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"You have victimised your own customers merely for possessing and sharing information, and continue to target those who seek this information. In doing so you have violated the privacy of thousands of innocent people who only sought the free distribution of information."

I guess they don't understand what "copyright" means or have ever read the "terms of use" agreement when you get your new shiny PS3. Consoles suck anyway, who cares, stop buying them, that would be the best way to fight it. Denial of service is lame. Anonymous will lose a lot of support and face by attacking SONY on behalf of something as dumb as "jailbreaking". It's not fighting for.

Comment by lerietaylor
2011-04-05 19:46:05 UTC | Permalink

Hmm guess GMail does a good job, I didn't see any junk mail..

Comment by lerietaylor
2011-03-31 22:59:51 UTC | Permalink

Yea, the first time I read this story I thought the same thing, a fraud.

Comment by lerietaylor
2011-03-31 22:58:59 UTC | Permalink

haven't seen any of it, must not be that epic.

Comment by lerietaylor
2011-03-31 22:55:27 UTC | Permalink

me points & laughs @ ddos kiddies

Comment by lerietaylor
2011-01-28 01:23:33 UTC | Permalink

I bet they got a lot of leet source code? seriously, what's the point?

Comment by lerietaylor
2011-01-28 01:21:07 UTC | Permalink

outtage? thought you were mirrored -- that's news 2 me.

Comment by chkras
2010-12-12 08:02:03 UTC | Permalink

It's about time. I was getting tired of having to walk around the corner.

Comment by todd admin
2010-11-19 02:08:02 UTC | Permalink
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