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Search Update Brings New Privacy Pitfalls To Google
Posted Aug 9, 2012
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This is an article straight from the wires, you can read the full story here.

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kinda cool feature update with google services; i kinda see where they are going with the data leak but google has standardized https on web searches, which stops elementary mitm attacks, you can't strip the ssl becuase google seems to be forcing https; with mitm you could present the user with a new certificate but it would have to be signed to be unnoticeable... the biggest threat would be through xss (cross site script) which chrome / ie are known for allowing, so that is more of a browser weakness then a google one.
Any thoughts for / against / in addition to my own?

Comment by malosifee
2012-08-09 13:41:48 UTC | Permalink | Reply
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