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Vietnam News

EFF Claims Vietnam Is Performing Spear Phishing
Posted Jan 21, 2014
Source The Register

tags | headline, government, fraud, phish, vietnam
Feds Charge Vietnamese Suspect With Massive Data Heist
Posted Oct 22, 2013
Source The Register

tags | headline, government, usa, cybercrime, data loss, fraud, vietnam
US Slams Vietnam Censorship Despite PRISM Hypocrisy
Posted Aug 6, 2013
Source V3

tags | headline, government, privacy, usa, vietnam, nsa, censorship
Vietnamese Government Denies Aurora-Style Hacks
Posted Apr 6, 2010
Source V3

tags | government, vietnam
Vietnamese Dissidents Targeted By Botnet Attacks
Posted Mar 31, 2010
Source Cnet News

tags | botnet, vietnam
Vietnam - Where Pirated Apps Match Personal Budgets
Posted Dec 17, 2008
Source Cnet News

tags | vietnam
Vietnamese Security Firm - Your Face Is Easy To Fake
Posted Dec 2, 2008
Source Cnet News

tags | vietnam
Nigerian Hacker Hunted In Vietnam
Posted Oct 29, 2007
Source VietNamNet

tags | hacker, britain, vietnam
Would-Be Hacker Vandalizes Vietnam Memorial Site
Posted Sep 20, 2007
Source Computerworld

tags | hacker, vietnam
Microsoft-Vietnam Cement Anti-Piracy Deal
Posted May 21, 2007
Source CNN

tags | microsoft, vietnam
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