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Red Hat Security Advisory 2022-0056-01

Red Hat Security Advisory 2022-0056-01
Posted Mar 11, 2022
Authored by Red Hat | Site access.redhat.com

Red Hat Security Advisory 2022-0056-01 - Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is Red Hat's cloud computing Kubernetes application platform solution designed for on-premise or private cloud deployments. This advisory contains the container images for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.10.3. Issues addressed include bypass, cross site request forgery, denial of service, and traversal vulnerabilities.

tags | advisory, denial of service, vulnerability, csrf
systems | linux, redhat
advisories | CVE-2014-3577, CVE-2016-10228, CVE-2017-14502, CVE-2018-1000858, CVE-2018-20843, CVE-2019-13050, CVE-2019-13627, CVE-2019-14889, CVE-2019-15903, CVE-2019-19906, CVE-2019-20454, CVE-2019-20807, CVE-2019-25013, CVE-2019-8625, CVE-2019-8710, CVE-2019-8720, CVE-2019-8743, CVE-2019-8764, CVE-2019-8766, CVE-2019-8769, CVE-2019-8771, CVE-2019-8782, CVE-2019-8783, CVE-2019-8808, CVE-2019-8811, CVE-2019-8812, CVE-2019-8813
SHA-256 | 47c94baf45591caac279b395191a39b15211aab64fbf51a7551c99c5711dd019

Red Hat Security Advisory 2022-0056-01

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Red Hat Security Advisory

Synopsis: Moderate: OpenShift Container Platform 4.10.3 security update
Advisory ID: RHSA-2022:0056-01
Product: Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise
Advisory URL: https://access.redhat.com/errata/RHSA-2022:0056
Issue date: 2022-03-10
CVE Names: CVE-2014-3577 CVE-2016-10228 CVE-2017-14502
CVE-2018-20843 CVE-2018-1000858 CVE-2019-8625
CVE-2019-8710 CVE-2019-8720 CVE-2019-8743
CVE-2019-8764 CVE-2019-8766 CVE-2019-8769
CVE-2019-8771 CVE-2019-8782 CVE-2019-8783
CVE-2019-8808 CVE-2019-8811 CVE-2019-8812
CVE-2019-8813 CVE-2019-8814 CVE-2019-8815
CVE-2019-8816 CVE-2019-8819 CVE-2019-8820
CVE-2019-8823 CVE-2019-8835 CVE-2019-8844
CVE-2019-8846 CVE-2019-9169 CVE-2019-13050
CVE-2019-13627 CVE-2019-14889 CVE-2019-15903
CVE-2019-19906 CVE-2019-20454 CVE-2019-20807
CVE-2019-25013 CVE-2020-1730 CVE-2020-3862
CVE-2020-3864 CVE-2020-3865 CVE-2020-3867
CVE-2020-3868 CVE-2020-3885 CVE-2020-3894
CVE-2020-3895 CVE-2020-3897 CVE-2020-3899
CVE-2020-3900 CVE-2020-3901 CVE-2020-3902
CVE-2020-8927 CVE-2020-9802 CVE-2020-9803
CVE-2020-9805 CVE-2020-9806 CVE-2020-9807
CVE-2020-9843 CVE-2020-9850 CVE-2020-9862
CVE-2020-9893 CVE-2020-9894 CVE-2020-9895
CVE-2020-9915 CVE-2020-9925 CVE-2020-9952
CVE-2020-10018 CVE-2020-11793 CVE-2020-13434
CVE-2020-14391 CVE-2020-15358 CVE-2020-15503
CVE-2020-25660 CVE-2020-25677 CVE-2020-27618
CVE-2020-27781 CVE-2020-29361 CVE-2020-29362
CVE-2020-29363 CVE-2021-3121 CVE-2021-3326
CVE-2021-3449 CVE-2021-3450 CVE-2021-3516
CVE-2021-3517 CVE-2021-3518 CVE-2021-3520
CVE-2021-3521 CVE-2021-3537 CVE-2021-3541
CVE-2021-3733 CVE-2021-3749 CVE-2021-20305
CVE-2021-21684 CVE-2021-22946 CVE-2021-22947
CVE-2021-25215 CVE-2021-27218 CVE-2021-30666
CVE-2021-30761 CVE-2021-30762 CVE-2021-33928
CVE-2021-33929 CVE-2021-33930 CVE-2021-33938
CVE-2021-36222 CVE-2021-37750 CVE-2021-39226
CVE-2021-41190 CVE-2021-43813 CVE-2021-44716
CVE-2021-44717 CVE-2022-0532 CVE-2022-21673

1. Summary:

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform release 4.10.3 is now available with
updates to packages and images that fix several bugs and add enhancements.

Red Hat Product Security has rated this update as having a security impact
of Moderate. A Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base score, which
gives a detailed severity rating, is available for each vulnerability from
the CVE link(s) in the References section.

2. Description:

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is Red Hat's cloud computing
Kubernetes application platform solution designed for on-premise or private
cloud deployments.

This advisory contains the container images for Red Hat OpenShift Container
Platform 4.10.3. See the following advisory for the RPM packages for this


Space precludes documenting all of the container images in this advisory.
See the following Release Notes documentation, which will be updated
shortly for this release, for details about these changes:


Security Fix(es):

* gogo/protobuf: plugin/unmarshal/unmarshal.go lacks certain index
validation (CVE-2021-3121)
* grafana: Snapshot authentication bypass (CVE-2021-39226)
* golang: net/http: limit growth of header canonicalization cache
* nodejs-axios: Regular expression denial of service in trim function
* golang: syscall: don't close fd 0 on ForkExec error (CVE-2021-44717)
* grafana: Forward OAuth Identity Token can allow users to access some data
sources (CVE-2022-21673)
* grafana: directory traversal vulnerability (CVE-2021-43813)

For more details about the security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS
score, acknowledgments, and other related information, refer to the CVE
page(s) listed in the References section.

You may download the oc tool and use it to inspect release image metadata
as follows:

(For x86_64 architecture)

$ oc adm release info

The image digest is

(For s390x architecture)

$ oc adm release info

The image digest is

(For ppc64le architecture)

$ oc adm release info

The image digest is

All OpenShift Container Platform 4.10 users are advised to upgrade to these
updated packages and images when they are available in the appropriate
release channel. To check for available updates, use the OpenShift Console
or the CLI oc command. Instructions for upgrading a cluster are available

3. Solution:

For OpenShift Container Platform 4.10 see the following documentation,
which will be updated shortly for this release, for moderate instructions
on how to upgrade your cluster and fully apply this asynchronous errata


Details on how to access this content are available at

4. Bugs fixed (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/):

1808240 - Always return metrics value for pods under the user's namespace
1815189 - feature flagged UI does not always become available after operator installation
1825034 - e2e: Mock CSI tests fail on IBM ROKS clusters
1826225 - edge terminated h2 (gRPC) connections need a haproxy template change to work correctly
1860774 - csr for vSphere egress nodes were not approved automatically during cert renewal
1878106 - token inactivity timeout is not shortened after oauthclient/oauth config values are lowered
1878925 - 'oc adm upgrade --to ...' rejects versions which occur only in history, while the cluster-version operator supports history fallback
1880738 - origin e2e test deletes original worker
1882983 - oVirt csi driver should refuse to provision RWX and ROX PV
1886450 - Keepalived router id check not documented for RHV/VMware IPI
1889488 - The metrics endpoint for the Scheduler is not protected by RBAC
1894431 - Router pods fail to boot if the SSL certificate applied is missing an empty line at the bottom
1896474 - Path based routing is broken for some combinations
1897431 - CIDR support for additional network attachment with the bridge CNI plug-in
1903408 - NodePort externalTrafficPolicy does not work for ovn-kubernetes
1907433 - Excessive logging in image operator
1909906 - The router fails with PANIC error when stats port already in use
1911173 - [MSTR-998] Many charts' legend names show {{}} instead of words
1914053 - pods assigned with Multus whereabouts IP get stuck in ContainerCreating state after node rebooting.
1916169 - a reboot while MCO is applying changes leaves the node in undesirable state and MCP looks fine (UPDATED=true)
1917893 - [ovirt] install fails: due to terraform error "Cannot attach Virtual Disk: Disk is locked" on vm resource
1921627 - GCP UPI installation failed due to exceeding gcp limitation of instance group name
1921650 - CVE-2021-3121 gogo/protobuf: plugin/unmarshal/unmarshal.go lacks certain index validation
1926522 - oc adm catalog does not clean temporary files
1927478 - Default CatalogSources deployed by marketplace do not have toleration for tainted nodes.
1928141 - kube-storage-version-migrator constantly reporting type "Upgradeable" status Unknown
1928285 - [LSO][OCS][arbiter] OCP Console shows no results while in fact underlying setup of LSO localvolumeset and it's storageclass is not yet finished, confusing users
1931594 - [sig-cli] oc --request-timeout works as expected fails frequently on s390x
1933847 - Prometheus goes unavailable (both instances down) during 4.8 upgrade
1937085 - RHV UPI inventory playbook missing guarantee_memory
1937196 - [aws ebs csi driver] events for block volume expansion may cause confusion
1938236 - vsphere-problem-detector does not support overriding log levels via storage CR
1939401 - missed labels for CMO/openshift-state-metric/telemeter-client/thanos-querier pods
1939435 - Setting an IPv6 address in noProxy field causes error in openshift installer
1939552 - [sig-api-machinery] CustomResourcePublishOpenAPI [Privileged:ClusterAdmin] works for CRD preserving unknown fields in an embedded object [Conformance] [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel/minimal] [Suite:k8s]
1942913 - ThanosSidecarUnhealthy isn't resilient to WAL replays.
1943363 - [ovn] CNO should gracefully terminate ovn-northd
1945274 - ostree-finalize-staged.service failed while upgrading a rhcos node to 4.6.17
1948080 - authentication should not set Available=False APIServices_Error with 503s
1949262 - Prometheus Statefulsets should have 2 replicas and hard affinity set
1949672 - [GCP] Update 4.8 UPI template to match ignition version: 3.2.0
1950827 - [LSO] localvolumediscoveryresult name is not friendly to customer
1952576 - csv_succeeded metric not present in olm-operator for all successful CSVs
1953264 - "remote error: tls: bad certificate" logs in prometheus-operator container
1955300 - Machine config operator reports unavailable for 23m during upgrade
1955489 - Alertmanager Statefulsets should have 2 replicas and hard affinity set
1955490 - Thanos ruler Statefulsets should have 2 replicas and hard affinity set
1955544 - [IPI][OSP] densed master-only installation with 0 workers fails due to missing worker security group on masters
1956496 - Needs SR-IOV Docs Upstream
1956739 - Permission for authorized_keys for core user changes from core user to root when changed the pull secret
1956776 - [vSphere] Installer should do pre-check to ensure user-provided network name is valid
1956964 - upload a boot-source to OpenShift virtualization using the console
1957547 - [RFE]VM name is not auto filled in dev console
1958349 - ovn-controller doesn't release the memory after cluster-density run
1959352 - [scale] failed to get pod annotation: timed out waiting for annotations
1960378 - icsp allows mirroring of registry root - install-config imageContentSources does not
1960674 - Broken test: [sig-imageregistry][Serial][Suite:openshift/registry/serial] Image signature workflow can push a signed image to openshift registry and verify it [Suite:openshift/conformance/serial]
1961317 - storage ClusterOperator does not declare ClusterRoleBindings in relatedObjects
1961391 - String updates
1961509 - DHCP daemon pod should have CPU and memory requests set but not limits
1962066 - Edit machine/machineset specs not working
1962206 - openshift-multus/dhcp-daemon set should meet platform requirements for update strategy that have maxUnavailable update of 10 or 33 percent
1963053 - `oc whoami --show-console` should show the web console URL, not the server api URL
1964112 - route SimpleAllocationPlugin: host name validation errors: spec.host: Invalid value: ... must be no more than 63 characters
1964327 - Support containers with name:tag@digest
1964789 - Send keys and disconnect does not work for VNC console
1965368 - ClusterQuotaAdmission received non-meta object - message constantly reported in OpenShift Container Platform 4.7
1966445 - Unmasking a service doesn't work if it masked using MCO
1966477 - Use GA version in KAS/OAS/OauthAS to avoid: "audit.k8s.io/v1beta1" is deprecated and will be removed in a future release, use "audit.k8s.io/v1" instead
1966521 - kube-proxy's userspace implementation consumes excessive CPU
1968364 - [Azure] when using ssh type ed25519 bootstrap fails to come up
1970021 - nmstate does not persist its configuration due to overlay systemd-connections-merged mount
1970218 - MCO writes incorrect file contents if compression field is specified
1970331 - [sig-auth][Feature:SCC][Early] should not have pod creation failures during install [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel]
1970805 - Cannot create build when docker image url contains dir structure
1972033 - [azure] PV region node affinity is failure-domain.beta.kubernetes.io instead of topology.kubernetes.io
1972827 - image registry does not remain available during upgrade
1972962 - Should set the minimum value for the `--max-icsp-size` flag of `oc adm catalog mirror`
1973447 - ovn-dbchecker peak memory spikes to ~500MiB during cluster-density run
1975826 - ovn-kubernetes host directed traffic cannot be offloaded as CT zone 64000 is not established
1976301 - [ci] e2e-azure-upi is permafailing
1976399 - During the upgrade from OpenShift 4.5 to OpenShift 4.6 the election timers for the OVN north and south databases did not change.
1976674 - CCO didn't set Upgradeable to False when cco mode is configured to Manual on azure platform
1976894 - Unidling a StatefulSet does not work as expected
1977319 - [Hive] Remove stale cruft installed by CVO in earlier releases
1977414 - Build Config timed out waiting for condition 400: Bad Request
1977929 - [RFE] Display Network Attachment Definitions from openshift-multus namespace during OCS deployment via UI using Multus
1978528 - systemd-coredump started and failed intermittently for unknown reasons
1978581 - machine-config-operator: remove runlevel from mco namespace
1979562 - Cluster operators: don't show messages when neither progressing, degraded or unavailable
1979962 - AWS SDN Network Stress tests have not passed in 4.9 release-openshift-origin-installer-e2e-aws-sdn-network-stress-4.9
1979966 - OCP builds always fail when run on RHEL7 nodes
1981396 - Deleting pool inside pool page the pool stays in Ready phase in the heading
1981549 - Machine-config daemon does not recover from broken Proxy configuration
1981867 - [sig-cli] oc explain should contain proper fields description for special types [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel]
1981941 - Terraform upgrade required in openshift-installer to resolve multiple issues
1982063 - 'Control Plane' is not translated in Simplified Chinese language in Home->Overview page
1982498 - Default registry credential path should be adjusted to use containers/auth.json for oc commands
1982662 - Workloads - DaemonSets - Add storage: i18n misses
1982726 - kube-apiserver audit logs show a lot of 404 errors for DELETE "*/secrets/encryption-config" on single node clusters
1983758 - upgrades are failing on disruptive tests
1983964 - Need Device plugin configuration for the NIC "needVhostNet" & "isRdma"
1984592 - global pull secret not working in OCP4.7.4+ for additional private registries
1985073 - new-in-4.8 ExtremelyHighIndividualControlPlaneCPU fires on some GCP update jobs
1985486 - Cluster Proxy not used during installation on OSP with Kuryr
1985724 - VM Details Page missing translations
1985838 - [OVN] CNO exportNetworkFlows does not clear collectors when deleted
1985933 - Downstream image registry recommendation
1985965 - oVirt CSI driver does not report volume stats
1986216 - [scale] SNO: Slow Pod recovery due to "timed out waiting for OVS port binding"
1986237 - "MachineNotYetDeleted" in Pending state , alert not fired
1986239 - crictl create fails with "PID namespace requested, but sandbox infra container invalid"
1986302 - console continues to fetch prometheus alert and silences for normal user
1986314 - Current MTV installation for KubeVirt import flow creates unusable Forklift UI
1986338 - error creating list of resources in Import YAML
1986502 - yaml multi file dnd duplicates previous dragged files
1986819 - fix string typos for hot-plug disks
1987044 - [OCPV48] Shutoff VM is being shown as "Starting" in WebUI when using spec.runStrategy Manual/RerunOnFailure
1987136 - Declare operatorframework.io/arch.* labels for all operators
1987257 - Go-http-client user-agent being used for oc adm mirror requests
1987263 - fsSpaceFillingUpWarningThreshold not aligned to Kubernetes Garbage Collection Threshold
1987445 - MetalLB integration: All gateway routers in the cluster answer ARP requests for LoadBalancer services IP
1988406 - SSH key dropped when selecting "Customize virtual machine" in UI
1988440 - Network operator changes ovnkube-config too early causing ovnkube-master pods to crashloop during cluster upgrade
1988483 - Azure drop ICMP need to frag FRAG when using OVN: openshift-apiserver becomes False after env runs some time due to communication between one master to pods on another master fails with "Unable to connect to the server"
1988879 - Virtual media based deployment fails on Dell servers due to pending Lifecycle Controller jobs
1989438 - expected replicas is wrong
1989502 - Developer Catalog is disappearing after short time
1989843 - 'More' and 'Show Less' functions are not translated on several page
1990014 - oc debug <pod-name> does not work for Windows pods
1990190 - e2e testing failed with basic manifest: reason/ExternalProvisioning waiting for a volume to be created
1990193 - 'more' and 'Show Less' is not being translated on Home -> Search page
1990255 - Partial or all of the Nodes/StorageClasses don't appear back on UI after text is removed from search bar
1990489 - etcdHighNumberOfFailedGRPCRequests fires only on metal env in CI
1990506 - Missing udev rules in initramfs for /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-* symlinks
1990556 - get-resources.sh doesn't honor the no_proxy settings even with no_proxy var
1990625 - Ironic agent registers with SLAAC address with privacy-stable
1990635 - CVO does not recognize the channel change if desired version and channel changed at the same time
1991067 - github.com can not be resolved inside pods where cluster is running on openstack.
1991573 - Enable typescript strictNullCheck on network-policies files
1991641 - Baremetal Cluster Operator still Available After Delete Provisioning
1991770 - The logLevel and operatorLogLevel values do not work with Cloud Credential Operator
1991819 - Misspelled word "ocurred" in oc inspect cmd
1991942 - Alignment and spacing fixes
1992414 - Two rootdisks show on storage step if 'This is a CD-ROM boot source' is checked
1992453 - The configMap failed to save on VM environment tab
1992466 - The button 'Save' and 'Reload' are not translated on vm environment tab
1992475 - The button 'Open console in New Window' and 'Disconnect' are not translated on vm console tab
1992509 - Could not customize boot source due to source PVC not found
1992541 - all the alert rules' annotations "summary" and "description" should comply with the OpenShift alerting guidelines
1992580 - storageProfile should stay with the same value by check/uncheck the apply button
1992592 - list-type missing in oauth.config.openshift.io for identityProviders breaking Server Side Apply
1992777 - [IBMCLOUD] Default "ibm_iam_authorization_policy" is not working as expected in all scenarios
1993364 - cluster destruction fails to remove router in BYON with Kuryr as primary network (even after BZ 1940159 got fixed)
1993376 - periodic-ci-openshift-release-master-ci-4.6-upgrade-from-stable-4.5-e2e-azure-upgrade is permfailing
1994094 - Some hardcodes are detected at the code level in OpenShift console components
1994142 - Missing required cloud config fields for IBM Cloud
1994733 - MetalLB: IP address is not assigned to service if there is duplicate IP address in two address pools
1995021 - resolv.conf and corefile sync slows down/stops after keepalived container restart
1995335 - [SCALE] ovnkube CNI: remove ovs flows check
1995493 - Add Secret to workload button and Actions button are not aligned on secret details page
1995531 - Create RDO-based Ironic image to be promoted to OKD
1995545 - Project drop-down amalgamates inside main screen while creating storage system for odf-operator
1995887 - [OVN]After reboot egress node, lr-policy-list was not correct, some duplicate records or missed internal IPs
1995924 - CMO should report `Upgradeable: false` when HA workload is incorrectly spread
1996023 - kubernetes.io/hostname values are larger than filter when create localvolumeset from webconsole
1996108 - Allow backwards compatibility of shared gateway mode to inject host-based routes into OVN
1996624 - 100% of the cco-metrics/cco-metrics targets in openshift-cloud-credential-operator namespace are down
1996630 - Fail to delete the first Authorized SSH Key input box on Advanced page
1996647 - Provide more useful degraded message in auth operator on DNS errors
1996736 - Large number of 501 lr-policies in INCI2 env
1996886 - timedout waiting for flows during pod creation and ovn-controller pegged on worker nodes
1996916 - Special Resource Operator(SRO) - Fail to deploy simple-kmod on GCP
1996928 - Enable default operator indexes on ARM
1997028 - prometheus-operator update removes env var support for thanos-sidecar
1997059 - Failed to create cluster in AWS us-east-1 region due to a local zone is used
1997226 - Ingresscontroller reconcilations failing but not shown in operator logs or status of ingresscontroller.
1997245 - "Subscription already exists in openshift-storage namespace" error message is seen while installing odf-operator via UI
1997269 - Have to refresh console to install kube-descheduler
1997478 - Storage operator is not available after reboot cluster instances
1997509 - flake: [sig-cli] oc builds new-build [Skipped:Disconnected] [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel]
1997967 - storageClass is not reserved from default wizard to customize wizard
1998035 - openstack IPI CI: custom var-lib-etcd.mount (ramdisk) unit is racing due to incomplete After/Before order
1998038 - [e2e][automation] add tests for UI for VM disk hot-plug
1998087 - Fix CephHealthCheck wrapping contents and add data-tests for HealthItem and SecondaryStatus
1998174 - Create storageclass gp3-csi after install ocp cluster on aws
1998183 - "r: Bad Gateway" info is improper
1998235 - Firefox warning: Cookie “csrf-token” will be soon rejected
1998377 - Filesystem table head is not full displayed in disk tab
1998378 - Virtual Machine is 'Not available' in Home -> Overview -> Cluster inventory
1998519 - Add fstype when create localvolumeset instance on web console
1998951 - Keepalived conf ingress peer on in Dual stack cluster contains both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses
1999076 - [UI] Page Not Found error when clicking on Storage link provided in Overview page
1999079 - creating pods before sriovnetworknodepolicy sync up succeed will cause node unschedulable
1999091 - Console update toast notification can appear multiple times
1999133 - removing and recreating static pod manifest leaves pod in error state
1999246 - .indexignore is not ingore when oc command load dc configuration
1999250 - ArgoCD in GitOps operator can't manage namespaces
1999255 - ovnkube-node always crashes out the first time it starts
1999261 - ovnkube-node log spam (and security token leak?)
1999309 - While installing odf-operator via UI, web console update pop-up navigates to OperatorHub -> Operator Installation page
1999314 - console-operator is slow to mark Degraded as False once console starts working
1999425 - kube-apiserver with "[SHOULD NOT HAPPEN] failed to update managedFields" err="failed to convert new object (machine.openshift.io/v1beta1, Kind=MachineHealthCheck)
1999556 - "master" pool should be updated before the CVO reports available at the new version occurred
1999578 - AWS EFS CSI tests are constantly failing
1999603 - Memory Manager allows Guaranteed QoS Pod with hugepages requested is exactly equal to the left over Hugepages
1999619 - cloudinit is malformatted if a user sets a password during VM creation flow
1999621 - Empty ssh_authorized_keys entry is added to VM's cloudinit if created from a customize flow
1999649 - MetalLB: Only one type of IP address can be assigned to service on dual stack cluster from a address pool that have both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses defined
1999668 - openshift-install destroy cluster panic's when given invalid credentials to cloud provider (Azure Stack Hub)
1999734 - IBM Cloud CIS Instance CRN missing in infrastructure manifest/resource
1999771 - revert "force cert rotation every couple days for development" in 4.10
1999784 - CVE-2021-3749 nodejs-axios: Regular expression denial of service in trim function
1999796 - Openshift Console `Helm` tab is not showing helm releases in a namespace when there is high number of deployments in the same namespace.
1999836 - Admin web-console inconsistent status summary of sparse ClusterOperator conditions
1999903 - Click "This is a CD-ROM boot source" ticking "Use template size PVC" on pvc upload form
1999983 - No way to clear upload error from template boot source
2000081 - [IPI baremetal] The metal3 pod failed to restart when switching from Disabled to Managed provisioning without specifying provisioningInterface parameter
2000096 - Git URL is not re-validated on edit build-config form reload
2000216 - Successfully imported ImageStreams are not resolved in DeploymentConfig
2000236 - Confusing usage message from dynkeepalived CLI
2000268 - Mark cluster unupgradable if vcenter, esxi versions or HW versions are unsupported
2000430 - bump cluster-api-provider-ovirt version in installer
2000450 - 4.10: Enable static PV multi-az test
2000490 - All critical alerts shipped by CMO should have links to a runbook
2000521 - Kube-apiserver CO degraded due to failed conditional check (ConfigObservationDegraded)
2000573 - Incorrect StorageCluster CR created and ODF cluster getting installed with 2 Zone OCP cluster
2000628 - ibm-flashsystem-storage-storagesystem got created without any warning even when the attempt was cancelled
2000651 - ImageStreamTag alias results in wrong tag and invalid link in Web Console
2000754 - IPerf2 tests should be lower
2000846 - Structure logs in the entire codebase of Local Storage Operator
2000872 - [tracker] container is not able to list on some directories within the nfs after upgrade to 4.7.24
2000877 - OCP ignores STOPSIGNAL in Dockerfile and sends SIGTERM
2000938 - CVO does not respect changes to a Deployment strategy
2000963 - 'Inline-volume (default fs)] volumes should store data' tests are failing on OKD with updated selinux-policy
2001008 - [MachineSets] CloneMode defaults to linkedClone, but I don't have snapshot and should be fullClone
2001240 - Remove response headers for downloads of binaries from OpenShift WebConsole
2001295 - Remove openshift:kubevirt-machine-controllers decleration from machine-api
2001317 - OCP Platform Quota Check - Inaccurate MissingQuota error
2001337 - Details Card in ODF Dashboard mentions OCS
2001339 - fix text content hotplug
2001413 - [e2e][automation] add/delete nic and disk to template
2001441 - Test: oc adm must-gather runs successfully for audit logs - fail due to startup log
2001442 - Empty termination.log file for the kube-apiserver has too permissive mode
2001479 - IBM Cloud DNS unable to create/update records
2001566 - Enable alerts for prometheus operator in UWM
2001575 - Clicking on the perspective switcher shows a white page with loader
2001577 - Quick search placeholder is not displayed properly when the search string is removed
2001578 - [e2e][automation] add tests for vm dashboard tab
2001605 - PVs remain in Released state for a long time after the claim is deleted
2001617 - BucketClass Creation is restricted on 1st page but enabled using side navigation options
2001620 - Cluster becomes degraded if it can't talk to Manila
2001760 - While creating 'Backing Store', 'Bucket Class', 'Namespace Store' user is navigated to 'Installed Operators' page after clicking on ODF
2001761 - Unable to apply cluster operator storage for SNO on GCP platform.
2001765 - Some error message in the log of diskmaker-manager caused confusion
2001784 - show loading page before final results instead of showing a transient message No log files exist
2001804 - Reload feature on Environment section in Build Config form does not work properly
2001810 - cluster admin unable to view BuildConfigs in all namespaces
2001817 - Failed to load RoleBindings list that will lead to ‘Role name’ is not able to be selected on Create RoleBinding page as well
2001823 - OCM controller must update operator status
2001825 - [SNO]ingress/authentication clusteroperator degraded when enable ccm from start
2001835 - Could not select image tag version when create app from dev console
2001855 - Add capacity is disabled for ocs-storagecluster
2001856 - Repeating event: MissingVersion no image found for operand pod
2001959 - Side nav list borders don't extend to edges of container
2002007 - Layout issue on "Something went wrong" page
2002010 - ovn-kube may never attempt to retry a pod creation
2002012 - Cannot change volume mode when cloning a VM from a template
2002027 - Two instances of Dotnet helm chart show as one in topology
2002075 - opm render does not automatically pulling in the image(s) used in the deployments
2002121 - [OVN] upgrades failed for IPI OSP16 OVN IPSec cluster
2002125 - Network policy details page heading should be updated to Network Policy details
2002133 - [e2e][automation] add support/virtualization and improve deleteResource
2002134 - [e2e][automation] add test to verify vm details tab
2002215 - Multipath day1 not working on s390x
2002238 - Image stream tag is not persisted when switching from yaml to form editor
2002262 - [vSphere] Incorrect user agent in vCenter sessions list
2002266 - SinkBinding create form doesn't allow to use subject name, instead of label selector
2002276 - OLM fails to upgrade operators immediately
2002300 - Altering the Schedule Profile configurations doesn't affect the placement of the pods
2002354 - Missing DU configuration "Done" status reporting during ZTP flow
2002362 - Dynamic Plugin - ConsoleRemotePlugin for webpack doesn't use commonjs
2002368 - samples should not go degraded when image allowedRegistries blocks imagestream creation
2002372 - Pod creation failed due to mismatched pod IP address in CNI and OVN
2002397 - Resources search is inconsistent
2002434 - CRI-O leaks some children PIDs
2002443 - Getting undefined error on create local volume set page
2002461 - DNS operator performs spurious updates in response to API's defaulting of service's internalTrafficPolicy
2002504 - When the openshift-cluster-storage-operator is degraded because of "VSphereProblemDetectorController_SyncError", the insights operator is not sending the logs from all pods.
2002559 - User preference for topology list view does not follow when a new namespace is created
2002567 - Upstream SR-IOV worker doc has broken links
2002588 - Change text to be sentence case to align with PF
2002657 - ovn-kube egress IP monitoring is using a random port over the node network
2002713 - CNO: OVN logs should have millisecond resolution
2002748 - [ICNI2] 'ErrorAddingLogicalPort' failed to handle external GW check: timeout waiting for namespace event
2002759 - Custom profile should not allow not including at least one required HTTP2 ciphersuite
2002763 - Two storage systems getting created with external mode RHCS
2002808 - KCM does not use web identity credentials
2002834 - Cluster-version operator does not remove unrecognized volume mounts
2002896 - Incorrect result return when user filter data by name on search page
2002950 - Why spec.containers.command is not created with "oc create deploymentconfig <dc-name> --image=<image> -- <command>"
2003096 - [e2e][automation] check bootsource URL is displaying on review step
2003113 - OpenShift Baremetal IPI installer uses first three defined nodes under hosts in install-config for master nodes instead of filtering the hosts with the master role
2003120 - CI: Uncaught error with ResizeObserver on operand details page
2003145 - Duplicate operand tab titles causes "two children with the same key" warning
2003164 - OLM, fatal error: concurrent map writes
2003178 - [FLAKE][knative] The UI doesn't show updated traffic distribution after accepting the form
2003193 - Kubelet/crio leaks netns and veth ports in the host
2003195 - OVN CNI should ensure host veths are removed
2003204 - Jenkins all new container images (openshift4/ose-jenkins) not supporting '-e JENKINS_PASSWORD=password' ENV which was working for old container images
2003206 - Namespace stuck terminating: Failed to delete all resource types, 1 remaining: unexpected items still remain in namespace
2003239 - "[sig-builds][Feature:Builds][Slow] can use private repositories as build input" tests fail outside of CI
2003244 - Revert libovsdb client code
2003251 - Patternfly components with list element has list item bullet when they should not.
2003252 - "[sig-builds][Feature:Builds][Slow] starting a build using CLI start-build test context override environment BUILD_LOGLEVEL in buildconfig" tests do not work as expected outside of CI
2003269 - Rejected pods should be filtered from admission regression
2003357 - QE- Removing the epic tags for gherkin tags related to 4.9 Release
2003426 - [e2e][automation] add test for vm details bootorder
2003496 - [e2e][automation] add test for vm resources requirment settings
2003641 - All metal ipi jobs are failing in 4.10
2003651 - ODF4.9+LSO4.8 installation via UI, StorageCluster move to error state
2003655 - [IPI ON-PREM] Keepalived chk_default_ingress track script failed even though default router pod runs on node
2003683 - Samples operator is panicking in CI
2003711 - [UI] Empty file ceph-external-cluster-details-exporter.py downloaded from external cluster "Connection Details" page
2003715 - Error on creating local volume set after selection of the volume mode
2003743 - Remove workaround keeping /boot RW for kdump support
2003775 - etcd pod on CrashLoopBackOff after master replacement procedure
2003788 - CSR reconciler report error constantly when BYOH CSR approved by other Approver
2003792 - Monitoring metrics query graph flyover panel is useless
2003808 - Add Sprint 207 translations
2003845 - Project admin cannot access image vulnerabilities view
2003859 - sdn emits events with garbage messages
2003896 - (release-4.10) ApiRequestCounts conditional gatherer
2004009 - 4.10: Fix multi-az zone scheduling e2e for 5 control plane replicas
2004051 - CMO can report as being Degraded while node-exporter is deployed on all nodes
2004059 - [e2e][automation] fix current tests for downstream
2004060 - Trying to use basic spring boot sample causes crash on Firefox
2004101 - [UI] When creating storageSystem deployment type dropdown under advanced setting doesn't close after selection
2004127 - [flake] openshift-controller-manager event reason/SuccessfulDelete occurs too frequently
2004203 - build config's created prior to 4.8 with image change triggers can result in trigger storm in OCM/openshift-apiserver
2004313 - [RHOCP 4.9.0-rc.0] Failing to deploy Azure cluster from the macOS installer - ignition_bootstrap.ign: no such file or directory
2004449 - Boot option recovery menu prevents image boot
2004451 - The backup filename displayed in the RecentBackup message is incorrect
2004459 - QE - Modified the AddFlow gherkin scripts and automation scripts
2004508 - TuneD issues with the recent ConfigParser changes.
2004510 - openshift-gitops operator hooks gets unauthorized (401) errors during jobs executions
2004542 - [osp][octavia lb] cannot create LoadBalancer type svcs
2004578 - Monitoring and node labels missing for an external storage platform
2004585 - prometheus-k8s-0 cpu usage keeps increasing for the first 3 days
2004596 - [4.10] Bootimage bump tracker
2004597 - Duplicate ramdisk log containers running
2004600 - Duplicate ramdisk log containers running
2004609 - output of "crictl inspectp" is not complete
2004625 - BMC credentials could be logged if they change
2004632 - When LE takes a large amount of time, multiple whereabouts are seen
2004721 - ptp/worker custom threshold doesn't change ptp events threshold
2004736 - [knative] Create button on new Broker form is inactive despite form being filled
2004796 - [e2e][automation] add test for vm scheduling policy
2004814 - (release-4.10) OCM controller - change type of the etc-pki-entitlement secret to opaque
2004870 - [External Mode] Insufficient spacing along y-axis in RGW Latency Performance Card
2004901 - [e2e][automation] improve kubevirt devconsole tests
2004962 - Console frontend job consuming too much CPU in CI
2005014 - state of ODF StorageSystem is misreported during installation or uninstallation
2005052 - Adding a MachineSet selector matchLabel causes orphaned Machines
2005179 - pods status filter is not taking effect
2005182 - sync list of deprecated apis about to be removed
2005282 - Storage cluster name is given as title in StorageSystem details page
2005355 - setuptools 58 makes Kuryr CI fail
2005407 - ClusterNotUpgradeable Alert should be set to Severity Info
2005415 - PTP operator with sidecar api configured throws bind: address already in use
2005507 - SNO spoke cluster failing to reach coreos.live.rootfs_url is missing url in console
2005554 - The switch status of the button "Show default project" is not revealed correctly in code
2005581 - 4.8.12 to 4.9 upgrade hung due to cluster-version-operator pod CrashLoopBackOff: error creating clients: invalid configuration: no configuration has been provided, try setting KUBERNETES_MASTER environment variable
2005761 - QE - Implementing crw-basic feature file
2005783 - Fix accessibility issues in the "Internal" and "Internal - Attached Mode" Installation Flow
2005811 - vSphere Problem Detector operator - ServerFaultCode: InvalidProperty
2005854 - SSH NodePort service is created for each VM
2005901 - KS, KCM and KA going Degraded during master nodes upgrade
2005902 - Current UI flow for MCG only deployment is confusing and doesn't reciprocate any message to the end-user
2005926 - PTP operator NodeOutOfPTPSync rule is using max offset from the master instead of openshift_ptp_clock_state metrics
2005971 - Change telemeter to report the Application Services product usage metrics
2005997 - SELinux domain container_logreader_t does not have a policy to follow sym links for log files
2006025 - Description to use an existing StorageClass while creating StorageSystem needs to be re-phrased
2006060 - ocs-storagecluster-storagesystem details are missing on UI for MCG Only and MCG only in LSO mode deployment types
2006101 - Power off fails for drivers that don't support Soft power off
2006243 - Metal IPI upgrade jobs are running out of disk space
2006291 - bootstrapProvisioningIP set incorrectly when provisioningNetworkCIDR doesn't use the 0th address
2006308 - Backing Store YAML tab on click displays a blank screen on UI
2006325 - Multicast is broken across nodes
2006329 - Console only allows Web Terminal Operator to be installed in OpenShift Operators
2006364 - IBM Cloud: Set resourceGroupId for resourceGroups, not simply resource
2006561 - [sig-instrumentation] Prometheus when installed on the cluster shouldn't have failing rules evaluation [Skipped:Disconnected] [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel]
2006690 - OS boot failure "x64 Exception Type 06 - Invalid Opcode Exception"
2006714 - add retry for etcd errors in kube-apiserver
2006767 - KubePodCrashLooping may not fire
2006803 - Set CoreDNS cache entries for forwarded zones
2006861 - Add Sprint 207 part 2 translations
2006945 - race condition can cause crashlooping bootstrap kube-apiserver in cluster-bootstrap
2006947 - e2e-aws-proxy for 4.10 is permafailing with samples operator errors
2006975 - clusteroperator/etcd status condition should not change reasons frequently due to EtcdEndpointsDegraded
2007085 - Intermittent failure mounting /run/media/iso when booting live ISO from USB stick
2007136 - Creation of BackingStore, BucketClass, NamespaceStore fails
2007271 - CI Integration for Knative test cases
2007289 - kubevirt tests are failing in CI
2007322 - Devfile/Dockerfile import does not work for unsupported git host
2007328 - Updated patternfly to v4.125.3 and pf.quickstarts to v1.2.3.
2007379 - Events are not generated for master offset for ordinary clock
2007443 - [ICNI 2.0] Loadbalancer pods do not establish BFD sessions with all workers that host pods for the routed namespace
2007455 - cluster-etcd-operator: render command should fail if machineCidr contains reserved address
2007495 - Large label value for the metric kubelet_started_pods_errors_total with label message when there is a error
2007522 - No new local-storage-operator-metadata-container is build for 4.10
2007551 - No new ose-aws-efs-csi-driver-operator-bundle-container is build for 4.10
2007580 - Azure cilium installs are failing e2e tests
2007581 - Too many haproxy processes in default-router pod causing high load average after upgrade from v4.8.3 to v4.8.10
2007677 - Regression: core container io performance metrics are missing for pod, qos, and system slices on nodes
2007692 - 4.9 "old-rhcos" jobs are permafailing with storage test failures
2007710 - ci/prow/e2e-agnostic-cmd job is failing on prow
2007757 - must-gather extracts imagestreams in the "openshift" namespace, but not Templates
2007802 - AWS machine actuator get stuck if machine is completely missing
2008096 - TestAWSFinalizerDeleteS3Bucket sometimes fails to teardown operator
2008119 - The serviceAccountIssuer field on Authentication CR is reseted to “” when installation process
2008151 - Topology breaks on clicking in empty state
2008185 - Console operator go.mod should use go 1.16.version
2008201 - openstack-az job is failing on haproxy idle test
2008207 - vsphere CSI driver doesn't set resource limits
2008223 - gather_audit_logs: fix oc command line to get the current audit profile
2008235 - The Save button in the Edit DC form remains disabled
2008256 - Update Internationalization README with scope info
2008321 - Add correct documentation link for MON_DISK_LOW
2008462 - Disable PodSecurity feature gate for 4.10
2008490 - Backing store details page does not contain all the kebab actions.
2008521 - gcp-hostname service should correct invalid search entries in resolv.conf
2008532 - CreateContainerConfigError:: failed to prepare subPath for volumeMount
2008539 - Registry doesn't fall back to secondary ImageContentSourcePolicy Mirror
2008540 - HighlyAvailableWorkloadIncorrectlySpread always fires on upgrade on cluster with two workers
2008599 - Azure Stack UPI does not have Internal Load Balancer
2008612 - Plugin asset proxy does not pass through browser cache headers
2008712 - VPA webhook timeout prevents all pods from starting
2008733 - kube-scheduler: exposed /debug/pprof port
2008911 - Prometheus repeatedly scaling prometheus-operator replica set
2008926 - [sig-api-machinery] API data in etcd should be stored at the correct location and version for all resources [Serial] [Suite:openshift/conformance/serial]
2008987 - OpenShift SDN Hosted Egress IP's are not being scheduled to nodes after upgrade to 4.8.12
2009055 - Instances of OCS to be replaced with ODF on UI
2009078 - NetworkPodsCrashLooping alerts in upgrade CI jobs
2009083 - opm blocks pruning of existing bundles during add
2009111 - [IPI-on-GCP] 'Install a cluster with nested virtualization enabled' failed due to unable to launch compute instances
2009131 - [e2e][automation] add more test about vmi
2009148 - [e2e][automation] test vm nic presets and options
2009233 - ACM policy object generated by PolicyGen conflicting with OLM Operator
2009253 - [BM] [IPI] [DualStack] apiVIP and ingressVIP should be of the same primary IP family
2009298 - Service created for VM SSH access is not owned by the VM and thus is not deleted if the VM is deleted
2009384 - UI changes to support BindableKinds CRD changes
2009404 - ovnkube-node pod enters CrashLoopBackOff after OVN_IMAGE is swapped
2009424 - Deployment upgrade is failing availability check
2009454 - Change web terminal subscription permissions from get to list
2009465 - container-selinux should come from rhel8-appstream
2009514 - Bump OVS to 2.16-15
2009555 - Supermicro X11 system not booting from vMedia with AI
2009623 - Console: Observe > Metrics page: Table pagination menu shows bullet points
2009664 - Git Import: Edit of knative service doesn't work as expected for git import flow
2009699 - Failure to validate flavor RAM
2009754 - Footer is not sticky anymore in import forms
2009785 - CRI-O's version file should be pinned by MCO
2009791 - Installer: ibmcloud ignores install-config values
2009823 - [sig-arch] events should not repeat pathologically - reason/VSphereOlderVersionDetected Marking cluster un-upgradeable because one or more VMs are on hardware version vmx-13
2009840 - cannot build extensions on aarch64 because of unavailability of rhel-8-advanced-virt repo
2009859 - Large number of sessions created by vmware-vsphere-csi-driver-operator during e2e tests
2009873 - Stale Logical Router Policies and Annotations for a given node
2009879 - There should be test-suite coverage to ensure admin-acks work as expected
2009888 - SRO package name collision between official and community version
2010073 - uninstalling and then reinstalling sriov-network-operator is not working
2010174 - 2 PVs get created unexpectedly with different paths that actually refer to the same device on the node.
2010181 - Environment variables not getting reset on reload on deployment edit form
2010310 - [sig-instrumentation][Late] OpenShift alerting rules should have description and summary annotations [Skipped:Disconnected] [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel]
2010341 - OpenShift Alerting Rules Style-Guide Compliance
2010342 - Local console builds can have out of memory errors
2010345 - OpenShift Alerting Rules Style-Guide Compliance
2010348 - Reverts PIE build mode for K8S components
2010352 - OpenShift Alerting Rules Style-Guide Compliance
2010354 - OpenShift Alerting Rules Style-Guide Compliance
2010359 - OpenShift Alerting Rules Style-Guide Compliance
2010368 - OpenShift Alerting Rules Style-Guide Compliance
2010376 - OpenShift Alerting Rules Style-Guide Compliance
2010662 - Cluster is unhealthy after image-registry-operator tests
2010663 - OpenShift Alerting Rules Style-Guide Compliance (ovn-kubernetes subcomponent)
2010665 - Bootkube tries to use oc after cluster bootstrap is done and there is no API
2010698 - [BM] [IPI] [Dual Stack] Installer must ensure ipv6 short forms too if clusterprovisioning IP is specified as ipv6 address
2010719 - etcdHighNumberOfFailedGRPCRequests runbook is missing
2010864 - Failure building EFS operator
2010910 - ptp worker events unable to identify interface for multiple interfaces
2010911 - RenderOperatingSystem() returns wrong OS version on OCP 4.7.24
2010921 - Azure Stack Hub does not handle additionalTrustBundle
2010931 - SRO CSV uses non default category "Drivers and plugins"
2010946 - concurrent CRD from ovirt-csi-driver-operator gets reconciled by CVO after deployment, changing CR as well.
2011038 - optional operator conditions are confusing
2011063 - CVE-2021-39226 grafana: Snapshot authentication bypass
2011171 - diskmaker-manager constantly redeployed by LSO when creating LV's
2011293 - Build pod are not pulling images if we are not explicitly giving the registry name with the image
2011368 - Tooltip in pipeline visualization shows misleading data
2011386 - [sig-arch] Check if alerts are firing during or after upgrade success --- alert KubePodNotReady fired for 60 seconds with labels
2011411 - Managed Service's Cluster overview page contains link to missing Storage dashboards
2011443 - Cypress tests assuming Admin Perspective could fail on shared/reference cluster
2011513 - Kubelet rejects pods that use resources that should be freed by completed pods
2011668 - Machine stuck in deleting phase in VMware "reconciler failed to Delete machine"
2011693 - (release-4.10) "insightsclient_request_recvreport_total" metric is always incremented
2011698 - After upgrading cluster to 4.8 the kube-state-metrics service doesn't export namespace labels anymore
2011733 - Repository README points to broken documentarion link
2011753 - Ironic resumes clean before raid configuration job is actually completed
2011809 - The nodes page in the openshift console doesn't work. You just get a blank page
2011822 - Obfuscation doesn't work at clusters with OVN
2011882 - SRO helm charts not synced with templates
2011893 - Validation: BMC driver ipmi is not supported for secure UEFI boot
2011896 - [4.10] ClusterVersion Upgradeable=False MultipleReasons should include all messages
2011903 - vsphere-problem-detector: session leak
2011927 - OLM should allow users to specify a proxy for GRPC connections
2011956 - [tracker] Kubelet rejects pods that use resources that should be freed by completed pods
2011960 - [tracker] Storage operator is not available after reboot cluster instances
2011971 - ICNI2 pods are stuck in ContainerCreating state
2011972 - Ingress operator not creating wildcard route for hypershift clusters
2011977 - SRO bundle references non-existent image
2012069 - Refactoring Status controller
2012177 - [OCP 4.9 + OCS 4.8.3] Overview tab is missing under Storage after successful deployment on UI
2012228 - ibmcloud: credentialsrequests invalid for machine-api-operator: resource-group
2012233 - [IBMCLOUD] IPI: "Exceeded limit of remote rules per security group (the limit is 5 remote rules per security group)"
2012235 - [IBMCLOUD] IPI: IBM cloud provider requires ResourceGroupName in cloudproviderconfig
2012317 - Dynamic Plugins: ListPageCreateDropdown items cut off
2012407 - [e2e][automation] improve vm tab console tests
2012426 - ThanosSidecarBucketOperationsFailed/ThanosSidecarUnhealthy alerts don't have namespace label
2012562 - migration condition is not detected in list view
2012770 - when using expression metric openshift_apps_deploymentconfigs_last_failed_rollout_time namespace label is re-written
2012780 - The port 50936 used by haproxy is occupied by kube-apiserver
2012838 - Setting the default maximum container root partition size for Overlay with CRI-O stop working
2012902 - Neutron Ports assigned to Completed Pods are not reused Edit
2012915 - kube_persistentvolumeclaim_labels and kube_persistentvolume_labels are missing in OCP 4.8 monitoring stack
2012971 - Disable operands deletes
2013034 - Cannot install to openshift-nmstate namespace
2013127 - OperatorHub links could not be opened in a new tabs (sharing and open a deep link works fine)
2013199 - post reboot of node SRIOV policy taking huge time
2013203 - UI breaks when trying to create block pool before storage cluster/system creation
2013222 - Full breakage for nightly payload promotion
2013273 - Nil pointer exception when phc2sys options are missing
2013321 - TuneD: high CPU utilization of the TuneD daemon.
2013416 - Multiple assets emit different content to the same filename
2013431 - Application selector dropdown has incorrect font-size and positioning
2013528 - mapi_current_pending_csr is always set to 1 on OpenShift Container Platform 4.8
2013545 - Service binding created outside topology is not visible
2013599 - Scorecard support storage is not included in ocp4.9
2013632 - Correction/Changes in Quick Start Guides for ODF 4.9 (Install ODF guide)
2013646 - fsync controller will show false positive if gaps in metrics are observed.
2013710 - ZTP Operator subscriptions for 4.9 release branch should point to 4.9 by default
2013751 - Service details page is showing wrong in-cluster hostname
2013787 - There are two tittle 'Network Attachment Definition Details' on NAD details page
2013871 - Resource table headings are not aligned with their column data
2013895 - Cannot enable accelerated network via MachineSets on Azure
2013920 - "--collector.filesystem.ignored-mount-points is DEPRECATED and will be removed in 2.0.0, use --collector.filesystem.mount-points-exclude"
2013930 - Create Buttons enabled for Bucket Class, Backingstore and Namespace Store in the absence of Storagesystem(or MCG)
2013969 - oVIrt CSI driver fails on creating PVCs on hosted engine storage domain
2013990 - Observe dashboard crashs on reload when perspective has changed (in another tab)
2013996 - Project detail page: Action "Delete Project" does nothing for the default project
2014071 - Payload imagestream new tags not properly updated during cluster upgrade
2014153 - SRIOV exclusive pooling
2014202 - [OCP-4.8.10] OVN-Kubernetes: service IP is not responding when egressIP set to the namespace
2014238 - AWS console test is failing on importing duplicate YAML definitions
2014245 - Several aria-labels, external links, and labels aren't internationalized
2014248 - Several files aren't internationalized
2014352 - Could not filter out machine by using node name on machines page
2014464 - Unexpected spacing/padding below navigation groups in developer perspective
2014471 - Helm Release notes tab is not automatically open after installing a chart for other languages
2014486 - Integration Tests: OLM single namespace operator tests failing
2014488 - Custom operator cannot change orders of condition tables
2014497 - Regex slows down different forms and creates too much recursion errors in the log
2014538 - Kuryr controller crash looping on self._get_vip_port(loadbalancer).id 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'id'
2014614 - Metrics scraping requests should be assigned to exempt priority level
2014710 - TestIngressStatus test is broken on Azure
2014954 - The prometheus-k8s-{0,1} pods are CrashLoopBackoff repeatedly
2014995 - oc adm must-gather cannot gather audit logs with 'None' audit profile
2015115 - [RFE] PCI passthrough
2015133 - [IBMCLOUD] ServiceID API key credentials seems to be insufficient for ccoctl '--resource-group-name' parameter
2015154 - Support ports defined networks and primarySubnet
2015274 - Yarn dev fails after updates to dynamic plugin JSON schema logic
2015337 - 4.9.0 GA MetalLB operator image references need to be adjusted to match production
2015386 - Possibility to add labels to the built-in OCP alerts
2015395 - Table head on Affinity Rules modal is not fully expanded
2015416 - CI implementation for Topology plugin
2015418 - Project Filesystem query returns No datapoints found
2015420 - No vm resource in project view's inventory
2015422 - No conflict checking on snapshot name
2015472 - Form and YAML view switch button should have distinguishable status
2015481 - [4.10] sriov-network-operator daemon pods are failing to start
2015493 - Cloud Controller Manager Operator does not respect 'additionalTrustBundle' setting
2015496 - Storage - PersistentVolumes : Claim colum value 'No Claim' in English
2015498 - [UI] Add capacity when not applicable (for MCG only deployment and External mode cluster) fails to pass any info. to user and tries to just load a blank screen on 'Add Capacity' button click
2015506 - Home - Search - Resources - APIRequestCount : hard to select an item from ellipsis menu
2015515 - Kubelet checks all providers even if one is configured: NoCredentialProviders: no valid providers in chain.
2015535 - Administration - ResourceQuotas - ResourceQuota details: Inside Pie chart 'x% used' is in English
2015549 - Observe - Metrics: Column heading and pagination text is in English
2015557 - Workloads - DeploymentConfigs : Error message is in English
2015568 - Compute - Nodes : CPU column's values are in English
2015635 - Storage operator fails causing installation to fail on ASH
2015660 - "Finishing boot source customization" screen should not use term "patched"
2015793 - [hypershift] The collect-profiles job's pods should run on the control-plane node
2015806 - Metrics view in Deployment reports "Forbidden" when not cluster-admin
2015819 - Conmon sandbox processes run on non-reserved CPUs with workload partitioning
2015837 - OS_CLOUD overwrites install-config's platform.openstack.cloud
2015950 - update from 4.7.22 to 4.8.11 is failing due to large amount of secrets to watch
2015952 - RH CodeReady Workspaces Operator in e2e testing will soon fail
2016004 - [RFE] RHCOS: help determining whether a user-provided image was already booted (Ignition provisioning already performed)
2016008 - [4.10] Bootimage bump tracker
2016052 - No e2e CI presubmit configured for release component azure-file-csi-driver
2016053 - No e2e CI presubmit configured for release component azure-file-csi-driver-operator
2016054 - No e2e CI presubmit configured for release component cluster-autoscaler
2016055 - No e2e CI presubmit configured for release component console
2016058 - openshift-sync does not synchronise in "ose-jenkins:v4.8"
2016064 - No e2e CI presubmit configured for release component ibm-cloud-controller-manager
2016065 - No e2e CI presubmit configured for release component ibmcloud-machine-controllers
2016175 - Pods get stuck in ContainerCreating state when attaching volumes fails on SNO clusters.
2016179 - Add Sprint 208 translations
2016228 - Collect Profiles pprof secret is hardcoded to openshift-operator-lifecycle-manager
2016235 - should update to 7.5.11 for grafana resources version label
2016296 - Openshift virtualization : Create Windows Server 2019 VM using template : Fails
2016334 - shiftstack: SRIOV nic reported as not supported
2016352 - Some pods start before CA resources are present
2016367 - Empty task box is getting created for a pipeline without finally task
2016435 - Duplicate AlertmanagerClusterFailedToSendAlerts alerts
2016438 - Feature flag gating is missing in few extensions contributed via knative plugin
2016442 - OCPonRHV: pvc should be in Bound state and without error when choosing default sc
2016446 - [OVN-Kubernetes] Egress Networkpolicy is failing Intermittently for statefulsets
2016453 - Complete i18n for GaugeChart defaults
2016479 - iface-id-ver is not getting updated for existing lsp
2016925 - Dashboards with All filter, change to a specific value and change back to All, data will disappear
2016951 - dynamic actions list is not disabling "open console" for stopped vms
2016955 - m5.large instance type for bootstrap node is hardcoded causing deployments to fail if instance type is not available
2016988 - NTO does not set io_timeout and max_retries for AWS Nitro instances
2017016 - [REF] Virtualization menu
2017036 - [sig-network-edge][Feature:Idling] Unidling should handle many TCP connections fails in periodic-ci-openshift-release-master-ci-4.9-e2e-openstack-ovn
2017050 - Dynamic Plugins: Shared modules loaded multiple times, breaking use of PatternFly
2017130 - t is not a function error navigating to details page
2017141 - Project dropdown has a dynamic inline width added which can cause min-width issue
2017244 - ovirt csi operator static files creation is in the wrong order
2017276 - [4.10] Volume mounts not created with the correct security context
2017327 - When run opm index prune failed with error removing operator package cic-operator FOREIGN KEY constraint failed.
2017427 - NTO does not restart TuneD daemon when profile application is taking too long
2017535 - Broken Argo CD link image on GitOps Details Page
2017547 - Siteconfig application sync fails with The AgentClusterInstall is invalid: spec.provisionRequirements.controlPlaneAgents: Required value when updating images references
2017564 - On-prem prepender dispatcher script overwrites DNS search settings
2017565 - CCMO does not handle additionalTrustBundle on Azure Stack
2017566 - MetalLB: Web Console -Create Address pool form shows address pool name twice
2017606 - [e2e][automation] add test to verify send key for VNC console
2017650 - [OVN]EgressFirewall cannot be applied correctly if cluster has windows nodes
2017656 - VM IP address is "undefined" under VM details -> ssh field
2017663 - SSH password authentication is disabled when public key is not supplied
2017680 - [gcp] Couldn’t enable support for instances with GPUs on GCP
2017732 - [KMS] Prevent creation of encryption enabled storageclass without KMS connection set
2017752 - (release-4.10) obfuscate identity provider attributes in collected authentication.operator.openshift.io resource
2017756 - overlaySize setting on containerruntimeconfig is ignored due to cri-o defaults
2017761 - [e2e][automation] dummy bug for 4.9 test dependency
2017872 - Add Sprint 209 translations
2017874 - The installer is incorrectly checking the quota for X instances instead of G and VT instances
2017879 - Add Chinese translation for "alternate"
2017882 - multus: add handling of pod UIDs passed from runtime
2017909 - [ICNI 2.0] ovnkube-masters stop processing add/del events for pods
2018042 - HorizontalPodAutoscaler CPU averageValue did not show up in HPA metrics GUI
2018093 - Managed cluster should ensure control plane pods do not run in best-effort QoS
2018094 - the tooltip length is limited
2018152 - CNI pod is not restarted when It cannot start servers due to ports being used
2018208 - e2e-metal-ipi-ovn-ipv6 are failing 75% of the time
2018234 - user settings are saved in local storage instead of on cluster
2018264 - Delete Export button doesn't work in topology sidebar (general issue with unknown CSV?)
2018272 - Deployment managed by link and topology sidebar links to invalid resource page (at least for Exports)
2018275 - Topology graph doesn't show context menu for Export CSV
2018279 - Edit and Delete confirmation modals for managed resource should close when the managed resource is clicked
2018380 - Migrate docs links to access.redhat.com
2018413 - Error: context deadline exceeded, OCP 4.8.9
2018428 - PVC is deleted along with VM even with "Delete Disks" unchecked
2018445 - [e2e][automation] enhance tests for downstream
2018446 - [e2e][automation] move tests to different level
2018449 - [e2e][automation] add test about create/delete network attachment definition
2018490 - [4.10] Image provisioning fails with file name too long
2018495 - Fix typo in internationalization README
2018542 - Kernel upgrade does not reconcile DaemonSet
2018880 - Get 'No datapoints found.' when query metrics about alert rule KubeCPUQuotaOvercommit and KubeMemoryQuotaOvercommit
2018884 - QE - Adapt crw-basic feature file to OCP 4.9/4.10 changes
2018935 - go.sum not updated, that ART extracts version string from, WAS: Missing backport from 4.9 for Kube bump PR#950
2018965 - e2e-metal-ipi-upgrade is permafailing in 4.10
2018985 - The rootdisk size is 15Gi of windows VM in customize wizard
2019001 - AWS: Operator degraded (CredentialsFailing): 1 of 6 credentials requests are failing to sync.
2019096 - Update SRO leader election timeout to support SNO
2019129 - SRO in operator hub points to wrong repo for README
2019181 - Performance profile does not apply
2019198 - ptp offset metrics are not named according to the log output
2019219 - [IBMCLOUD]: cloud-provider-ibm missing IAM permissions in CCCMO CredentialRequest
2019284 - Stop action should not in the action list while VMI is not running
2019346 - zombie processes accumulation and Argument list too long
2019360 - [RFE] Virtualization Overview page
2019452 - Logger object in LSO appends to existing logger recursively
2019591 - Operator install modal body that scrolls has incorrect padding causing shadow position to be incorrect
2019634 - Pause and migration is enabled in action list for a user who has view only permission
2019636 - Actions in VM tabs should be disabled when user has view only permission
2019639 - "Take snapshot" should be disabled while VM image is still been importing
2019645 - Create button is not removed on "Virtual Machines" page for view only user
2019646 - Permission error should pop-up immediately while clicking "Create VM" button on template page for view only user
2019647 - "Remove favorite" and "Create new Template" should be disabled in template action list for view only user
2019717 - cant delete VM with un-owned pvc attached
2019722 - The shared-resource-csi-driver-node pod runs as “BestEffort” qosClass
2019739 - The shared-resource-csi-driver-node uses imagePullPolicy as "Always"
2019744 - [RFE] Suggest users to download newest RHEL 8 version
2019809 - [OVN][Upgrade] After upgrade to 4.7.34 ovnkube-master pods are in CrashLoopBackOff/ContainerCreating and other multiple issues at OVS/OVN level
2019827 - Display issue with top-level menu items running demo plugin
2019832 - 4.10 Nightlies blocked: Failed to upgrade authentication, operator was degraded
2019886 - Kuryr unable to finish ports recovery upon controller restart
2019948 - [RFE] Restructring Virtualization links
2019972 - The Nodes section doesn't display the csr of the nodes that are trying to join the cluster
2019977 - Installer doesn't validate region causing binary to hang with a 60 minute timeout
2019986 - Dynamic demo plugin fails to build
2019992 - instance:node_memory_utilisation:ratio metric is incorrect
2020001 - Update dockerfile for demo dynamic plugin to reflect dir change
2020003 - MCD does not regard "dangling" symlinks as a files, attempts to write through them on next backup, resulting in "not writing through dangling symlink" error and degradation.
2020107 - cluster-version-operator: remove runlevel from CVO namespace
2020153 - Creation of Windows high performance VM fails
2020216 - installer: Azure storage container blob where is stored bootstrap.ign file shouldn't be public
2020250 - Replacing deprecated ioutil
2020257 - Dynamic plugin with multiple webpack compilation passes may fail to build
2020275 - ClusterOperators link in console returns blank page during upgrades
2020377 - permissions error while using tcpdump option with must-gather
2020489 - coredns_dns metrics don't include the custom zone metrics data due to CoreDNS prometheus plugin is not defined
2020498 - "Show PromQL" button is disabled
2020625 - [AUTH-52] User fails to login from web console with keycloak OpenID IDP after enable group membership sync feature
2020638 - [4.7] CI conformance test failures related to CustomResourcePublishOpenAPI
2020664 - DOWN subports are not cleaned up
2020904 - When trying to create a connection from the Developer view between VMs, it fails
2021016 - 'Prometheus Stats' of dashboard 'Prometheus Overview' miss data on console compared with Grafana
2021017 - 404 page not found error on knative eventing page
2021031 - QE - Fix the topology CI scripts
2021048 - [RFE] Added MAC Spoof check
2021053 - Metallb operator presented as community operator
2021067 - Extensive number of requests from storage version operator in cluster
2021081 - Missing PolicyGenTemplate for configuring Local Storage Operator LocalVolumes
2021135 - [azure-file-csi-driver] "make unit-test" returns non-zero code, but tests pass
2021141 - Cluster should allow a fast rollout of kube-apiserver is failing on single node
2021151 - Sometimes the DU node does not get the performance profile configuration applied and MachineConfigPool stays stuck in Updating
2021152 - imagePullPolicy is "Always" for ptp operator images
2021191 - Project admins should be able to list available network attachment defintions
2021205 - Invalid URL in git import form causes validation to not happen on URL change
2021322 - cluster-api-provider-azure should populate purchase plan information
2021337 - Dynamic Plugins: ResourceLink doesn't render when passed a groupVersionKind
2021364 - Installer requires invalid AWS permission s3:GetBucketReplication
2021400 - Bump documentationBaseURL to 4.10
2021405 - [e2e][automation] VM creation wizard Cloud Init editor
2021433 - "[sig-builds][Feature:Builds][pullsearch] docker build where the registry is not specified" test fail permanently on disconnected
2021466 - [e2e][automation] Windows guest tool mount
2021544 - OCP 4.6.44 - Ingress VIP assigned as secondary IP in ovs-if-br-ex and added to resolv.conf as nameserver
2021551 - Build is not recognizing the USER group from an s2i image
2021607 - Unable to run openshift-install with a vcenter hostname that begins with a numeric character
2021629 - api request counts for current hour are incorrect
2021632 - [UI] Clicking on odf-operator breadcrumb from StorageCluster details page displays empty page
2021693 - Modals assigned modal-lg class are no longer the correct width
2021724 - Observe > Dashboards: Graph lines are not visible when obscured by other lines
2021731 - CCO occasionally down, reporting networksecurity.googleapis.com API as disabled
2021936 - Kubelet version in RPMs should be using Dockerfile label instead of git tags
2022050 - [BM][IPI] Failed during bootstrap - unable to read client-key /var/lib/kubelet/pki/kubelet-client-current.pem
2022053 - dpdk application with vhost-net is not able to start
2022114 - Console logging every proxy request
2022144 - 1 of 3 ovnkube-master pods stuck in clbo after ipi bm deployment - dualstack (Intermittent)
2022251 - wait interval in case of a failed upload due to 403 is unnecessarily long
2022399 - MON_DISK_LOW troubleshooting guide link when clicked, gives 404 error .
2022447 - ServiceAccount in manifests conflicts with OLM
2022502 - Patternfly tables with a checkbox column are not displaying correctly because of conflicting css rules.
2022509 - getOverrideForManifest does not check manifest.GVK.Group
2022536 - WebScale: duplicate ecmp next hop error caused by multiple of the same gateway IPs in ovnkube cache
2022612 - no namespace field for "Kubernetes / Compute Resources / Namespace (Pods)" admin console dashboard
2022627 - Machine object not picking up external FIP added to an openstack vm
2022646 - configure-ovs.sh failure - Error: unknown connection 'WARN:'
2022707 - Observe / monitoring dashboard shows forbidden errors on Dev Sandbox
2022801 - Add Sprint 210 translations
2022811 - Fix kubelet log rotation file handle leak
2022812 - [SCALE] ovn-kube service controller executes unnecessary load balancer operations
2022824 - Large number of sessions created by vmware-vsphere-csi-driver-operator during e2e tests
2022880 - Pipeline renders with minor visual artifact with certain task dependencies
2022886 - Incorrect URL in operator description
2023042 - CRI-O filters custom runtime allowed annotation when both custom workload and custom runtime sections specified under the config
2023060 - [e2e][automation] Windows VM with CDROM migration
2023077 - [e2e][automation] Home Overview Virtualization status
2023090 - [e2e][automation] Examples of Import URL for VM templates
2023102 - [e2e][automation] Cloudinit disk of VM from custom template
2023216 - ACL for a deleted egressfirewall still present on node join switch
2023228 - Remove Tech preview badge on Trigger components 1.6 OSP on OCP 4.9
2023238 - [sig-devex][Feature:ImageEcosystem][python][Slow] hot deploy for openshift python image Django example should work with hot deploy
2023342 - SCC admission should take ephemeralContainers into account
2023356 - Devfiles can't be loaded in Safari on macOS (403 - Forbidden)
2023434 - Update Azure Machine Spec API to accept Marketplace Images
2023500 - Latency experienced while waiting for volumes to attach to node
2023522 - can't remove package from index: database is locked
2023560 - "Network Attachment Definitions" has no project field on the top in the list view
2023592 - [e2e][automation] add mac spoof check for nad
2023604 - ACL violation when deleting a provisioning-configuration resource
2023607 - console returns blank page when normal user without any projects visit Installed Operators page
2023638 - Downgrade support level for extended control plane integration to Dev Preview
2023657 - inconsistent behaviours of adding ssh key on rhel node between 4.9 and 4.10
2023675 - Changing CNV Namespace
2023779 - Fix Patch 104847 in 4.9
2023781 - initial hardware devices is not loading in wizard
2023832 - CCO updates lastTransitionTime for non-Status changes
2023839 - Bump recommended FCOS to 34.20211031.3.0
2023865 - Console css overrides prevent dynamic plug-in PatternFly tables from displaying correctly
2023950 - make test-e2e-operator on kubernetes-nmstate results in failure to pull image from "registry:5000" repository
2023985 - [4.10] OVN idle service cannot be accessed after upgrade from 4.8
2024055 - External DNS added extra prefix for the TXT record
2024108 - Occasionally node remains in SchedulingDisabled state even after update has been completed sucessfully
2024190 - e2e-metal UPI is permafailing with inability to find rhcos.json
2024199 - 400 Bad Request error for some queries for the non admin user
2024220 - Cluster monitoring checkbox flickers when installing Operator in all-namespace mode
2024262 - Sample catalog is not displayed when one API call to the backend fails
2024309 - cluster-etcd-operator: defrag controller needs to provide proper observability
2024316 - modal about support displays wrong annotation
2024328 - [oVirt / RHV] PV disks are lost when machine deleted while node is disconnected
2024399 - Extra space is in the translated text of "Add/Remove alternate service" on Create Route page
2024448 - When ssh_authorized_keys is empty in form view it should not appear in yaml view
2024493 - Observe > Alerting > Alerting rules page throws error trying to destructure undefined
2024515 - test-blocker: Ceph-storage-plugin tests failing
2024535 - hotplug disk missing OwnerReference
2024537 - WINDOWS_IMAGE_LINK does not refer to windows cloud image
2024547 - Detail page is breaking for namespace store , backing store and bucket class.
2024551 - KMS resources not getting created for IBM FlashSystem storage
2024586 - Special Resource Operator(SRO) - Empty image in BuildConfig when using RT kernel
2024613 - pod-identity-webhook starts without tls
2024617 - vSphere CSI tests constantly failing with Rollout of the monitoring stack failed and is degraded
2024665 - Bindable services are not shown on topology
2024731 - linuxptp container: unnecessary checking of interfaces
2024750 - i18n some remaining OLM items
2024804 - gcp-pd-csi-driver does not use trusted-ca-bundle when cluster proxy configured
2024826 - [RHOS/IPI] Masters are not joining a clusters when installing on OpenStack
2024841 - test Keycloak with latest tag
2024859 - Not able to deploy an existing image from private image registry using developer console
2024880 - Egress IP breaks when network policies are applied
2024900 - Operator upgrade kube-apiserver
2024932 - console throws "Unauthorized" error after logging out
2024933 - openshift-sync plugin does not sync existing secrets/configMaps on start up
2025093 - Installer does not honour diskformat specified in storage policy and defaults to zeroedthick
2025230 - ClusterAutoscalerUnschedulablePods should not be a warning
2025266 - CreateResource route has exact prop which need to be removed
2025301 - [e2e][automation] VM actions availability in different VM states
2025304 - overwrite storage section of the DV spec instead of the pvc section
2025431 - [RFE]Provide specific windows source link
2025458 - [IPI-AWS] cluster-baremetal-operator pod in a crashloop state after patching from 4.7.21 to 4.7.36
2025464 - [aws] openshift-install gather bootstrap collects logs for bootstrap and only one master node
2025467 - [OVN-K][ETP=local] Host to service backed by ovn pods doesn't work for ExternalTrafficPolicy=local
2025481 - Update VM Snapshots UI
2025488 - [DOCS] Update the doc for nmstate operator installation
2025592 - ODC 4.9 supports invalid devfiles only
2025765 - It should not try to load from storageProfile after unchecking"Apply optimized StorageProfile settings"
2025767 - VMs orphaned during machineset scaleup
2025770 - [e2e] non-priv seems looking for v2v-vmware configMap in ns "kubevirt-hyperconverged" while using customize wizard
2025788 - [IPI on azure]Pre-check on IPI Azure, should check VM Size’s vCPUsAvailable instead of vCPUs for the sku.
2025821 - Make "Network Attachment Definitions" available to regular user
2025823 - The console nav bar ignores plugin separator in existing sections
2025830 - CentOS capitalizaion is wrong
2025837 - Warn users that the RHEL URL expire
2025884 - External CCM deploys openstack-cloud-controller-manager from quay.io/openshift/origin-*
2025903 - [UI] RoleBindings tab doesn't show correct rolebindings
2026104 - [sig-imageregistry][Feature:ImageAppend] Image append should create images by appending them [Skipped:Disconnected] [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel]
2026178 - OpenShift Alerting Rules Style-Guide Compliance
2026209 - Updation of task is getting failed (tekton hub integration)
2026223 - Internal error occurred: failed calling webhook "ptpconfigvalidationwebhook.openshift.io"
2026321 - [UPI on Azure] Shall we remove allowedValue about VMSize in ARM templates
2026343 - [upgrade from 4.5 to 4.6] .status.connectionState.address of catsrc community-operators is not correct
2026352 - Kube-Scheduler revision-pruner fail during install of new cluster
2026374 - aws-pod-identity-webhook go.mod version out of sync with build environment
2026383 - Error when rendering custom Grafana dashboard through ConfigMap
2026387 - node tuning operator metrics endpoint serving old certificates after certificate rotation
2026396 - Cachito Issues: sriov-network-operator Image build failure
2026488 - openshift-controller-manager - delete event is repeating pathologically
2026489 - ThanosRuleRuleEvaluationLatencyHigh alerts when a big quantity of alerts defined.
2026560 - Cluster-version operator does not remove unrecognized volume mounts
2026699 - fixed a bug with missing metadata
2026813 - add Mellanox CX-6 Lx DeviceID 101f NIC support in SR-IOV Operator
2026898 - Description/details are missing for Local Storage Operator
2027132 - Use the specific icon for Fedora and CentOS template
2027238 - "Node Exporter / USE Method / Cluster" CPU utilization graph shows incorrect legend
2027272 - KubeMemoryOvercommit alert should be human readable
2027281 - [Azure] External-DNS cannot find the private DNS zone in the resource group
2027288 - Devfile samples can't be loaded after fixing it on Safari (redirect caching issue)
2027299 - The status of checkbox component is not revealed correctly in code
2027311 - K8s watch hooks do not work when fetching core resources
2027342 - Alert ClusterVersionOperatorDown is firing on OpenShift Container Platform after ca certificate rotation
2027363 - The azure-file-csi-driver and azure-file-csi-driver-operator don't use the downstream images
2027387 - [IBMCLOUD] Terraform ibmcloud-provider buffers entirely the qcow2 image causing spikes of 5GB of RAM during installation
2027498 - [IBMCloud] SG Name character length limitation
2027501 - [4.10] Bootimage bump tracker
2027524 - Delete Application doesn't delete Channels or Brokers
2027563 - e2e/add-flow-ci.feature fix accessibility violations
2027585 - CVO crashes when changing spec.upstream to a cincinnati graph which includes invalid conditional edges
2027629 - Gather ValidatingWebhookConfiguration and MutatingWebhookConfiguration resource definitions
2027685 - openshift-cluster-csi-drivers pods crashing on PSI
2027745 - default samplesRegistry prevents the creation of imagestreams when registrySources.allowedRegistries is enforced
2027824 - ovnkube-master CrashLoopBackoff: panic: Expected slice or struct but got string
2027917 - No settings in hostfirmwaresettings and schema objects for masters
2027927 - sandbox creation fails due to obsolete option in /etc/containers/storage.conf
2027982 - nncp stucked at ConfigurationProgressing
2028019 - Max pending serving CSRs allowed in cluster machine approver is not right for UPI clusters
2028024 - After deleting a SpecialResource, the node is still tagged although the driver is removed
2028030 - Panic detected in cluster-image-registry-operator pod
2028042 - Desktop viewer for Windows VM shows "no Service for the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) can be found"
2028054 - Cloud controller manager operator can't get leader lease when upgrading from 4.8 up to 4.9
2028106 - [RFE] Use dynamic plugin actions for kubevirt plugin
2028141 - Console tests doesn't pass on Node.js 15 and 16
2028160 - Remove i18nKey in network-policy-peer-selectors.tsx
2028162 - Add Sprint 210 translations
2028170 - Remove leading and trailing whitespace
2028174 - Add Sprint 210 part 2 translations
2028187 - Console build doesn't pass on Node.js 16 because node-sass doesn't support it
2028217 - Cluster-version operator does not default Deployment replicas to one
2028240 - Multiple CatalogSources causing higher CPU use than necessary
2028268 - Password parameters are listed in FirmwareSchema in spite that cannot and shouldn't be set in HostFirmwareSettings
2028325 - disableDrain should be set automatically on SNO
2028484 - AWS EBS CSI driver's livenessprobe does not respect operator's loglevel
2028531 - Missing netFilter to the list of parameters when platform is OpenStack
2028610 - Installer doesn't retry on GCP rate limiting
2028685 - LSO repeatedly reports errors while diskmaker-discovery pod is starting
2028695 - destroy cluster does not prune bootstrap instance profile
2028731 - The containerruntimeconfig controller has wrong assumption regarding the number of containerruntimeconfigs
2028802 - CRI-O panic due to invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference
2028816 - VLAN IDs not released on failures
2028881 - Override not working for the PerformanceProfile template
2028885 - Console should show an error context if it logs an error object
2028949 - Masthead dropdown item hover text color is incorrect
2028963 - Whereabouts should reconcile stranded IP addresses
2029034 - enabling ExternalCloudProvider leads to inoperative cluster
2029178 - Create VM with wizard - page is not displayed
2029181 - Missing CR from PGT
2029273 - wizard is not able to use if project field is "All Projects"
2029369 - Cypress tests github rate limit errors
2029371 - patch pipeline--worker nodes unexpectedly reboot during scale out
2029394 - missing empty text for hardware devices at wizard review
2029414 - Alibaba Disk snapshots with XFS filesystem cannot be used
2029416 - Alibaba Disk CSI driver does not use credentials provided by CCO / ccoctl
2029521 - EFS CSI driver cannot delete volumes under load
2029570 - Azure Stack Hub: CSI Driver does not use user-ca-bundle
2029579 - Clicking on an Application which has a Helm Release in it causes an error
2029644 - New resource FirmwareSchema - reset_required exists for Dell machines and doesn't for HPE
2029645 - Sync upstream 1.15.0 downstream
2029671 - VM action "pause" and "clone" should be disabled while VM disk is still being importing
2029742 - [ovn] Stale lr-policy-list and snat rules left for egressip
2029750 - cvo keep restart due to it fail to get feature gate value during the initial start stage
2029785 - CVO panic when an edge is included in both edges and conditionaledges
2029843 - Downstream ztp-site-generate-rhel8 4.10 container image missing content(/home/ztp)
2030003 - HFS CRD: Attempt to set Integer parameter to not-numeric string value - no error
2030029 - [4.10][goroutine]Namespace stuck terminating: Failed to delete all resource types, 1 remaining: unexpected items still remain in namespace
2030228 - Fix StorageSpec resources field to use correct API
2030229 - Mirroring status card reflect wrong data
2030240 - Hide overview page for non-privileged user
2030305 - Export App job do not completes
2030347 - kube-state-metrics exposes metrics about resource annotations
2030364 - Shared resource CSI driver monitoring is not setup correctly
2030488 - Numerous Azure CI jobs are Failing with Partially Rendered machinesets
2030534 - Node selector/tolerations rules are evaluated too early
2030539 - Prometheus is not highly available
2030556 - Don't display Description or Message fields for alerting rules if those annotations are missing
2030568 - Operator installation fails to parse operatorframework.io/initialization-resource annotation
2030574 - console service uses older "service.alpha.openshift.io" for the service serving certificates.
2030677 - BOND CNI: There is no option to configure MTU on a Bond interface
2030692 - NPE in PipelineJobListener.upsertWorkflowJob
2030801 - CVE-2021-44716 golang: net/http: limit growth of header canonicalization cache
2030806 - CVE-2021-44717 golang: syscall: don't close fd 0 on ForkExec error
2030847 - PerformanceProfile API version should be v2
2030961 - Customizing the OAuth server URL does not apply to upgraded cluster
2031006 - Application name input field is not autofocused when user selects "Create application"
2031012 - Services of type loadbalancer do not work if the traffic reaches the node from an interface different from br-ex
2031040 - Error screen when open topology sidebar for a Serverless / knative service which couldn't be started
2031049 - [vsphere upi] pod machine-config-operator cannot be started due to panic issue
2031057 - Topology sidebar for Knative services shows a small pod ring with "0 undefined" as tooltip
2031060 - Failing CSR Unit test due to expired test certificate
2031085 - ovs-vswitchd running more threads than expected
2031141 - Some pods not able to reach k8s api svc IP
2031228 - CVE-2021-43813 grafana: directory traversal vulnerability
2031502 - [RFE] New common templates crash the ui
2031685 - Duplicated forward upstreams should be removed from the dns operator
2031699 - The displayed ipv6 address of a dns upstream should be case sensitive
2031797 - [RFE] Order and text of Boot source type input are wrong
2031826 - CI tests needed to confirm driver-toolkit image contents
2031831 - OCP Console - Global CSS overrides affecting dynamic plugins
2031839 - Starting from Go 1.17 invalid certificates will render a cluster dysfunctional
2031858 - GCP beta-level Role (was: CCO occasionally down, reporting networksecurity.googleapis.com API as disabled)
2031875 - [RFE]: Provide online documentation for the SRO CRD (via oc explain)
2031926 - [ipv6dualstack] After SVC conversion from single stack only to RequireDualStack, cannot curl NodePort from the node itself
2032006 - openshift-gitops-application-controller-0 failed to schedule with sufficient node allocatable resource
2032111 - arm64 cluster, create project and deploy the example deployment, pod is CrashLoopBackOff due to the image is built on linux+amd64
2032141 - open the alertrule link in new tab, got empty page
2032179 - [PROXY] external dns pod cannot reach to cloud API in the cluster behind a proxy
2032296 - Cannot create machine with ephemeral disk on Azure
2032407 - UI will show the default openshift template wizard for HANA template
2032415 - Templates page - remove "support level" badge and add "support level" column which should not be hard coded
2032421 - [RFE] UI integration with automatic updated images
2032516 - Not able to import git repo with .devfile.yaml
2032521 - openshift-installer intermittent failure on AWS with "Error: Provider produced inconsistent result after apply" when creating the aws_vpc_dhcp_options_association resource
2032547 - hardware devices table have filter when table is empty
2032565 - Deploying compressed files with a MachineConfig resource degrades the MachineConfigPool
2032566 - Cluster-ingress-router does not support Azure Stack
2032573 - Adopting enforces deploy_kernel/ramdisk which does not work with deploy_iso
2032589 - DeploymentConfigs ignore resolve-names annotation
2032732 - Fix styling conflicts due to recent console-wide CSS changes
2032831 - Knative Services and Revisions are not shown when Service has no ownerReference
2032851 - Networking is "not available" in Virtualization Overview
2032926 - Machine API components should use K8s 1.23 dependencies
2032994 - AddressPool IP is not allocated to service external IP wtih aggregationLength 24
2032998 - Can not achieve 250 pods/node with OVNKubernetes in a multiple worker node cluster
2033013 - Project dropdown in user preferences page is broken
2033044 - Unable to change import strategy if devfile is invalid
2033098 - Conjunction in ProgressiveListFooter.tsx is not translatable
2033111 - IBM VPC operator library bump removed global CLI args
2033138 - "No model registered for Templates" shows on customize wizard
2033215 - Flaky CI: crud/other-routes.spec.ts fails sometimes with an cypress ace/a11y AssertionError: 1 accessibility violation was detected
2033239 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] 'openshift-install' gets the wrong region (‘cn-hangzhou’) selected
2033257 - unable to use configmap for helm charts
2033271 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] destroying cluster succeeded, but the resource group deletion wasn’t triggered
2033290 - Product builds for console are failing
2033382 - MAPO is missing machine annotations
2033391 - csi-driver-shared-resource-operator sets unused CVO-manifest annotations
2033403 - Devfile catalog does not show provider information
2033404 - Cloud event schema is missing source type and resource field is using wrong value
2033407 - Secure route data is not pre-filled in edit flow form
2033422 - CNO not allowing LGW conversion from SGW in runtime
2033434 - Offer darwin/arm64 oc in clidownloads
2033489 - CCM operator failing on baremetal platform
2033518 - [aws-efs-csi-driver]Should not accept invalid FSType in sc for AWS EFS driver
2033524 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] interactive installer cannot list existing base domains
2033536 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] bootstrap complains invalid value for alibabaCloud.resourceGroupID when updating "cluster-infrastructure-02-config.yml" status, which leads to bootstrap failed and all master nodes NotReady
2033538 - Gather Cost Management Metrics Custom Resource
2033579 - SRO cannot update the special-resource-lifecycle ConfigMap if the data field is undefined
2033587 - Flaky CI test project-dashboard.scenario.ts: Resource Quotas Card was not found on project detail page
2033634 - list-style-type: disc is applied to the modal dropdowns
2033720 - Update samples in 4.10
2033728 - Bump OVS to 2.16.0-33
2033729 - remove runtime request timeout restriction for azure
2033745 - Cluster-version operator makes upstream update service / Cincinnati requests more frequently than intended
2033749 - Azure Stack Terraform fails without Local Provider
2033750 - Local volume should pull multi-arch image for kube-rbac-proxy
2033751 - Bump kubernetes to 1.23
2033752 - make verify fails due to missing yaml-patch
2033784 - set kube-apiserver degraded=true if webhook matches a virtual resource
2034004 - [e2e][automation] add tests for VM snapshot improvements
2034068 - [e2e][automation] Enhance tests for 4.10 downstream
2034087 - [OVN] EgressIP was assigned to the node which is not egress node anymore
2034097 - [OVN] After edit EgressIP object, the status is not correct
2034102 - [OVN] Recreate the deleted EgressIP object got InvalidEgressIP warning
2034129 - blank page returned when clicking 'Get started' button
2034144 - [OVN AWS] ovn-kube egress IP monitoring cannot detect the failure on ovn-k8s-mp0
2034153 - CNO does not verify MTU migration for OpenShiftSDN
2034155 - [OVN-K] [Multiple External Gateways] Per pod SNAT is disabled
2034170 - Use function.knative.dev for Knative Functions related labels
2034190 - unable to add new VirtIO disks to VMs
2034192 - Prometheus fails to insert reporting metrics when the sample limit is met
2034243 - regular user cant load template list
2034245 - installing a cluster on aws, gcp always fails with "Error: Incompatible provider version"
2034248 - GPU/Host device modal is too small
2034257 - regular user `Create VM` missing permissions alert
2034285 - [sig-api-machinery] API data in etcd should be stored at the correct location and version for all resources [Serial] [Suite:openshift/conformance/serial]
2034287 - do not block upgrades if we can't create storageclass in 4.10 in vsphere
2034300 - Du validator policy is NonCompliant after DU configuration completed
2034319 - Negation constraint is not validating packages
2034322 - CNO doesn't pick up settings required when ExternalControlPlane topology
2034350 - The CNO should implement the Whereabouts IP reconciliation cron job
2034362 - update description of disk interface
2034398 - The Whereabouts IPPools CRD should include the podref field
2034409 - Default CatalogSources should be pointing to 4.10 index images
2034410 - Metallb BGP, BFD: prometheus is not scraping the frr metrics
2034413 - cloud-network-config-controller fails to init with secret "cloud-credentials" not found in manual credential mode
2034460 - Summary: cloud-network-config-controller does not account for different environment
2034474 - Template's boot source is "Unknown source" before and after set enableCommonBootImageImport to true
2034477 - [OVN] Multiple EgressIP objects configured, EgressIPs weren't working properly
2034493 - Change cluster version operator log level
2034513 - [OVN] After update one EgressIP in EgressIP object, one internal IP lost from lr-policy-list
2034527 - IPI deployment fails 'timeout reached while inspecting the node' when provisioning network ipv6
2034528 - [IBM VPC] volumeBindingMode should be WaitForFirstConsumer
2034534 - Update ose-machine-api-provider-openstack images to be consistent with ART
2034537 - Update team
2034559 - KubeAPIErrorBudgetBurn firing outside recommended latency thresholds
2034563 - [Azure] create machine with wrong ephemeralStorageLocation value success
2034577 - Current OVN gateway mode should be reflected on node annotation as well
2034621 - context menu not popping up for application group
2034622 - Allow volume expansion by default in vsphere CSI storageclass 4.10
2034624 - Warn about unsupported CSI driver in vsphere operator
2034647 - missing volumes list in snapshot modal
2034648 - Rebase openshift-controller-manager to 1.23
2034650 - Rebase openshift/builder to 1.23
2034705 - vSphere: storage e2e tests logging configuration data
2034743 - EgressIP: assigning the same egress IP to a second EgressIP object after a ovnkube-master restart does not fail.
2034766 - Special Resource Operator(SRO) - no cert-manager pod created in dual stack environment
2034785 - ptpconfig with summary_interval cannot be applied
2034823 - RHEL9 should be starred in template list
2034838 - An external router can inject routes if no service is added
2034839 - Jenkins sync plugin does not synchronize ConfigMap having label role=jenkins-agent
2034879 - Lifecycle hook's name and owner shouldn't be allowed to be empty
2034881 - Cloud providers components should use K8s 1.23 dependencies
2034884 - ART cannot build the image because it tries to download controller-gen
2034889 - `oc adm prune deployments` does not work
2034898 - Regression in recently added Events feature
2034957 - update openshift-apiserver to kube 1.23.1
2035015 - ClusterLogForwarding CR remains stuck remediating forever
2035093 - openshift-cloud-network-config-controller never runs on Hypershift cluster
2035141 - [RFE] Show GPU/Host devices in template's details tab
2035146 - "kubevirt-plugin~PVC cannot be empty" shows on add-disk modal while adding existing PVC
2035167 - [cloud-network-config-controller] unable to deleted cloudprivateipconfig when deleting
2035199 - IPv6 support in mtu-migration-dispatcher.yaml
2035239 - e2e-metal-ipi-virtualmedia tests are permanently failing
2035250 - Peering with ebgp peer over multi-hops doesn't work
2035264 - [RFE] Provide a proper message for nonpriv user who not able to add PCI devices
2035315 - invalid test cases for AWS passthrough mode
2035318 - Upgrade management workflow needs to allow custom upgrade graph path for disconnected env
2035321 - Add Sprint 211 translations
2035326 - [ExternalCloudProvider] installation with additional network on workers fails
2035328 - Ccoctl does not ignore credentials request manifest marked for deletion
2035333 - Kuryr orphans ports on 504 errors from Neutron
2035348 - Fix two grammar issues in kubevirt-plugin.json strings
2035393 - oc set data --dry-run=server makes persistent changes to configmaps and secrets
2035409 - OLM E2E test depends on operator package that's no longer published
2035439 - SDN Automatic assignment EgressIP on GCP returned node IP adress not egressIP address
2035453 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] 2 worker machines stuck in Failed phase due to connection to 'ecs-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com' timeout, although the specified region is 'us-east-1'
2035454 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] the OSS bucket created during installation for image registry is not deleted after destroying the cluster
2035467 - UI: Queried metrics can't be ordered on Oberve->Metrics page
2035494 - [SDN Migration]ovnkube-node pods CrashLoopBackOff after sdn migrated to ovn for RHEL workers
2035515 - [IBMCLOUD] allowVolumeExpansion should be true in storage class
2035602 - [e2e][automation] add tests for Virtualization Overview page cards
2035703 - Roles -> RoleBindings tab doesn't show RoleBindings correctly
2035704 - RoleBindings list page filter doesn't apply
2035705 - Azure 'Destroy cluster' get stuck when the cluster resource group is already not existing.
2035757 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] one master node turned NotReady which leads to installation failed
2035772 - AccessMode and VolumeMode is not reserved for customize wizard
2035847 - Two dashes in the Cronjob / Job pod name
2035859 - the output of opm render doesn't contain olm.constraint which is defined in dependencies.yaml
2035882 - [BIOS setting values] Create events for all invalid settings in spec
2035903 - One redundant capi-operator credential requests in “oc adm extract --credentials-requests”
2035910 - [UI] Manual approval options are missing after ODF 4.10 installation starts when Manual Update approval is chosen
2035927 - Cannot enable HighNodeUtilization scheduler profile
2035933 - volume mode and access mode are empty in customize wizard review tab
2035969 - "ip a " shows "Error: Peer netns reference is invalid" after create test pods
2035986 - Some pods under kube-scheduler/kube-controller-manager are using the deprecated annotation
2036006 - [BIOS setting values] Attempt to set Integer parameter results in preparation error
2036029 - New added cloud-network-config operator doesn’t supported aws sts format credential
2036096 - [azure-file-csi-driver] there are no e2e tests for NFS backend
2036113 - cluster scaling new nodes ovs-configuration fails on all new nodes
2036567 - [csi-driver-nfs] Upstream merge: Bump k8s libraries to 1.23
2036569 - [cloud-provider-openstack] Upstream merge: Bump k8s libraries to 1.23
2036577 - OCP 4.10 nightly builds from 4.10.0-0.nightly-s390x-2021-12-18-034912 to 4.10.0-0.nightly-s390x-2022-01-11-233015 fail to upgrade from OCP 4.9.11 and 4.9.12 for network type OVNKubernetes for zVM hypervisor environments
2036622 - sdn-controller crashes when restarted while a previous egress IP assignment exists
2036717 - Valid AlertmanagerConfig custom resource with valid a mute time interval definition is rejected
2036826 - `oc adm prune deployments` can prune the RC/RS
2036827 - The ccoctl still accepts CredentialsRequests without ServiceAccounts on GCP platform
2036861 - kube-apiserver is degraded while enable multitenant
2036937 - Command line tools page shows wrong download ODO link
2036940 - oc registry login fails if the file is empty or stdout
2036951 - [cluster-csi-snapshot-controller-operator] proxy settings is being injected in container
2036989 - Route URL copy to clipboard button wraps to a separate line by itself
2036990 - ZTP "DU Done inform policy" never becomes compliant on multi-node clusters
2036993 - Machine API components should use Go lang version 1.17
2037036 - The tuned profile goes into degraded status and ksm.service is displayed in the log.
2037061 - aws and gcp CredentialsRequest manifests missing ServiceAccountNames list for cluster-api
2037073 - Alertmanager container fails to start because of startup probe never being successful
2037075 - Builds do not support CSI volumes
2037167 - Some log level in ibm-vpc-block-csi-controller are hard code
2037168 - IBM-specific Deployment manifest for package-server-manager should be excluded on non-IBM cluster-profiles
2037182 - PingSource badge color is not matched with knativeEventing color
2037203 - "Running VMs" card is too small in Virtualization Overview
2037209 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] worker nodes are put in the default resource group unexpectedly
2037237 - Add "This is a CD-ROM boot source" to customize wizard
2037241 - default TTL for noobaa cache buckets should be 0
2037246 - Cannot customize auto-update boot source
2037276 - [IBMCLOUD] vpc-node-label-updater may fail to label nodes appropriately
2037288 - Remove stale image reference
2037331 - Ensure the ccoctl behaviors are similar between aws and gcp on the existing resources
2037483 - Rbacs for Pods within the CBO should be more restrictive
2037484 - Bump dependencies to k8s 1.23
2037554 - Mismatched wave number error message should include the wave numbers that are in conflict
2037622 - [4.10-Alibaba CSI driver][Restore size for volumesnapshot/volumesnapshotcontent is showing as 0 in Snapshot feature for Alibaba platform]
2037635 - impossible to configure custom certs for default console route in ingress config
2037637 - configure custom certificate for default console route doesn't take effect for OCP >= 4.8
2037638 - Builds do not support CSI volumes as volume sources
2037664 - text formatting issue in Installed Operators list table
2037680 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] sometimes operator 'cloud-controller-manager' tells empty VERSION, due to conflicts on listening tcp :8080
2037689 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] sometimes operator 'cloud-controller-manager' tells empty VERSION, due to conflicts on listening tcp :8080
2037801 - Serverless installation is failing on CI jobs for e2e tests
2037813 - Metal Day 1 Networking - networkConfig Field Only Accepts String Format
2037856 - use lease for leader election
2037891 - 403 Forbidden error shows for all the graphs in each grafana dashboard after upgrade from 4.9 to 4.10
2037903 - Alibaba Cloud: delete-ram-user requires the credentials-requests
2037904 - upgrade operator deployment failed due to memory limit too low for manager container
2038021 - [4.10-Alibaba CSI driver][Default volumesnapshot class is not added/present after successful cluster installation]
2038034 - non-privileged user cannot see auto-update boot source
2038053 - Bump dependencies to k8s 1.23
2038088 - Remove ipa-downloader references
2038160 - The `default` project missed the annotation : openshift.io/node-selector: ""
2038166 - Starting from Go 1.17 invalid certificates will render a cluster non-functional
2038196 - must-gather is missing collecting some metal3 resources
2038240 - Error when configuring a file using permissions bigger than decimal 511 (octal 0777)
2038253 - Validator Policies are long lived
2038272 - Failures to build a PreprovisioningImage are not reported
2038384 - Azure Default Instance Types are Incorrect
2038389 - Failing test: [sig-arch] events should not repeat pathologically
2038412 - Import page calls the git file list unnecessarily twice from GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket
2038465 - Upgrade chromedriver to 90.x to support Mac M1 chips
2038481 - kube-controller-manager-guard and openshift-kube-scheduler-guard pods being deleted and restarted on a cordoned node when drained
2038596 - Auto egressIP for OVN cluster on GCP: After egressIP object is deleted, egressIP still takes effect
2038663 - update kubevirt-plugin OWNERS
2038691 - [AUTH-8] Panic on user login when the user belongs to a group in the IdP side and the group already exists via "oc adm groups new"
2038705 - Update ptp reviewers
2038761 - Open Observe->Targets page, wait for a while, page become blank
2038768 - All the filters on the Observe->Targets page can't work
2038772 - Some monitors failed to display on Observe->Targets page
2038793 - [SDN EgressIP] After reboot egress node, the egressip was lost from egress node
2038827 - should add user containers in /etc/subuid and /etc/subgid to support run pods in user namespaces
2038832 - New templates for centos stream8 are missing registry suggestions in create vm wizard
2038840 - [SDN EgressIP]cloud-network-config-controller pod was CrashLoopBackOff after some operation
2038864 - E2E tests fail because multi-hop-net was not created
2038879 - All Builds are getting listed in DeploymentConfig under workloads on OpenShift Console
2038934 - CSI driver operators should use the trusted CA bundle when cluster proxy is configured
2038968 - Move feature gates from a carry patch to openshift/api
2039056 - Layout issue with breadcrumbs on API explorer page
2039057 - Kind column is not wide enough in API explorer page
2039064 - Bulk Import e2e test flaking at a high rate
2039065 - Diagnose and fix Bulk Import e2e test that was previously disabled
2039085 - Cloud credential operator configuration failing to apply in hypershift/ROKS clusters
2039099 - [OVN EgressIP GCP] After reboot egress node, egressip that was previously assigned got lost
2039109 - [FJ OCP4.10 Bug]: startironic.sh failed to pull the image of image-customization container when behind a proxy
2039119 - CVO hotloops on Service openshift-monitoring/cluster-monitoring-operator
2039170 - [upgrade]Error shown on registry operator "missing the cloud-provider-config configmap" after upgrade
2039227 - Improve image customization server parameter passing during installation
2039241 - Improve image customization server parameter passing during installation
2039244 - Helm Release revision history page crashes the UI
2039294 - SDN controller metrics cannot be consumed correctly by prometheus
2039311 - oc Does Not Describe Build CSI Volumes
2039315 - Helm release list page should only fetch secrets for deployed charts
2039321 - SDN controller metrics are not being consumed by prometheus
2039330 - Create NMState button doesn't work in OperatorHub web console
2039339 - cluster-ingress-operator should report Unupgradeable if user has modified the aws resources annotations
2039345 - CNO does not verify the minimum MTU value for IPv6/dual-stack clusters.
2039359 - `oc adm prune deployments` can't prune the RS where the associated Deployment no longer exists
2039382 - gather_metallb_logs does not have execution permission
2039406 - logout from rest session after vsphere operator sync is finished
2039408 - Add GCP region northamerica-northeast2 to allowed regions
2039414 - Cannot see the weights increased for NodeAffinity, InterPodAffinity, TaintandToleration
2039425 - No need to set KlusterletAddonConfig CR applicationManager->enabled: true in RAN ztp deployment
2039491 - oc - git:// protocol used in unit tests
2039516 - Bump OVN to ovn21.12-21.12.0-25
2039529 - Project Dashboard Resource Quotas Card empty state test flaking at a high rate
2039534 - Diagnose and fix Project Dashboard Resource Quotas Card test that was previously disabled
2039541 - Resolv-prepender script duplicating entries
2039586 - [e2e] update centos8 to centos stream8
2039618 - VM created from SAP HANA template leads to 404 page if leave one network parameter empty
2039619 - [AWS] In tree provisioner storageclass aws disk type should contain 'gp3' and csi provisioner storageclass default aws disk type should be 'gp3'
2039670 - Create PDBs for control plane components
2039678 - Page goes blank when create image pull secret
2039689 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] Pay-by-specification NAT is no longer supported
2039743 - React missing key warning when open operator hub detail page (and maybe others as well)
2039756 - React missing key warning when open KnativeServing details
2039770 - Observe dashboard doesn't react on time-range changes after browser reload when perspective is changed in another tab
2039776 - Observe dashboard shows nothing if the URL links to an non existing dashboard
2039781 - [GSS] OBC is not visible by admin of a Project on Console
2039798 - Contextual binding with Operator backed service creates visual connector instead of Service binding connector
2039868 - Insights Advisor widget is not in the disabled state when the Insights Operator is disabled
2039880 - Log level too low for control plane metrics
2039919 - Add E2E test for router compression feature
2039981 - ZTP for standard clusters installs stalld on master nodes
2040132 - Flag --port has been deprecated, This flag has no effect now and will be removed in v1.24. You can use --secure-port instead
2040136 - external-dns-operator pod keeps restarting and reports error: timed out waiting for cache to be synced
2040143 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] suggest to remove region "cn-nanjing" or provide better error message
2040150 - Update ConfigMap keys for IBM HPCS
2040160 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] installation fails when region does not support pay-by-bandwidth
2040285 - Bump build-machinery-go for console-operator to pickup change in yaml-patch repository
2040357 - bump OVN to ovn-2021-21.12.0-11.el8fdp
2040376 - "unknown instance type" error for supported m6i.xlarge instance
2040394 - Controller: enqueue the failed configmap till services update
2040467 - Cannot build ztp-site-generator container image
2040504 - Change AWS EBS GP3 IOPS in MachineSet doesn't take affect in OpenShift 4
2040521 - RouterCertsDegraded certificate could not validate route hostname v4-0-config-system-custom-router-certs.apps
2040535 - Auto-update boot source is not available in customize wizard
2040540 - ovs hardware offload: ovsargs format error when adding vf netdev name
2040603 - rhel worker scaleup playbook failed because missing some dependency of podman
2040616 - rolebindings page doesn't load for normal users
2040620 - [MAPO] Error pulling MAPO image on installation
2040653 - Topology sidebar warns that another component is updated while rendering
2040655 - User settings update fails when selecting application in topology sidebar
2040661 - Different react warnings about updating state on unmounted components when leaving topology
2040670 - Permafailing CI job: periodic-ci-openshift-release-master-nightly-4.10-e2e-gcp-libvirt-cert-rotation
2040671 - [Feature:IPv6DualStack] most tests are failing in dualstack ipi
2040694 - Three upstream HTTPClientConfig struct fields missing in the operator
2040705 - Du policy for standard cluster runs the PTP daemon on masters and workers
2040710 - cluster-baremetal-operator cannot update BMC subscription CR
2040741 - Add CI test(s) to ensure that metal3 components are deployed in vSphere, OpenStack and None platforms
2040782 - Import YAML page blocks input with more then one generateName attribute
2040783 - The Import from YAML summary page doesn't show the resource name if created via generateName attribute
2040791 - Default PGT policies must be 'inform' to integrate with the Lifecycle Operator
2040793 - Fix snapshot e2e failures
2040880 - do not block upgrades if we can't connect to vcenter
2041087 - MetalLB: MetalLB CR is not upgraded automatically from 4.9 to 4.10
2041093 - autounattend.xml missing
2041204 - link to templates in virtualization-cluster-overview inventory card is to all templates
2041319 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] installation in region "cn-shanghai" failed, due to "Resource alicloud_vswitch CreateVSwitch Failed...InvalidCidrBlock.Overlapped"
2041326 - Should bump cluster-kube-descheduler-operator to kubernetes version V1.23
2041329 - aws and gcp CredentialsRequest manifests missing ServiceAccountNames list for cloud-network-config-controller
2041361 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] Disable session persistence and removebBandwidth peak of listener
2041441 - Provision volume with size 3000Gi even if sizeRange: '[10-2000]GiB' in storageclass on IBM cloud
2041466 - Kubedescheduler version is missing from the operator logs
2041475 - React components should have a (mostly) unique name in react dev tools to simplify code analyses
2041483 - MetallB: quay.io/openshift/origin-kube-rbac-proxy:4.10 deploy Metallb CR is missing (controller and speaker pods)
2041492 - Spacing between resources in inventory card is too small
2041509 - GCP Cloud provider components should use K8s 1.23 dependencies
2041510 - cluster-baremetal-operator doesn't run baremetal-operator's subscription webhook
2041541 - audit: ManagedFields are dropped using API not annotation
2041546 - ovnkube: set election timer at RAFT cluster creation time
2041554 - use lease for leader election
2041581 - KubeDescheduler operator log shows "Use of insecure cipher detected"
2041583 - etcd and api server cpu mask interferes with a guaranteed workload
2041598 - Including CA bundle in Azure Stack cloud config causes MCO failure
2041605 - Dynamic Plugins: discrepancy in proxy alias documentation/implementation
2041620 - bundle CSV alm-examples does not parse
2041641 - Fix inotify leak and kubelet retaining memory
2041671 - Delete templates leads to 404 page
2041694 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] installation fails when region does not support the cloud_essd disk category
2041734 - ovs hwol: VFs are unbind when switchdev mode is enabled
2041750 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] trying "create install-config" with region "cn-wulanchabu (China (Ulanqab))" (or "ap-southeast-6 (Philippines (Manila))", "cn-guangzhou (China (Guangzhou))") failed due to invalid endpoint
2041763 - The Observe > Alerting pages no longer have their default sort order applied
2041830 - CI: ovn-kubernetes-master-e2e-aws-ovn-windows is broken
2041854 - Communities / Local prefs are applied to all the services regardless of the pool, and only one community is applied
2041882 - cloud-network-config operator can't work normal on GCP workload identity cluster
2041888 - Intermittent incorrect build to run correlation, leading to run status updates applied to wrong build, builds stuck in non-terminal phases
2041926 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] Installer ignores public zone when it does not exist
2041971 - [vsphere] Reconciliation of mutating webhooks didn't happen
2041989 - CredentialsRequest manifests being installed for ibm-cloud-managed profile
2041999 - [PROXY] external dns pod cannot recognize custom proxy CA
2042001 - unexpectedly found multiple load balancers
2042029 - kubedescheduler fails to install completely
2042036 - [IBMCLOUD] "openshift-install explain installconfig.platform.ibmcloud" contains not yet supported custom vpc parameters
2042049 - Seeing warning related to unrecognized feature gate in kubescheduler & KCM logs
2042059 - update discovery burst to reflect lots of CRDs on openshift clusters
2042069 - Revert toolbox to rhcos-toolbox
2042169 - Can not delete egressnetworkpolicy in Foreground propagation
2042181 - MetalLB: User should not be allowed add same bgp advertisement twice in BGP address pool
2042265 - [IBM]"--scale-down-utilization-threshold" doesn't work on IBMCloud
2042274 - Storage API should be used when creating a PVC
2042315 - Baremetal IPI deployment with IPv6 control plane and disabled provisioning network fails as the nodes do not pass introspection
2042366 - Lifecycle hooks should be independently managed
2042370 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] installer panics when the zone does not have an enhanced NAT gateway
2042382 - [e2e][automation] CI takes more then 2 hours to run
2042395 - Add prerequisites for active health checks test
2042438 - Missing rpms in openstack-installer image
2042466 - Selection does not happen when switching from Topology Graph to List View
2042493 - No way to verify if IPs with leading zeros are still valid in the apiserver
2042567 - insufficient info on CodeReady Containers configuration
2042600 - Alone, the io.kubernetes.cri-o.Devices option poses a security risk
2042619 - Overview page of the console is broken for hypershift clusters
2042655 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] cluster becomes unusable if there is only one kube-apiserver pod running
2042711 - [IBMCloud] Machine Deletion Hook cannot work on IBMCloud
2042715 - [AliCloud] Machine Deletion Hook cannot work on AliCloud
2042770 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] with vpcID & vswitchIDs specified, the installer would still try creating NAT gateway unexpectedly
2042829 - Topology performance: HPA was fetched for each Deployment (Pod Ring)
2042851 - Create template from SAP HANA template flow - VM is created instead of a new template
2042906 - Edit machineset with same machine deletion hook name succeed
2042960 - azure-file CI fails with "gid(0) in storageClass and pod fsgroup(1000) are not equal"
2043003 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] 'destroy cluster' of a failed installation (bug2041694) stuck after 'stage=Nat gateways'
2043042 - [Serial] [sig-auth][Feature:OAuthServer] [RequestHeaders] [IdP] test RequestHeaders IdP [Suite:openshift/conformance/serial]
2043043 - Cluster Autoscaler should use K8s 1.23 dependencies
2043064 - Topology performance: Unnecessary rerenderings in topology nodes (unchanged mobx props)
2043078 - Favorite system projects not visible in the project selector after toggling "Show default projects".
2043117 - Recommended operators links are erroneously treated as external
2043130 - Update CSI sidecars to the latest release for 4.10
2043234 - Missing validation when creating several BGPPeers with the same peerAddress
2043240 - Sync openshift/descheduler with sigs.k8s.io/descheduler
2043254 - crio does not bind the security profiles directory
2043296 - Ignition fails when reusing existing statically-keyed LUKS volume
2043297 - [4.10] Bootimage bump tracker
2043316 - RHCOS VM fails to boot on Nutanix AOS
2043446 - Rebase aws-efs-utils to the latest upstream version.
2043556 - Add proper ci-operator configuration to ironic and ironic-agent images
2043577 - DPU network operator
2043651 - Fix bug with exp. backoff working correcly when setting nextCheck in vsphere operator
2043675 - Too many machines deleted by cluster autoscaler when scaling down
2043683 - Revert bug 2039344 Ignoring IPv6 addresses against etcd cert validation
2043709 - Logging flags no longer being bound to command line
2043721 - Installer bootstrap hosts using outdated kubelet containing bugs
2043731 - [IBMCloud] terraform outputs missing for ibmcloud bootstrap and worker ips for must-gather
2043759 - Bump cluster-ingress-operator to k8s.io/api 1.23
2043780 - Bump router to k8s.io/api 1.23
2043787 - Bump cluster-dns-operator to k8s.io/api 1.23
2043801 - Bump CoreDNS to k8s.io/api 1.23
2043802 - EgressIP stopped working after single egressIP for a netnamespace is switched to the other node of HA pair after the first egress node is shutdown
2043961 - [OVN-K] If pod creation fails, retry doesn't work as expected.
2044201 - Templates golden image parameters names should be supported
2044244 - Builds are failing after upgrading the cluster with builder image [jboss-webserver-5/jws56-openjdk8-openshift-rhel8]
2044248 - [IBMCloud][vpc.block.csi.ibm.io]Cluster common user use the storageclass without parameter “csi.storage.k8s.io/fstype” create pvc,pod successfully but write data to the pod's volume failed of "Permission denied"
2044303 - [ovn][cloud-network-config-controller] cloudprivateipconfigs ips were left after deleting egressip objects
2044347 - Bump to kubernetes 1.23.3
2044481 - collect sharedresource cluster scoped instances with must-gather
2044496 - Unable to create hardware events subscription - failed to add finalizers
2044628 - CVE-2022-21673 grafana: Forward OAuth Identity Token can allow users to access some data sources
2044680 - Additional libovsdb performance and resource consumption fixes
2044704 - Observe > Alerting pages should not show runbook links in 4.10
2044717 - [e2e] improve tests for upstream test environment
2044724 - Remove namespace column on VM list page when a project is selected
2044745 - Upgrading cluster from 4.9 to 4.10 on Azure (ARO) causes the cloud-network-config-controller pod to CrashLoopBackOff
2044808 - machine-config-daemon-pull.service: use `cp` instead of `cat` when extracting MCD in OKD
2045024 - CustomNoUpgrade alerts should be ignored
2045112 - vsphere-problem-detector has missing rbac rules for leases
2045199 - SnapShot with Disk Hot-plug hangs
2045561 - Cluster Autoscaler should use the same default Group value as Cluster API
2045591 - Reconciliation of aws pod identity mutating webhook did not happen
2045849 - Add Sprint 212 translations
2045866 - MCO Operator pod spam "Error creating event" warning messages in 4.10
2045878 - Sync upstream 1.16.0 downstream; includes hybrid helm plugin
2045916 - [IBMCloud] Default machine profile in installer is unreliable
2045927 - [FJ OCP4.10 Bug]: Podman failed to pull the IPA image due to the loss of proxy environment
2046025 - [IPI on Alibabacloud] pre-configured alicloud DNS private zone is deleted after destroying cluster, please clarify
2046137 - oc output for unknown commands is not human readable
2046296 - When creating multiple consecutive egressIPs on GCP not all of them get assigned to the instance
2046297 - Bump DB reconnect timeout
2046517 - In Notification drawer, the "Recommendations" header shows when there isn't any recommendations
2046597 - Observe > Targets page may show the wrong service monitor is multiple monitors have the same namespace & label selectors
2046626 - Allow setting custom metrics for Ansible-based Operators
2046683 - [AliCloud]"--scale-down-utilization-threshold" doesn't work on AliCloud
2047025 - Installation fails because of Alibaba CSI driver operator is degraded
2047190 - Bump Alibaba CSI driver for 4.10
2047238 - When using communities and localpreferences together, only localpreference gets applied
2047255 - alibaba: resourceGroupID not found
2047258 - [aws-usgov] fatal error occurred if AMI is not provided for AWS GovCloud regions
2047317 - Update HELM OWNERS files under Dev Console
2047455 - [IBM Cloud] Update custom image os type
2047496 - Add image digest feature
2047779 - do not degrade cluster if storagepolicy creation fails
2047927 - 'oc get project' caused 'Observed a panic: cannot deep copy core.NamespacePhase' when AllRequestBodies is used
2047929 - use lease for leader election
2047975 - [sig-network][Feature:Router] The HAProxy router should override the route host for overridden domains with a custom value [Skipped:Disconnected] [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel]
2048046 - New route annotation to show another URL or hide topology URL decorator doesn't work for Knative Services
2048048 - Application tab in User Preferences dropdown menus are too wide.
2048050 - Topology list view items are not highlighted on keyboard navigation
2048117 - [IBM]Shouldn't change status.storage.bucket and status.storage.resourceKeyCRN when update sepc.stroage,ibmcos with invalid value
2048413 - Bond CNI: Failed to attach Bond NAD to pod
2048443 - Image registry operator panics when finalizes config deletion
2048478 - [alicloud] CCM deploys alibaba-cloud-controller-manager from quay.io/openshift/origin-*
2048484 - SNO: cluster-policy-controller failed to start due to missing serving-cert/tls.crt
2048598 - Web terminal view is broken
2048836 - ovs-configure mis-detecting the ipv6 status on IPv4 only cluster causing Deployment failure
2048891 - Topology page is crashed
2049003 - 4.10: [IBMCloud] ibm-vpc-block-csi-node does not specify an update strategy, only resource requests, or priority class
2049043 - Cannot create VM from template
2049156 - 'oc get project' caused 'Observed a panic: cannot deep copy core.NamespacePhase' when AllRequestBodies is used
2049886 - Placeholder bug for OCP 4.10.0 metadata release
2049890 - Warning annotation for pods with cpu requests or limits on single-node OpenShift cluster without workload partitioning
2050189 - [aws-efs-csi-driver] Merge upstream changes since v1.3.2
2050190 - [aws-ebs-csi-driver] Merge upstream changes since v1.2.0
2050227 - Installation on PSI fails with: 'openstack platform does not have the required standard-attr-tag network extension'
2050247 - Failing test in periodics: [sig-network] Services should respect internalTrafficPolicy=Local Pod and Node, to Pod (hostNetwork: true) [Feature:ServiceInternalTrafficPolicy] [Skipped:Network/OVNKubernetes] [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel] [Suite:k8s]
2050250 - Install fails to bootstrap, complaining about DefragControllerDegraded and sad members
2050310 - ContainerCreateError when trying to launch large (>500) numbers of pods across nodes
2050370 - alert data for burn budget needs to be updated to prevent regression
2050393 - ZTP missing support for local image registry and custom machine config
2050557 - Can not push images to image-registry when enabling KMS encryption in AlibabaCloud
2050737 - Remove metrics and events for master port offsets
2050801 - Vsphere upi tries to access vsphere during manifests generation phase
2050883 - Logger object in LSO does not log source location accurately
2051692 - co/image-registry is degrade because ImagePrunerDegraded: Job has reached the specified backoff limit
2052062 - Whereabouts should implement client-go 1.22+
2052125 - [4.10] Crio appears to be coredumping in some scenarios
2052210 - [aws-c2s] kube-apiserver crashloops due to missing cloud config
2052339 - Failing webhooks will block an upgrade to 4.10 mid-way through the upgrade.
2052458 - [IBM Cloud] ibm-vpc-block-csi-controller does not specify an update strategy, priority class, or only resource requests
2052598 - kube-scheduler should use configmap lease
2052599 - kube-controller-manger should use configmap lease
2052600 - Failed to scaleup RHEL machine against OVN cluster due to jq tool is required by configure-ovs.sh
2052609 - [vSphere CSI driver Operator] RWX volumes counts metrics `vsphere_rwx_volumes_total` not valid
2052611 - MetalLB: BGPPeer object does not have ability to set ebgpMultiHop
2052612 - MetalLB: Webhook Validation: Two BGPPeers instances can have different router ID set.
2052644 - Infinite OAuth redirect loop post-upgrade to 4.10.0-rc.1
2052666 - [4.10.z] change gitmodules to rhcos-4.10 branch
2052756 - [4.10] PVs are not being cleaned up after PVC deletion
2053175 - oc adm catalog mirror throws 'missing signature key' error when using file://local/index
2053218 - ImagePull fails with error "unable to pull manifest from example.com/busy.box:v5 invalid reference format"
2053252 - Sidepanel for Connectors/workloads in topology shows invalid tabs
2053268 - inability to detect static lifecycle failure
2053314 - requestheader IDP test doesn't wait for cleanup, causing high failure rates
2053323 - OpenShift-Ansible BYOH Unit Tests are Broken
2053339 - Remove dev preview badge from IBM FlashSystem deployment windows
2053751 - ztp-site-generate container is missing convenience entrypoint
2053945 - [4.10] Failed to apply sriov policy on intel nics
2054109 - Missing "app" label
2054154 - RoleBinding in project without subject is causing "Project access" page to fail
2054244 - Latest pipeline run should be listed on the top of the pipeline run list
2054288 - console-master-e2e-gcp-console is broken
2054562 - DPU network operator 4.10 branch need to sync with master
2054897 - Unable to deploy hw-event-proxy operator
2055193 - e2e-metal-ipi-serial-ovn-ipv6 is failing frequently
2055358 - Summary Interval Hardcoded in PTP Operator if Set in the Global Body Instead of Command Line
2055371 - Remove Check which enforces summary_interval must match logSyncInterval
2055689 - [ibm]Operator storage PROGRESSING and DEGRADED is true during fresh install for ocp4.11
2055894 - CCO mint mode will not work for Azure after sunsetting of Active Directory Graph API
2056441 - AWS EFS CSI driver should use the trusted CA bundle when cluster proxy is configured
2056479 - ovirt-csi-driver-node pods are crashing intermittently
2056572 - reconcilePrecaching error: cannot list resource "clusterserviceversions" in API group "operators.coreos.com" at the cluster scope"
2056629 - [4.10] EFS CSI driver can't unmount volumes with "wait: no child processes"
2056878 - (dummy bug) ovn-kubernetes ExternalTrafficPolicy still SNATs
2056928 - Ingresscontroller LB scope change behaviour differs for different values of aws-load-balancer-internal annotation
2056948 - post 1.23 rebase: regression in service-load balancer reliability
2057438 - Service Level Agreement (SLA) always show 'Unknown'
2057721 - Fix Proxy support in RHACM 2.4.2
2057724 - Image creation fails when NMstateConfig CR is empty
2058641 - [4.10] Pod density test causing problems when using kube-burner
2059761 - 4.9.23-s390x-machine-os-content manifest invalid when mirroring content for disconnected install
2060610 - Broken access to public images: Unable to connect to the server: no basic auth credentials
2060956 - service domain can't be resolved when networkpolicy is used in OCP 4.10-rc

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