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Better PHP Practices
Posted Sep 5, 2011
Authored by cwade12c | Site haxme.org

Whitepaper called Better PHP Practices. It focuses on on security measures and implementations to enhance your code.

tags | paper, php
SHA-256 | 6ee3c89a53b24f31636bad8962204b1f5dedcf8be35915edc4dc0196fa23c6b7
Posted Jun 15, 2007
Authored by Alla Bezroutchko | Site scanit.be

Whitepaper discussing secure file upload in PHP web applications.

tags | paper, web, php, file upload
SHA-256 | c2f310516a6d4d5db4170ff162f315419894a825ccc044c82abbc2e20b2cdee4
Posted May 6, 2006
Authored by Steven M. Christey

Small write-up discussing dynamic evaluation vulnerabilities in PHP applications.

tags | paper, php, vulnerability
SHA-256 | a217e9eefc906363f69f40b0accf98bbda961516dbf227b93297f62febc5822a
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