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Packet Storm Mac OS X Widget
Posted Oct 18, 2011
Authored by Saitek

Packet Storm Widget is a Mac OS X widget that allows users to see all latest news from A user can choose between different kind of news to see: All of the Latest Content, Latest News, Latest Files, Latest 0 Days, Latest Vulnerabilities and Latest Exploits. This allows a user to always keep up to date on their favorite security topics. Please note that this was *not* created by Packet Storm Security and questions should be directed to the author. This should run on Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Tiger.

tags | vulnerability
systems | apple, osx
MD5 | 9e9a4400ad94b557bb3ded125342f1b1
Posted Aug 26, 2005
Authored by Stephen de Vries | Site

Corsaire ( has released a fully updated version of their guide to securing Mac OS X to cover the new security features offered by Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (such as ACLs) as well as incorporating additional security guidelines that were omitted in the original (10.3) guide.

systems | apple, osx
MD5 | 021cca9d23a8be3656a5f08e6bc300ec
Posted Oct 27, 2004
Authored by nemo | Site

New Macintosh OS-X rootkit that is roughly based off of adore. It hides itself from kextstat, netstat, utmp and wtmp. Further revisions to include a reverse shell triggered by ARP and DNS packets.

tags | shell
systems | apple, osx
MD5 | 57d1312f1e101f52b9b08e4d557a2f99
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