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RootedCON 2017 Call For Papers

RootedCON 2017 Call For Papers
Posted Nov 7, 2016
Site rootedcon.com

RootedCON is a Security Congress that will be celebrated in Madrid (Spain) between 2nd and 4th March 2017. With an estimated capacity between 1300 and 2000 people, is one of the largest specialized conferences ever undertaken in the country and one of the most important in Europe, with profiles of attendees ranging from students, state forces, through market professionals in IT security or simply technology enthusiasts.

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RootedCON 2017 Call For Papers

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RootedCON 2017 - 'Call for Papers'


-=] About RootedCON

RootedCON is a Security Congress that will be celebrated in Madrid (Spain)
between 2nd and 4th March 2017.

With an estimated capacity between 1300 and 2000 people, is one of the largest
specialized conferences ever undertaken in the country and one of the most
important in Europe, withprofiles of attendees ranging from students, state forces,
through market professionals in IT security or simply technology enthusiasts.

New for this year, DEVOPS talks are introduced, transforming the Congress in a
DEV/SEC/OPS event.

-=] Types of talks

Two type of talks will be accepted:

- Fast talks: 20 minutes.
- Standard talks: 50 minutes.

There will be a limited number of each of the types and may even adapt the
calendar for an interesting talk extends beyond 20 minutes or, for specific needs,
reducing a 50 minutes one.

In this 8th edition, we are searching breaking talks, disruptive ones,
international speakers, even talks with topics not directly related to security,
but with technology, lifestyle, culture ...

And, of course, talks about Programming, Infrastructure, docker, Kubernetes,
Raspberry Pi and Arduino, Fintech, Machine Learning, Orchestration, MQTT, ...

-=] International speakers

We are very interested in international speakers, so please do not hesitate to
enroll your talk.

It is important to indicate the needs you may have on traveling and accommodation,
and mark the language you want to use in your talk.

[ES] - Spanish [EN] - English

-=] Topics

Any relevant topic associated with the concept of TECHNOLOGY, for example, and not
being these the only topics that interest us:

- Hacking, cracking, phreaking, virii, WiFi, VoIP, GSM...
- Critical infrastructure Security, SCADA environments...
- Financial Tech (FinTech)
- Hardware Hacking, Jtag, SWJ, Dap,...
- Console and gaming hacking.
- Mobile devices: android, iOS, Windows mobile, Firefox OS...
- Technology Workshops
- Cryptocurrencies
- Drones
- Reverse engineering, debugging, hooking, fuzzing, exploiting,...
- Innovative tools and techniques both for defense and attack.
- APT, botnets and malware.
- (In)security cloud, security in virtual environments,...
- Cryptographical techniques, steganography, covert channels,...
- Forensics and antiforensics.
- Networking, level2 and level3,...
- DEV: MQTT, AMQP, development patterns, distributed development,...
- OPS: puppet, orchestration, virtualization and containers,...
- (Very) Original talks focused in the kind of audience we have...
- Philosophy and ethics, future, innovation...
- VERY ORIGINAL TALKS, such as stand-up comedy, entertainments...

In the last edition, there were popular talks related to "Hardware Hacking", robots behavior
modification, specialized hardware, or even devices creation. Related Keywords: Drones, Arduino,
*copters, Vacuum cleaner robots, alarms, Jtag, cameras...

In this edition, we are especially interested in 0days vulnerabilities and all kinds of security problems in whatever critical infrastructures or platforms.

In this new stage we will have two halls in multitrack mode, dividing SEC and DEVOPS in two zones, so
if the talk proposed is interesting, chances are that it can be taught in two different slots.

-=] Papers submission procedure

We only accept talks submissions through the online form which has been prepared for this purpose:

https://www.rootedcon.com/cfp/cfp2017-en/ (english)
https://www.rootedcon.com/cfp/cfp2017-es/ (spanish)

Any other submission method will not be considered as "official" and will not be evaluated
by the selection team.

-=] Schedule and milestones

7 Nov 2016 - Launch of Call for papers.
19 Dic 2016 - Call For Papers closing.
Dic 2016 - Get in touch and interviews with the speakers for final confirmation.
Ene 2017 - Publication of speakers schedule.

*8 Feb 2017 - Speakers materials submission to Rooted*

1 Mar 2017 - Speakers dinner
2 - 4 Mar 2017 - /RootedCON2017

** Unjustified delays in delivery of materials can impact coverage travel expenses and accommodation,
as well as other benefits that may be acquired as a speaker.

-=] Benefits and privileges as speaker

Each speaker will receive the following benefits and privileges:

- A dinner with the rest of the speakers, RootedLabs teachers and RootedCON crew.
- Accommodation (costs assumed by the organization)
- Travel (costs assumed by the organization)
- Full access to the whole congress
- Ability to deliver the talk twice, once in each track (depending on the rating).
- Some free drinks at the party ;)
- Management of potential job opportunities.
- A surprise in gratitude for participation.

*** Enter in the competition for best talk, getting a prize of 1,000 euros in case of winning.

*** If your talk you show a 0day or a particularly innovative technique will reward you with
an amount between 100 and 1,000 euros (depending on the assessment of the submitted). The assessment of 0day
will be conducted by an external evaluator committee, with the participation of some members of the Organization and people outside it.

This committee will evaluate if 0day is real, is worthy of an award, and the amount.

-=] Duties and responsibilities of speakers

All speakers selected to present their talks at RootedCON 2017 will must:

a) Confirm that the presented paper is TECHNICAL and accompanied by a PROOF OF CONCEPT (PoC).
In case of not have Proof of Concept justify understandably why.

b) Send the material of the talk PRIOR to the dates of the Congress. Within the submission of
material is important to include details about the demos that will be performed.

c) Develop the slides according to the RootedCON 2017 official templates.

d) Explicitly accept that the materials presented, as well as video and audio recordings
made shall be published in either mechanisms RootedCON content management or other media in the future. RootedCON *won't censor* any of the materials, recordings, media publication or whatever mechanisms by
which are made accessible to the public and the congress attendees.

-=] Sponsors and Partners

RootedCON is always looking for quality sponsors and partners. If you have a proposal or
you think your company may be interested, please contact us at:


IMPORTANT: Due to the highly technical subject of the congress, and the preferences shown by attendees
in multiple surveys, we encourage potential sponsors who intend to have a slot as speaker attempting to adapt as far as possible to the tastes of most
RootedCON asset you have: its audience.

Any help, comments, ideas, suggestions or collaborations that we should do get will be considered and
valued with all its importance: it is very important for the Congress to receive such proposals, and
they depend on you to organize the best event possible.

-=] Critical points to consider

1. Time management and the duration of the talks are one of the critical points in the Congress.
Rather, they should ask for a longer talk than trying to rush twenty minutes, without allowing
time for audience questions.

2. It will be appreciated EXCLUSIVE talks, which not previously published in any other forum,
blog, website, event or conference.

3. We believe in the responsible Full-disclosure so, if the idea is to present a Zero-Day, we want confirmation from that has contacted the manufacturer / victim, if this contact has not been made,
we offer to manage the contact.

4. A cause for termination of the relationship between the Speaker and RootedCON is to not deliver
of (every) material on the date indicated.

5. PLEASE, it's very important to * CLEARLY * indicate if accommodation and travel is needed or not
when you submit your proposal, Rooted reserves the right not to meet such needs if it is not initially requested.

-=] How to contact:


-=] Our links

- Web: http://www.rootedcon.com/en/
- Twitter: @rootedcon #rooted y #rooted2017
- Facebook: http://bit.ly/fbookrooted
- LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/linkedinrooted
- Rooted mailing-list (spanish): rootedcon@listas.rooted.es
- Vimeo: http://www.vimeo.com/rootedcon
- Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/rootedconmadrid
- Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/rootedcon
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