 OSPS position no level 3 protocol.
OPR Operator
OPS Off-premises station
OPS Outside plant study system
OPSM Outside plant subscriber module
OPT Optional
OPU Outside plant cable usage
OPX Off-premises extension
OR Originating register
OR & RG Operating rate and route guide
ORB Office repeater bay
ORBIT Osp rehabilitation budget information tracker
ORC Originating rate center
ORD Service or work order
ORD Work order
ORD# Order number
ORDN Order number.
ORDNO Service order number
ORE Order edit
ORE-G Order edit global
ORI Order input
ORIG Allows originating
ORLF Originating register link frame
ORLMF Originating register line memory frame
ORM Optical remote module
ORM Optical remote switching module
ORM Optically remote switching module
ORMC Originating register marker connector
ORP Operational review plan
ORR Overflow reroute
ORRS Online records and reporting system (TNDS)
ORS Order send
ORTN Orientation
ORTR OSPS real-time rating
OS Off premises PBX station line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
OS Operations systems (operations support systems) (OSS)
OS Operator service
OS Origination scanning
OS Out of service
OS Out sender
OS Outstate
OS/D Operator services/deaf
OSAC Operator services assistance center
OSAC Operator services of answer consistency
OSAM Overflow sequential access method (IBM)
OSAP Operations systems architecture plan
OSC Operator services center
OSC Oscillator
OSCAS Operator service control access system
OSDS Operating system for distributed switching
OSDS-C Operating system for distributed switching in the conection
OSDS-M Operating system for distributed in the switching module.
OSE Oscillator error flip-flop
OSI Open system interconnection
OSI Open systems interconnection
OSLF Out sender link frame
OSM1 Optional services menu screen number 1
OSN Operations systems network
OSO Originating screening office
OSO Originating signaling office
OSPE Outside plant engineer
OSPI Operator services planning information
OSPRE/CON Outside plant reconciliation
OSPS Operator service position system
OSPS Operator services position system
OSPS Outside plant studies
OSPS-DL OSPSystem data links
OSR Ongoing support request
OSS Operation support system
OSS Operations support system
OSS Operations support system (BTL)
OSS Operator service signalling
OSS Operator services system
OSSGR Operator services system generic requirements
OSSP Operations systems strategic plan
OSSS Operator services support system
OSTC Operations systems technical center
OT Originating traffic
OT Other type
OT Overtime
OTA OSPS toll and assistance
OTC Operating telephone company (in bell system)
OTDR Optical time domain reflectometers
OTER Operator team efficiency ratio
OTG Outgoing trunk group
OTH Other
OTO Office-to-office
OTR Operational trouble report
OTSS Off the shelf system
OTTS Outgoing trunk transmission system
OUC Orgination unit code
OUT Outgoing trunk groups
OUTWATS Outward wats
OUTWATS Outward wide area telecommunications service
OVF Overflow (NTI)
OVLT Overvoltage protection
OVLY Overlay scheduling
OVOEQ OSPS call volume and equipment usage
OVRLD Overload or congestion control
OVRRNG Overrange
OVS Overseas
OVW Equipment class overwrite
OW Over-write
OWG Optical wave guide
OWT Outwats [code 024(5500-5600)]
OXPRESS Zero express
P Commitment time for having this trouble repaired.
P-tone Pseudo tone
P/AR Peak-to-average ratio
P/F Poll/final bit
PA Power allarm
PA Program address
PA Program application
PA Protective alarm (AC) INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
PABX Private automatic branch echange
PABX Private automatic branch exchange
PAC Percent access chargeable
PACE Program for arrangement of cables and equipment
PACK Peripheral equipment packs
PACT Prefix access code translator
PAD Packet assembler/dissasembler
PADDLE Program for administering data bases in the lfacs
PADS Planning analysis and decision support
PADSX Partially automated digital signal cross-connect
PAK Work packages
PAL Pre-service action limit
PAL Price analysis list
PAL Pricing and loading (mcauto)
PAL Purchasing authorization letter
PAM Pass along method (SS7: in ISUP)
PAM Primary access method
PAM Pulse amplitude modulation
PAN Panel
PAN Personal account number
PANDS Purchase & sales
PANS Pretty advanced new stuff
PAP Publications' accounts payable
PAQS-10 Provisioning and quotation system
PARMS Parameters
PARTS Tvcom electronic parts inventory
PAS Protocol architecture specification for IOS (PCT)
PAS Public announcement service
PAT Position attached signal time-out
PAT Position attached signal time-out (MDII)
PAT Power alarm test
PATROL Old version of 'esscoer'
PAX Private automatic exchange
PAYRO1IC Payroll-information center
PB Lajga
PB Placement bureau
PB Sdga
PBC Peripheral board controller
PBC Peripheral bus computer
PBC Peripheral bus. computer
PBC Processor bus controller
PBD Pacific bell directory
PBG Packet business group
PBHC Peak busy hour calls
PBM LTG = 0 ho/mo msg reg (no ANI)
PBO Paperless business office
PBOD Pac bell order dist.
PBVS Pacific bell verification system
PBX Private branch exchange
PBXC Private branch exchange center
PBXWL Private branch exchange wiring list
PC Peg count
PC Peripheral control (software)
PC Power controller
PC Primary center
PC Process controller
PC Switched digital-access line INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
PCA Philip crosby associates
PCB Program communications block-IMS (IBM)
PCC Peg count converters
PCDA Program controlled data acquisition
PCF-II Programming control facility-II (IBM)
PCH Parallel channel
PCI Panel call indicator
PCID Primary circuit identification
PCL Payroll change list
PCL Pcm data clock
PCM Program control module
PCM Pulse code modulation
PCN Personal communication network (UK)
PCN Product change notices
PCO Peg count and overflow
PCO Plant control office
PCP Primary control program
PCR Preventive cyclic retransmission (SS7 in MTP)
PCSN Public circuit switched network
PCT IOS program coding tools (SDL oriented)
PCTF Per-call test failure
PCTF Per-call test failure.
PCTV Program controlled transverters
PD Peripheral decoder
PDA Parameteredatanassembler
PDA Partial dial abandon
PDA Partial dial abandon (MDII)
PDC Primary digital carrier
PDF Power distribution frame
PDI Power and data interface
PDIT Prefix/feature digit interpreter
PDM Power down mode
PDN Public data network
PDSP Peripheral data storage processor
PDT Partial dial time-out
PDT Partial dial time-out (MDII)
PDU Protocol data unit (x.400)
PE Peripheral equipment
PE Program audio 200-3500 hz-service code for LATA access
PECC Product engineering control center
PEP Position establishment for parties
PER For each.. or according to
PER Protocol error record
PF Printout follows
PF Program audio 100-5000 hz-service code for LATA access
PFM Pulse frequency modulation
PFOFF Power feed off (C/I channel code)
PFPU Processor frame power unit
PFR Party line fill report
PFR Polarity failure
PFR Polarity failure (MDII)
PFS Page format selection (teletex)
PFS Pcm frame synchronisation signal
PG Page
PG Paging INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
PG Program document index
PG Program frequency weighting
PGTC Pair gain test controller
PH Packet handler
PH Parity high bit
PH Pending header
PH Protocol handler
PH JTR Phase jitter
PH- Physical-
PHY Physical
PIA Plug-in administrator
PIC PCM interface controller
PIC Plastic-insulated cable (plant)
PIC Polyolefin insulated cables (plant)
PIC Primary independent carrier (switching)
PICB Peripheral interface control bus
PICS Plug-in inventory control system
PICS Plug-in inventory control system (PICS/DCPR)
PICS/DCPR PICS/detailed continuing property records
PID Personal ID
PIDB Peripheral interface data bus
PIINT Allow packet interface interrupt
PIN Personal identification number
PIOCS Physical i/o system
PIP PCM interface port
PIP Packet interface port
PIU PCM interface unit
PJ Program audio 50-8000 hz-service code for LATA access
PK Program audio 50-15000 hz-service code for LATA access
PKC Package category
PKT Package type
PL Parity low bit
PL Private line
PL Private line circuit number
PL Private line-voice INTER/TRA blocal 1-26
PLAR Private line automatic ringdown
PLC Physical link control (IOS)
PLD Partial line down (teletex)
PLGUP Plug-up (currently no affect).
PLIC Pcm line interface
PLL Phase locked loop
PLU Partial line up (teletex)
PM Peripheral module
PM Peripheral modules
PM Phase modulation
PM Plant management
PM Preventive maintenance


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