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Passport News

Yet Another Hacker Harassed At Customs
Posted Nov 19, 2010
Source Wired

tags | headline, hacker, government, privacy, passport
Foreign Office Changes Tourist Advice After Israeli Inquiry
Posted Mar 24, 2010
Source The Register

tags | israel, passport
Hackers Expose Security Flaws With Elvis Presley Passport
Posted Feb 23, 2010
Source CNN

tags | hacker, flaw, passport
Interpol Issues Arrest Warrant For Fake Passport Hit Team
Posted Feb 19, 2010
Source The Register

tags | passport
South Africa Rolls Out Biometric Passports
Posted Apr 15, 2009
Source Vnunet

tags | africa, passport
Hacker War Drives San Francisco Cloning RFID Passports
Posted Feb 2, 2009
Source Engadget

tags | hacker, usa, passport, rfid
Passport RFIDs Cloned Wholesale By $250 eBay Auction Spree
Posted Feb 2, 2009
Source The Register

tags | passport, ebay
State Department Passport Snoop Faces Little Or No Jail Time
Posted Jan 14, 2009
Source Wired

tags | passport
Passport Snoop Snared
Posted Jan 13, 2009
Source The Smoking Gun

tags | passport
THC/vonJeek Provide You The Ability To Clone ePassports
Posted Sep 29, 2008
Source The Hacker's Choice

tags | passport
UK Electronic Passports Cloned Within Minutes
Posted Aug 7, 2008
Source Vnunet

tags | britain, passport
Awed Fraudsters Defeated By UK's Passport Interviews
Posted Mar 25, 2008
Source The Register

tags | britain, fraud, passport
Rice Apologizes To Obama For Passport Hack
Posted Mar 21, 2008
Source United Press International

tags | government, passport
US To Issue Wireless Passports
Posted Jan 4, 2008
Source Vnunet

tags | usa, wireless, passport
Germany Rolls Out ePassport II - It's Fingerprinting Good!
Posted Nov 1, 2007
Source The Register

tags | germany, passport
E-Borders Kills Off UK-Ireland Passport Free Travel
Posted Oct 25, 2007
Source The Register

tags | britain, passport, ireland
Crypto Boffins Urge Belgium To Withdraw Early ePassports
Posted Jun 10, 2007
Source The Register

tags | flaw, passport
Home Office Issued 10,000 Fake UK Passports Last Year
Posted Mar 20, 2007
Source The Inquirer

tags | britain, passport
British E-Passports Arrive, With Questions
Posted Feb 7, 2007
Source Business Week

tags | britain, passport
Irish Passports Go RFID, And Naked
Posted Oct 23, 2006
Source The Register

tags | passport, rfid, ireland
U.S. Deploys First e-Passport Readers
Posted Sep 27, 2006
Source Security Focus

tags | usa, passport
DHS Completes Live Test Of E-Passports
Posted Apr 18, 2006
Source Security Focus

tags | passport
US Names The Day For Biometric Passports
Posted Jul 22, 2003
Source The Register

tags | usa, passport
European Union Backs Biometric Passports
Posted Jun 23, 2003
Source The Register

tags | passport
Microsoft Passport Cracked via Hotmail
Posted Nov 5, 2001
Source The Register

tags | microsoft, email, passport
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