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Real Namedavid kevin
Emailkevinmitnick at live.fr
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Interestshacking programming security
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How did you become a hacker?
K3vin Mitchnik : I was only 12 when I first laid my hands on a keyboard. At the time, there was no internet and, for me, the computer was merely a machine on which I could play 2D video games. When I turned 17, I got interested in the online hacking forums and I joined several of them. I didn’t understand much of their content as the administrators and the hackers of the time did not provide full information or tutorials or even explanations on how to use certain software. That’s when I wrote my first hacker article but the entire forum gave me flack and accused me of being a lamer. So I challenged the administrators and the members of this forum to crack a secured system. I won the challenge and convinced them of my abilities. And so I became a hacker.

What attracted you to hacking?
Initially, it was a hobby. I liked the challenge.

And so you went on to create Tunisian Black Hats?
Yes, I co- founded the group in 2007, along with my friend ‘webterrorist’ and two other pals who were very interested in the issue of digital and online security. At the time, broadband connections were just starting to be available in Tunisia and as a consequence the country was opening up. That’s how we decided to model ourselves on existing groups in Europe, Russia and China.

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