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The CodeBreakers

Warning: Contains virus source and binaries
Posted Mar 24, 2000
Authored by Opic, codebreakers

The CodeBreakers Magazine Issue 5 - In this Issue: Windows Compatible BS/MBR and Multipartite Viruses, Maintaining Your Anonymity on the Internet, Win32 Programming in Assembly, Analysis Of Variant J Of The 666 (a.k.a. SEVENDUST) Mac Virus, BeanHive: The real story, Why use encryption in your macro virus, The Assembly Language Tutorial, WinNT.RemoteExplorer Binary Aquisition, Interviews with Weird Genius, Foxz, Rhape, and Evil-E, Filenc32 Utility, MBR Save Utility, MBR Restore Utility, CodeBreakers Windoze Startup-Shutdown Screen, and Huffman Compression/Decompression in 32bit ASM.

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systems | windows, nt, 32
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