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Forensic Analysis / Incident Response

No matter how big or how small a company, everyone can be susceptible to a system compromise. It can be one server or it can be 50,000. What matters most after a compromise is how the next steps are handled. Steps must be taken to ensure chain of custody for all evidence and mitigations must be put into place to halt any further damage. Our consultants can help your business recover and remediate all fallout from an incident. This includes forensic analysis, oversight of the incident response process, and ensuring that all systems in scope are adequately secured prior to coming back online. We assist in locating the root cause of compromise, the data exfiltrated, and providing processes around recovery. A break-in can be a nightmare for any size company and our guidance and services help remedy the situation.

Internal Security Assessment

Many companies suffer from a concept known as having a hard outside, a soft inside. This is where perimeter defenses may seem adequate, but inside the network everything is a free-for-all. This may work at a start-up with 10 employees, but as a corporation scales it becomes a risk nightmare. We can help assess everything from the security of your IT infrastructure to transitive trust issues between corporate and production networks.

Vulnerability Remediation

Publicly disclosed issue and you aren't sure if the fix your developers have come up with is correct, or if it will just result in embarrassment? We can help. We can verify or help guide proper remediation of both issues we've discovered during an engagement or any externally discovered issues you may wish to take care of.


Packet Storm delivers a detailed, comprehensive, and customizable report at the end of each security engagement. Reports typically include an executive summary, detailed technical findings with well defined proof of concepts, and recommended remediation steps.

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