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VoIP Wars: Return Of The SIP
Posted Aug 6, 2013
Authored by Fatih Ozavci

These are the presentation slides from "VoIP Wars: Return of the SIP" as presented at Defcon 21 in Las Vegas.

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MD5 | 2a27c2084d5a6bce0b1e763dfb792f3b
Enumerating And Breaking VoIP
Posted Nov 21, 2011
Authored by Sohil Garg

Whitepaper called Enumerating and Breaking VoIP. It discusses various enumeration techniques followed by a demonstration of a few VoIP attacks.

tags | paper
MD5 | 6f838df84fef711d5acd89d899314395
Cisco VoIP Phones - A Hackers Perspective
Posted Jul 26, 2010
Authored by chap0

Whitepaper called Cisco VoIP Phone - A Hackers Perspective.

tags | paper
systems | cisco
MD5 | 9762e45d583ee557b5973b01f6d64df3
Posted Oct 7, 2008
Authored by Kendric Tang | Site

Whitepaper discussing methodologies and logistics to targeting Voice Over IP (VoIP) networks.

tags | paper
MD5 | 6cf443937c55a3febd2aff3bf63c18ac
Posted Jan 22, 2008
Authored by PAgVac | Site

Call Jacking: Phreaking The BT Home Hub.

tags | paper
MD5 | 5b531137f594cec86923f76c724b4f76
Posted Nov 20, 2006
Authored by Marek Roy | Site

Whitepaper detailing step by step instructions on how to connect Vonage to an Asterisk PBX.

tags | paper
MD5 | d5f8a4ad8e900ab29691244fd48fa846
Posted Apr 1, 2006
Authored by Frederic Charpentier | Site

A whitepaper discussing a layered approach to VOIP security.

tags | paper
MD5 | f13ddc28d058001c0891d529a306cd3e
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