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Virtual People To Get ID Checks
Posted Jul 29, 2011
Source BBC News UK

tags | headline, privacy, identity theft, science
Honda Security Breach Exposes 283,000 Customers
Posted May 27, 2011
Source Toronto Star

tags | headline, hacker, data loss, identity theft
Insider Data Theft Costs Bank Of America $10 Million
Posted May 27, 2011
Source The Register

tags | headline, bank, cybercrime, data loss, identity theft
Is Starbucks A Sweet Spot For Hackers Looking To Steal Identities?
Posted Feb 28, 2011
Source Fast Company

tags | headline, hacker, data loss, identity theft
Could The IRS Be Sending ID Thieves Your Data?
Posted Feb 25, 2011
Source Naples News

tags | headline, government, data loss, identity theft
Orange County Man Steals Identity, Then Reports It Stolen
Posted Jan 8, 2011
Source The Mercury News

tags | headline, identity theft
Little Transparency When It Comes To Data Breaches
Posted Jan 5, 2011
Source Consumer Affairs

tags | headline, data loss, identity theft
U.S. DHS Goes After Vietnamese Hackers, Identity Thieves
Posted Jan 4, 2011
Source Computerworld

tags | headline, hacker, government, identity theft
Identity Theft During The Holidays
Posted Dec 15, 2010
Source CIO

tags | headline, identity theft
Fingerprint Software To Stem Cybercrime
Posted Nov 16, 2010
Source BBC News UK

tags | headline, cybercrime, data loss, identity theft
Cold-Calling Anti-Virus Scammers Want To Get You Sick
Posted Nov 15, 2010
Source BBC News UK

tags | headline, virus, phone, scam, identity theft
Belarusian Extradited To US For One-Step ID Theft Site
Posted Sep 21, 2010
Source The Register

tags | usa, identity theft
Cell Phones - Easy ID Theft Targets
Posted Aug 16, 2010
Source CBS News

tags | phone, identity theft
Hacker Exposes 93,000 People In Iowa University Database To ID Theft
Posted Jul 16, 2010
Source Star Tribune

tags | hacker, usa, database, identity theft
When Identity Theft Is Not Your Fault
Posted Jul 12, 2010
Source Help Net Security

tags | identity theft
Facebook ID Theft Mr Big Just A Sprat, Says Social Network
Posted May 14, 2010
Source The Register

tags | identity theft, facebook, social
Westin Hotel Customers Warned Of ID Theft
Posted Mar 6, 2010
Source ABC News

tags | identity theft
Study - Medical Identity Theft Is Costly For Victims
Posted Mar 3, 2010
Source Cnet News

tags | identity theft
Hacker Facing 17 Years In Jail For ID Thefts
Posted Dec 30, 2009
Source MX Logic

tags | hacker, identity theft
Hacker Pleads Guilty To Identity Theft Scam Defrauding Wal-Mart
Posted Sep 10, 2009
Source MX Logic

tags | hacker, fraud, scam, identity theft
Man Charged In Record ID Theft Case In Plea Talks
Posted Aug 27, 2009
Source Associated Press

tags | identity theft
A Glorious Week Of Identity Theft
Posted Aug 22, 2009
Source ExpertClick

tags | identity theft
Identity Theft Via Malware Set To Skyrocket
Posted Aug 20, 2009
Source V3

tags | malware, space, identity theft
Government Bodies Must Meet Deadlines On Identity Theft Prevention
Posted Jul 22, 2009
Source V3

tags | government, identity theft
ID Theft Statute Applies To Hacker, Court Rules
Posted Jun 26, 2009
Source Courthouse News

tags | hacker, government, identity theft
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