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France News

French Hacker Lays Claim To Twitter Hacks
Posted May 2, 2009
Source Vnunet

tags | hacker, france, twitter
French Hacker Gains Access To Twitter's Admin Panel
Posted Apr 30, 2009
Source ZDNet

tags | hacker, france, twitter
Air France Trials Biometric Boarding Cards
Posted Mar 19, 2009
Source The Register

tags | france
Second French Rogue Trader Case Sparks Risky Thinking
Posted Nov 3, 2008
Source The Register

tags | france
French Police Probe Sarkozy Bank Fraud
Posted Oct 20, 2008
Source The Register

tags | government, bank, fraud, france
French Oppose Sinister Government Database
Posted Sep 5, 2008
Source The Inquirer

tags | government, database, france
French Reporters At Black Hat Booted From Conference For Hacking Fellow Reporters
Posted Aug 7, 2008
Source Wired

tags | france
French Police Smash Global Hacker Ring
Posted Jun 3, 2008
Source Vnunet

tags | hacker, government, france
French Police Detain 22 People In Probe Of Suspected Computer Hacking Ring
Posted May 28, 2008
Source Macroworld Investor

tags | government, france
French Trader Accused Of Hacking Systems
Posted Jan 28, 2008
Source Vnunet

tags | france
France To Block Peer-To-Peer Traffic
Posted Nov 26, 2007
Source Vnunet

tags | france
French Threaten To Reveal US Spy Satellites
Posted Sep 11, 2007
Source The Inquirer

tags | privacy, usa, space, france
France Joins Chinese Hacking Row
Posted Sep 10, 2007
Source Vnunet

tags | china, france
Hacker Steals Crucial Data From French Prez Candidate
Posted Mar 5, 2007
Source The Register

tags | hacker, france
Microsoft's France Web Site Hacked
Posted Jun 20, 2006
Source Zone-H

tags | microsoft, france
French Senate Considers Music Downloads Bill
Posted May 4, 2006
Source Yahoo!

tags | government, france
France Votes For DRM Interop
Posted Mar 21, 2006
Source The Register

tags | france
France Bans 'e-mail' From Vocabulary
Posted Jul 18, 2003
Source CNN

tags | email, france
France Approves Public Cell Phone Jamming Devices
Posted Mar 24, 2002
Source Wired

tags | phone, france
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