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Posted Mar 22, 2006
Authored by Val Smith | Site

Detecting the Presence of Virtual Machines Using the Local Data Table - This paper describes a method for determining the presence of virtual machine emulation in a non-privileged operating environment. This attack is useful for triggering anti-virtualization attacks and evading analysis.

tags | paper, local
MD5 | 92a990116970ebe86c383ab30e4ac4c1
Posted Mar 26, 2005
Authored by tkohno | Site

Remote physical device fingerprinting by exploiting small, microscopic deviations in device hardware: clock skews. Presents research showing accuracy equivalent to DNA matches, even when the target was hundreds of milliseconds away.

tags | paper, remote
MD5 | d9e6959691955d6c56f6b903643b9f8a
Posted Jul 28, 2003
Authored by STE Jones | Site

Paper discussing utilization of port zero for OS fingerprinting and how to protect against it.

tags | paper
MD5 | bcd6916661d1dd7789bd056c6ab8e767
Posted Feb 21, 2001
Authored by Fobic | Site

Remote OS Detection using LPD Querying - Line printer daemons listening on TCP port 515 can give away information about which OS is running. Proof of concept code which contains a database of LPD returned messages and OS matches here.

tags | paper, remote, tcp, proof of concept
MD5 | 4e667a19a6fc4fd69e37e0ce2175a2da
Posted Feb 13, 2001
Authored by Fobic | Site

Examining Advanced Remote OS Detection Methods/Concepts using Perl - This paper discusses the theory and practice behind OS detection with a specific focus on the practice related to the PERL programming language. Methods and concepts for remote operating system detection are closely examined and implemented into Perl code.

tags | paper, remote, perl
MD5 | ae8c4eb4e2c8beb1a0dce5dd6872a449
Posted Oct 26, 1999
Authored by pho

Pho's alternate remote OS detection techinques page has been updated. Includes information on ICMP techniques, ARP techniques, IP techniques, and UDP techniques.

tags | paper, remote, udp
MD5 | bbc82d05af7c37437490790e3576a887
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