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SAP NetWeaver ABAP IGS Memory Corruption

SAP NetWeaver ABAP IGS Memory Corruption
Posted Oct 22, 2021
Authored by Yvan Genuer | Site onapsis.com

The SAP NetWeaver ABAP IGS service suffers from multiple memory corruption vulnerabilities.

tags | advisory, vulnerability
advisories | CVE-2021-27620, CVE-2021-27622, CVE-2021-27624, CVE-2021-27625, CVE-2021-27626, CVE-2021-27627
SHA-256 | 2d1f0734303783a8b47a886f91b23670d4395d5d4ed4501f6e4af6001b97b2b7

SAP NetWeaver ABAP IGS Memory Corruption

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# Onapsis Security Advisory 2021-0019: [Multiple CVEs] Memory Corruption
vulnerability in SAP NetWeaver ABAP IGS service

## Impact on Business

An unauthenticated attacker without specific knowledge of the system can
send a
specially crafted packet over a network which will trigger an internal
error in
the system causing the system to crash and rendering it unavailable.

## Advisory Information

- Public Release Date: 11/22/2021
- Security Advisory ID: ONAPSIS-2021-0019
- Researcher(s): Yvan Genuer

## Vulnerability Information

- Vendor: SAP
- Affected Components:
- SAP IGS 7.20
- SAP IGS 7.53
- SAP IGS 7.20\_EX2
- SAP IGS 7.81

(Check SAP Note 3021050 for detailed information on affected releases)

- Vulnerability Class: CWE-20, CWE-125, CWE-834
- CVSS v3 score: 5.9 AV:N/AC:H/PR:N/UI:N/S:U/C:N/I:N/A:H
- Risk Level: High
- Assigned CVE:
- Vendor patch Information: SAP Security NOTE 3021050

## Affected Components Description

The SAP IGS is a widely-used, server-based engine for generating graphical
non-graphical content based on data from an SAP system or an external
An integral part of its architecture are different interpreters responsible
the semantic processing of the received data. The appropriate interpreter is
selected by a portwatcher and depends on the basis of the requested type of
information (ex: chart, map, zip).

## Vulnerability Details

CVE-2021-27620: An out of bounds read access exists in function
in IGS portwatcher binary through the SAP IGS service. The function uses
directly a part of the packet as a counter in movs instruction.

CVE-2021-27622: It is possible to trigger an undesired excessive iteration
vulnerability in `CDrawRaster::LoadImageFromMemory` in IGS portwatcher
imgconv.so through the SAP IGS service. In particular image requests, the
of color planes can be overwritten by the number of bits per pixel. This
led to
an excessive loop where a movzx instruction eventually crashed.

CVE-2021-27624: An undesired excessive iteration vulnerability exists in
function `CiXMLIStreamRawBuffer::readRaw` in IGS Portwatcher binary through
SAP IGS service. In particular IGS packet type, the size of the provided
is directly read from the packet itself. An attacker can craft a malicious
packet to force the function to read outside his memory slot. After a few
iterations, around 0x5780, the program crashed.

CVE-2021-27625: A memory corruption vulnerability exists in function
`CXmlUtility::CheckLength` in IGS library xmlchart.so through the SAP IGS
service. The function `CChartCuParser::Load` dereference a pointer due to
high value provided into the igs table entry for the provided input. This
to set high offset value for next input, leading to crash.

CVE-2021-27626: A memory corruption vulnerability exists in function
`CMiniXMLParser::Parse` in IGS Portwatcher binary through the SAP IGS
By crafting a malicious igs packet, the attacker can provide the wrong size
the provided input content. This size is directly read from the IGS table
CLWD, then used as counter to read the content part

CVE-2021-27627: A memory corruption vulnerability exists in function
`ChartInterpreter::DoIt()` in IGS Portwatcher binary through the SAP IGS
service. This function fails to verify the return value of several
when checking the content of parameter input for a particular interpreter.
crafting a malicious network packet, an attacker can force the function to
return 0x0 at a particular point, leading to breaking the calculation of the
next parameter offset and crash.

## Solution

SAP has released SAP Note 3021050 which provide patched versions of the
affected components.

The patches can be downloaded from

Onapsis strongly recommends SAP customers to download the related
security fixes and apply them to the affected components in order to
reduce business risks.

## Report Timeline

- 02/01/2021: Onapsis sends details to SAP
- 02/04/2021: SAP provides internal ID
- 02/08/2021: SAP confirms CVSS
- 06/09/2021: SAP releases SAP Note fixing the issue.
- 11/22/2021: Advisory published

## References

- Onapsis blogpost:
- CVE Mitre:
- Vendor Patch:

## About Onapsis Research Labs

Onapsis Research Labs provides the industry analysis of key security
issues that impact business-critical systems and applications.
Delivering frequent and timely security and compliance advisories with
associated risk levels, Onapsis Research Labs combine in-depth knowledge
and experience to deliver technical and business-context with sound
security judgment to the broader information security community.

Find all reported vulnerabilities at

## About Onapsis, Inc.

Onapsis protects the mission-critical applications that run the global
from the core to the cloud. The Onapsis Platform uniquely delivers
insight, secure change, automated governance and continuous monitoring for
systems—ERP, CRM, PLM, HCM, SCM and BI applications—from leading vendors
such as SAP,
Oracle, Salesforce and others, while keeping them protected and compliant.

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