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Posted Nov 1, 2005

Snippet of code from the Voyager Beta worm.

tags | worm
MD5 | e46bef2356755e2a2cde54e715de3b8f
Posted Feb 10, 2005

Source code for a worm that spreads using Zboard PHP vulnerabilities. Known as the ZeroBoard worm, it infects Linux, FreeBSD, and Sun.

tags | worm, php, vulnerability
systems | linux, freebsd
MD5 | 0d482a78e5fa3223544775c1ddc6dfdd
Posted Dec 16, 2003
Authored by sirius_black | Site

Tclworm.tcl is a worm coded in TCL/Expect which exploits easily guessed passwords.

tags | worm
MD5 | b72811bcbbac3894e97672fd8c859029
Posted Jul 6, 2003
Authored by sloth | Site

Quick analysis of the Mindjail worm being distributed by the trojan sdbot 0.5b.

tags | worm, trojan
MD5 | 2ca02680080ee37930a1466702574257
Posted Dec 6, 2002
Authored by r-22 | Site

Netbios Worm v1.0 is a simple program which shows how a worm can spread across netbios shares.

tags | worm
MD5 | 0007e7d6cf65a804f54cee8ff38dc0ef
Posted Jul 3, 2002

Apache-worm.c is an Internet worm based on the GOBBLES exploit for the Apache chunked encoding vulnerability. Affects FreeBSD 4.5 Apache 1.3.20-24.

tags | worm
systems | freebsd
MD5 | bc48df43745876b0c40ef4f9854e67c9
Posted Mar 31, 2002
Authored by Tyler Longren | Site is a script which checks apache log files for nimda and code red attempts.

tags | worm
MD5 | deb9142693256bce6e295eaf0263adbc
Posted Sep 11, 2001

Remotely detects and cleans binaries infected with the RST worm.

tags | worm
MD5 | 9609d3460acff6c72d9663f745a2ce27
Posted Apr 17, 2001

1i0n.tar.gz is an executable package for the 1ion worm by the ramen crew. Includes several shell scripts and helper binaries.

tags | worm, shell
MD5 | 002160e89fc8386261b60252ea6dd1a5
Posted Apr 8, 2001

Adorefind checks for the adore worm on the local system.

tags | worm, local
MD5 | 2734de0b439d2701afbdcfc85ba4dedf
Posted Apr 8, 2001
Authored by Matt Fearnow | Site

Information on the Adore worm, a worm that we originally called the Red Worm which is similar to the Ramen and Lion worms. Adore scans the Internet checking Linux hosts to determine whether they are vulnerable to any of the following well-known exploits: LPRng, rpc-statd, wu-ftpd and BIND. LPRng is installed by default on Red Hat 7.0 systems. From the reports so far, Adore appears to have started its spread on April 1.

tags | worm
systems | linux, redhat
MD5 | 1aaf1442ac408124ef5820ba592841d8
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