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Posted Feb 2, 2006
Authored by David Farley

Amusing cartoon regarding RFID.

systems | unix
SHA-256 | 8536fcbbc38b641e12db58d27ae9257b5ef49b7173f6917d1d158aae28eff654
Posted May 10, 2005

Microsoft VI version 1.0.

systems | unix
SHA-256 | 932a9a6efc37753216274410b502d0286573c658b840a5ab2a722663163f065a
Posted Dec 31, 2004

Very amusing spoof advisory regarding Shoe 1.0 - Remote Lace overflow.

tags | remote, overflow, spoof
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 709945f4e57a7a3cf52d5e11e1d11ba84989dedf3f066f3bef4688e5d846a4d7
Posted Dec 4, 2004

Mr. Hyan-Lee makes the mistake of printing the entire Windows 2000 bug list.

systems | windows, unix
SHA-256 | b3f06990ed4a3b986e1f7899f6fb4218f24999099cd339bf9b6e5b30e3d920cb
Posted Dec 4, 2004

This is a futurized Microsoft keyboard.

systems | unix
SHA-256 | c2d8086ad3147a43d626bd89cbc2885b223f4f6a5eee6c73ecdc408b42d5feca
Posted Sep 29, 2004
Authored by Uncle Chunky | Site lhqi.com

Amusing yet obnoxious play on terminology in the industry and how it is or could be used to make references to drug and sexual instances. If you are easily offended, do not bother reading this.

systems | unix
SHA-256 | 55800c95af5e0cadc9ac9ea6fb1d5f41a213fbf01ad6b95eba8fc1320cd4c8ca
Posted Sep 21, 2004

Visual proof that God has possibly deliberately pushed the recent hurricanes in Florida through territories that voted for Bush.

systems | unix
SHA-256 | fa58e9baf908c99700dfb53f74995250ef83df4a37919409d8c4594b5bee6c8d
Posted Aug 27, 2004

This is a no-narking sign which looks similar to a no-parking sign. :)

systems | unix
SHA-256 | abc89c064d30148bf39993f23706d5f32e3226639226d2b8d198b3b13be6efe0
Posted May 25, 2004

Amusing graphic of Microsoft's UK web site getting compromised and defaced again in May, 2004.

tags | web
systems | unix
SHA-256 | edb2ed3493028fcae986a0d3855973827917f057e0b23a9a519176ced4557a53
Posted May 7, 2004
Authored by Konstantin Ryabitsev

Hilarious take on how Red Hat is changing over to Fedora and letting the community know how things will work in general.

systems | linux, redhat, unix, fedora
SHA-256 | b7d261ead6f578271a830821c653ce6481f4f3bcd9c311c3af6c608b1ede7911
Posted Apr 15, 2004
Authored by Roedy Green

Hilarious write up on how to ensure a job for life. Entitled How To Write Unmaintainable Code.

systems | unix
SHA-256 | 072640834400115a882c5d33808600c3886403df3eac4bd1952275b7a1bd169b
Posted Sep 10, 2003

Complete moron at Defcon 11 performing the Magnum look.

systems | unix
SHA-256 | f26beeae5b42adc59882e5ac7ffd6ae75ad7e815d641eb75a9cdcf8c3df5a878
Posted May 16, 2003

Amusing picture of Hollywood using Nmap and an exploit for the SSH CRC-32 vulnerability in the new movie Matrix Reloaded.

systems | unix
SHA-256 | a28367a3537f949299c8c04cfa421c6e1831f031f06590cbb25ad92f146ef142
Posted May 7, 2003

L33t Cereal.

systems | unix
SHA-256 | 0f6cdd33ccc1647712dbe24f469c1dde9dfd911389e33e3620c314514c39525e
Posted Nov 1, 2002

Funny comic on blue screens of death and halloween.

systems | unix
SHA-256 | 66f3a0899c153cf6aff76686e3d25bbfc30f882c34dc086d3cf1ac58d3846616
Posted May 17, 2002

I know how to take meat away from a dog. How do I take a dog away from meat? This is not, unfortunately, a joke.

systems | unix
SHA-256 | c7f89f29d7da757ca84d7f26d7624d026f4bbf38e9c8fcb52f17e9670eab783f
Posted Nov 21, 2001

This jpg has nothing to do with unix, but it is easily funny enough to warrant being in the unix humor section anyway. It is an unaltered press photo of GW Bush being accosted by a gooselike animal.

systems | unix
SHA-256 | 75116b6771c9d248c08316ec5bd924cb8b50f4e987fa253f3c360a20bc795186
Posted Apr 9, 2001

Parody on the Hacker Manifesto - It is about the End-User. Why? Well, basically because, as an IT professional, I am sick of watching a "new" virus infect thousands of company's networks simply because an end-user cannot understand "do not open attachments from unknown/untrusted senders". Causing "untold amounts" in damage. Willie Gonzalez

tags | virus
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 9cbb7e95fb660fe69e7309a0757309681de8a2c6083711c7344b94494015b644
Posted Jun 29, 2000

Microsoft Windows secret options - More aggrivating display properties.

systems | windows, unix
SHA-256 | 65aa1e22a2068f5a58c7fbf967d3454c99c326426193757ad360e388913713fc
Posted Jun 29, 2000

Microsoft Windows secret options - Aggrivating display properties.

systems | windows, unix
SHA-256 | 9f400b96cf3bca5423aa8c2457b299c9d2c66c709c5aed663ab61bdba4657db5
Posted Jun 29, 2000

Microsoft Windows secret options - Endourance options, etc :)

systems | windows, unix
SHA-256 | 05779917700f59917b9bcfa81aa76d564e760f168128947370d0ace0ea56469e
Posted May 14, 2000

Microsoft Linux box cover. Very chilling, frightening, and funny too.

systems | linux, unix
SHA-256 | 1bc986e436715e6db9328f01347cc8326f0de23ce9447218dc4e65884d6302b2
Posted May 5, 2000
Site torn.kaapeli.net

A screen shot from when apache.org was defaced with a Microsoft logo.

systems | unix
SHA-256 | 38f0cf3e545b9c2464873f3a18258c0b9275ff649438fc40fe2c60612ab725ef
Posted Feb 1, 2000

Bill Gates is Hitler.

systems | unix
SHA-256 | eec2b550bd8e4a48c38075657c3295ef92095e0a0ee03e41bfcf18dd968837c7
Posted Oct 25, 1999
Authored by Sil

These calculations show that Microsoft may be guilty of murder, on order of several people per day.

systems | unix
SHA-256 | 23297b92fb766ca9043cf40b8f3d40fae47a45104b5f56247da2fb43da000a2d
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