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LeHACK 2020 Call For Papers

LeHACK 2020 Call For Papers
Posted Feb 3, 2020
Authored by Le HACK Conference | Site submit.lehack.org

LeHACK 2020 is a yearly rendezvous where hackers and aficionados are meeting with both technical and non-technical talks and workshops about hacking. It is a great place to discover, to learn, to teach and be taught in the magical city of Paris. LeHACK 2020 will be held in La Cite des Sciences et de l'Industire in Paris, France from June 26th through the 27th, 2020.

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LeHACK 2020 Call For Papers

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Hello everyone,

For the second edition, leHACK will be held at la Cité des Sciences et de l'Industire, in Paris, on June 26 & 27 2020.

Since our community and the team enjoyed the site from the last year, it wasn't hard to pick a location, which hosted
la Nuit du Hack and leHACK for the previous years.

This year again will be at your disposal : a 3 level mezzanine, a 900 seats amphitheater, 2000m2 area decated to
exposure, the loft : a 1000m2 area devoted to challenges, plus extra spaces to host workshops and surprises !

Even tho we have a bunch of surprises for you, this leHACK edition will still be the place to be for conferences, workshops and a lot of challenges !

For the first time, leHACK will run on 2 full days ! Talks and workshops will be scheduled for Friday and Saturday, we're setting up a social event
which will take place on Friday evening, nearby the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, in Paris !

Upcoming dates :
- CFP Deadline : April 8 2020
- Acceptance/Rejection notification : April 15 2020
- Conferences announcement : May 1 2020
- leHACK \o/ : June 26-27 2020 !

The HZV team


0x1 CFP
0x2 Organizers
0x3 Sponsors

0x1 CFP

leHACK is a new and old event at the same time, some kind of Schrödinger's event we may say.

The people behind leHACK used to held the 'Nuit du Hack' event during more than fifteen years.

The name changes, our values stay the same !

leHACK 2020 is a yearly rendezvous where hackers and afficionados are meeting around with both
technical and non-technical talks and workshops about hacking.

It is a great place to discover, to learn, to teach and be taught in the magical city of Paris.

leHACK 2020 will be held in La Cite des Sciences, Paris (France) on the
26th and 27th of June 2020.

Le Topics

We are interested in various topics, including but not limited to:

- Biohacking
- Education and related tools to teach kids coding and hacking
- Hardware and software reverse-engineering
- Vulnerability research and exploitation
- Wireless communication protocols
- Internet of Things
- Autonomous vehicles
- Surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques
- Cryptography
- Electronics
- Industrial Control Systems
- Voting machines hacking
- Lockpicking and smartlockpicking techniques

Le Type of submission

As previous years, you may submit:
- A talk
- A workshop

We provide 45-minute talk slots only, questions included. Your talk may
be in English or French, but slides must be in English (no matter what).

If you plan to submit a talk, please provide us with at least the
following information:

- Talk title and detailed outline
- Talk language (either English or French)
- Speaker name/handle and associated bio
- Your Twitter/ account if any
- Do you plan to demo a tool/exploit/technique ?
- Do you plan to release a tool/exploit ?
- Do you plan to play sound/music ?

If you plan to submit a workshop, please provide us with at least the
following information:

- Workshop title
- Workshop duration
- Workshop language (either English or French)
- Presenter name/handle and bio
- Your Twitter/Mastodon account if any
- Do you need a projector ? What cable types do you support (HDMI/VGA) ?
- Do you need Internet access ?
- Do you need one or multiple outlets ?

Please make sure your submission contain all the required information
or it will be rejected.

How to submit

Submissions must be registered before the 8th of April 2020,
on our dedicated online platform:

> https://submit.lehack.org <

La Accomodation

We may cover some of your trip and hotel expenses if possible, so tell us
where you live and how you plan to come here in Paris and we will see
how to take in charge part or all of your travel expenses.

Le Point de Contact

If you have any question or inquiry, please contact
communication[at]hzv[dot]fr or @asso_hzv and @_leHACK_ on Twitter

La Timeline

- 10/29/19: CFP published
- 04/08/20: CFP close
- 04/15/20: Acceptance/rejection notification
- 05/01/20: Accepted talks and workshops announcement
- 27/06/20: leHACK event \o/

0x2 Organizers

leHACK is organized by HZV, a more than 15 years old association dedicated to Hacking
demystification by education and share of knowledge.

leHACK : https://lehack.org
HZV : https://www.hackerzvoice.net
Twitter : https://twitter.com/_leHACK_
Facebook : https://facebook.com/HZVLeHACK
Youtube: https://youtube.com/hzvprod

0x3 Sponsors

We couldn't organize leHACK without the support from our sponsors, if you're interested in
sponsoring leHACK, contact us at sponsors[at]hzv[dot]fr !

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