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Forbidden Knowledge

Forbidden Knowledge
Posted Feb 25, 2006
Authored by Wizdumb, fk

Forbidden Knowledge Issue 16 - Getting Free M-Net and DSTV, Phreaking Standard Banks Emergency Phones, Haxx0ring Your Electricity, and more.

tags | magazine
MD5 | 27c0b98e6bb28f4a80b9f7d46f6056a3
Posted Feb 25, 2006
Authored by Wizdumb, fk

Forbidden Knowledge Issue 12 - Farewell.

tags | magazine
MD5 | e6a564e4d354db961a524f9fc1ff44c2
Posted Feb 25, 2006
Authored by Wizdumb, fk

Forbidden Knowledge Issue 11 - Unlocking Cellphones, Cisco PIX DoS, and various other articles.

tags | magazine
systems | cisco
MD5 | 8044360ed77004528750d72fdca7507e
Posted Dec 20, 2002
Authored by Wizdumb, fk

Forbidden Knowledge Issue 18 - This issue has information on smart cards and GSM hacking. Includes gsm-hack, a package to communicate with the fake smart card described in the article.

tags | magazine
MD5 | c1629e2dc965366897ebd66de79c4f2e
Posted Jul 24, 2002
Authored by Wizdumb, fk

Forbidden Knowledge Issue 17 - My Anus iz Huge, Sum Stuf, and Sm Othrr Stufs.

tags | magazine
MD5 | a49b6d7da42d07d73a976ec63b57cb1f
Posted Aug 3, 2001
Authored by Wizdumb, fk

Forbidden Knowledge Issue 15 - Patriotism, Nationalism & other Myths of the 21st Century, Telkom External Extension Number Directory, Telkom/Vodacom/Intercon Warez, Christianity: Repairing the Damage, Detecting a phone-tap in 21st Century South Africa, Vodacom SMS Junk, Modified IIS5 .idq Overflow Sploit, and more.

tags | overflow, magazine
MD5 | 81e898a222a6cbe2c6cbe7ad360bf059
Posted Apr 21, 2001
Authored by Wizdumb, fk

Forbidden Knowledge Issue 14 - Reconstructing serialized Java objects from sniffer logs, Blackhole TCP/UDP behavior and its effect of nmap, More fun with CyberXpress Internet Kiosks, The lazy man's "PGPDisk for BSD", More fun with Nedbank ATMs, Dumb Motorola T2288 Trick, and "Privacy and other myths of the 21st century".

tags | java, udp, tcp, magazine
systems | bsd
MD5 | 466bdc081ce4a67ca97ada07fcb01a0b
Posted Apr 20, 2001
Authored by Wizdumb, fk

Forbidden Knowledge Issue 13 - Hacking the Cyber Xpress Internet Kiosk, Hacking in Switched Environments, mIRC 5.41 DoS, M-Web Dialup Hostname Reference, Just how stupid Diana PABXs are, More Vodacom VMB hacking nonsense by Wizdumb, Fun with Windoze Networking by Wizdumb, "The Blob", And other true tales of stupidity.

tags | web, magazine
MD5 | a0654e9d11bb091508af8a81d9b01ea2
Posted Mar 24, 2000
Authored by Wizdumb, fk

Forbidden Knowledge Issue 9 - In this issue: VMB's Carriers, Argosoft FTP Server Advisory, Cellphone and Payphone Warez, More Fun with Abusing Telkom, HAM Radio Inphoze, SAIX IP System, The PAN Credit Card System, Secret Zero-day C++ Kodez, Evil Fun with Webmail.Co.Za Users, Crush FTPd / Generic Java DoS attack, and Offline Explorer Advisory.

tags | java, magazine
MD5 | d25d4fb0bb2515a243641eef01035a78
Posted Dec 28, 1999
Authored by Wizdumb, fk

Every single file available on buffer overflow mentions that strcpy(), etc, but for some reason no one has noticed that 'cin >>' is also a problem. cin is an extremely commonly used function in C++ code, and it ought to be more widely known that the favoured use of it is insecure. Ditto for improper use of an ifstream.

tags | overflow, magazine
MD5 | b9f09e2d2c2843651733abc21aa18851
Posted Dec 28, 1999
Authored by Wizdumb, fk

Forbidden Knowledge issue 8 - Interesting Wardialling Results, HTTP Basic Authentication explained, Dialout/PPP on Shiva LANRovers, PHEAR Advisory Re: Divine forces, Buffer Overflow Explained, Introduction to Assembly Programming, and Fun with "Trojan" Wingates.

tags | web, overflow, trojan, magazine
MD5 | a6c2cdd1bda5ba03ce3bc2683411a830
Posted Oct 12, 1999
Authored by fk7

Forbidden Knowledge Issue #7. Includes: Trusted Windows RFC, Mass Fake Portscanner, Leet Windows/Linux Benchmark, Port Sentry Killer, Guide to learning how to hack, Mass CGI Vulnerability Scanner, DOS/Win9x Keylogger in ASM.

tags | cgi, magazine
systems | linux, windows, 9x
MD5 | 3e7b4fe390e1fd700fe61cab22d672a8
Posted Sep 30, 1999
Authored by fk6

Forbidden Knowledge Magazine. Issue 6. Includes: Memory and Addressing Protection Part Two, Silly PGPDisk Bug, Playing with Nokia and Ericsson Cellphones, Securing RedHat Linux 6.0, RedHat 6.0 LILO PAM Filter workaround, Java Personal Webserver 0.9 DoS, Ripping off Arcade Machines, A guide to Linux/FreeBSD IP Firewalling, Windows backdoor Stupidity, A Study of the CyberTrade Extranet, Telkom Identicall Glitches, Making free calls from Blue Payphones.

tags | java, magazine
systems | linux, redhat, windows, freebsd
MD5 | 69fe6ef919986aa6b29fcd9b1d1a31b8
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