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Concerning Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability in Joostina which I wrote you
about last week.

At 07th of January, after my informing of developers, they released a patch
for this hole. Developers added fix to repository (at and
posted code of patch in comments at my site and at their official forum
( And what is more that patch can be applied for both
Joostina and Joomla 1.0.x (which developers of Joomla is not supporting any
more from 2009).

But this fix not solves all security issues in Joostina and I found another
attack vector for XSS. The attack is going via the same parameter ordering
in local search of engine (com_search), but taking into account that it
requires separate fix in other php-file of engine, then it can be considered
as separate vulnerability.

Recently, at 11th of January, I checked fix on multiple sites which
installed first fix, and found new XSS hole. And developers confirmed that
the hole existed in Joostina 1.3.x and in previous branches (in default
configuration). Yesterday they officially released fix, which was added to
repository, in comments at my site and at their official forum. So users of
Joostina need to apply both patches to completely fix XSS in com_search.

PoC for new XSS:


2011-01-14 17:27:54 UTC | Permalink
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