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Insecure Authentication Control In J2EE
Posted Dec 28, 2012
Authored by Ashish Rao

This is a whitepaper discussing insecure authentication control in J2EE implemented using sendRedirect().

tags | paper, java
MD5 | 63b4626d897f0863618933ab96229759
SE-2012-01 Technical Report
Posted Nov 16, 2012
Authored by Adam Gowdiak | Site

This is the technical report detailing the Oracle Java vulnerabilities originally noted in SE-2012-01.

tags | paper, java, vulnerability
MD5 | e6778433bc4286305cb740da2d799fbd
Dissecting Java Server Faces For Penetration Testing
Posted Aug 25, 2011
Authored by Aditya K Sood, Krishna Raja

Whitepaper called Dissecting Java Server Faces for Penetration Testing. This paper is divided into two parts. In the first part, they discuss the internals of JSF, a Java based web application framework and its inherent security model. In the second part, they discuss about the security weaknesses and applied security features in the JSF. In addition, they also raise a flag on the security issues present in JSF in order to conduct effective penetration testing.

tags | paper, java, web
MD5 | 3e0ca590152a28d58e6b4fd24b67f72a
EvilQR - When QR Code Goes Bad
Posted Aug 16, 2011
Authored by Chilik Tamir | Site

Whitepaper called EvilQR – When QR Code Goes Bad . This is a security assessment of mobile QR readers.

tags | paper, java
MD5 | e71934da1759de464dae8a97f2c24afe
Implementing Security Improvements In JBoss
Posted May 18, 2011
Authored by Alexandro Silva | Site

Brief whitepaper discussing security improvements that should be implemented in JBoss application server installations.

tags | paper, java
MD5 | 053f8b4ab8c8403e9f002c416ee7f938
JBoss Application Server - Deploying WARs With The DeploymentFileRepository MBean
Posted Jun 16, 2010

Whitepaper called JBoss Application Server - Deploying WARs with the DeploymentFileRepository MBean. It explains how to deploy WAR files with the DeploymentFileRepository MBean and how this is even possible with Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF).

tags | paper, java, csrf
MD5 | 5725b619ea089a246051ade77c99f54d
Posted Nov 20, 2008
Authored by Aodrulez | Site

Whitepaper entitled Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME or Java ME) Based Computer Malware Propagation Technique.

tags | paper, java
MD5 | cc003c84ac29ef11a21f2991097237f1
Posted Nov 27, 2006
Authored by Subere

Whitepaper entitled Cracking String Encrypting in Java Obfuscated Bytecode.

tags | paper, java
MD5 | f0739a49ebc9c9404cbd455eb485ca84
Posted Aug 27, 2006
Authored by Stephen de Vries | Site

Accessing Java Clients with the BeanShell. This whitepaper goes into detail discussing the assessment of Java applications utilizing the BeanShell.

tags | paper, java
MD5 | 86f5a728c7199f4f03af12a0402c9eac
Posted Oct 1, 1999
Authored by Davin Martin

Blocking Java Applets at the Firewall. Discussion about blocking hostile applets at firewalls.

tags | paper, java
MD5 | ee5317c4ddd6a3770f984f6235983e00
Posted Oct 1, 1999
Authored by Vijay Saraswat

Java is not type-safe.

tags | paper, java
MD5 | 12c4bf87d1f0d650f32084ea8398bbab
Posted Oct 1, 1999
Authored by Drew Dean

The Security of Static Typing with Dynamic Linking.

tags | paper, java
MD5 | e1ff1211a30f3d6f24801cc9fcb025ed
Posted Oct 1, 1999
Authored by David Hopwood

A Comparison between Java and Active X Security.

tags | paper, java, activex
MD5 | dfbe17ddd998e0657a3696f789cc5786
Posted Oct 1, 1999

Foresight Computer Security Fact Forum. Discussion of the Java Security Model.

tags | paper, java
MD5 | cd9194ae0e70a27de70846cb31589e4b
Posted Oct 1, 1999

Defensive Java Virtual Machine Version 0.5 alpha Release. Built in ACL2.

tags | paper, java
MD5 | 77032badb39a1f1152b199d5cd734c75
Posted Oct 1, 1999
Authored by Dirk Balfanz

Experience with Secure Multi-Processing in Java.

tags | paper, java
MD5 | c351fd55722ee49ec10bc3df9931474d
Posted Oct 1, 1999

Software Assurance for Security.

tags | paper, java
MD5 | 9eeb470be313f0a701174f6739c57b02
Posted Oct 1, 1999
Authored by Joseph Bank

One of the first papers presented on Java Security.

tags | paper, java
MD5 | d5100579a2d3f26d7e47b978b52c32c9
Posted Oct 1, 1999
Authored by Sophia Drossopoulou

Work on the Java Type System.

tags | paper, java
MD5 | 4d3db7cbc736b69cd57cd5207bcad71a
Posted Oct 1, 1999

Going Beyond the Sandbox: An Overview of the New Security Architecture in the Java Development Kit 1.2

tags | paper, java
MD5 | d62ed645166bc86eb82fdfb2d761e35a
Posted Oct 1, 1999
Authored by Gong, Schemers

Implementing Protection Domains in the Java Development Kit 1.2.

tags | paper, java
MD5 | cdf3c6cfcc693b401075de6382ec48ce
Posted Oct 1, 1999

Java Security: Weaknesses and Solutions. Early paper on Java security and problems in the VM.

tags | paper, java
MD5 | 5ba0343ad4163e19da27e777d9166427
Posted Oct 1, 1999

Mobile Code Bibliography. A collection of mobile code publications.

tags | paper, java
MD5 | 1f73d5e6a8f92b5c704078bdf2fbfc85
Posted Oct 1, 1999
Authored by Jean-Paul Billon

Security Breaches in the JDK 1.1 beta 2 security API.

tags | paper, java
MD5 | 192cacfb2a0815b6344ec0c6f410cb3f
Posted Oct 1, 1999
Authored by Princeton Security Team

Java Security: From HotJava to Netscape and Beyond. A classic paper on the security of Java.

tags | paper, java
MD5 | 7a90bea3a8fc4935a5c819c00ef37242
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