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Netherlands News

70% Of KPN Customers Used Their Default Password Permanently
Posted Jul 6, 2012
Source ZDNet

tags | headline, phone, password, netherlands
Fortezza Pleads Not Guilty To Mass Credit Card Theft
Posted Jun 12, 2012
Source CBS News

tags | headline, hacker, bank, usa, cybercrime, scam, netherlands
Dutch Court Rules Pirate Bay Must Be Blocked
Posted May 10, 2012
Source Cnet News

tags | headline, government, riaa, mpaa, netherlands, pirate
Holland Moves To Block The Pirate Bay
Posted Jan 11, 2012
Source The Inquirer

tags | headline, government, netherlands, pirate
Microsoft And Mozilla Ban Dutch Government Root Certificate
Posted Sep 7, 2011
Source The Inquirer

tags | headline, microsoft, ssl, mozilla, netherlands
UK, Dutch Cops Cuff 5 More In Anonymous-LulzSec Raids
Posted Jul 20, 2011
Source The Register

tags | headline, britain, netherlands, anonymous
Dutch Courts: Wi-Fi Hacking Is Not A Crime
Posted Mar 21, 2011
Source The Register

tags | headline, hacker, wireless, netherlands
Dutch Police Use Unusual Tactics In Botnet Battle
Posted Oct 27, 2010
Source BBC News UK

tags | government, botnet, netherlands
Hack In The Box Heading To Holland
Posted Nov 26, 2009
Source PCWorld

tags | netherlands
Dutch Court Orders Pirate Bay To Delete Torrents
Posted Oct 23, 2009
Source The Inquirer

tags | government, netherlands, pirate
Dutch Sites Favourite With Hackers
Posted Apr 14, 2009
Source Radio Netherlands

tags | hacker, netherlands
Defending Islam, Hacker Defaces Thousands Of Dutch Websites
Posted Aug 28, 2008
Source ITWorld

tags | hacker, netherlands
Dutch Police Smash Shadow Botnet
Posted Aug 14, 2008
Source Vnunet

tags | government, botnet, netherlands
Hacker Arrested For Stealing Quake War
Posted Jun 27, 2008
Source Dutch News

tags | hacker, netherlands
Dutch Government Gags Oyster Researchers
Posted Jun 25, 2008
Source The Register

tags | government, flaw, netherlands
Anonymous Hackers Shoot For Scientologists, Hit Dutch School Kids
Posted Jan 25, 2008
Source Wired

tags | hacker, netherlands
Privacy Storm Descends On Dutch Health Care Database
Posted Dec 13, 2007
Source The Register

tags | privacy, database, netherlands
Dutch Police Arrest 111 West Africans In 419 Clampdown
Posted Jun 18, 2007
Source The Register

tags | government, africa, netherlands
File-Swappers Identities Protected By Dutch Court
Posted Jul 14, 2006
Source The Register

tags | government, netherlands
Dutch MP3 Linking Site Shut Down
Posted Jun 20, 2006
Source Vnunet

tags | netherlands
Dutch Blaggers Explode ATMs
Posted Mar 14, 2006
Source The Register

tags | bank, netherlands
Dutch Mass Spammer Loses Grip
Posted Jul 6, 2003
Source The Register

tags | spam, netherlands
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