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Forbidden Knowledge

Forbidden Knowledge: Issue 6
Posted Sep 30, 1999
Authored by fk6

Forbidden Knowledge Magazine. Issue 6. Includes: Memory and Addressing Protection Part Two, Silly PGPDisk Bug, Playing with Nokia and Ericsson Cellphones, Securing RedHat Linux 6.0, RedHat 6.0 LILO PAM Filter workaround, Java Personal Webserver 0.9 DoS, Ripping off Arcade Machines, A guide to Linux/FreeBSD IP Firewalling, Windows backdoor Stupidity, A Study of the CyberTrade Extranet, Telkom Identicall Glitches, Making free calls from Blue Payphones.

tags | java, magazine
systems | linux, redhat, windows, freebsd
MD5 | 69fe6ef919986aa6b29fcd9b1d1a31b8
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